Hi My Sweetheart / 海派甜心

Hi My Sweetheart  / 海派甜心
Show Lo, Rainie Yang, Lee Wei, Chocolate Lai, Maggie Wu
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2009-11-01
English Subtitle:Yes

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  1. Salina says:


  2. Pearl says:

    3 stars

  3. 0.o says:

    Rainie and Show seems compatible 😀

  4. Sunny G. says:


  5. asiangurltht<3dramas says:

    is this drama good?

  6. asiangurltht<3dramas says:

    is this drama good?

    • Haticeberin2008 says:

      not good, amazing 🙂 everybody has to watch! it’s much better than many korean dramas…

    • Anita Diah :) says:

      Yeah , not good , but really AMAZING 😀
      I LOVE this drama so much .
      i hope i can watch this drama again , again , and again 🙂
      There are a BEST COUPLE 😀

  7. Seolmi says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    *Recommending Autumn’s Concerto and In Time With You*
    This drama was an ok drama, I think.. it was just the ending that started to irritate me, because it resembled a ping-pong match, where nothing really happened, and every accident occured only so they could realize something…
    It had its moments, and sometimes I really felt like crying, but … there is this little but of something, that I don’t know.. Though some parts made me laugh…and some parts were really cute..
    It’s just the ending, right when she finds out about him and it goes, you lied, and you lied, and you lied, and then suddenly she didn’t care that he had lied and it was all revolving around the lies and I know this is a drama, but it was too dramatic and too many accidents occured, and it’s really only a drama with 14 episodes.. But good drama all the same..

  9. Lol XD says:

    hi my sweetheart. its the best tw idol drama ive ever watched… (to me. n 2 many others… im sure)

  10. Hi! says:

    Made me cry all the way! Love it………… I love the part where rainie always says the word….

  11. Minnie says:

    Thank you God for creating two amazing actors and making them create one amazinggggg Drama. Hi my sweetheart !~ <3 = LOVE

  12. Bunnyluv61 says:

    This was a pretty good drama but i recommend autumns concerto a lot more. i still luv it and 
    i watched autumns concerto like 100 times.

  13. Shelijean says:

    very good movie…best artists…hope to see show lo and rainie in a new movie soon………….pretty handsome show lo….expressive eyes and very cute smile……love it…….best partners…  

  14. Pcscorpio says:

    No dramas can ever beat this!

  15. anonymous says:

    one of the BEST DRAMA EVER!!! actually it is the best! <3 i fell in love with the story n show lo…i just cant get over it LOL, they're like the cutest couple ever xD… i recommend this drama to anyone who wants a good laugh and at the same time cry! it gives u the best of both worlds <33

  16. Abc says:

    No Link:((

  17. Guest says:

     It doesn’t work

  18. anonymous says:

    try youtube and type in hi my sweetheart 1.1 or whatever episode you wanna be in and it should work 🙂

  19. Guest says:

    One of the better idol dramas.  Very good beginning and middle, but dragged on towards the end.  Nevertheless, great lead characters. 

  20. LowXY says:

    Love this show!

  21. fina syarafina says:

    I Love this show……..

  22. RDBGF says:


  23. sdf says:

    i don’t think it’s that good. 

  24. yiyi says:

    hahahaha rainie reminds me of a girl version of mike he in devil beside you.

  25. yiyi says:

    I’ve got to say that this was the only drama that made me laugh and cry out loud. There are some parts that are just HILARIOUS (the fart scene in the car – I was cracking up the whole time) and there are some parts that are heart wrenching (Da Lang’s kidnapping and Bao Chu gets hit). Amazing story, and I love how the main lead doesn’t care if the male lead turns hot or not; she loves him for him. ONE OF THE BEST DRAMAS I’VE WATCHED

  26. Jazmin Zampieri says:

    love this drama so cute and sad

  27. Guest says:

    Hello Glen I love you !!!

  28. Guest says:

    Hey Gaby i love you too !!! <3

  29. Guest <3 says:

    I think the drama is really good… So why don’t they make a number 2

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