Host:羅志祥, 小鬼
Genre:News, Comedy
Broadcast Year:1997-05-05
Air Time:Monday - Saturday
  • chris

    what happened to wilber pan?

    • Melody

      He was rehearsing for his concert and fell down head first while practicing aerial stunt.
      He was rushed to the hospital and received surgery. But he’s okay now and slowly recovering. ^_^

      • jonnn

        His head hit the metal bar above, hope he gets better soon!

        • chris

          omg. wow. thank god hes alright. hope he gets better soon

        • Guest

          oh oops my bad

  • —-> QIANNIE <—-

    i want rainie yang to guest soon! with BOTH xiao gui and xiao zhu there! Rainie has a new album coming out soon too!

    • guest

      AND Jolin too!

    • ABC

      Rainie already went on Yubai

    • XperiaX

      you will see it tonight

    • SA

      SHUT UP

      • —-> QIANNIE <—-


    • nunu

      you go eat shit

      • —-> QIANNIE <—-

        fuck you?

      • —-> QIANNIE <—-


  • jermie

    i want jpm to come

  • jermie

    i like ao quan and xiao gui wei lian

  • Guest


  • Suki KaiQi


  • 15122014

    can’t wait for bii’s episode tmrw!

  • Melody

    好想念以前的娱乐王 ):

  • 251010

    why is there no update on the new episodes ?

    • Alfred

      The displaying of the updates seems to have a problem. The newest episodes are below the 1st row.

  • 123

    Where is xiaozhu? Why recently don’t have him?

    • ff

      xiaozhu is too expensive… Now no always come.

  • Cisfins

    This show has been so boring without show luo and xiaogui. I suggest yubai should sack the three other hosts because they are just not good enough

    • metal

      kaile is good, just the two new hosts suck

  • Unknown

    Not surprising at all to know that the rating of yu le bai fen bai has dropped. The show has just been horrible in recent months

    • fff

      poor atmospere without pig

  • Jlsyluv

    I think it’s not the host’s fault but maybe we are just boredz already. No new 单元, always the same old thing.
    Ppls who kept saying “because there’s no xiaogui or xiaozhu” are just plainly ignorant. We expect more than they could entertain or gave us thus we just feel that it sucks.
    Well, maybe the producers should do something about it.

    • guest

      yes i agree, we need new games and 单元!!

  • Jan Ng

    i think because xiao zhu and xiao guy are busy that’s why they got the other two to host.

  • Jan Ng

    i believe that they are doing their best. give them time and support them. 🙂

  • John

    I believe this show is abit like running man. It has already reached its peak few years ago and it’s never going to return to that peak period again. The show has become more and more predictable, boring and the hosts have simply been awful without show luo. The ratings have been dropping at an alarming rate and maybe it’s time to shut down the show because it is never ever going back to what it was three or four years ago

    • Chelseafan

      Well said. I couldn’t agree more

    • Yubai4ever

      i’ll be very sad if this show end. even tho i agree that it is getting more boring. but occasionally, there are still some very nice episodes. i will really miss it if this show ends 🙁

    • ASE

      Hold on, xiao gui and butterfly fans can’t handle the truth. Give them some chance to whine.

    • K

      Disagree. Despite having watched every single episode of running man I still think it’s really interesting

  • obviously an anon


    fortunately, show luo is busy and does not have the time for yubai anymore. sincerely hope this continues through out 2015. yubai with alien, butterfly and lollipop f members, i have nothing to complain about. OH OH OH? show will DEFINITELY back when he releases new album/drama/event trust me 😉 maybe he should leave yubai and let his colleagues to continue and he can always return as a GUEST to promote as much as he want lol.

    HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE i have my reason why i dislike him, no insulting used here so calm down. told you to read the last sentence before reading the whole essay……. ^^

    • obviously not an anon

      Fortunately you are not the director of yubai or else the program will close in a month LOL the rest of the hosts are horrible HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

      • obviously an anon

        HAHAHAHAHA “told you to read the last sentence before reading the whole essay……. ^^” calm down your tits~~ maybe should let everyone leave yubai and SINCE THAT PRTICULAR PERSON is so awesome i guess he would be able to do a great job yeah^^ OH AND SINCE THE REST ARE SO HORRIBLE…………. you should join THAT PARTICULAR PERSON and make you a significant creature in his life 😀

        • manu

          Seems like someone is hurt. If that person do not have the right to criticize then you shouldn’t have the right to criticize show luo either.

          • obviously an anon

            manu you’re such a nice person. HNY!

        • Guest

          Oh #just sayinh; I read to the very last sentence of your comment alr~ XD

          Just hw i feel~

          I used to watch every ep of yubai when there is only 猪鬼蝶, bt lollipop F members as host as just not as funny. #just saying.

          Now when I see WeiLian and Butterfly hosting, unless I really like the guest I usually cant last til the end.

          Normally when there is SHOW (esp when he is with Xiao gui) , there will always be a part where I will laugh uncontrollably , I kinda miss that feeling … 🙁

          I hope SHOW will come back and host regularly asap! Sorry that I kinda hope for the exact opposite as you~

          Lolz anyway IDK why you have to sound so sarcastic with you “^^ and 😉 “

          • obviously an anon

            people just don’t read to the very end and understand what the author is trying to say.


            2) Lolz anyway IDK why you have to sound so sarcastic with you “^^ and 😉 ” –
            hahaz lolz using ^^ and 😉 soundz sarcastic to youz? 🙁

            3) OH NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SORRY. Never ever be sorry for what you’ve said! 🙂 I hope that what you are hoping WILL come true! BUT let’s pray that it will be REALLY SOON. Before your faith for this show hit new low.

            #justsaying1 #justsaying2 #justsaying3

            have a great 2015! happy new year!^^ #justsaying4

        • relax

          I have no idea why you are writing in this manner, but it really makes me uncomfortable to read your comment till the end.

          • obviously an anon

            it’s okay, everything is coming to an end soon. carry on with your show!

    • Junky Tan

      I not the fan of show but i trustly respect any person…. Show is good and well manner, i think u jealous on him and what the crap is “you got reason to dislike him”? If u so free to comment here as well do other useful stuff…

      • yes me again

        i don’t understand your grammar… but what the crap is “u jealous on him”……. i have my reason to dislike him, is THAT tedious to understand?? if you’re so free to read my comments MIGHT as well go do some useful significant meaningful stuff with your life too.

        i will end everything here, BYE HAVE A GREAT 2015.

  • Guest

    想請問版主~ 現在無法下載了嗎?

  • 小猪小猪小猪

    think they need to put the names of the hosts on the title of the video itself because I don’t want to waste my time searching for episodes for 小猪 only to realise that he hasn’t been back for a long time :<

  • Yury

    Please guys stop arguing such STOP WATCHING the show anymore because it really sucks. The producers should have a reality check when they realize the poor viewership and then bring back zhugui ONLY.

  • name

    I have nothing against the hosts that are regulars now but without Show this program is just average nothing fresh or unpredictable happens without him. When he was back for a month this last time the change was undeniable it felf like old times and now without him again its just sad. Im not taking away anything from the hosts they do their job but Show is more than a host he is the soul and boby of what the show was and is when he is there: irreverent, different and unpredictable. Dont kid yourselves those that think the show can survive without him . . Well maybe it probably can but only in this sad boring new dynamic. . If this is good enogh for u then good if not do what i do dont watch and only check now and then for Show.

    • guest

      same feelings here… stopped following this show much about a year+ ago and only check back every once or twice a month for show’s episodes….

  • Chinling Hew


    • Alfred

      从第二行看才是最新的, 第一行有问题。

      • Chinling Hew

        Thanks~ 🙂

    • Guest

      他们有上传只是出了点问题,最新的一集在 20141223艺能发表会 的下面。

      • Chinling Hew

        Thank You!! 🙂

  • gueta

    I miss Show Live . . . . . .so soso much 🙁 cant wait to see his handsome face and [email protected] personality here soon!!!!!!!!

  • tnt

    finally he is back!!!

  • Claire Dupin de Saint-Cyr

    So Show will to be back?? :O

  • haha

    why haven’t upload?

    • Jaime

      I know right. I am dying to watch it

  • tang

    Today the king is back!!!!!!

  • guesttt

    Today’s one is so damn funny!!! watched on iqiyi

  • pigpig

    小豬你終於回來了!美中不足就是少了小鬼… 還我豬鬼的娛百 D:

  • Araragi




  • ABC333


  • Melody

    2015-03-05 叫我美腦王 有小豬哦!

  • Eunice Yan Ya Han

    14,19 & 18 May 2015.. 为什么音和画面不一样? would you mind to fix it.. Thank you!!

  • thuchen

    Can anyone tell me where to find a list where I can see which hosts do which episode? It’s been like 6 months this haven’t watched yubai. But I can’t watch every episode like I used to, it really has become boring. So I just watched for the hosts and maybe some guests.thanks

    • leemunyee

      maybe you can follow their youtube channel 八大電視台娛樂百分百. they upload previews to the episodes which allows you to know who the hosts and guests are.

      • dfsdf

        their last update was June 2015..

      • Thuchen

        Thanks for the info


    沒看很久了,現在看到好像很多時候封面已經沒了那條主持渣渣的敖狗 . 是否已經退出娛百?

  • guest

    why dont have the latest ep?

  • scent

    is there english sub for this?

  • 2222


  • ywang

    no more 娛樂百分百???

  • 100迷

    沒有娛百了嗎?? 🤔😭😖

  • 242342343252


  • chris

    where is todays ep??