Down With Love / 就想賴著妳

Down With Love / 就想賴著妳
Jerry Yan, Ella Chen, Xiao Xian, Gu Bao Ming, Michael Zhang
Broadcast Year:2010-01-24
English Subtitle:Yes
Jerry Yan will play a lawyer who is good at divorce and inheritance lawsuits, who is very cool, smart, sharp tongued, and cold. Ella Chen plays the role of a nanny of two children.

25 Responses

  1. Yukiki Makino says:

    A good funny show haha^^

  2. Pearl says:

    3 stars

  3. Miriam says:

    3.5 stars

  4. Yiewyiewyiew says:

    This is best series from Jerry

  5. tracyyy says:

    ahh they’re soo cute, jerry and ellaa

  6. nikka says:

    ella chen and jerry yan are so compatible..;)) CUTE COUPLE hehe !

  7. Guest says:

    ella chen and jerry yan are so compatible..;)) CUTE COUPLE hehe !

  8. Redd W says:

    Unsure if anyone has reported this but the english subbed videos are broken.  Well, youtube stated that they were missing or deleted..

  9. guest says:

    i love this dramma! rewatching right now! 🙂

  10. Alicet125 says:

    Ella and Jerry together creates a whole new chemistry. Luv them both!!

  11. Souffle says:

    The user account who uploaded this drama has been terminated due to multiple 3rd party copyright infringement. Would Sugoideas be able to fix it for us?

  12. likes drama says:

    PLz fix for us, i suddenly have a craving to watch this!!

  13. Jhonnalyne_ramos says:

    very very nice drama..i really love it! laugh trip ever!

  14. Kiwii says:

    Ella & Jerry best couple!!

  15. Kiwii says:

    No behind the scenes? 🙁

  16. SeafoodYumYum says:

    OMG!!! Thankyou so much for posting this!! ^^

    I’ve watched this drama so many times 😀 It’s my favourite XD 
    I love Ella and Jerry X3 

  17. Cathygeli says:

    Love it!!!!:-)

  18. precious87 says:

    yey!  Jerry Yan is the best in Down with love, one of his best acting performances…really looking forward to his new drama series this year In Love We Trust..Jia Yo Jerry! I love you!…you’re my only one ASian SUperstar and my all time favorite actor-singer, and the most handsome model I saw,,OMG! forever loyal to you!

  19. Nisatulungagung says:

    I like this drama DOWN WITH LOVE .. This is my favorit drama .. The story’s touch my heart
    Especially JERRY & ELLA story

    • Pixiechick836 says:

      i love this show i am so obsessed with thsi show i watch before i go to bed yang guo and yu ping are such a CUTE COUPLE!!!!!

  20. Ju Ni Lim says:

    love it

  21. error says:

    Can’t watch.

  22. singer says:

    I like the songs in the movies , especially the opening and ding songs.

  23. princessgirl123 says:

    such a good couple luv siao ding ding but umm hate ding hui fan ruins the whole drama.

  24. Xuxusqueen says:

    Rewatching this yayy! This is one of my favorite Taiwan dramas, well, I must say my most. 😉 I never get sick of watching this over and over. I actually loved CE first, but this JE has different feels for me, stronger chemistry. ‘Though Ella is already married, they’re still the only couple I’m shipping in my entire fandoms. I wish there’d be a project that they would pair up again. ~forever JE baby <3

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