KO One / 終極一班

KO One / 終極一班
Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Aaron Yan, Danson Tang, Stephanie Lee, Sunnie Huang, Zhang Hao Ming, Cai Yi Zhen, Cai Han Cen, Gong Ji An, Xie He Xian, Lu Jian Yu, Ke Tian Bei, Wang Huai Xuan, Xu Zhi Yan, Chen Zhen Wei, Li Yi Hua, Wang Qiao Zheng, Melody, Ba Ge, Hsia Ching Ting, Ye Hui Zhi, Jian Han Zhong, Na Wei Xun, Chen Bo Zheng, A Jiao, Huang Wan Bo, Li Jie Sheng, Liu Er Jin, Deng An Ning, Huang Hong Sheng, Figaro Ceng Shao Zong, Yang Jie Mei, Qian De Men, Li Bing Yi, Zhang Bo Han, Wu Chun, Zhang Yi Jie, Fang Bo Hua, Chen Xiao Fu, Chen De Xiu, Qiu Yi Hong, Deng Hua Dun, Li Ming Han, Cai Ming Xun
Genre:School, Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Broadcast Year:2005-11-26
English Subtitle:Yes

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  1. Guest says:

    thank you for the better quality version!! LOVE KO ONE!! 

  2. Ryo_hazuki98 says:

    the sound quality have problem

  3. Miriam says:

    some scenes are quite so funny that i suddenly enbarked on a hard-fit laughing spree. it has lots of toilet humor and this is quite animeish or mangaish.melody, the teacher is very pretty and she should continue her acting career. the girl who played jiro and aaron’s girlfriend has a doll-like qualityvoice which i hated and she is not that great looking. i love the chef guy who doesn’t have cooking utensils yet can whip out any recipe orders on demand. he is the funniest guy here who had me laughing quite hard.
    some people might find this a nonsense series but believe me, it has a good plot and i find it TOTALLY ENTERTAINING. it reminds me of steven chow’s movies…hilarious. also, it reminds me of the anime TENJO TENKI where students with extraordinary abilities fight each other.
    as this is not a movie, the special effects are lacking and some fight scenes are TEASERS. one will expect a nice fight but then suddenly it won’t materialize..as i like comedies, this series passed with flying colors. it is a nice watch if you have free time.

  4. Miriam says:

    i don’t know whether the fahrenheit band was already formed when this series was shown. i thought otherwise since wuchun was a bit player here. the prominent roles went to jiro, aaron and calvin but for me, the series isNA WEI XUN’S. he shined in this series and i LOVED him as duanchangren.someone wrote a review and said something about a she-ape who was the love interest of calvin. for that, she gave a very low rating for this. i thought at first that it was a real primate(it was very ridiculous if it was) but when i got to that part, she wasproven wrong. she was human but walked like an ape and her long hair covered her face(to look so hairy). that was acceptable to me. as i said before, i LIKE and enjoyed this series except the END ( i can’t understand why they ended it like that)

  5. Miriam says:

    It HAD me there. i thought it was a bad ending because credits ROLLED and i thought it had ended so i wrote my comments below. but then, i was thinking that maybe there was MORE so i went back to review and i was glad i did it because the good ones did not die after all.
    this series is good but there are some scenes that did not make a follow-up and presented some questions like:
    1) the teacher tien xin who was supposed to be hiding under the care of dadong’s parents did not have any scenes after that/
    2) the parents of dadong seemed to disappear into thin air after dadong was hit by a spiritual dagger.
    3) shajie and the other 2 students suddenly were absent and it was not explained why

    • Gladys says:

      parents of dadong did not juz disappear. he went to protect teacher tian xin. shajie n the other 2 students left the sch because of an qi. shajie n the 2 students were kind of angry tat all the boys are treating an qi so well

  6. Alice_yonca says:

    i love da dong <3

  7. Gc says:

    how i wish they did show whether wu chun did get back together wif his sister tian xin in this show…

    • Limjy06 says:

      Tian xin (Melody) was married during the filming of the last part of the show, thus she couldn’t continue filming the show. That’s why she didn’t appear at the end

  8. guest says:

    Aaron is so cute<3

  9. Loveofwonder13_wen says:

    Can someone upload  up here? I am finding the new series at all websites… >< 

  10. Cam5622 says:

    Wu Chun <3 (Y)

  11. Flyanee. says:

    终极一班2 has been released already! I hope your will faster upload. As the site I’m watching now, the quality isn’t good. :/ . 

  12. TheAwesomeFRH says:

    Jiro – Handsome.
    Aaron – Cute.
    Wu Chun – Muscular.
    Calvin – Funny.
    Fahrenheit – Awesome! ♥
    My apologies if you do not agree with any of the above. But hey, they’re awesome. ☺

  13. Ngkj89 says:

    any webs for ?

  14. Rose_24 says:

    Can someone upload  up here? I wait very long already…

  15. Jaslin58 says:

    lol but i like x family a little more

  16. litterstar says:

    ko one 2 have not been aired

  17. Rachyl says:

    Could the host please re-upload all the videos in one part? I could see that the host could upload longer video lengths so it would be good for the user to be able to see the videos without going through multiple parts. 

  18. guest says:

    Can someone upload it without subs and in better sound quality please? Thanks

  19. X3lovepenguin says:

    is this show related to x-family?

  20. NN says:

    OMG. After i see part 2,now i see part 1..da dong face *change* the most..lol…nvm more handsome and cute now hee ;p

  21. ulol says:

    bgal d2 wew

  22. ulol says:


  23. LUVAARON says:

    Ko one is still the best among the other KO sequels,excluding X Family and Ko 3anguo.

  24. 爱亚纶 says:

    why 亚瑟王&丁小雨didn’t act in KO one Re-Act, quite boring, that movie

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