Heaven's Wedding Gown / 天國的嫁衣

Heaven's Wedding Gown / 天國的嫁衣
Cyndi Wang, Leon Jay Williams, Ming Dao, Terri Kwan, Wang Zhi Yu, Zhao Shun, Qu Zhong Heng, Tao Chuan Zheng, Wang Yue, Liu Xu Hao, Cai Li Qun, Tang Jia Hao, Chen Zun Wen, Sun Rui, Qiu Pin Rui, Wang De Sheng, Xiao Jie, Yi Ling, Huang Yu Rong, Jacky Zhu, Ke Wei, Zhang Hong, Angela Zhang
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2004-09-05
English Subtitle:Yes
It was with much difficulty that Ai Qing was able to save enough money and arrive in her dream place, Paris. As a result, she was extremely happy about this. At the same time, Zi Hao is also in Paris receiving an international fashion award, the grand prize. They both got into a big argument at a small artistic shop over a small wooden horse that they both fell in love with. In the end, with the owner's consent, Ai Qing is able to obtain the wooden horse. The accidental meeting at the airport and on the plane, cause the two of them to have an even more unfavorable impression of each other. Both were rejoicing at the fact that after this trip, they would never have to see each other again. However, who would have expected that these two people's destinies are forever intertwined tightly together. Tao Village is a small village that Ai Qing's Grandpa and deceased Grandma cultivated together. It is also the Peach Blossom garden that is within Grandpa's heart. Therefore, looking after and protecting Tao Village is a job that Ai Qing sees as her responsibility. The mornings here are always filled with energy and vitality. Just when Ai Qing gets the peaceful feeling of "returning home is really the best", the sudden burst of noise from a car engine disrupts the village's peacefulness. Ai Qing gets an extremely disgruntled feeling and her good mood is completely destroyed. Just when she wants to go out and see what is going on, her Grandpa reminds her that today is the day where the small children are coming to the village for a visit. For this day, Ai Qing has long been planning for a long time. She is going to dress up as a European sheep herder to attract the attention of the little children. Who would have thought that just when she is getting into the whole act, a car would burst out of nowhere and disrupts everything. It frightened the horse into running away, the children starts crying and the troublemaker, Cheng Hai Nuo, loses consciousness from his injury. Seeing that Hai Nuo is hurt and without giving a thought to blaming him for the trouble, she and Grandpa hurriedly treats Hai Nuo. Under all this confusion, two strangers, who are dressed completely out of place, shows up. They happen to be Zi Hao's assistant, Freddie and a lawyer. Holding on to a piece of paper that is a contract, they request that she and her Grandpa move out within a short period of time because the village has changed ownership. This place will soon be rebuilt to hold the offices of Global Group. At this time, Ai Qing is startled to discover that her elder brother, Ya Qun, has secretly betrayed the village, this place that she has regarded as her home forever. In order to be able to preserve the village, she goes to the buyer's company. To her surprise, she finds out that the buyer is actually the person who has left her such an unhappy impression in Paris, Zi Hao. It turns out that Zi Hao has taken a liking to Tao Village and decides to rebuild the village into his own fashion designing center. Remembering the Paris trip, even though there is still discontent in her heart, Ai Qing still hopes that Zi Hao could dispel the notion of rebuilding the village. Zi Hao, of course, refuses Ai Qing's request. The disappointed Ai Qing returns home. Before she can even find the time to digest the disappointment in her heart, she has to deliver the cheese that is made in the village to the vendor that is set up next to race track. She just happens to catch the end of a competition, the moment when Hai Nuo receives the prize. Hai Nuo's eyesight is extremely good, within such a huge crowd, he is able to catch sight of Ai Qing. He immediately throws his prize cup to his companions and shoves through the crowd of people. Under the gaze of everyone, he directly expresses to Ai Qing that he wants her to be the princess that is within his heart. Ai Qing didn't give a thought to the jealous and envious stares of all the girls that are standing aside. She only felt that this was a baffling joke. This day has sure been one unfortunate one! One day has passed by, but Ai Qing's troubles have not ended yet. When she wakes up from her drunken state and finds herself lying on top of Hai Nuo's bed, this is truly an earth shattering discovery… Want to find out more about the development of the plot? Then please remember to watch "Le Robe De Mariage Cieux."

14 Responses

  1. Chocostar says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    i dont like watching to much of drama

  3. CoCo4kpop says:

    This is a good and interesting drama

  4. Pearl says:

    3 stars

  5. heavenweddinggownFAN says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH. IT WAS THE FIRST DRAMA I HAVE EVER WATCHED. I watched it in the 4th grade and I cried so much.

  6. Yu0130 says:

    the best drama ever!! it made me cried million times!! cyndi wang is such a good artress

  7. candy says:

    I’ve watched this several times and i still cry. True love conquers all especially the evil minds. Ya xi was pictured as evil then all of a sudden she gets to be their friend. And those employees are so mean..they all have no right to do those things to Ai Qing but anyway it is a drama so I took it with a grain of salt. 5 stars out of 5.. Cyndi is such a good actress. Good chemistry between the 3 leads.

    • May says:

      AGREED Candy…Cyndi is one of my favorite actress and Leon, Ming and she were so great together. The dram is good and could have been great, just that so many evil character. They should not have introduced the Ya Xi character…that is one evil devious character

      • kye_sg says:

        Is Cyndi good in this show? I’ve watched her in others and she didnt impressive me one bit. she should have stuck to her singing

        • peachesfromgeorgia says:

          Cyndi is a really good actress and I think she did justice to this story. Love their chemistry too. She is one of the better Taiwanese actress I’ve seen.Worth watching. Love this drama except for all the evilness and the viciouness not so overboard

  8. Viewer says:

    video find found errors multiple video links

  9. lienn says:

    I can’t watched any more, her acting just ughhhh!!!!
    I love Ming Dao but not with her

  10. Jazmin Zampieri says:

    what song is in beginning?

  11. Wisey says:

    DVD version videos not watchable…Please reupload…

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