What Is Love / 花是愛

What Is Love / 花是愛
Zhou You Ting, Chris Wu, Kimi Hsia, Duncan, Andrew Tan, Tsai Chen Nan, Kelly Huang
Broadcast Year:2012-07-20
English Subtitle:No
A woman, who is a stickler for pure love and in hope of monogamous marry life, meets a philanderer who brings out the love/hate feelings in every woman. In a battle for the heart, will she surrender her principle and be one of his conquest? Or will she succeed in making him a loyal husband?
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    This is the preview of the episode 1 of the TWdrama What Is Love to be aired this Friday night, and i hope that you watch it.

  • Marianne

    I love this newest TWdrama for me.

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      nice grammar

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        this girl marianne posts in every drama with a similar comment like that. I dont know if shes kiddng around or she’s really retarded. cause her comments sound dumb as hell.

  • Storm_Grey3

    What Is Love / 花是愛

    Title: 花是愛 / Hua Shi Ai

    English title: What is Love?

    Main cast:

    吳慷仁  as 白宗祐 – 1980年2月14日出生,水瓶座。英文名字叫Adam。

    周幼婷  as  李怡華 – 1982年8月25日出生,處女座。英文名字叫Eve。單身女性。

    Duncan  as  張劭謙 – ??

    夏于喬  as  吳曉路 – ??

    The rest of the cast:

    李沛旭  as ?? – ??

    金勤  as ?? – ??

    林利霏  as ?? – ??

    羅平 as 艾雷迪 – ??

    陳勢安 as ?? – ??

    蔡振南  as ?? – ??

    羅北安  as ?? – ??

    徐貴櫻  as ?? – ??


    路斯明  as  孟克槐 -《半熟戀人》的男主角 in 第1集

    蔡淑臻 as  黎曉陽 -《半熟戀人》的女主角
    in 第1集

    王俠 as ?? – ?? in ??

    小薰  as ?? – 白宗祐女友 in ??

    TV drama songs:

    片頭曲 – ?? – ?? – ?? – ??

    片尾曲 – ?? – ?? – ?? – ??

    Cr: DramaWiki & Chinese Wikipedia keyword search is 花是愛

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    80 eps?

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  • 片尾曲 -陳勢安 as嚴助理

  • 片尾曲 -陳勢安 as嚴助理

  • 片頭曲 -郭靜 單身美好

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    Thanks for uploading the episode 1 of the TWdrama What Is Love? and thanks for uploading with us.

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    I want in English subs, please help me…

  • Thanks for uploading the episode 16 of the Tdrama What Is Love? and thanks for uploading with us.

  • Thanks for the final episode of the TWdrama What Is Love? and thanks for watching with us.

  • I want to subbed this TWdrama What Is Love? on D-Addicts for the soft subs version. Thanks for everything.

  • I love this TWdrama, thanks very much.

  • Guest

    This is a TERRIBLE show… Do NOT waste your time. The only likable character is played by Duncan.

    • strawberryabove

      Hmm but i only started the drama this morn & i’m addicted to it! At episode 9 alrdy. I guess u have bad taste for dramas? Lol

  • Karmenz

    Why no eng sub?!?! is dis the only place to watch it? There’s got to be a place with eng subs rite?!?!?

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  • Shanshan

    Not expecting the lead roles to be super beautiful/handsome, but at least not with teeth so crooked that they cause under bite, which I find very distractive. On the other hand I admire celebrity like Small S who corrected her bite with braces. Very smart and forward-thinking.

  • peachesfrom georgia

    Where can I watch this with English sub. I like CHris Wu. He is such a good actor aside from being so handsome.

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    OMG! When its this drama going to be eng sub I’ve dying to see it for almost a year now!!

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    long time find this drama! thank u for share!!!!

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    this is my favorite drama. love Chris in this drama.

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    Oh my! When are the english subs coming for this one I’ve been waiting for almost a year!! Please sub it! Fighting!

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    English sub pleaseee