Mr. Fighting / 格鬥天王

Mr. Fighting / 格鬥天王
Tony Sun, Zax Wang, Esther Liu, Joanne Zeng, Tang Jia Hao, Fang Cen, Ai Wei, Doris Lai, Lin Mei Xiu, Lua Bei An, Liu Xu Hao, Kenny Zhou, Tai Yi, Edward Huang, Darren, Zhao Shun
Genre:Action, Romance
Broadcast Year:2005
English Subtitle:No
Duan Yu Qiao, who introduced the T.F.K.C. Professional Competition, aside from being recognized as the international champion of fist-fighting, he is also the son of Duan Shi Entertainment Enterprise. Knowing that his father and the Ye family used to be sworn enemies in fist-fighting and that they had a fallout in the past, plus the downfall of the Ye family, Yu Qiao plans to rebuild the only property that is left of the Ye family, “Fist-fighting Hall”, which is purchased by Duan Shi Entertainment Enterprise, into a commercial building. Repeated urges and uses of force to get rid of the people in the Hall did little good as they all stay put and refuse to leave. Therefore, Yu Qiao decides to go there personally to take matters into his own hands. When he gets there, he finds out much to his surprise that the owner of the Hall is a feisty and stubborn girl – Ye You Li. She leads several male students to stand up to Yu Qiao. You Li’s attitude is very tough and she swears to protect the “Fist-fighting Hall”, refusing to compromise. On the contrary, You Li left a lasting impression on Yu Qiao and he swears that he will pursue her until he gets her. Under Yu Qiao’s repeated help, his father’s persistence is finally broken down and he decided to change the relationship with the “Fist-fighting Hall” as that of a landlord and a tenant. The crisis of demolishing the Hall will be placed on temporary hold and Yu Qiao and You Li’s feelings for each other also gradually starts to grow. However, there is still a shadow that is covering up You Li’s heart. Her father, Ye An Da – used to hold the champion title of “The King of Soul” in fist-fighting but he has left before she was born and all contact has been broken. Ever since she can remember, her mother has been suffering in the midst of depression and her childhood is filled with bitterness and tears. There was no protection, no dependency, no tantrum throwing, no warmth… there is only independence, toughness, defensiveness, braveness… Within You Li’s small and fragile heart, there is always the seed of mistrust that is planted there. She doesn’t believe that there is never-ending love in this world, but she is determined that there is eternal sadness and hurt. As a result, when she is faced with the passionate, rich, easy-going Yu Qiao, he is the Prince Charming of every girls’ dream but You Li didn’t dare to indulge in her own feelings. She would rather clench her teeth and fight it to the end. It’s not that she fears love, it’s just that she fears that after loving deeply, she will not be able to withstand the pain that comes after. Acting this way, she brings much distress to Yu Qiao but he is unable to let go and the two of them continues on with this entanglement between them… Ah Cai, Ying Qi’s mother, got deceived when buying a vendor stall in the street market and gets threatened and bullied by the gangsters that are looking about to earn some illegal money. In order to help his mother, Ying Qi, who grew up in the streets of the city, goes to the underground fist-fighting place to fight and earn money. When Xiao Kui, who has a secret crush on Ying Qi, finds out, she thinks of everything that she can to help out Ying Qi. She wanted Ying Qi to go and look for Firebird to help out so that she can go to the underground fist-fighting place to be a “show-girl.” Unexpectedly, after Firebird sees Xiao Kui, he has another plan on his mind and he throws out $250,000 for her. Just when Ying Qi, Xiao Kui, are still showing confounded expressions on their faces and wondering how things turned out this way, Xiao Kui gets forcefully taken away. Ying Qi frantically searches around and finally learns the location of where Xiao Kui is. He arrives just in time to save Xiao Kui. Afterwards, he decided to shoulder this whole matter by himself, but then causes a misunderstanding with You Li. He was having difficulty in explaining the whole situation but fortunately, You Li finally understands the whole story and Ying Qi starts having another impression of You Li. Ying Qi held his head up high and went to face Firebird. Just when he is getting beaten up by Firebird’s underlings, You Li and the rest of the gang shows up to save Ying Qi. Not only did Ying Qi fill up with gratitude towards You Li but he falls head over heels in love with her too. On the other hand, a massive storm is slowly and quietly brewing over at the Duan family. Duan Yuan Bo’s second wife – Li Mei Jin brings her son, Yan Hao and daughter, Duo Er, into the Duan family. Yan Hao has a very cunning mind and regards Yu Qiao as a thorn on his side. He accidentally finds out that Yuan Bo and Yu Qiao’s blood type doesn’t match and that Yu Qiao is not Yuan Bo’s real son. Yan Hao confronts Yuan Bo and reveals this matter to him. Yuan Bo receives a tremendous shock and this triggers him into having a heart attack. Heartlessly, Yan Hao doesn’t give Yuan Bo his medicine and this leads Yuan Bo to become paralyzed. He can no longer speak and can only turn his head. After getting rid of Yuan Bo, the next target is of course, Yu Qiao. Right before the T.F.K.C. fight to defend his championship title, Yan Hao cruelly tells Yu Qiao his real identity. Yu Qiao breaks down on the spot and he lost without even fighting. Not only did he lose in protecting his championship title, but he lost everything else too. This is because Yan Hao is holding onto all the favorable legal documents and he easily striped Yu Qiao of everything that Yu Qiao once possessed. Not only that but he also crippled Yu Qiao’s “golden arm” and threw him out the house. In one night, Yu Qiao turns from a prince into a street beggar. His body and mind all received a devastating blow. He had no where to go and roams around the streets like a homeless dog. Fortunately, You Li and the rest of the gang searches everywhere for him. They finally found him and brought him back to the “Fist-fighting Hall.” He has a place to settle down but within Yu Qiao’s heart there still presides an unspeakable pain. Originally, Duo Er has a secret crush on Yu Qiao since she was young but because she is restrained from the title of “brother/sister”, so she must silently repress her feelings. When she finds out that her brother, Yan Hao, is up to something bad, she bravely steps forward to defend Yu Qiao and this forces Yan Hao to repeatedly step in and stop her. Now that she finds out that Yu Qiao has no blood relation with the Duan family, she is simply wild with joy. This means that she doesn’t have to repress her feelings anymore. She rushes to the “Fist-fighting Hall” to find Yu Qiao and sincerely expresses her true feelings to him. However, she gets rejected by Yu Qiao. Shocked to her bones plus Yan Hao’s instigation, Duo Er’s love turns to hate. She makes trouble for the “Fist-fighting Hall” anyway she can and gives You Li an extremely hard time. Someone secretly made changes to the lease of the “Fist-fighting Hall.” You Li is faced with Yan Hao and Duo Er’s strong oppression. Faced with the fact that they will be forced out the door if she doesn’t have the money to pay the rent, in order to raise money, You Li is extremely anxious and worried. Everyone tries to find a solution to the problem and at this urgent time, there is a sudden change in the way things are going and Hua Shu appears out of nowhere. He said that he used to be a friend of You Li’s father and seeing that You Li is in trouble, he stops to give a helping hand. He generously takes out a whole year’s worth of rent and solves You Li’s problem just in time. Even though the “Fist-fighting Hall’s” crisis is temporarily solved, but the crisis with Yu Qiao and You Li’s relationship is just beginning. Extremely sullen and depressed, Yu Qiao is completely different than what he was like before. In fact, he truly doesn’t know who he is. Originally, the barrier that’s between them is You Li’s enclosed heart, but now, it is Yu Qiao’s heart that is enclosed. For Yu Qiao and for herself, You Li tries to think up of another direction for them. She will become a fist-fighter manager. As for Yu Qiao, although he can no longer fight again, but all his skills are still within his head. He can become a top trainer. As for a fighting contestant… Ying Qi is a talented person that is rare to come by in the fighting world. When Ying Qi hears that he is the one selected to be a fist-fighting contestant, it is like hearing about the biggest catastrophe in the world and he refuses. However, under You Li’s many plans and persistence, she is finally able to convince Ying Qi. Therefore, the 3 of them, You Li, Yu Qiao, Ying Qi composed into “The Dream Iron Triangle” and their goal is to get into the T.F.K.C. They immediately launch into intense training. The conflicts between Yu Qiao and Ying Qi are continuous. Their repeated conflicts on their feelings for You Li and on each other’s capabilities have totally given You Li a huge headache. In all these conflicts, there is blood, laughter and tears. During the course of their training, lots of emotional problems and relationships get entangled in between. However, under the policy of Yan Hao, Ying Qi is unable to participate in any of the official competitions. As a result, they have to start fighting from the outside competitions. Their hard work did not go to waste and they past all the competitions with astonishing speed. Ying Qi very quickly developed a name for himself and Manager You Li also got her name around too. Fame and fortune came as fast as a snowball that is rolling down a hill and it almost made them lose sight of what they were doing. Fortunately, they have Hua Shu who is guiding them and frequently pointing them in the right direction and steadying them on their feet. It turns out that Hua Shu’s true identity is You Li’s real father – Ye An Da. Ye An Da used to be Duan Yuan Bo’s opponent. When he was defending his title “The King of Soul” – under the many layers of pressure from the highest honor of fighting, he made a rash mistake. On the eve of his competition, he secretly drugged the beverages in an attempt to effect Yuan Bo’s fighting capability. Unfortunately, Wei Qing Yi drinks the beverage that was meant for Yuan Bo and this caused a change in Qing Yi’s body condition. When he was practicing with Yuan Bo, Yuan Bo accidentally kills Qing Yi. Filled with a guilty conscience, An Da runs away from his hometown. Twenty years after the incident happened, he finally returns. He gathers up his courage to face his daughter, to face everything… As for Qing Yi’s wife, Ah Cai, she finds out that her husband was killed by Yuan Bo after she just gave birth and her world immediately fell apart. At that time, Yuan Bo’s previous wife – Ruo Sha also gave birth at the same time. Like Ah Cai, Ruo Sha also gave birth to a son. Under her resentment and hatred, Ah Cai exchanged her son with Ruo Sha’s son. The truth about Ying Qi and Yu Qiao’s world is finally revealed. Ah Cai wants to reunite with Yu Qiao. Yu Qiao, with only pain left in his heart, is determined to give Ying Qi his rightful name back. When Yan Hao finds out, he grasps the weakness of human nature and convinces Ah Cai to continue to keep everything silent. If she agrees then he will give Yu Qiao a break and allow him to come back to Duan Enterprise. Under Yan Hao’s planning, Ying Qi gets misunderstood by everyone. With regards to love, he gets defeated by Yu Qiao. As for family relationship, he also gets defeated by Yu Qiao. Under both of these defeats, he actually goes and joins forces with the enemy and becomes Yan Hao’s person. However, at this time, everything starts to change around. You Li and everyone is finally able to challenge T.F.K.C.’s defending championship competition. Yu Qiao can’t help it but step up and represent the “Fist-fighting Hall.” As for Ying Qi, under Yan Hao’s arrangement, he becomes the new challenger and Ying Qi and Yu Qiao becomes opponents. On the eve of the competition, a special drug is quietly injected into Ying Qi’s fists so that it will become as hard as a rock. Yan Hao’s intention is for Ying Qi to defeat Yu Qiao in the competition. After the competition, Yu Qiao is lucky to be alive. He suffered serious head injuries and lost his memories. You Li is devastated. Yan Hao simply decides to take things further and announced to the public that he has finally found his long lost brother. Even though Yu Qiao is not a member of the Duan family, but in his heart, Yu Qiao will forever be his brother. In any case, after Yu Qiao and Duo Er gets married, then aren’t they a family? Therefore, there was a grand welcoming back for Yu Qiao and also a preparation for the wedding. After You Li pulls herself back on her feet again, she unleashed her unyielding and unbending spirit to bravely strive to get her Yu Qiao back… A multi-person relationship is already a tough problem to solve, but if you add in a previous generation’s complex relationship filled with hatred and grudges, then that’s how a war of love, hate, and revenge begins… From now on, Yu Qiao, Ying Qi, You Li, sinks into an inseparable and contradictory relationship. But in order to reach their ideals and their goals, they must struggle hard and develop a story that is filled with love and honor…

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