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Host: 豬哥亮, 侯怡君
Genre: Variety
Sub Genre: Music, Comedy
Broadcast Year: 2009-08-01
Air Time: Saturday



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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P4E4V7MNTIQN37WFC4763GVKKI mohomo5


    • Guest


      • youtube.com


  • Pehsengkee

    very good

  • guest

    i can’t see the link.. possible to give me the link for the latest epi? thanks!!

  • Nataliapee

    can’t see the link lo…….yyyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,,

  • Evelyn

    Where is all the link….. :(

  • hulagirl

    please bring back all the show!!!!!!!!:(

  • guest


  • Joey5966_chan

    can’t see how?????

  • 1234

    what happened to the pig’s clip….keeps buffering!

  • Jenlinchen

    why is the part with Vanness cut off?

  • Densim

    Wat happened  to the show on 17-12-2011 part 3 ? Keep sayig FORBIDDEN !! Pls help !

    • Okysab

      this should be a matter of copyright,I guess.

  • Guest

    17-12-2011 part 3 was reported as video not found.

  • Chijow

    Di-Kou-Liang is the best host among all.

  • cy

    When is the episode with alien huang inside? I wanna watch! :/

  • mm

    Does anyone here know whn is alien huang’s episode be uploaded here? Been waiting for long… :/

  • Bill

    Still not able to view the 2012-01-28 show. The link isn’t working.  Can someone fix it if possible, much appreciated. 

  • Daphne

    Could you please upload yesterday’s episode? Xiaogui was in that episode thank you so much!! <3

  • Bill

    2012-01-28 show, part 3 “video not found”, could someone fix the link please, thank you kindly.

  • peiling

    can re upload  豬哥會社 2012-03-17…
    part 1 2 3 …this video has been remove cause it is 2 long… 

  • j.c

    how come the episode with Vanness Wu never aired?

  • jeremy

    What happen to Jun 2 show. I really miss it. I hope you could restore the show asap

  • Packard_1973

    what happen to shows before Oct 29, 2011? I hope you could restore the show asap



  • Cherry39apple

    why is part1 and part2 of date 2012-06-16 the same???????

  • Cherry39apple

    can somebody fixed the episode of 2012-06-16 show, i think it’s in a mess, because in pt3, the host interview the guest, and in pt4, the guest is singing a song, thanks!!!!!!!!

  • Lee Lengkhoon

    why this fucking advertisment ocbc bank blocking the recently episode chu ker liang show

  • Jeremy

    what happen to last Saturday’s Zhu Ke-Liang show. Could someone please upload it.  Thanks

  • Davidho_737


  • Adrian

    kindly please upload 豬哥會社 2012-08-11

  • Binyitzhiun


  • Adrian

    this show is far far better than 萬秀豬王, keep it up 余天 

  • Adrian

    this show is far far better than 萬秀豬, keep it up 余天

  • Adrian

    余天主持得超好。。。節目越來越精彩。。。 加油。。。 再接再厲!

  • Jy May Chen

    余天的歌聲讓人回味窮,節日主持格調品味遠勝往前,Like very much! Keeo it up!

  • Adrian

    please upload 三星報囍 2013-02-02

  • guest

    please upload 三星報囍 2013-02-09

  • Miochael Lee

    I like to address this favor to Mr Ee Tian.
    You are a close friend of Zhuge Liang. Can you help to tell me where to watch Zhuge Liang ” PIG Show ” LIVE in Taipei.
    Thank you.

  • Michael lee

    Hi EE Tian,
    You are coming to Singapore soon. Please tell me where to watch ” PIG ” in Taipet. The show site.

  • Randy

    Ee-tian , I think you are not as good as Zhu Ge Liang . Your films will not make me laugh out loud. You are slightly outdated. Zhu Ge Liang , I SUPPORT YOU!! From : Randy