Host:庹宗康, 許效舜
Broadcast Year:2011-06-06
Air Time:Monday - Friday
  • stephen5750


    • KagKa

      Just skip it, it’s no big deal.  I am sure you will find something else to entertain yourself.

  • Pk

    Thanks for uploading…

  • Koh_n

    all the latest episodes are gone

  • Drastichellhack

    121213  丁小芹 穿那是十字架型褲襪 就是想保護自己下半身 又想被e04 的畫面

  • Cookie

    they won’t let u watch anymore…

  • Vanjiyeon

    No more update???

  • Wizard

    where the newest episodes?

  • puppymiko

    Dear Admin: thank you for your efforts.. but i’ve just encountered some problem with the flash.. i cant use full screen? why is that? is it the flash player’s problem? or is it simply need updating? thanx 🙂

  • KagKa

    Do we get ghost story telling during CNY?

  • Sherrysu1203

    no update?

  • Xdl0s3r

    但是!!!等到2/18號 就會帶著精彩內容 強勢回歸!!

  • fireball420

    Please update 2/11 – 2//15 thank you

    • KagKa

      So there was episodes during last week ?  I thought they took a break due to CNY?!

      • fireball420

        I Do not know maybe not because they updated 2/18 so I think they took a break for CNY

  • 2/18鬼燈獎
    10:45來賓岳庭說那個鬼故事開始一直斷斷續續 XD

  • Prosugoideas

    cut the pet topics…
    not that i don’t like animals but this is not some sort of animal discovery chanel! don’t think we need that…
    thumbs out for most topics except PETS and oh please not that make up remove thingy shit… only Variety Show like kang xi has topic like that…

    • KagKa

      Disagree.  I like the animal/ pet episodes.  I for one, am pleased that they are maybe doing more of it.  Kang Xi didn’t do pet eps before only recently.

  • jerry


  • KagKa

    Is there no episode on friday, 08 March??

    • Yongtaufu1989

      You can find that episode at youtube…
      Go Find this Channel LaileKangxi…

      • KagKa

        Thanks. I did but it was a repeated episode.

  • piggy

    Where’s tuesday epi?? Pls upload 🙁

  • jerry

    4/4 號沒有播嗎? 有的話麻煩大大上傳吧

  • KagKa

    Always waiting for monday episodes

  • pk

    updates getting slower and 4th april episode is missing…
    please have a look, admin… thanks

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    • Jc


  • 謝謝大大辛苦分享!我一直都有收看。

  • Pk

    I don’t mind ying Qi.. She’s quite nice to look at. Ruby is funny but I prefer watching ying Qi.. As for wang yi ping… She’s just too plain.. No look n no sense of humour.. Just bored!

    • rxy

      ying qi is very rude and too noisy at times.

  • JC


  • RC

    Ruby is the fucking best, and doesn’t act as a flower vast in the show.

    Ying Qi and Wang Yi Ping both are too modelized.

  • Jia-Lin Lee

    版主 2013-05-23 下降養蠱通通來 南洋邪降讓你剉咧等! 沒有聲音喔~ 麻煩請版主 重新整理一下 謝謝您!

  • jiayi

    愛喲我的媽 2013-05-23 下降養蠱通通來 南洋邪降讓你剉咧等! why no sound?



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  • pkisme

    说句老实话 – 很讨厌看趙正平打Eason或kid.
    如果他不喜欢他们摸或者把手放在他的肩膀上的话, 就应该跟他们或制作单位讲一声啊.

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  • guest

    我也覺的很奇怪為什麼要做節目效果非要打EASON 才行??

  • Jia-Lin Lee

    版主您好 ( 愛喲我的媽 2013-07-18 聽都沒聽過的神秘生物 是從外太空來的嗎? ) 是2012-06-27 的節目喔!
    愛喲我的媽 2013-07-18的節目應該是 (『奪魂禁地!黯領域裡不容許生命存在?!』) 麻煩請版主重新整理一下 謝謝!

    • MiaoBabee


      • Jia-Lin Lee

        不好意思~ 可能無法看到喔~
        現在狀況好像是 緯來綜合台7月18日和7月19日都在播棒球賽喔~ 所以 應該不是版主的錯

        • Jia-Lin Lee

          補充- MiaoBaee: 緯來綜合台7/18和7/19 愛喲我的媽節目時段都在播棒球賽>.<" 現在 愛喲我的媽在FB上面說 ( 7/18~7/19)的節目下星期會播 ^_^ 我們再等等吧!

  • jj

    愛喲我的媽 2013-07-23 噓! 黯陰隧道裡滿滿的都是祂… part 3 cannot watch

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  • Reim


  • Reim


  • kacky

    愛喲我的媽 2013-10-08 so irritation the video have extra music

  • Ada

    2013-10-08 詭屋脫逃中 生存遊戲! 探險家也難掙脫魔掌! Could someone please remove the background music???

  • LAX Guest

    愛喲我的媽 2013-11-07

  • tow

    没有怪谈邪会的单元了吗? T.T

  • Tan Elicia

    can anyone remember the ghost story about a webcam? i cant seem to find it, help!

  • noone

    说真的我喜欢赵哥上别的节目比如康熙来了/国光之类的, 就是不怎么喜欢他在爱哟的表现。尤其他很喜欢称赞台湾的东西的时候, 踩别的国家所做的东西。或者在说别的国家好的时候就来吐槽。明明康哥已经在原了他还在那一直’所以他们不能xxxx, 我们能xxxx’ 搞到最候来宾也帮忙原, 搞得那么尴尬做什么呢。我看过那么多台湾节目, 主持人也很爱称赞台湾我也很认同, 但没有一个跟他一样会踩着别国。
    为了不想听到这些我都先看主题, 只有有关阿飘, 神秘, 犯罪, 动物之类的我才看。因为有关这些话题他都很少讲话。

    • TY


  • LAer

    原來Ruby已出道13年, 以前曾是歌手:
    綜藝大熱門 2013-11-13 回到出道那一天

  • Ally

    Do you have yesterday episode yet?

  • guest

    No more 愛喲我的媽, no more ghost stories….now it’s just some bullshit horoscope show sad….

    • Ally

      Oh they have stop the programme? I always look fwd for the ghost stories every Monday 🙁

      • Harumi Kirisawa

        They didn’t stop the program. They just change the name to 來自星星的事. Just go to 愛喲我的媽’s facebook then you will the the whole story. I heard that they’ll keep the ghost story~

    • Harumi Kirisawa

      Go to the 來自星星的事’s facebook then you’ll know that they’ll get the alien stuff back later. Just this few episode will be horoscope. You can just skip those~

      • CottonCandi

        They’ve actually never thought about putting horror talk shows on anymore. They’ve only said that it is opened to suggestions … :<

  • kevin

    just change the play time to 0:00,why no more updata?

    • ConPanna

      The show changed to another horoscope show. There won’t be anymore unless they decide to change it back from viewer feedback.

  • kk

    I thought the new show will be about alien or stars related (universe) topics and not about horoscope .. I guess I didn’t really think that it could be about horoscope …lol
    I didn’t really see all of them, I find them boring …
    I hope they will go back to the old show from the bad feedback they get on Facebook … the only topic i don’t like so much on the old show is mainly the native people topics … otherwise I like most of them.

  • kimjioji

    there is new episode, please upload