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ownupload 1228350344 娛樂百分百
Host: 羅志祥, 小鬼
Genre: Variety
Sub Genre: News, Comedy
Episodes: 6 per week
Broadcast Year: 1997-05-05
Air Time: Monday – Saturday



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  • anon from sg

    Hi guys! Planning to visit taiwan soon. If I visit during october would they still sell summer clothing? Or would they start selling winter clothing already? And how about march? I’m from Singapore so I do not want to buy winter clothing because there really isn’t a point…

    Oh and I <3 YLBFB hehehehe

    • ☞「Jiaying」♔♕♘♟♛

      Buy what that catches your eyes! Are you planning to buy AES or STAGE clothes? Btw, STAGE has AES in it, haha (I mean the word, STAGE :P

      No worries, what you need will still be there! Even if you don’t need winter clothes, they will still be selling them (You will just have to go to that shop for your winter clothes) But when winter arrives, everywhere you go, you will get to see winter clothes! (That was what happened to me in HK) Every shop sells different stuff ~ I am sure you will be able to find what you want/need! You can also ask around for what you need or where to go! Best if you are able to encounter Alien Huang by chance (if you were to go to his AES) His ideas aren’t bad for you to consider as he can help you to match what suits you most :)

      And oh, there is Google! Are you going alone?

      • anon from sg

        oh so there would be summer clothing ? because when I went to hong kong during the winter everything they sold (clothing) was all meant for winter :( I didn’t find much on google! And yes I’ll visit AES and STAGE heheheh thanks for your reply!!

        • ☞「Jiaying」♔♕♘♟♛

          Well, I am sure there will still be summer clothing around! Speaking about AES or STAGE, it all about fashion tees so you don’t have to worry about not having winter clothes/clothing :) But they do have jackets… Be sure to check out Taipei 101! And why would you go Taiwan for your clothing? You can go to Japan for kawaii stuff, haha

          • anon from sg

            because its cheaper!

            and still pretty :)

    • E

      I went Taiwan in Oct last year. Most of the shops are already preparing to sell winter clothings (long sleeves and knit). However, you can find some summer clothings on sale (100 NTD). But really, the choices are very very limited. I’m sure you can still find some summer clothings in all the night markets too! Enjoy your trip :)

  • Jaye

    i abandoned YLBFB for a while now:( any must see ep suggestions thats super funny??

    • ybshow


      • Jaye

        okay thanks! :)

  • dragonexpert

    Theres no need for winter clothing in taiwan althogh it is winter just enjoy the free ‘air con’





    2014.07.03 (四)SpeXial粉絲同樂會。主持人:小鬼愷乐。


    2014.07.05 (六)叫我美腦王。主持人:小猪愷乐。

    • ☞「Jiaying」♔♕♘♟♛

      不能有一天是猪鬼吗? ><

    • sue

      小猪 =amazing!!!!!!

  • guest

    Why always the old woman host? She has no breast, no face, no long legs…

    • nnkc

      Because she is a host not a super model, lots of host doesn’t need like what you mention ok, idot…

    • nnkc


    • 123

      wt r u talkin abt ? old woman host?

    • Pig A Name

      i dont care…. i just want little pig….. little pig please stay….

    • lllll

      開心死, 天天都是愷樂

  • Loveyulebaifenbai

    Hi everyone , I saw that SJM went to yulebaifenbai, does anyone know the date that When it will be aired?

    • Jaye


    • chocolate cake XD

      7.10 and 7.11

  • Elimoon0

    I haven’t watched ylbfb in so long….probably a year… I think I stopped watching after hudie came in. tbh xiao zhu and xiao gui were the best combo. It’s so hard to find them together in one episode now


      You can look forward tmr cos there’s zhugui! :)






    2014.07.11(五)SJ-M兄弟大對決Part 2。主持人:小鬼敖犬。


    • ShowAlienLinda

      finally xiao zhu and xiao gui! but y 終極X宿舍 SpeXial again..

      • 07072014

        When is it coming out. I cant wait!!

    • chocolate cake XD


    • tom

      SJ-M? they still exist wow I though they had disappeared.





    2014.07.17(四) 李千娜V.S.小煜好友音樂會。主持人:小猪敖犬。


    2014.07.19 (六) 藝能大擂台。主持人:小鬼愷乐。

  • LoveGui

    I’ve stopped watching baifenbai for almost a year now. Since WeiLian and AuQuan joined Bcoz I felt that they were not hosting well. It has changed so much since I stopped watching. But I see that the two new hosts are doing very well. Watching YuBai is kinda getting back now.

    • Vic

      no not really its just that Show has been back and as a result it just feels different.

      • D0032

        totally agree with you. not sure why i still prefer the old baifenbai . the chemistry between both xiao zhu and xiaogui is funnier. right now i dont feel any of their “brotherlyhood” there. those time will great..

        • Rainbow

          I agree!! They use act like brothers…but now they don’t do that anymore….even if they do, it’s kinda fake…but when I look at the episodes from 2012 on youtube, it’s still kinda like this, I just don’t know why I’m feeling this way..

  • DDD


  • sein_sy

    please can fix 2014-07-14?








    • guest

      7/22 dancing king & queen will be on the show

    • chocolate cake XD

      今晚有dancing queen也有dancing king欸!

  • guest

    Where is William recently?

    • Melody

      he’s busy with filming ^^

    • hi

      Filming drama

  • 213

    why does xiao gui’s smile look different now? or is it just me…

    • lady g

      His face looks old

      • 12321

        he looks like he’s in his 30s. you can’t expect all celebrities to look younger than their actual age.

        • Jaime L.

          Well, he is 30








  • Guest

    Did XG go for plastic surgery?

    • Guest

      Of course no

      • lol

        Dont lie to yourself he obviously did

        • Ngan Zhi YIng

          LOL, all he did was look older XD I dun feel him getting more handsome instead he just feel older… I wonder if people goes for plastic surgery to look older?

  • Guest

    Did XG go for plastic surgery?

    • Guest


      • Amelia

        Has he done any coz his past photos and now looks a little different.

        • amanda

          yup show and butterfly too esp butterfly

          • Jay

            Its called getting older

    • vic

      If he did he should sue because he looks worse now

    • Guest

      Go fuck yourself

    • guest

      everyone of them did some face adjustment

    • ☞「Jiaying」♔♕♘♟♛

      Doesn’t he still look the same? o.o

  • miiiiiiii

    hey guys. i have no idea why you are saying stuff like “why have their looks changes” blah blah blah….
    isn’t it normal that people change as they age? if they looked the same will it make sense? if they really did then i bet people would say they went for plastic surgery or things like that. so i really don’t get it why people are surprise that their looks have changed. try comparing your own picture now to one 5 years ago, i bet there would be a difference.

    • Guest

      Agree. And isn’t it quite normal for them to go for minor plastic surgeries like Botox. It’s not like they did some major nose job or face shape surgeries.

    • jessica

      total agree……..

    • jaye

      plus hairstyle can really make a big difference and for all those that have been following them for a long time know they come a longgggg way since those “old” hairstyles! haha

    • truth

      omg its so obvious take a picture of show now n compare to his previous you will realise his face getting bigger

  • guest

    08-01? :/






    2014.08.08 (五)百分百娛樂王。主持人:小鬼恺乐。

    2014.08.09 (六) 百分百GOGOGO。

    • a

      娛樂王 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • a

      please 2014.06.11(三)娛樂王


    2014.08.11 (一)羅志祥粉絲同樂會。主持人:小鬼敖犬。

    • taesumandu

      Lol I think it’s pretty obvious Zhugui had a falling out last year.. But either way I’m glad they are back to being good bros!!!

      • guest

        小猪敖犬 is the best!

  • Jaime L.

    从爱发落 超好听!!!!!




  • YY

    Hi lovely peeps! I am so excited that I’m going to Taipei next month for a holiday as this is my first time going there!! Would actually like to ask if anyone has any idea if I have a once in a lifetime chance that I could watch just one episode of their live recordings? :D

    • Xiaoting Fong

      It is not easy to get in. You’ll have to register yourself at their facebook page and once they announce there are limited slots so first come first served. And they always post their announcements at like 3-4am so you’ll just have to try your luck.

      • hellooooo

        you mean bfb facebook??

      • YY

        Hi there! Thanks so much! Really appreciate that someone would actually reply me :-) But I guess I should drop this idea haha I don’t think I will be so lucky!

  • Jaime L.

    BY2 挑战罗志祥做那个 ice bucket challenge !!!!!!!

  • Leon

    小鬼 也被 Gillian Chung 挑战了。
    会不会 有机会 看到 猪鬼蝶 玩 冰桶挑战
    ice bucket challenge。。 有点期待

    • hguest

      That game is so meaningless, and stupid too

      • guest3425

        it isn’t a game. it’s a charity drive for als

      • People these days

        It’s raising awareness ALS, not a game. You’re the stupid one here

      • Reim

        It is raising the awareness of ALS disease but, in the meanwhile, it is going to raise some fund but obviously awareness > fund-raising.

    • bvn


  • Guest

    可以麻煩版主修復下載中心裡的『2014-08-16 好友音樂會 郭靜 凱希』嗎?從中間開始~開頭跑到中間去了~由衷感謝~

  • qtpie4eva

    can someone post the show on 20130119 (好友音乐会 kimberly with JPM

  • guest


  • Leilani Xue Reolofs

    cant believe that they have been going on for 17 years O.o

  • Jaime L.

    2014-08-23 needs to be fix

  • a

    hu die 的脸变了 why!! sigoideas dot com/%E9%A3%9F%E5%B0%9A%E7%8E%A9%E5%AE%B6-2014-08-26-%E5%98%B0%E5%93%A9%E5%91%B1%E5%95%A6nonstop-%E5%A7%8A%E5%A6%B9%E6%B7%98%E9%81%8A%E6%9D%B1%E4%BA%AC/

    • a

      食尚玩家 2014-08-26 嘰哩呱啦nonstop 姊妹淘遊東京 这个

  • a

    videos older than jul 26 are down pls pls hu die becomes pretty

  • a


  • grace

    I would just like to take a minute to appreciate Show’s awesomeness. . . . This show was dead but now thanks to him with just a month of being back regularly he makes it as if we can still go back to the good old days. The other host are good some even great BUT only Show has the magic to make 100% unpredictable irreverent and FUNNY!!!!!!! Long live the king!!!!!!

    • love


  • Claire Dupin de Saint-Cyr


    • fx

      pls fix september 6 2014 heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

  • guest

    Tomorrow will be ZhuGuiDie, for butterfly’s Birthday

    • chocolate cake XD

      yes!! and apparently xiao zhu is going kiss kai le~~

    • Jaime

      Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  • Grace Feng

    why does hu die call xiao zhu boss?

    • 1234

      Xiao Zhu made his own company and Hu Die signed a contract with him, therefore Xiao Zhu being the boss

      • nicannlee

        xiao zhu made his own company? is it an artiste management company? what is it called? or is it the one together with a-mei? (sorry i am a bit confused)

        • LoveZHUGUIDEI

          Yes, xiao zhu made his own company which he will sign in artist and hu die is the first person that was signed by him. The one with a-mei is his record company.

          • nicannlee

            so at the moment, only hu die and no other artistes?
            ohhh i see.. thank you for explaining! (:

        • Jaime L.

          he opened this company with xiao shuang

        • 13

          羅志祥跟小霜開的經紀公司叫“創造力娛樂有限公司” 暫時只知道簽了愷樂

    • haha

      xiao zhu is her boss coz hudie is now in his company

    • 123

      因為羅志祥跟小霜開了經紀公司 簽了愷樂

  • Guest

    看完蝴蝶生日会觉得现在他们做到好综艺话。以前只有神秘嘉宾很综艺,搞笑但是嘉宾都是来祝贺 但现在还要玩游戏,赢奖品。那种以前很真心的为主持人庆生的意义不再了。弄到好像游戏 王,刺激收视率而已。

  • Twinkle Star

    为什么最近没有游戏王… :(

  • Sukikaiqi


    • guest


      • vooo


      • 000

        自以為幽默?每天都在電視看到她 到底是怎麼整 而且她小時候就長這樣 臉根本沒變過好嗎

        • guest

          Aren’t you blind? 整这么大

  • b4bear


    • Guest


    • xm

      isn’t it obvious

    • hipo


      • yukixtaro


      • Guest


    • guestt


    • PG


  • bearholdwolf

    甚麼都是羅志祥發明的,甚麼校隊羅志祥也在裡面 XD

  • Jaime L.

    I wish there is a STAGE in New York.

    • Guest

      and in melbourne!

      • qq

        and also Malaysia!!

    • guest

      Their clothes suck, I won’t take it even if it is free.

      • Guest

        um.. do we care?

        • guest

          I don’t care about yours either..

          • Guest

            so what’s your point then?

          • Guest

            my point is stage sucks ass

          • Guest

            and you suck dicks

      • Junky Tan


  • Pinky

    看回20120907 潘玮柏代班和凯乐主持那一天, 后面大东和粉丝玩游戏时好好笑。 真希望他早日康复.

  • Lori

    May I ask was there something going on between xiao zhu and xiao gui ?

  • chris

    what happened to wilber pan?

    • Melody

      He was rehearsing for his concert and fell down head first while practicing aerial stunt.
      He was rushed to the hospital and received surgery. But he’s okay now and slowly recovering. ^_^

      • jonnn

        His head hit the metal bar above, hope he gets better soon!

        • chris

          omg. wow. thank god hes alright. hope he gets better soon

        • Guest

          oh oops my bad

  • —-> QIANNIE <—-

    i want rainie yang to guest soon! with BOTH xiao gui and xiao zhu there! Rainie has a new album coming out soon too!

    • guest

      AND Jolin too!

    • ABC

      Rainie already went on Yubai

    • XperiaX

      you will see it tonight

  • 12345


  • Leen_cool

    that one quite long alrdy lehx.. but u can look in youtube got some short videos.

  • !<3EXOM


  • poilyu


  • Gui

    I love it when he lose!!!