Meteor Rain / 流星雨

Meteor Rain / 流星雨
Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, Vanness Wu, Rainie Yang, Senda Aisa, Sato Mai
Broadcast Year:2001
English Subtitle:Yes
These are the side stories of Meteor Garden I... Liu Xing Yu. There are 3 separate stories for each of the F3, namely, Dao Ming Si, Xi Men and Mei Zuo. They happened in different times... before and during Meteor Garden I.

6 Responses

  1. Pearl says:

    3 stars

  2. 123 says:

    eee. why no hav huazelei♥ one. D’:

  3. Abc says:

    only 3 ep?!

  4. Jazzaboo12 says:

    ending was sad

  5. Janice says:

    episode 3 is my favourite 🙂 because it’s dao ming si

  6. Cynths says:

    So the ending in the Dao Ming Si Chapter was left open-ended. I really hate when this happens! Especially for shows that I really like. Of course, I can infer my own conclusion and I appreciate that many writers and directors choose the open ending style for viewers to make what they think happened in the end. But in my case, I would very much prefer to see the definite ending as imagined by the creators of the show.

    Okay so what did you think happened to Xin Xin and Ah Yuan? Were they ever reconciled? Who called Dao Ming Si in the end before the episode cuts to the other characters viewing the Meteor shower? Was it Ah Yuan calling from prison? I would very much like to think so. I saw another review here of the show and she mentioned that the ending of the Dao Ming Si Chapter was horrible. So I guessed that many who watched this show also think that Xin Xin and Ah Yuan were really separated and the ending was not a happy one.

    In my humble opinion, the separation scene was necessary to make Xin Xin talk again. It was a pivotal scene and actually helps the plot and especially the ending of the story. Now, she CAN talk and explain to the police that she was not kidnapped by a bad man, but was actually rescued from an abusive environment. Had Ah Yuan leave her behind, she might have eventually died at the hands of her abusive biological father. Having Xin Xin able to talk and explain will exonerate Ah Yuan from being a kidnapper. And that solves two story problems in the show – Xin Xin being mute and Ah Yuan being a kidnapper.

    Now, the call that Dao Ming Si receives before the episode abruptly cuts to other scenes. I would like to think that the call was a symbol of hope that Dao Ming Si, Ah Yuan, and Xin Xin were reunited. When he answered the call, he said, “Hello? This is Dao Ming Si.” So its like the caller asked if he was Dao Ming Si and he confirmed his identity by saying yes. And if you know Dao Ming Si, he won’t be too formal in answering the phone if it were his friends or family calling. Knowing his character, he might just shout “Why?” to anyone calling. But I digress. Anyway, it would be logical to infer that the caller was the police or Ah Yuan from prison, asking Dao Ming Si to help him get out and be reunited with Xin Xin. So if you accept this logic, you might come to the conclusion that Ah Yaun called Dao Ming Si to ask for help, and that in the end, Dao Ming Si would have used his family’s power to get his friend out and be reunited with his adopted daughter, Xin Xin. And you might say, if Dao Ming Si really helped Ah Yuan get out and be reunited with Xin Xin, then how come they are never mentioned in the Meteor Garden episodes? I would say that Dao Ming Si was true to his promise and sent Ah Yuan and Xin Xin to the United States so that Xin Xin can get the therapy she needs. Remember when Ah Yuan told Ah Si that once he leaves the beach, he can never return to see them because he might lead the police to their house? Well, that sad situation is now eliminated after Ah Yuan is exonerated from being a kidnapper. If you think about it, the ending is quite brilliant! A happy one. And the writing for this Chapter of Meteor Rain is really quite good. So in the end, I appreciate the story, the writing, and the direction.

    There. That is the ending to the story that I’d like to think transpired and that’s the one I am sticking with. Do you agree? What did you think about the ending?

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