Si Si Xin Dong / 絲絲心動

Si Si Xin Dong / 絲絲心動
Lan Zheng Long, Zhang Jia Ni, Ying Er, Zhang Dan Feng, Lu Hu, Zhong Xin Ling, Peng Yang, Ni Jing Yang, Ge Lei, Li Dong Lin, Wang Xin Yu, He Ling, Yu Dan Lin, He Ming Han, Chen Heng, Jiang Yue
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2010
English Subtitle:No
The optimistic and forward going girl Zhang Xiao Rou came to Shanghai to develop with great ambitions, however, she realized that she has purchased a counterfeit ticket at the train station, at this awkward situation, the cultured and refined Ou Yang Chen came to her rescue. Xiao Rou went for interview at a television station and the person who leads her is director, Lin An Di who is very bad tempered. She was very exhausted after each day of hard work and did not receive any praises, but Xiao Rou is always cheerful and meet people with a smiling face. Xiao Rou and Ou Yang Chen having known each other, admire one another talent and appreciate each other. But Ou Yang Chen has one concern and dare not express. Xiao Rou is full of curiosity on Ou Yang Chen and she also has a sense of loss. An Di change from a strict and cool guy to a person with determined tender feelings. This made Xiao Rou unable to withstand. At this moment, the ex-girlfriend Lu Tian Er who is always on the mind appeared! There was an article under the ‘Lost and Found’ column displayed in the notice board: ‘8 years ago famous dance star – Lu Tian Er arduous strive to success story’. At this spur of the moment, Xiao Rou professionalism as well as love will be put on ordeal, An Di is by her side, and eventually, Xiao Rou overcome her emotions and develop in the next phrase of her career.

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  1. Amy says:

    Honestly….Don’t waste your time watching this….its super long and its not that interesting the romance wasn’t that romantic and the comedy wasn’t that funny… =/ 

    • Samantha says:

      it was not what you sad it was it was acutally pretty good i would rate it 8/10 😀

    • Spammer010 says:

      If ur saying dunt waste our time watching this, then y did u, i mean did u finish watching it? And if so, why didnt u stop halfway if u think its not worth it? And if u Didnt finish it, ur not qualified 2 say anithing bad abowt it! 😛

      • Sunny G. says:

        I didnt stop halfway because it wasnt bad pr boring to the point where i woudlnt finish it xD i still stand by my opinion wasnt bad but wasnt great either

    • Sunny G. says:

      Honestly, it was kind of boring from the lack of angst….mostly the couple didn’t have any surprise factor in their relationship, but i really do like the characters in it……
      yeah. i wouldn’t watch this again though, and I wish I hadn’t watched the entire thing because it was pretty disappointing, it was more slice of life than “drama”

  2. robe88 says:

    what happened to episosed 17-21?  i’m missing a large part of the series.

  3. Iovegigii says:

    i watch the whole drama and i think they should cut some sence out. its too long and because of tat its too borin…i think most of the conflict is not need.

  4. Saa says:

    where r e missing eps? 

  5. dramalover says:

    where can i watch the missing episodes?

  6. Happyballinkid says:

    why no eng sub? D:

  7. Bluefan says:

    wanted to watch this cos of Blue but it really seems boring…

  8. Dee says:

    more like a rejoice shampoo advertising drama 

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