Heaven's Wedding Gown / 天國的嫁衣

Heaven's Wedding Gown / 天國的嫁衣
Cyndi Wang, Leon Jay Williams, Ming Dao, Terri Kwan, Wang Zhi Yu, Zhao Shun, Qu Zhong Heng, Tao Chuan Zheng, Wang Yue, Liu Xu Hao, Cai Li Qun, Tang Jia Hao, Chen Zun Wen, Sun Rui, Qiu Pin Rui, Wang De Sheng, Xiao Jie, Yi Ling, Huang Yu Rong, Jacky Zhu, Ke Wei, Zhang Hong, Angela Zhang
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2004-09-05
English Subtitle:Yes

14 Responses

  1. Chocostar says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    i dont like watching to much of drama

  3. CoCo4kpop says:

    This is a good and interesting drama

  4. Pearl says:

    3 stars

  5. heavenweddinggownFAN says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH. IT WAS THE FIRST DRAMA I HAVE EVER WATCHED. I watched it in the 4th grade and I cried so much.

  6. Yu0130 says:

    the best drama ever!! it made me cried million times!! cyndi wang is such a good artress

  7. candy says:

    I’ve watched this several times and i still cry. True love conquers all especially the evil minds. Ya xi was pictured as evil then all of a sudden she gets to be their friend. And those employees are so mean..they all have no right to do those things to Ai Qing but anyway it is a drama so I took it with a grain of salt. 5 stars out of 5.. Cyndi is such a good actress. Good chemistry between the 3 leads.

    • May says:

      AGREED Candy…Cyndi is one of my favorite actress and Leon, Ming and she were so great together. The dram is good and could have been great, just that so many evil character. They should not have introduced the Ya Xi character…that is one evil devious character

      • kye_sg says:

        Is Cyndi good in this show? I’ve watched her in others and she didnt impressive me one bit. she should have stuck to her singing

        • peachesfromgeorgia says:

          Cyndi is a really good actress and I think she did justice to this story. Love their chemistry too. She is one of the better Taiwanese actress I’ve seen.Worth watching. Love this drama except for all the evilness and the viciouness not so overboard

  8. Viewer says:

    video find found errors multiple video links

  9. lienn says:

    I can’t watched any more, her acting just ughhhh!!!!
    I love Ming Dao but not with her

  10. Jazmin Zampieri says:

    what song is in beginning?

  11. Wisey says:

    DVD version videos not watchable…Please reupload…

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