Nine-Ball / 撞球小子

Nine-Ball / 撞球小子
Joe Cheng, Xu Wei Lun, David Chen, Shen Meng Sheng, Yi Zheng, Chen Ruo Ping, Zhang Qin, Chen De Lie, Tsai Pei Lin, Danson Tang, Laura Fang Zi Xuan, Tiffany Xu
Genre:Action, Romance
Broadcast Year:2005
English Subtitle:Not Complete
You Li is from a small town in the South. He is an orphan who would normally use playing billiards as a gambling match to earn money – “Billiard boy”. It is through the internet that he gets acquainted with rich girl, Ah Yin and falls in love. On a certain day, a group of people comes from Taipei to the billiard gallery from the Shao Shi Enterprise. The purpose is to discuss with the gallery the matter of taking over the place. The leader is a good billiard player, whose nickname is called “Kuai Da Whirlwind”. He brought along with him his assistant, Bao Long as well as two other followers. There was also a young girl and unexpectedly, she is Ah Yin. Under the secret arrangement of the jealous Kuai Da, You Li lost his good friend, Ah Cao’s only property on the billiard table. Afterwards, Ah Yin returns back to Taipei with Kuai Da. While You Li is feeling remorseful over the whole incident, Duan Zhi, who is normally hanging out at the gallery, unexpectedly expresses that he has confidence that he can teach You Li the skills of billiards so that You Li can win back the gallery for Ah Cao. Under the teaching of teacher Duan Zhi, You Li constantly make appropriate analogies between the billiard skills and that of his individual style, his goal in life, and the principle of living. His skills gradually becomes more refined, accurate, stable. At the same time, not only does he understands how to win the ball, but he also understands how to allow his opponent to save face and give them leeway. You Li’s billiards are being played better and better. Under the encouragement of Duan Zhi, You Li and his good friend, Ah Cao, Xiao Nai, started to take part in official competitions. Shao Qi Feng, who operates a franchise of billiard galleries, eventually starts hearing about You Li’s reputation. Therefore, he and Kuai Da together went to see You Li’s competition and this starts involving the resentments and grudges of the last generation…

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