Prince + Princess 2 / 王子看見二公主

Prince + Princess 2 / 王子看見二公主
Dylan Kuo, Annie Chen, Ken Hung, Hong Zi Han, Michael Zhang, Zhu De Gang, Ma Shi Li, Ring Xu, Wu Cai Lian Er, Yan Zhong Xuan, Miao Ke Li, Bai Yun
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2008-12-14
English Subtitle:Not Complete
The second princess refers to the second sibling among three sisters. Being stuck in the middle, she’s not adored by her dad nor loved by her mom. This is a cause to her weird personality where she tends to feel inferior to others and yet puts up a very tough and strong personality in front of others. Things start to change when she falls in love with a rich male (Dylan’s character). He is a rich man who is often pranked because of his innocence and obliviousness towards things.

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  1. Guest123 says:

    episode 5 part 1 english subbed is missing

  2. Guest123 says:

    episode 9 part 2 english subbed is malfunctioning as if on fast forward.

  3. Pearl says:

    0 stars

  4. hi says:

    everyone thinks the oldest sister is the best but really all the guys like the second sibling

  5. TAOZHONGGUO2010 says:

    google”indaigou”,go to this,you’ll find many very cheap and high quality stuff,without hestation:)

  6. MJ says:


    Dylan Kuo as Ning Huan Yu 寧煥宇
    Annie Chen as Zhao Ke Rou 趙克柔
    Ken Hung as Xia Kuan 夏寬
    Hong Zi Han (洪子涵) as Zhao Mu Fan 趙慕凡
    Michael Zhang as Li Chen Xi 李晨曦
    Zhu De Gang as Zhao De Qiang 趙德強
    Ma Shi Li (馬世莉) as Liu Xiao Yue 劉小月
    Ring Xu as Zhao Xing An 趙幸安
    Wu Cai Lian Er (吳踩蓮兒) as Mao Cui Hua 毛翠花
     Yan Zhong Xuan (顏仲軒) as Xia Yan Zhong 夏嚴仲
     Miao Ke Li as Ning Sheng Nan 寧勝男
    Bai Yun (白雲) as Ning Sheng Qing 寧勝慶 (Cash)

    Opening theme song: Wo De Ai Diao Dian Di by Rainie Yang
    Ending theme song: Ke Bu Ke Yi Ai Wo (可不可以愛我) Can You Love Me by Afalean Lu
    Other songs:
    Xing Fu De Jie Pai (幸福的節拍) The Rhythm of Bliss by Rainie Yang
    Zai Ni Huai Li De Wei Xiao (在你懷裡的微笑) The Smile in Your Bosom by Rainie Yang
    Ai Le Cai Dong (愛了才懂) Understanding After Loving by Yida Huang
    Na Tian (那天) That Day by Shadya Lan You Shi
    Lei Dun Doh (彌敦道) Nathan Road by Ken Hung

  7. miya511 says:

    know where i can finish watchin this with english sub?

  8. Zhoya says:

    i love this drama! 🙂

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  9. Ashiah says:

    this drama is good, not bad, the story flow easily and i like annie acting here, her face is refreshing
    3/5 stars

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