Magic Ring / 愛情魔戒

Magic Ring / 愛情魔戒
Joe Cheng, Kimi Hsia, Winnie Qian, Ben Bai, Guo Shi Lun, Gou Feng, Qiu Zheng, Wu Zhong Tian, Huang Jin Wen, Xiao Ying, Melody, Long Chen Han, Tiffany Xu, Chen Bo Zheng
Broadcast Year:2004-10-30
English Subtitle:No
Xiao Jun slowly wakes up from a train accident. Losing all her memories and left with amnesia, Xiao Jun has no idea who she is or where she is going. Yet the ancient ring that she is wearing on her finger is proof of being the Du family’s eldest son’s fiancé. Therefore, Xiao Jun is confusingly brought to the rich and powerful Du family. The head of the Du family treats her and loves her as if she is his own daughter, causing the pregnant Xiao Jun to experience the feelings of a warm family that she has never felt before.

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  1. When are they going to put sub for this one !!

  2. Ilahi1819 says:

    plz can someone on english subbed

  3. is ther an english sub?

  4. plz can someone on english subbed

  5. Hopeless guest says:

    please i’ve been longing to finish this drama please eng subs 

  6. Cherie Ville says:

    english sub please…

  7. Para juego says:

    the most likely scenario that, pretty well cast. I know how to sub, and I will try Engsub for you ^ ^

  8. Taehyung-ah! ❤ says:

    Please make a subtitle for this. I’ve been looking for this drama for ten years. Please. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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