The Outsiders / 鬥魚

The Outsiders / 鬥魚
Dylan Kuo, Ady An, Lan Cheng Long, Joelle Lu, Michael Zhang, Dai Jun Zhu, Pang Yong Zhi, Xie Cheng Jun, Tan Ai Zhen, Ken Lo
Genre:Action, Romance
Broadcast Year:2004
English Subtitle:Not Complete
Story revolves around three sworn brothers namely Yu Hao, Shan Zi and Yang Xiong Qi. They are delinquents, fighting to gain what they want, though they have never officially joined any triads yet. Their leader Yu Hao falls for Xiao Yan Zi, who is the opposite of everything that the boys are. She is from a family with very good background and has a bright future as a budding pianist. An ambush on Yu Hao by a rival gang brings them together when Yan Zi saves Yu Hao. So the story revolves around how they fall in love and how Yu Hao, in a bid to protect Yan Zi, ends up joining the triads in order to get protection.

10 Responses

  1. guest says:


  2. guest says:

    how can you not fall in love with shan zi?

  3. etch says:

    is there a website where i can watch the other episodes with english subs? thanks!!!

  4. Rien says:

    english sub please… I really love this drama… Dylan kuo is the man who made me crazy when I was in junior high school… I can’t find the other subtitle…

  5. Henny Dumais says:

    yes …English sub please? thanks

  6. DLove says:

    Need ENGLISH subs for episode 12-20 please!

  7. selly says:

    english sub please.. 😀

  8. Kittyhawk09 says:

    I love this drama. The strong characterization, actor’s portrayal, and the OST makes a powerful combination. I never thought there’d be a moment where I stopped caring about image quality because I loved a story enough. The Outsiders makes this possible. I want to know what happens to them all. Also, episodes 12-20 still need English subs. Are there any translators that can help?

  9. Jennnevieve says:

    I’ve never stopped hoping that one day the rest of the Part 1 episodes and all of the Part 2 episodes will be English subbed. Why have they not been subbed yet??? I would be forever grateful!

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