Meteor Garden / 流星花園

Meteor Garden / 流星花園
Barbie Xu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, Vanness Wu, Rainie Yang, Winnie Qian, Edward Ou, Ye An Ting, Belinda Cheng, Wang Yue, Dong Zhi Cheng, Zhen Xiu Zhen, Mary Hsu, Lan Cheng Long, Zhang Ruo Zhen, Ke Huan Ru, Liu Er Jin , Wallace Chung, Tang Qi, Li Jie Sheng, Bu Xue Liang, Xu Wei Lun, Xiu Qin, Jin Wen, Harlem Yu, Bai Yan An
Broadcast Year:2001-04-21
English Subtitle:Yes

32 Responses

  1. Jienelle says:

    Where is Meteor Garden episode 28??

  2. Pearl says:

    5 stars

  3. Doreenlee2003 says:

    I can’t believe that Jerry yan’s hair looks like a pineapple. I think I like the start better because the start was so funny. I wish I can marry Jerry

  4. cutearies says:

    watching this again, haven’t seen this drama in a long time.. but miss Zaizai 🙂

  5. Annie Lee says:

    ahh .. english subbed. . at last. . re-watch =D

  6. Dreamsdj29stars says:

    Absolutely great story. Add more of the story, maybe their married lives and how Dao Ming Si’s mother enjoy her grandchildren?

  7. Girl says:

    Love this hope u had fun remember don’t blame them that the story was written this way! Check the time period.

  8. Cathygeli says:

    Cant stop watching all over again……addicted to this series…..

  9. SSBL says:

    Pls try and load Zai Zai’s latest drama 彼岸1945 又名 回家。 34 episodes altogether. They just started showing it on air on Nov 8,2012.
    Appreciate all efforts in making this possible for us all Zai Zai’s fans. Thank you!  

  10. KagKa says:

    Best HYD live action 🙂 

  11. Jzhangzq says:


  12. Barbie says:


  13. tsh says:

    been watching the 3rd time over the years. still find it very exciting. highly recommended romance it

  14. Harsuti Lie says:

    sweet memories…

  15. LAT3344 says:

    My all time favorite:-) I watched it 8 times and everytime it touches my heart and leaves me wanting more…

  16. Mayshantal Feamy Cinco says:

    Hello there..I am a big Fan of taiwanese drama.. I love Meteor Garden so much; but i am sad that the season III was not made in television (Meteor Garden Dreams and Hope) …Please i hope you can also make the season 3, i was waiting for it since 10 years..I know many people would like to see it and how the love stories of the F4 ended..Hope the people behind the Meteor Garden can see this…I’m still hoping for it..:) thank you and more power..:)

  17. LexzyBelleArce says:

    I love jerry yan . I will forever be a fan of your undying love for san cai .

  18. Anonymous says:

    this drama is a classic… the best!!~

  19. johnlor says:

    i love Meteor Garden
    Meteor Garden 4ever

  20. johnlor says:

    San Cai love Dao Ming SI
    Dao Ming Si love San Cai

  21. laika says:

    i love mG

  22. lorjohn says:

    i love Meteor Garden
    MG 4ever

  23. rica says:

    i love Meteor Garden
    I love San Cai,Dao Ming SI,Huat Zhie Lie,Ximmen,Mei Zhou
    and all the Cast of Meteor Garden

  24. georgiahuii says:

    Plot level: Super high. Lots of ups and downs, a very interesting drama!

  25. Tara Knoblauch says:

    I love this drama

  26. Anonymous says:

    I really miss these movie a lot ???. #THE ASIANOVELA THAT STARTED IT ALL. PLEASE PO REPLY NINYO ULIT ITO. PARTE NA KASI ITO NG BUHAY KO. I’m sure Di lang ako kundi marami pang MG ORIGINAL FAN. ☺️☺️☺️. TAIWANESE VERSION IS STILL THE BEST. original ata yan????

  27. Natalie says:

    What’s the video quality of this like? Is it safe to download the browser extension as it seems to request? thanks

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