Smiling Pasta / 微笑 Pasta

Smiling Pasta / 微笑 Pasta
Cyndi Wang, Nicholas Teo, Gino, Joyce Zhao, Jian Chang, Zhao Shun, Wang Juan, Hu Kang Xing, Song Zhi Ai, Wu Zhen Ya, Shen Meng Sheng, Bao Zheng Fang, Di Zhi Jie, Doris Lai, Darren, Ge Lei, Hsu Ke, Vivienne Lee
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2006-07-16
English Subtitle:Yes
Xiao Shi is a girl who has gone through many short relationships, 17 to be exact, not one lasting more than 3 months hence, she was cursed with a three-month curse. After being dumped by her 17th boyfriend, the world looks grimmer than ever. At that time, a famous idol, He Qun runs past, bumps into Xiao Shi, and they end up "kissing" on the street. Paparazzi swarmed by and to avoid a bad reputation, He Qun’s manager declared Xiao Shi as He Qun’s girlfriend of one year and fiancée. Thus, a love contract was made. This story is about how the couple learns to like each other after having disagreements in the beginning, as well as fighting the injustices the media throw at them. Will Xiao Shi finally break her 3 month curse?

26 Responses

  1. Pearl says:

    1 star

  2. Onelastpromise says:

    Rewatched this for 2 times. Good show.

  3. Anonymous says:

    100/100 hahahaahahha

  4. miya511 says:

    great drama loved it :p however i do wish it didn’t just end like that. I don’t think that’s much of an ending her by the tree and he qun n vincent fighting.. dose any one know where i can watch the rest of this drama?

  5. Raine says:

    should have watched it years ago!!!! (i used to look at the title and thought “so lame”… NOW I REGRET)it’s so entertaining~ i laughed so much~ and it’s very touching too^^

  6. T-ar says:

    My best movie ever! I watch this 6 years ago and I still want to watch it now! This movie interest me alot!

  7. this drama is really cool

  8. there should be a second one its too good to be over
    the one where they have settle down and his caeer has took off and now both sides of the family wants them to have kids he saids yes and she saids no because she feel like shes not ready and don’t want to stop his caeer

  9. starfish says:

    wish there was a season 2 T_T

  10. Arika Ika says:

    I Like this Movi…..


  11. jezhang says:

    can i see the episode 18 till the end? TT thankyou.

  12. moonmystery says:

    I love this show. I’ve watched it three times now and after five years it’s still as good as ever! <3

  13. Mersa says:

    I give this “worst” DRAMA EVER.

  14. Anonymous says:

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