Marry Me! / 我們結婚吧

Marry Me! / 我們結婚吧
Mike He, Queena Liu, Yang Yi Zhan, Zhong Xin Yu, Zhou Cai Shi, Hsia Ching Ting, Kate Yeung, Kitamura Toyoharu, Na Dou, Lin Yi Hong, Ishii Mika, Jin Gang
Broadcast Year:2006-07-19
English Subtitle:No
Wedding cold feet? This is a story about an idol who gets dumped at his own wedding. After his sudden rise to stardom, the actor Liu Yu Ming, nicknamed Bian Dang (Lunch Box), overruled his agency's objections and decided to get married. When the news spread, chaos reigned. His fans were very upset about his impending wedding and fights broke out outside the church. Then, they found out... the bride was a no-show. In the ensuing chaos, Bian Dang and his makeup artist, Xiao Qing, put on disguises and sneaked past the paparazzi. The aggressive paparazzi forced Bian Dang to go into hiding. With no home to go back to, Xiao Qing introduced him to a strange place called "The Escape Pod." Everyone there wanted to run away from their old lives. There was Poki who tried to escape his debt in Japan, Wen Zi Yu (Fish) who was running away from home, and there was the owner of The Escape Pod, Chuan Tou (The Captain). In this place, they began a magical love story of running away from and being ran away from.

6 Responses

  1. When can we get the sub for this one ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I want to watch this drama so much >< !!

    the actor look v.hoot :$

  3. Aaronyanx3 says:

    why is the ending so sad? 🙁

  4. GLarryT says:

    This ending is so sad, but nice story line.. if it’s happy ending, it’ll be so much more nicer..

  5. says:

    这个电视剧是我看过那么多之中最好看和感动的 尤其是结局 希望这部戏会有续集但是 就算有 主演的可能是不一样的人了 因为这部戏的女主角已经退出娱乐圈了 真希望能够看到原班人马 演这套戏的续集看了那么多戏中 这套戏是唯一给我感觉是不一样的 很可惜 如果时间能够返回 那该有多好

  6. Master Miso says:

    ohmy this one is about people who want to get marry!!! so interesting. emg. i really like asian dramas

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