When Love Walked In / 愛情闖進門

When Love Walked In / 愛情闖進門
Victoria Song, Calvin Chen, Zhou Mi, Xu YuHan, Bian Cheng, Sean Lee
Broadcast Year:2012-08-27
English Subtitle:No
Young, talented, and handsome Qing Yu Jiang (Calvin Chen) receives orders to look for Chairman Yuan's long lost granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin (Victoria/Song Qian). Because of her parents' death, Ya Yin is bitter towards her grandfather. Yu Jiang not only eases the tension between them, but he gradually enters Ya Yin's heart. But when their love begins, Yu Jiang backs out because of his love for his childhood friend. Yu Jiang tries to find her, but fails to realize that she has been by his side all along.
  • tomlynne

    english sub pls.i love to see this movie…thanks

  • Raechil_shane

    qing yu jiang and shen ya yin…………. i like their team up! so romantic. the story is nice! everyone can relate to it!

  • sonaynay

    English subs please 🙂

    • Hmoobvajgirl

       its being sub in vikkii but i understand that in some other country cant watch it..but for the one who can..its in vikkii its sub up to 20 eps now…

      • Kathyvue93

         How come they stop subbing it after ep 20?

        • scircus

          It doesn’t look like they stopped. They’re still working on it, (and 20 episodes are done) but you don’t sub 30+ episodes overnight 😛

    • Coollady123

      go to look for youtube got english sub

  • Stella-145

    is the drama worth to watch???

    • Guest

      Yes, it’s beautiful. this is victoria’s first time filming a drama and she did a great job. (:

  • why is there no sub,just because it’s a Taiwanese website doesn’t mean only Chinese go on this website plus there are many non chinese who use this web to watch dramas here

  • why is there no sub,just because it’s a Taiwanese website doesn’t mean only Chinese go on this website plus there are many non chinese who use this web to watch dramas here

    • scircus

      Just because you’re lucky sometimes and fans are willing to take the time to sub some shows, doesn’t mean every show will have subs.

  • omg when’s the taiwanese version coming out 🙁 dying from the wait 

  • drama4ever

    All I can say is that lead girl Victoria is really bad at the kissing scenes. LoL

  • Nita Chan

    when walked in love lumayan bgs,,happy ending,,tp pertnghan byk adegan sedih,lbh bgs lg,kalau ending nya semua tmn nya maried,,tu lbh seru

  • cutiepie2399

    this drama is quite good acc 🙂


    this story plot is exactly the same as romantic princess


    Go watch romantic princess everyone! That show has the same story plot and is a thousand times nicer than this show 🙂 Trust me cuz I’ve watched both shows already 😀

  • dramacrazy

    No romantic princess like shit! the female lead so ugly ! here more pretty


    @dramacrazy nuuuuu… Romantic Princess is the most awesome show eva! Angela Chang is soooooo much prettier and less ‘act cute’ than Victoria! The settings of romantic princess suits the storyline better!

    • dramacrazy

      No ! Victoria at least dont like angela chang got attitude

      • LALALA

        Angela chang acts more naturally than victoria. Vic is like super act cute at some parts!

        • Victoria is acting VERY naturally…. is dat juz  is her first time acting as a lead actress in a chinese drama…. this is already v.good….

          Angela chang also acts VERY natually…….  and better than victoria… but she is more experience than victoria…

          2002  – MVP 情人2003  – 海豚灣戀人2004 – 天國的嫁衣2005 – 海豚愛上貓2006 –  愛殺17

          i juz mean that both of them is good….

          • LALALA

            LOLOL I know what shows angela acted in luhh! My point is that even angela’s first show she didn’t act cute! She just shows her natural charismatic cuteness~:P

      • KOSOTO

        YES I AGREE! Victoria acts cute is because the role she is acting NEEDED to be CUTE.  

        • LALALA

          She doesn’t have to do act cute LOL! Nobody asks her to do so luhh!

  • Chen Yu Ru 你真的是超级坏, 你 明明就不是袁总裁的孙女, 却还要假扮成沈雅音, 还有却 don,t let shen ya yin know she 才是 袁总裁的孙女, 还有你也要 抢走calvin chen ,你是超级讨厌鬼。

    • LALALA

      Haha!you know what! Whenuguys said chen yuru, i thotu guys were referring to calvin chen! LOLOL cos his name is ‘chen yi ru’ 😉

  • Chen Yu Ru I 好像 slap her , she is not 袁总裁的孙女 why still want go back to there , 谁要你假扮雅音, 你被赶出来 是你活该。

    • Rongting878

      not only that Chen Yu Ru also snatch Qin Yu Jiang away from Shen Ya Yin

  • jayyepeeen

    Watched it and I think this show is a cross between At the Dolphin Bay and Romantic Princess. Spoilers ahead! 
    At the Dolphin Bay: Grandfather disapproves of the love between the mother and father of the female lead, so they eloped. On the run, until the female lead’s parents die. So she is left in the orphanage. There, she met the male lead and the male lead made a promise to her. They shared happy memories. Then grandfather comes here and adopted the wrong boy, and made him the successor of the company.
    Romantic Princess: Main girl happens to be the long-lost granddaughter of the chairman of a super huge corporation. Grandpa chooses 4 men to be his successor due to the absence of heirs. (3 successors have been chosen for When love walked in.) They are tasked to show her the ropes and they befriended her. All of them are super afraid of the grandpa, and only the male lead (and most likely potential successor) is not afraid of them. (Yu Jiang is the only one who dares to talk back to the grandpa) That, and they called the grandpa Emp (In When Love Walked In, they called the grandpa ‘Huang Ah Ma’, which is Emperor in chinese). The male lead feels trapped and does not want to be the successor despite the grandpa’s intentions. Pushes the female lead away despite his obvious love for her. Female lead takes time to adjust into the new way of life and she is not used to it. She came from a poor family with various odd jobs, afterall. 😛

    Haha, and a few scenes is especially reminiscent of Romantic Princess. The party when they induct Shen Ya Yin, for example. And the many squash scenes, which reminds me of when Lin played squash with Jin. 

    • jayyepeeen

      Too many! But this show has a different execution of events though. Different presentation, and different personalities. Cool, but I take issue with Calvin’s bland acting. I love him, really. I first noticed him in Romantic Princess and was especially taken in by his charming appearance. With this though, he seems to have 1 expression throughout and he looks plenty bored and awkward. Kudos to Vic’s first attempt and she played pretty convincingly. The ‘bromance’ was a little off and there is very little to show us WHY they were so close, only emphasized many many times that they were close. Playfighting between the 3 men were a little awkward. I need to see why these boys would sacrifice so much for each other, and they use friendship ‘you qing’ too many times. How did the friendship remain so strong, for one? I really like Min Qiong though. She was great and able to handle a scene well. Her cool personality and straight-forwardness was what got to me. Bit draggy for me. And little to show us why Ya Yin prefers Yu Jiang since the beginning. Just merely that he made her feel strongly, esp when she is around him. 

      Could have been better and more flashy. What I loved about the Romantic Princess was its fairytale-like setting, which was different from this. My opinions only! Though I think I might get bashed for this. And plenty of defensive people after me. 

      For example of Calvin’s great acting, watch Romantic Princess and KO One! Loved him in both. He was really great there. I think it’s because he is usually pretty chatty, so to make him act as a character who is as introverted as Yu Jiang was a little bit of a challenge. 😛 

      • LALALA

        OMG you’re analysis is super detailed and super good! 😀 AWESOME JAYYEPEEEN!!! 🙂 LOVE ROMANTIC PRINCESS FOREVER!

        • jayyepeeen

          Yeah! Thanks! 😀 I really love ROMANTIC PRINCESS! 😀 WHich was what made me want to see this real bad, because I’d get to see Calvin in action. HAHAHA. Glad you liked it! 😀

          • LALALA


    • LALALA


  • Vicky Chan

    sometimes, don’t really understand what are the thoughts that ya yin’s grandfather is thinking.. i think yu jiang should say out that he like ya yin earlier. can’t wait for that part though. i kind of like min qiong as she plays her part really well.. but their parents part, is really not nice.. at first thought that their parents are good and only yu ru’s mum is bad, now is the other way round.. these twist and turns, a bit into some storyline for korean dramas ><


    Though this show is rather draggy, it’s nice 🙂

  • intriguingsmile

    anyone know all the song name of all the songs played in this drama ? 🙂 

    • Rongting878

      the theme song is 爱情闯进门 BY2
      the ending song is 经过by 张婧

    • Chantrecy

      lin yu zhong  – you ya de fen shou
      jjlin – ni yao de bu shi wo

  • chen yu ru u are really very bad . yu jiang and ya yin  分手他也不会跟你在一 起。chen yu ru why u go to 搞破坏 yu jiang and ya yin the 感情。

    • Rongting878

      i think that ya yin’s aunt let the chen yu ru在雅音面前抬不起头

  • chen yu ru 你害 yu jiang and ya yin 分手, 你本来就是第三者 。你还说你不是第三者。

    • Michellepehxinyu

      i agree chen yu ru u are the third person of ya yin and yu jiang still say ya yin is the one u are so bad  

  • cutiepie2399

    this is actually a good drama 🙂

  • Devotion_nab


    • Su_rina7292

      -.- be a little considerate to the admins doing this. You could have really commented in a nicer way. Imagine if you were the admins and people do this, you wouldn’t be happy. Be grateful and patiently wait for subs to come out on other channel. 

  • 缨野曈

    那个chen yu ru is so 贱。I so want 把she拍到墙上扣都扣不下来(>。<#)!!!

  • Subombom

    can you guys pls pls pls subs this movie..

  • Guest

    Love this drama! Well filmed!

  • Guest

    chen yi ru is so fake 

  • Guest

    F(x) Victoria She is good actress <3

  • f(x) Victoria
    She is a good actress

  • Wendy

    I’ve been waiting for a long time for the original version of 愛情闖進門 to be broadcast in Taiwan T^T Anyone know when will it happen? Are dramas like these always late when shown in Taiwan? I really dislike the dubbed version 🙁 ~~

    • {H}ayley Elf

      IDK. BUT ME2! Their voice sound so weird!

  • lillgirl

    the chen yi ru dont even deserve any respect in the show lor keep act until so kelian

    • agreed

      ya lor

  • lillgirl

    f(x) victoria is a good actress and she’s really pretty !

  • angeline

    it was an awesome drama!! I almost taught to myself that ya yin and shang lin will be a couple:p what a unpredictable drama!!! love it!!! Victoria, you should play more drama so I can watch you more often^^

  • Meron


    • AJ

      hahaha. correction. she is always cute. XD

  • Rachel lim zheng li

    What ep is that????

  • elaineee

    is it dubbed?? doesnt sound like their original voices…

    • wut


  • Random

    is it worth watching ?

    • wut

      Yes it’s an amazing show to me ><

  • {H}ayley ELF


  • just saying

    i feel like slapping the chen yu ru!!ARGHHH

  • sorry