Bump Off Lover / 愛殺17

Bump Off Lover / 愛殺17
Angela Zhang, Lu Ting Wei, Julian Yang, Shen Shi Hua, Li Yong Xian, Yun Zhong Yue, Wu Zhong Tian, Zhang Yu Chen, Shi Jing Jing, Zhang Shan Jie, Zhong Xin Yi, Huang Jian Wei, Chen Shi Ya, Chen Shi Yuan, Huang Xing Lun, Lin Li Yang
Genre:Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, School
Broadcast Year:2006-02-19
English Subtitle:No
She was only 17 years old when she was brutally murdered. And, a trial by media led her suspected killer to commit suicide. Now, her twin sister wants to find out the truth. But the truth maybe uglier and deadlier than anyone can handle.

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  1. Kat says:

    love this drama…so exciting and love angela acting here. She is really a good actress

  2. guest says:

    This is my favorite drama but I can’t seem to find anything like it.  Any suggestions?  

  3. Randomperson says:

    i haven’t watched this but seems like a mystery thriller? i suggest Mysterious Incredible Terminator if you haven’t watched it yet. its REALLLLY GOOOD!

  4. Kkk2ooo says:


  5. Kkk2ooo says:


  6. behind the laptop and internet says:


  7. 樱雅曈 says:

    Seeing this Remind me 霹雳MIT,MIT is like the 2nd season of this but with way more cute guys and pretty girls and the main charactor is Arron!!! this show is just like MIT except with out Arron,guigui,and xiaogui(he is cute too but not as cute as Arron) But this is pretty good.(still like MIT better)

  8. crossover lover says:

    kl so imma watch it without subs

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