I Do? / 幸福的抉擇

I Do? / 幸福的抉擇
Lan Cheng Long, Liu Xin Yo, David Chen, Margaret Lin, Yang Gui Mei, Maggie Siu, Zhong Xin Yu, Figaro Ceng, Chen Yi Jia, Liu Ke Mian
Broadcast Year:2008-12-22
English Subtitle:Not Complete

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  1. Laura says:

    The first episodes (I didn’t check the others) are not of this particular “I do” drama, but some other. Did anybody consider repairing this problem?

  2. The drama here is so not I Do it’s some indian movie, and the other links are just dead links.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This drama was sickeningly sweet… stopped watching it halfway…

  4. 陳嫻儒 says:

    藍正龍的演技越來越棒了!!其餘飾演配角的演員也很賣力演出,但anyway男主角與女主角最終以幸福最為end . 令人為之動容,感人熱淚~~

  5. Storm_Grey3 says:

    I Do? / 幸福的抉擇

    Title: 幸福的抉擇 (幸福的抉择) / Hsing Fu De Chueh Tse (Xing Fu De Jue Ze)

    English title: I Do?

    Opening theme song: Shu Yu (屬於) Belong to by Fish Leong

    Ending theme song: PK by Fish Leong and Gary Cao

    I Do ? Cast:

    Lan Cheng Long as Li Hao Zhe 李浩哲
    (English name: Annie Liu) Liu Xin Yo as Summer Xia 夏亦心

    David Chen as Joan Tan 譚耀宗

    Margaret Lin as Jian Mei Li 簡美莉

    Yang Gui Mei as Fu Ming Zhu 符明珠

    Maggie Siu as Ren Lin Lin 任玲玲

    (English name: Sa Sa) Zhong Xin Yu as He Si Yu

    Figaro Ceng as Zhang Ming Liang 張明亮

    (English name: Ikeya Chen) Chen Yi Jia as
    Liu Xiao Ni 劉小妮

    Liu Ke Mian as Xia You Wei 夏有為

    Yi Zheng as Li Jun Ren 李俊仁

    Yang Zhong En as Lawyer Hu

    Wang Hao as Jian Guo Qiang 簡國強

    Han Ruo Zi as Summer’s friend

    Cr: DramaWiki & Chinese Wikipedia

  6. Alsha says:

    Love the ending. Cool Blue Lan. Loves you.

  7. Alice Luo says:

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  8. Guest says:

    the links dont work =( cant watch =(

  9. Constant Contact - Refer a Friend says:

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  10. Silje Thuong says:

    Why isnt it english subtitles?

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