Romance in the White House / 白屋之戀

Romance in the White House / 白屋之戀
Peter Ho, Yuan Quan, Niu Meng Meng, Li Li Qun, Hao Ping, Li Feng Xu, Li Xiao Ran, He Yi, Huo Ya Ming, Xiao Hua Rong, Zhu Li, Maestro J, Agnes Monica
Broadcast Year:2005
English Subtitle:No
Yin Tong has just graduated from the Department of Architecture from a university when he draws attention to himself at the architect convention in the city. He receives high praises from the attendees at the exhibition for his proposed concept of “Lung of the City” and “The Stamp of Time.” At the same time, Lao Yin who has spent the better part of the past 20 years with researching and developing a new variety of pear, experiences setbacks at the agriculture convention. In two different corners of this big metropolitan city, living the same life but experiencing different emotions. Yin Tong is climbing to the top while Lao Yin falls to the bottom. Nobody knows that these two people, although being very busy, still goes to see each other’s work. Yet they both come quietly and leave quietly. When they accidentally bump into each other, aside from briefly glancing at each other, they both immediately go their own ways. Father and son seem to be complete strangers. They have the same dream but go their separate paths. Only Yang Lan knows about this secret. Yang Lan has been sick since she was a child and she seldom leaves home. Although the Yang family’s villa, Hong Lou, is her home, it is also her cage. Whenever spring comes around, the full bloom of the pear flowers outsider her window becomes the freedom that she looks forward to. Although the pear flowers are short lived and becomes dust after it withers to the ground, but she believes that as long as it has glittered brightly, then it is worth it. Yin Tong and Yang Lan met, became good friends and then fell in love. He knows about her illness but he doesn’t have any complaints or regrets. She knows about his dream and will do everything in her power to get father and son to reconcile. With Yang Lan’s help, Yin Tong returns to the pear garden. Aside from helping his father with the improvement of cultivating pears, he also wants to build a white house within the pear garden. The house will be as white as the pear flowers and will also be the freedom that Yang Lan dreams about. However, even if Yin Tong has no regrets and Yang Lan is devoted to their love, they still could not escape the fate that destiny has planned for them. A year later, a rumor spreads from Pujiang about the white house, about a girl who resembles the white moon…

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  1. Swtnicola says:

    Please can someone sub this in English.  Pretty please..thanks.

  2. It would be nice if someone subbed this.

  3. Passerbyno1 says:

    i really like peter’s character in this drama

  4. Yeet says:

     My name is amanda todd now that u have started reading this. I was
    bullied my whole life. On october i committed suicide. Now every week of
    my death I return. If u don’t repost this 5 times i will assume u were
    one if those people that wanted me to die and I will be by your bed with
    a knife on the day of my death at 2am Hurry u have 20 mins I’m waiting

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    Eng sub please

  6. Henny Dumais says:

    eng sub please? thanks

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