Angel / 假面天使

Angel / 假面天使
Tian Xin, Tang Zhi Ping, Wu Zhong Tian, Rachel Fu, Long Chen Han, Kimi Hsia, Wang Dao, Liu Xue Hua, Yun Zhong Yue, Xiang Li Wen, Lin Li Yang
Broadcast Year:2006-12-18
English Subtitle:No
Her birth was unblessed, and her childhood was unloved. Song Ru Han learned to use her natural talent to scheme her way to the top. Looking down from her top floor executive office window, she coldly smirked at the people who had once trampled on her. On the bottom floor of the office building was Liu Xu Yang. He didn't know the company rightfully belonged to him. Just like he didn't know who his parents were. He was content with what he had and was always available to give a helping hand. However, the balance of power suddenly shifted when it was revealed that Liu's birth parents were murdered over the succession of the company.

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  1. Imtoobabiish says:

    so sad =(

  2. Just
    For Laughs Comedy Festival. She also won the Laugh Across America
    Contest and was a finalist in the Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

  3. Guest says:

    nobody watch this drama?

  4. TiAn xin lover says:

    Love tian xin

  5. Anonymous says:

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