Mysterious Incredible Terminator / 霹靂MIT

Mysterious Incredible Terminator / 霹靂MIT
Aaron Yan, Gui Gui, Lu Ting Wei, Xiao Gui, Christine Fan, Tian Li, Zhang Shan Jie, Cai Yi Zhen, Cai Han Cen, Figaro Ceng, Zhang Rong Rong
Genre:Mystery, Suspense, School
Broadcast Year:2008-11-07
English Subtitle:No

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  1. serene serenemit says:

    i  love  u  mit <3.

  2. Maelimsuyi says:

    can have the 2nd series of pi li mit???i love tt show damn much lr

  3. quinn says:

    this is a totally awesome show

  4. cecilian says:

    i love it~ awesome show gui gui and aaron should play in more dramas very entertaining 😉

  5. Evagreen24 says:

    they should’ve also showed us wht happnd to lucifer brother n mother in the end

  6. Maya Sari says:

    mit so romantic>>> i’m so lve it>> my favorite serial….. love 007

  7. Maya Sari says:

    how to download it???

  8. Maya Sari says:

    how to download it??? huahhhhhhhh….. why i can’t download…….. hikzzzzz mit so coolllllll….

  9. a gal says:

    its show no matter how many time u watch it. it never fail to watch to the end! i love it!

  10. a gal says:

    this show no matter how many time u watch it. it never fail to watch to the end! i love it!  Really very nice and exciting!   

  11. kmarina says:

    guigui is so cutee

  12. WanPing says:

    I really love this drama and everything ! Especially 007 and lucifer !

  13. Joyce Yu says:

    guigui and aaron make a great couple! like if u agree

  14. Liqian_95 says:

    I really think the two make a good couple real life. They’re so cute together on variety shows (:

  15. Aaramel. says:

    Awesome show!!! Hope t see them working tgt again, they really acted very well esp Aaron :).

  16. dara says:

    I realy love GuiLan. I hope they working together again. 

  17. Pearl says:

    5 stars

  18. Rynnnnnn. says:

    Guilun forever!!!

  19. Winter Eun says:

    And so here I am, watching MIT again for the umpteenth time. 
    Never get sick of it.
    (I miss saying that. ^^)

  20. Janice says:

    Awesome .

  21. Amy_ramy_lola says:

    Hi Everyone:Have you heard Aaron Yan’s new song “The Next Me”?  If you haven’t, then you should definately listen to it.  This song tends to make me feel that Aaron Yan’s past was a very dark and tragic one since this song is signifying that he has been so focused in living up to the expectation of being what others want him to be that he has totally forgotten who he truly is and lost his true self.   Therefore, the true meaning of this song is regardless of what others want you to be or perceive you as, regardless of how much pressure others have on you to becoming that specific person, true happiness can only be reached by being your true self, the real you.  Aaron Yan’s music is very inspirational since it focus on the darker side of life, in which society tends to ignore.  Aaron . . .keep up with your inspirational music!! ~Amy

  22. Yong L. says:

    correct me if I am wrong. Firstly I do agree that the song is beautifully done however…. I don’t think he composes the songs he sings therefore the meaning of the mv with it’s touching lyrics can not be used as an extended metaphor for his real life. – Yong L. 

    • Guest says:

      some of the songs he sings might not be written by him. Juz like the band grp he is in, fahrenheit, some of the songs they sing are written by TANK

  23. Jani2xu says:

    very exciting ending

  24. Brenda says:

    Aaron forever!!!

  25. I really like this drama.This group of student with:Miss Cherry (范玮琪), Lucifer天魔星(鬼鬼),007詹士德(炎亚纶),187钱富豪(陆庭威) ,747黄辉宏(黄鸿升)  

  26. Vdv says:


  27. Bee Tsao says:

    aaron is so hot, and alien is so funny, but i really liked 187 :3

  28. Sormag says:

    it doesn’t work ><

  29. mj says:

    are there eng subs for this show?

  30. 樱雅瞳 says:


  31. quietlycupcakes says:

    No matter how many times I watch this, It’s still as scary as ever :3 Awesome Drama!^^

  32. MIT 4ever says:

    Lucifer天魔星 and 007詹士德 <3

  33. 咕噜~咕噜~ says:


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