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Broadcast Year:n/a
Air Time:Saturday
    • Anilas

      did this show stop???

      • Callylee555

        yup, wonder why no updated shows? was looking for the latest one, SJM on the show last week, where can I get the file, any one can help? plsssssssssssssss

    • christy

      i want to watch sjm 21 may 2011 de show!

    • adeline

      Could you please update…
      Why has it stop at 17 April?

    • pq

      super junior part will show on 4 june 2part will be at 11 june

    • pq

      super junior part will show on 4 june 2part will be at 11 june

    • i found sjm @ azio on youtube: 

    • GUEST

      do you have 2001 -05-21 ? 

    • Scctommy


    • Ayoo

      is this show discontiuned?

    • wanderer

      looking forward to lady gaga’s

    • Guest93

      do u hav lady gaga’s???

    • fododfl

      this is the link to lady gaga’s he english is good although their conversation was somewhat awkward

    • ade

      Can we have the download links please…

    • Beki

      would u upload 27/8 crowd lu’s one??

    • Kreeli

      I couldn’t find Rainie Yang’s interview here. Could you please upload it? Thank you very much 🙂

      • Hui_ping

        you can find it in youtube.

        • alxn

          not the full version

    • Yorkwong

      Are you stop update this show?

    • :))

      wut about SHINee i saw the SHINee on youtube…

    • Riko_yee

      Can u upload the show from August till now Thks

    • Vongolaken

      Can upload [email protected] 2011-07-30 真的九把刀?! 陳妍希

    • saugat_08

      oo finally update  episode of Wu chun ! 

    • Lovegui

      please upload faster today,today is xiao gui

    • guest

      Can you please upload episode of 2012-02-04 faster??????????????

    • Weiweill


      • SShhow

        Explain? I don’t get how is it rude…

        • Fool

          我沒有太follow her news. But Yea, what is wrong with supporting her mom, supporting the closest family in the world? What does that have to do with her 內在? 過去的事情不能回頭,能有家庭又得到家人的祝福錯在那裹啊?
          Did anything else happen?

    • Weiweill


    • Yizhao11


      • oldcat

        拜託,一個巴掌拍不響, 雖說她母親是小三很機車, 但難道那個偷吃的男人就沒問題了嗎? 他難道不知道這樣做會傷害自己的妻子嗎? 很多事情不是第三者可以理解的, 我也不相信那種滿口正義道理的人, 沒有做過傷害到別人的事情.

        • Guessst99

          就像最近HK 的某个节目访问吴绮莉,她讲一个巴掌打不响。。。{意思讲被她破坏的那个家庭的夫妻本身就有问题,要不她破坏不到。。。。}{也就是承认她本身是个破坏者!}
          吴小姐是没有丈夫没有作过人家妻子的女人才讲那句话。。。{那对夫妻没争吵。。。没有问题的呢`???多少的问题出现在人家家庭 内,如没有小3或外人加入去破坏,任何问题还是会有沉淀的。。。。}


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    • Deanie1989

      Love Patty Hou ! Very much enjoy her talk show & since after watching d Yi Lei @ Azio, I am very much committed to follow up her involved in any shows & programs, she is a very sharp & talented interviewer; always love watching her interview many artists & did many interesting topics ! Will support U always ! +oil +oil !

    • Yangeleen

      don’t try to criticize someone’s personal issue or business…that’s non of anyone’s business….

    • sillyeubs

      how come i cant watch [email protected] 2011-03-05 羅志祥?

    • Swan31392

      can you upload 娱乐亚洲 20110507?

    • Sarahchris0094

      I love the “down to earth” Vic Zhou, watched all of his shows I could find online. I’m looking forward to “sleepless fashion”, “Home”, and “General Yang” available online. I’ve watched “Love you 10000 years” and “New Perfect Two” on youtube, they are two great shows worth watching mutipule times. Loved them. I love the host, too, very nautural, easy going.

    • Nathaniel