Sound of Colors / 地下鐵

Sound of Colors / 地下鐵
Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Hao Lei, Sun Xing, Li Li Qun, Huang Meng, Liu He Nan, Lu Yang, Chen Luo Qian, Zhou Xiao Li
Broadcast Year:2006-05-09
English Subtitle:No

12 Responses

  1. Linda samot says:

    please put english subtitle,we are filipino,we can not understand taiwanese….

  2. oyounggirl says:

    This video doesn’t even work…

  3. Lynne Basri says:

    I want to buy this drama? where can I buy it? tq

  4. Lynne Basri says:

    I don’t want yunxiang to died….can someone please bring back yunxiang to life…..please

  5. Sumi says:

    Kenapa eps 1- 10 ga ada,,

  6. Kunsang says:

    I really like to witch this movie

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