Justice for Love / 天平上的馬爾濟斯

Justice for Love / 天平上的馬爾濟斯
Lee Kang Yee, Lin Yo Wei, Zhang Shi, Weng Jia Ming, Chen Mu Yi, Tai Bao, Ma Zhi Xiang, Joelle Lu, Peggy Ceng, Johnny Lu, Cai A Pao
Genre:Law, Mystery
Broadcast Year:2008-11-15
English Subtitle:No
Jiang Ruo Yu is a happy go round kind of girl, even after her mother’s murder, which she keeps deep inside her. She studies law so she can one day be the district attorney who will prosecute her mother’s alleged killer in a retrial, and perhaps, solve the mysteries surrounding her mother’s death.

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  1. sally ng says:

    i cannot view episode 13 onwards from megavideos

  2. Anonymous says:

    episode 1 to 12 on youku has no problems

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