Sweet Sweet Bodyguard / 剩女保鏢

Sweet Sweet Bodyguard / 剩女保鏢
Teresa Meng, Huang Hong Sheng, Li Li Ren, Yuan Ai Fei, Ke Shu Qin, Chen Bo Zheng, Crystal Lin, Xu Hao Xuan
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2012-07-31
English Subtitle:No
Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.
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    Sweet Sweet Bodyguard / 剩女保鏢

    Title: 剩女保鏢 / Sheng Nu Bao Biao

    Main cast:

    黃鴻升 as 何仲祈 – 知名汽車總經理,因事業的壓力使個性變得機車、難搞、龜毛又有潔癖,但其實內心充滿著熱情。

    孟耿如 as  甄愛家 – 青春洋溢,竟成了史上最年輕的剩女,只因她把忠孝、仁愛、信義與和平當成人生座右銘。

    李李仁 as  亞倫 – 英俊瀟灑的雅痞整形醫師。

    袁艾菲 as ?? – 兼差族,從model、賣保險到靈骨塔,為的就是照顧相依為命的弟弟。

    The rest of the cast:

    林雨宣  as ?? – ??

    柯淑勤 as ?? – ??

    陳博正 as  甄父 – 軍人

    徐浩軒 as ?? – ??

    Cr: Chinese Wikipedia

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    xiao gui XP

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    I love this TWdrama for me.

  • Marianne

    I love to watch it for me.

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    Xiao guiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂

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    I want to watch this drama.

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      Me too me too! 😉  Can’t wait !!!

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    Je suis pressee de voir ce drama surtout qu’il y a Huang Hong Sheng !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Il commence quand ce drama et sur quelle chaine ????

    Tu es un tres bon acteur, tu sais ca heiiiin ?
    Tu es beau et mignon …..!!
    Xiao guii I LOVE YOU !!!!

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    Alien invasion!~~~ <3<3 80epx! cool!! XDD

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      There’s really gonna be 80 eps ? Yeah~ ♥

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        The 8pm daily dramas are usually all at least 80 episodes, or they might even extend it even longer like they did with Inborn Pair. =)

        80 episodes of Alien Huang, awesome <3

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    小鬼哥哥欸!! 好期待! <3 alien huang!! Can't wait!

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    I’m so excited to watch the pilot episode tonight, and i hope that you watch for it.

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    I want in English subs, please help…

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    finally got xiao gui’s drama =DD

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    怎麼還沒有第一集呢? >_<

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    Hi, no offense but i juz wanna ask if the quality can be adjusted coz it’s too blur 🙁 I appreciate the effort to upload (thank you) and I’m not trying to be demanding or request for super good quality but it’s kinda unpleasant for viewing at the moment…

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      If you watch on youtube, click on the settings button and put 360 or 480…

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    Thanks for watching the pilot episode of the TWdrama Sweet Sweet Bodyguard and i hope that you like it.

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    I love this series for me.

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    why is there no youtube upload?

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    how frequent is this drama? once a week? every weekday?

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      every weekday 🙂

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    Another 80 eps drama!!!!!! Huhu… How cum nowadays twdrama so long d!!!!

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      well cuz unlike other dramas that air on the weekends which is 90 minutes long each ep, these 8 o’ clock drama is only 60 minutes each day 🙂 

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        i think is like only 45 mins per day…^v^…

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      Totally agree with you!! The Queen of SOP is a must watch!! Hope this drama won’t disappoint me! (Have been quite long time that I fall in love with a drama on 1st episode..)

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    sweet sweet bodyguard english sub please

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      but there is no english sub here though it says on the introduction..

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    like if you watch this because of xiao gui 🙂

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    Ratings doing well too…

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    好好看哦! 小鬼哥哥超棒! <3

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    Its called ‘You Don’t Know’ by 李唯楓

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    when can we see?  Is it on Mon?

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      Yes its a daily drama :O

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        as in weekday lol

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          too bad!!! Is there really 80 esipodes??

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            Yes, all these 8 oclock idol dramas currently airing daily have up to 80 episodes, and if needed would be extended like Inborn Pair was.

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    It’s also the ending song called You Don’t Know

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    …I hate weekends…

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    The full ending song is out!! But I think the preview version is better

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    Damn like this drama~  ^^

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    Can’t wait for Monday not because of work.. but because of Xiao Gui! hee… i love his tenderness towards Aijia.. it feels like it will be so xin fu to be his gf… awwww!! 

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    Really don’t like the actress cast as Ai jia… Her face is so pale and her head is so big

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      She’s cute!!

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      if u dont like her,then fuck off!

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    um.. am i the only one waiting for ep 50? or is it not coming out tonight.. cz i feel like sleeping now..

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      i hope its coming out tonight!~~ i’m waiting too!!

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        It should had come out, it is taking longer than usual, it is also strangely quiet, no one saying Please come out or what.


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          yeahh hahah, thats what i was thinking.. strangely quiet.. haha

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            yahh. i rushed all my hw just to watch it now still waiting.. 🙁

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            me 2. (^_^)

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    today very slow:(

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    My lovely Episode 50:(

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    please quickly I really want  to watch Episode 50

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    Hmmm… I don’t think it is the fault of the site… I searched another site which doesnt have it up too.. maybe change in timing/day?

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    its out already! 😀

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    sweet sweet bodyguard very good see

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    6months have passed!~ Missing this awesome drama ~~

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    PART 2 PLS T.T

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