Calling Love / 麻雀愛上鳳凰

Calling Love / 麻雀愛上鳳凰
Li Xiao Lu, Lee Wei, Hong Xiao Ling, Jin Jia, Yao Yuan Hao, Guo Chao, Dong Wei Jia, Chen De Lie, Zhang Zheng Lan
Broadcast Year:2007-06-25
English Subtitle:Yes
Tiffany, a runaway bride from the countryside, was at the wrong place at the right time. She had picked up an abandoned cellphone outside a hotel window and answered a fateful call from Steven. As it turned out, the phone belonged to Li Hui, who had been kidnapped. Steven sought Tiffany's help in rescuing her, as he was too far away to save Li Hui in time. Through this twist of fate, two of them became friends over the phone despite having never met each other.

8 Responses

  1. Cheche_warence says:

    i really love this drama….

  2. Garfielddik says:

    thanks for sharing this drama. i really like it very much.

  3. it was mt 5 time i watched it really cool but the ending quite sad

  4. Emc0403 says:

    as Xiao Tong was wishing for a miracle… I am too. I’m waiting for the ending of this story LOL.  COME ON please.  I think many people are also wishing for Book 2 of this beautiful love story.  Hope the director can see this message 🙂  

  5. fennytj . says:

    i like this drama too… thanks for the comments,so i watched this drama.

  6. mimi00567 says:

    Loved It!!!! I cried and laughed! Highly Recommend! Best Romance Ever

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