Baseball Love Affair / 追風少年

Baseball Love Affair / 追風少年
Dou Zhi Kong, Stella Huang, Kingone Wang, Ady An, Liang You Lin, Yang Ya Zhu, Huang Ping Yang, Zhang Jing Yi, Tuo Zong Kang, Ma Guo Bi, Chen De Lie, Tian Jia Da, Zou Shao Guan, Li Yi, Wang Dao, Zhang Jia Zheng, Sun Rui
Broadcast Year:2005-10-30
English Subtitle:No
It starts with a game between the Tai Zi baseball team and the An Bang baseball team. In the ninth inning, the Tai Zi team has 2 outs with a man on first base and a man on third base. At first, He Fei Li, the best player of the Tai Zi team was going to step up to bat, but because Fei Li's manager, Ji Xian's strong opposition, Coach Ah Nuo is not willing to let Ji Xian do everything his way, so he made the decision to substitute someone else in. However, the entire crowd lets out cheering sounds in anticipation of Fei Li's play and this causes the proud Fei Li to decide to show them his skills. Unfortunately, the pitcher for the An Bang team gets shaken up from Fei Li's firepower and chooses to avoid the fight and repeatedly throws out bad balls again and again. Faced with the pitcher throwing out continuous bad balls, Fei Li decides to hit it anyway and brings about two good balls and three bad balls. In the end, the pitcher got nervous, violently threw out the ball and strikes Fei Li's helmet. Fei Li got very angry and beats up the opposite team's guard on the spot. This causes a fight to erupt from members of both teams. The Tai Zi team are sentenced to be prohibited from the competition. The school authorities are horrified at this embarrassment and the director of the school decided to disband the baseball team. Ah Nuo fought with the director over this decision and the principal, Xu Jie, also put in a few good words for Ah Nuo. As a result, the board of directors gave Ah Nuo another chance: If they don't win the gold cup in the university baseball championship and gain back the school's reputation in three months, then the baseball team will be dismissed immediately. Ah Nuo wants the members of the Tai Zi team to gather up their fighting spirits again but the team has lost all of their robust. Aside from Long Mao whose family circumstances is very poor, the rest of the members, under the lead of Fei Li, bids goodbye to the team. In order to fight desperately to keep the team intact, besides from trying to persuade the members to come back to the team, Ah Nuo also did everything in his power to search for new potential players. When he cheers up and runs out of the door, he comes face to face with a guy who is delivering newspaper. Whether the guy is insensitive about delivering newspapers or whether he doesn't want to deliver papers anymore, just like before, he just carelessly tossed the paper into Ah Nuo's mailbox. Angered at the attitude with the delivery guy's actions, Ah Nuo was very mad. The deliver guy didn't even apologize and just keeps on going and Ah Nuo wanted to express his displeasure. Yet all he saw is the delivery guy (Zhui Feng), steadying the bicycle with one hand and with his other hand, amazingly and quickly throwing out the newspaper! The opening of the mailboxes goes from nine centimeters, to six centimeters, to three centimeters…! Yet he hasn't missed even once! In the end, Ah Nuo gave up and started running on his legs like crazy! He wants Zhui Feng to join their baseball team! Zhui Feng thinks of Ah Nuo as a madman and quickly hurries away! Seeing Zhui Feng, Ah Nuo knows that he has discovered a rare baseball player. Not only did he launched into positive persuasions, but Ah Nuo also accidentally finds out that Zhui Feng used to be the top pitcher for the Tai Zi team. It was due to an accident with his family that Zhui Feng left school and left the team. In order to convince Zhui Feng and get the Tai Zi team back to life, not only did Ah Nuo give up his guardianship right to his son, Xiao Yong but he also used the $500,000 as compensation to persuade Zhui Feng to join the team. It is also because all Ah Nuo cared about is bringing life back to the Tai Zi team and convincing Zhui Feng, that he forgot about his meeting with Xiao Yong. As a result, Xiao Yong was waiting for Ah Nuo under the pouring rain which lead to his high fever and falling sick. This added to the misunderstanding that his wife and son have on him. All this was seen by Zhui Feng…

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