Prince of Lanling / 蘭陵王

Prince of Lanling / 蘭陵王
馮紹峰, 林依晨, 陳曉東
Broadcast Year:2013-08-14
English Subtitle:
Prince of Lanling 蘭陵王
  • c@ndee

    Tq ^^

  • Thuchen

    Wow, I’ve been watching nonstop since wednesday on youtube. Didn’t thought someone will post it here. Great though! The drama is fantastic, one of the best drama I have watched in 2013 so far.

    • kirara

      same here.. watching it nonstop on youtube! 😀

  • Marianne

    What a nice Cdrama for me.

  • Marianne

    Do you have the English subs? Please help to find it.

  • vivian

    字跟影像都好模糊= =

  • Viv

    anyone know when is this drama updated? everyday or weekends? Thx!!

  • lisa


    • Viv

      oh thank you so much for the info!! It’s good to hear that it airs everyday!! 🙂

  • bbbbbb

    does it come out everyday at night??

    • Thuchen

      I think it’s 7.30 pm China time

  • yangfenqing

    dying for the next epsssssss!!!!

  • qwerty

    Thank you so much for uploading so quickly! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!

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  • illusionist

    Anybody know of the history? He died young. like 30 +. Oh god.

    • Thuchen

      Yes, poor lan ling wang. And he’s like the only good guy of the gao family of Northern Qi who were all famous for sexmaniac, incest and killing other family members…..

    • Carlson

      He died really young!…history says that he is a great leader who cares about the commoners. Once there were 20 woman gifted to him as a reward for winning the war, he only picked one. He died because of that fagot prince who was jealous of him! This drama is probably gonna end as a tragedy..but I really hope not!

  • Viv

    i wonder what’s the difference between the normal ones and the TW ones? any difference in it contents?

    • Thuchen

      Good question! I hope someone in Taiwan can tell us when the show starts to be broadcasted tomorrow in Taiwan.

  • Fany

    Like this drama alot! :'( But it’s saddening to see them encountering so many heartbreaking moments. T_T

  • 1337

    Love this series so much,Lin yi chen and Feng shao feng have a good chemistry they portrait a lovely couple ^^ .
    I can’t hardly wait for Taiwan version

  • thisshiitisbananas

    OMFG. This Wait for the next 3 episodes is driving me crazy!


  • Marianne

    I’m watching the historical Cdrama Prince of Lanling on ZSTV in China and I love to watch it.

  • Marianne

    I want in English subs, please help us.

  • qwerty

    請問一下,等中視撥出來後,也能在這裡找到嗎? 因為聽說中視的會是完全版,非常期待。

  • dramalover

    this drama is so exciting. Can we have more episode please.

  • qwerty

    Thank you so much for uploading daily!! 😀

  • dramalover

    prince lan ling is so charming and he and xue hu acted so well as a perfect couple.

  • thisshiitisbananas

    seriously please upload faster I’ve seen the next episode on youtube already and i need more please!!!!!! damn this drama is drawing me in so much and honestly its not the best drama but its so alluring.

  • Anonymous

    While waiting for new episodes updates, i can’t help but to rewatch it again , but it’s the taiwanese version now.

    • Anonymous

      What’s the difference between the different versions?

      • Anonymous

        I have seen it and there wasn’t any difference so far,except maybe better video quality. But there might be a difference in the endings? Have to wait and see…

        • 1123456

          The taiwanese version is for the taiwanese to watch , because people in Taiwan couldn’t see the ordinary one!!! The two versions are the same~

  • Tong

    I’m very urgent to know the ending and hope Feng Shao Feng and Lin Yi Chen can be together.

  • dramalover

    Yes agree hope the ending does not disappoint all the enthusiastic viewers. Hope both can be together..

  • Every day new ep?

  • Marianne

    I want in English subs, please help us.

  • Marianne

    Please subbed this Cdrama Prince of Lanling on oriental subs and I hope that they subbed on it.

  • Marianne

    I love this Cdrama for me.

  • Guest

    陳曉東 AND ARIEL LIN !!

  • thisshiitisbananas

    omg so far this has not disappointed me and like i’m hoping it will be a happy ending, i’ve gone through too much for it to be a sad ending but if the story is better with a sad ending so be it but please be good its dramas like this with a strong beginning and middle and some how they stuff up the ending and the ending is the most important part.

  • yichen

    SPOILER > Lan ling wang is still alive !!!!
    > xue wu’s baby coming out SOOOOON

    • thisshiitisbananas

      i think everyone is aware that lan ling wang is still alive, i mean he is the main character

  • Emm

    You guys are TOO awesome! Thank you sooo much for uploading this super super awesome series! I came with the sole purpose of watching Ariel Lin but ended up finding a gem of a show. I’m so thankful! Thank you Sugoideas! =]

  • dramalover

    They acted so well that the 3 episodes I kept crying… Really hope for good ending..
    I have enjoyed very much watching this drama that I kept viewing them again and again esp FSP and Ariel -the loving couple.

  • Yi JIa


  • Anonymous

    How can there be 56 episodes?! Feel like it’s already ending… even though I don’t want it to!!!!

    • 1123456

      just 46 episodes!!!

      • Anon

        When is the next episode coming out?

  • thisshiitisbananas

    their casting for the baby was not good, the baby’s to big to be a new born and her stomach wasn’t big enough to indicate she was gonna have a large baby. its just an opinion but they should’ve thought it through a little more, that’s just the film student talking in me

  • Dramalover

    The ending is actually out. Sorry to spoil it but be prepared for more tissues.

  • Harlie Quinn

    I stopped watching cos the ending is too sad…..why do they keep doing this?

  • Emma

    Episode 17 is really good. Heart wrenchingly realistic. Such raw
    emotions.. When you’re torn between love and selfishness, only true love
    will be able to rescue you from making the wrong choice. May all the
    lovers in the world be blessed with eternal bliss and be spared from the
    pain of loss.

  • Daisy S

    where can i watch the ending? 🙁

  • Dramalover

    Superb nice drama! though makes me cry alot. Watching the 2nd time while waiting for ending:D

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  • suzie

    i hope the end will be diff than the history

  • Sherlinq

    Just saw the end of the end…and wtf…qq”

  • Jenny

    this is awesome new drama

  • mickey

    will they upload the movie tomorrow?

  • Marianne

    The English subs for the Cdrama Prince of Lanling is on oriental subs and I hope that they subbed on it.

  • Marianne

    The Cdrama Prince of Lanling is currently airing on ZSTV and on CTV and I love this Cdrama for me.

  • dramalover

    Indeed great and touching drama. FSF has portrayed Lan Ling Wang’s character and story very well. FSF is very charming in this drama. Drawn me to read the chinese history of Lan Ling Wang which I dont usually do so. Hope to see more of FSF in drama show and hopefully paring with Ariel again.

  • evy

    hope they gonna make an other drama like this one…same cast

  • Snow

    Is the ending really like what they say??

  • Lauren

    best drama ever omg. i cried my eyes out!!!

    • Lauren


  • Tong

    The ending is like they said a sad ending? Lin Yi Chen will died in the episode 46? I can’t believe.

    • alba

      Nooo please!! After all they’ve gone trough… she can’t just die like this! So sad.. why do all history dramas end up like this? such a tragedy

  • alba

    when are ep 45 ang 46 gonna be aired??

    • Tong

      I think tomorrow will have the ep 45 and 46 because last Saturday and Sunday also have 2 episode.

  • King

    Have watched the final episode at another site. super sad ending…. Zhou king and xue wu both died… seeing all the people have sacrificed to make sure xue wu alive… in the end she still die… what the….

    • Phuong yen

      I have just watched too~ god~~~!! it’s really suprised me when xuewu is dead~i just still cant believe~~!! But sitll it’s a great movie and has left so much laughter and bitter too~!!

  • Phuong yen

    雪舞死的时候,不想到我会哭了一个小时~~~~!!!! TT.TT 现在还想哭呢….

  • suzie

    tears tears tears……i was hoping for a diff ending. hic hic hic.

  • Tong

    Everyone who already watch the end must cried and hope Lin Yi Chen not died, have a good and happy ending.

  • Hands

    anyone knows where i can watch online with the original voices? the ones here is just ariel original voice

    • Jen

      All mainland dramas are dubbed.

  • YumeiXx

    I heard that they are making another one called lan ling wang fei (兰陵王妃) with andy chen as lan ling wang and kris shen as someone from the yu wen family.

  • Xue Er

    I can’t bear to leave this drama…in the end why he said that he cant stay , he needs to go ?

  • adrian

    can anyone translate the last episode after lan ling wang told xue wu he cant stay , someone was reading the history stuff abt lan ling wang what does it mean???

    • kahochan

      there is historical evidence that his grandson had made budda statues for some person.. maybe the emperor at the time..? well, i reckon its just telling us that he had descendants..

  • helen li

    love this drama, had to keep a box of tissues next to me though!! gnna be so hard to find a drama that can help replace this one.. TT^TT

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      Box of tissue? You arent watching porn, dont you?

  • Sequel

    Hope to see a sequel

  • R

    such an amazing drama

  • Diana

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

  • maddelinee

    this is such an awesome drama <3 its one of my favourite drama that i watch. i think i will re-watch it for a few more times 😀

  • Jason Lee

    ariel lin…. makes this worth watching

  • Hon

    Hello. Where can I download Lan Ling Wang? Thanks

  • Starzz

    Eng sub please??/

  • VC

    Such a great movie.. hope for a different ending as well.. so sad… I’m so addicted to this story..hope there is story continuing with xue wu and lan ling wang both alive…

  • Hannah

    Yuwen Yong was my favourite character…wish he survived to rule with righteousness and found love and peace. He is just so human and portrays such realistic traits. T_T

  • sam

    How to get English subtitles

  • Guest

    这部戏好看!林依晨和冯绍峰 – 希望能再次看到他们合作!Really like their on screen chemistry! Def will rewatch this drama!

  • Guest

    这部戏好看!林依晨 , 冯绍峰,陈晓东 – 希望能再看到他们合作!

  • jie-yea

    I am not Chinese speaker, but love historical drama lots, even I did not understand the dialogue for each characters here, I still like this drama much,,,,, and want to watch it again, hope there will be subtitle for this drama,,,waiting,,,,,,,

  • mariam magdy

    how can i fing the tramslation ?

  • mariam magdy


  • miriamrp

    One of the best that i’ve watched this year(altho this was produced last year). The flow of the storyline is flawless,very absorbing drama this more than 步步惊心and quite entertaining too.there is english subtitle on you tube

    • Gee

      Where in youtube? Been searching

  • Jaratrawe Adul


  • ILuv_SpeXial

    This is the best drama I’ve watched! The ending was sad but it ended this flawless story perfectly! They way Zhenger and Gaowei died was satisfying (not to be mean) because at least they get to regret for what they did before they died. Yu Weng Yong’s death was kind of disappointing because I loved him and the way how he got to rule the world but dies is unfair to him. And…OMG Xiaodong’s death is like stabbing me in the heart! I cryed so much in this drama (i hate it when someone dies they start to flash back all those happy memories, it make me cry even more)because it was truly the best, I never regret watching this nor shedding those tears.(sorry if this is spoiler)

  • Alice Tong

    非常好看!!! 曉冬的那個部分,我都要哭死啦!!!!!

  • grace

    Hi! where can i download the drama? i find a lot of them are in cantonese. i like it original in chinese with english if possible. thanks

  • Nancy

    “祖珽” 這個人讓我連想到萬古臭名的 “秦檜”(害死岳飛)的那個大壞蛋。