Take Care of You, Accompanied by the Lights / 守著陽光守著你

Take Care of You, Accompanied by the Lights / 守著陽光守著你
Chen Qiao En, Ming Dao, Zhang Mo, Jiang Kai, Li Ying, Dai Fei Fei
Broadcast Year:2009
English Subtitle:No
  一心挚爱一个女人是简单的幸福。如果同时爱上两个女人,将会是复杂的痛苦。要是两个女人竟然   是一对姊妹花,那就更难解难分了。不过,美丽的答案是_谁[守著阳光守著你]?那麼她(或他)便是[守著幸福守著爱]。   画家丁亦明与舞蹈家何俪因为对于艺术有共同的热爱,因此有情人终成眷属。何俪为了追求更高的舞蹈境界,抛下丈夫与三岁的女儿丁小寒,只身前往英伦深造。在异乡的困顿下,何俪生下女儿何菲。   十八年后,自幼饱满父爱的小寒性格和蔼可亲、明朗文雅;而一直无依流离的何菲,虽长得艳若桃李,然性情则冷若冰霜。   杨睿回国学邂逅了小寒,小寒颇为衷情杨睿的洒脱个性以及他如阳光般灿烂的笑容。而最让杨睿感动的是小寒隐瞒自己的病情,只为带给周围人快乐,并且为了让父亲有个无忧的晚年,身兼数职,忙於劳动,充实的过著每一天。初始时小寒对杨睿藏有爱慕,杨睿却是只当她是另类的哥们。   之后杨睿重逢了曾经青梅竹马的何菲,二人点燃了爱情,对於何菲骄纵的个性、无可救药狂热的迷恋舞蹈,杨睿也是纵容。   英伦歌舞巨作招考男女主角,女角则由小寒与何菲竞逐激烈。而何俪因此歌舞剧归国,她要寻找自己丢失的女儿和丈夫,弥补对两个女儿失缺的母爱,可是她和他们能接受吗?嫉妒让人会失去理智,何菲无法控制的将小寒推下舞台,小寒的病爆发,姐妹关系揭开,母女相识……   从此,爱情路上,姊妹会再争风吃醋吗?歌剧舞台上,姊妹会再争得你死我活吗?人性有它光明的一面,也有它丑陋的一面,最後是谁[守著阳光守著你]?

13 Responses

  1. Chenmok says:

    To Admin., could someone english sub this drama.  PLEASE.

  2. Nica says:

    To admin: when are you going to put english subs on this show.  do you have an idea when  that will be?  

  3. Gorgychel17 says:

    this is a very nice series to watch, it will be nice to have an english subtitle for this drama.

  4. tho i can read chinese but not so fluent.. the description plz sub it in english >_< the cast remind me og 'wang zi bian qing wa' 😀

  5. Charen12 says:

    english subs pls…thanks.

  6. Nzkrazygirl338 says:

    is this drama good? is it interesting?

  7. jenny says:

    This is the most absurd story. Chen Qiao En is so annoying it’s unbearable.

  8. carl24 says:

    english sub please!!!

  9. Kattiawu says:

    pase muy buenos noches yo soy kattia y yo me gusta mucho este videos!

  10. This drama was disappointing and truthfully the only reason I watched it was because of Mingen. Whatever scene they are in together they steal the show. The accident where XH’s father was hit was absurd as there was no other traffic on the road and the van could have easily avoided him. There is no emotional goodbye between XH’s parents who are so supposed to love each other. I assume he is dying and will donate his eyes to his daughter but with no subs I can only assume. The ending was sweet but disappointing withou dialogue. That kiss should have had some passion in it. The ending left you wanting more between these two. It did for me. 

  11. sky says:


  12. Mw says:

    I watch it because of mingdao and chen qiao en But it turn out for me as t is very disappointing that the drama is not nice

  13. Michalle Chan says:

    I like Ming Dao and Joe Chen, their chemistry is amazing. I am always look forward for this two in all there shows. And I am look forward also to watch this series… I was search for episodes with English sub because my Chinese is very very rusty. Please!

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