Qian Niu Hua Kai De Ri Zi / 牽牛花開的日子

Qian Niu Hua Kai De Ri Zi / 牽牛花開的日子
Nicky Wu, Dou Zhi Kong, Li Jia Yu, Wang Zheng Wei, Cheryl Yang, Liang You Lin, Zhang Tian Lin, Gina Lin, Zhong Xin Yi, Li Zhi Qin, Jian Chang
Broadcast Year:2008-09-08
English Subtitle:No
A mother’s pursuit for happiness resulted in the births of four children by three different fathers. Growing up in a broken home, the siblings had to fend for themselves when their mother couldn’t. Love and security had always been a luxury they couldn’t have. When the eldest was diagnosed with a terminal illness, the family had to face their own inner demons and begin the process of healing their growing pains.

8 Responses

  1. review says:

    good show…而且不拖。

  2. Yellowcarnivore says:

    Thanks for uploading this show, it’s really addictive! It’s such a heartwarming tragedy~~~

  3. Sean Dyer says:

    anyone have the video with english subtitles or a summary? My Mandarin is awful and I only understood 40% of the series 🙁

  4. TAOZHONGGUO2010 says:

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  5. Namtipro says:

    I watched from youtube and the connection of each episode is very confusing.  I can’t catch some of important detail.  It seems after the big brother was dead, the story goes on with different direction.  Ending is disapointed to me.  The litter sister who is in Canada is not shown her whereabout.  To me, it just like the ending is not completed. 

    • thai says:

      you are right.  The ending part is too confusing like it ended randomly with no detail at all.  I spent lot of time watching and felt disappointed. 

  6. yulia says:

    i am interesting about this story but i don’t understand about the information which is given. so please help me to get the subtitles

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