The Girl in Blue / 佳期如夢 / 藍色佳期

The Girl in Blue / 佳期如夢 / 藍色佳期
Chen Qiao En, Roy Qiu, Feng Shao Feng, Wang Shi Ya, Li Shi Peng, Lu Chen, Ji Jie, Lin Xiu Jun
Broadcast Year:2010
English Subtitle:No

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  1. Jas says:

    May I know the ending???
    Did Zheng Dong really died?

  2. Nycz says:

    where can i find eng sub for this drama??? i really want to watch it..

  3. hmd says:

    Really love this show. Don’t really have an ending on whether he lives or dies.

  4. OKS says:

    Zheng Dong passed away during the operation =(… that is why JiaQi opens up the letter and said tht I will wait for you to come looking for me in our next life ….

  5. Chenmok says:

    To Admin. Could someone please Eng sub this drama. 

  6. drama addict says:

    You really must watch this drama !
     It is really a heartwarming yet romantic drama !
    And most importantly, it is unlikely other drama , with happy ending !
    This drama will let you realise that you should cherish the people that loves you !

  7. ck1Oz says:

    Hi just passing by and didn’t watch this drama.Felt sorry for you guys.Giving you the letter sub-am a basic subber for dramas.

    ‘Jia Qi,I can’t do it in this lifetime.I will definately do it in the next lifetime.I want to be earlier,earlier than all the others.To meet (her).
    Jia Qi there is a last thing I can do for you.That is tobuy back ‘Lau Chai’ Because___________.In the future,in Lau Chai ?walls I would be there as well.

    Jia Qi, you must promise the days when I am not around.You must on my behalf,make an extra effort to live on.Let me look down on you from the heavens being happy/contented.

    Her reply:
    Dong Ze,I will work hard to live on.So that you can look down from heaven at me smiling.We have said enough.I will wait for you in our next lifetime.You know where you can find me.Please come quickly to  look for me.Let me love you once.Let us…love once more.

  8. ck1Oz says:

    OMG…what a drama.
    I am not a perfect Mandarin subber but it’s close enough.It’s just the letter was so beautiful it seems a waste if some of you didn’t understand it.

  9. Lovetvxqforever22 says:

    overall kinda draggy…
    was expecting more from feng shao feng
    at least it wrapped up nicely.

  10. Anqi1234 says:

    can you please make this downloadable!!! pleeaaaasssssseee

  11. Anqi1234 says:

    can you please make this downloadable!!! pleeaaaasssssseee

  12. Wen says:

    佳期如夢 is based on a book. The book version is so much better

  13. Nycz says:

    OMG!!!!!! y did they change joe chen’s voice???? i hate when they do that!!!!!!

  14. fluffychloe says:

    what is the episode that jiaqi met he ping agn ?

  15. Izel says:

    i love to watch this drama but i need English Sub.. i’m looking forward with the eng sub..

  16. miya says:

    good drama but not what i wanted for the ending ;(

  17. Yu says:

    Can someone explain what was the deal w/ Ruan Zheng Dong writing stories online that mimicked the real life situation between him, He Ping, and Jia Qi? And why was he so afraid that Jia Qi would find out about the stories?

    • Qianling1996 says:

      Because in the first place, ruan zheng dong hated jia qi for dumping his best friend,he ping and causing him to live in anguish. Thus, ruan zheng dong wrote a story online, telling the readers how he planned on taking revenge on jia qi and how it took place. So,ruan zheng dong was afraid that jia qi would find out,because at first he approached her mainly to take revenge for he ping but in the end falling in love with jia qi.So,he was afraid that jia qi would find out that this was a planned revenge instead of a natural relationship.

      • Souffle says:

        Moreover, ruan zheng dong found out that the real culprit that broke up he ping and jia qi was actually he ping’s materialistic and cruel mother. He found out when he ping’s mom came to find jia qi and slapped her for, accusing her for seducing her son a second time.Therefore, ruan zhen dong realized that he was plotting revenge on an innocent girl. Hence he wanted to make up for his mistakes and confessed to God for several days before showing up again, determines to anew his relationship with jia qi in a good way, a loving relationship and not a machination. Eventually he does fall for her and does not want her to know that the relationship between them was initially a plot of revenge. This would definite lead to ultimate heartbreak and hopelessness in love for jia qi (as we did see where she broke out in tears and rage).

  18. Xiomara says:

    I love this story. I want to see it with eng sub

  19. Guest says:

    This is definitely a very touching story…love the acting of Roy Qiu & Qiao En. Roy’s acting is improving tremendously.

    Well Done & Keep it up!

  20. doramasfanvenezuela says:

    can anybody tell my who sings the opening song of this taiwanese drama??

  21. Joei says:

    Omg, randomly stumbled upon this drama and the last 3 episode totally had me crying till no tears are left… Absolutely lovely… T_T

  22. lydia says:

    I am a fan of korean soaps and this is my first taiwanese show. This one has made me cry more than all 50 plus korean movies and dramas I have watched. The only one that comes close to this one is Stairway to Heaven.

  23. mysticnightworldgirl says:

    sad drama but overall it was a great drama i was watching this drama on tv on passiones a spanish channel if anyone is interested yes it was dubbed but the dub is great and the names and songs were left alone so only talking was dubbed and i finished the last episode yesterday really sad but and i cried till i cried no more at least next week i can watch manny a korean drama with no sad ending at least i hope so. joe chen was great in this drama roy qiu was a great actor and i only hope that this two will come in a drama together again but with no sad ending.

  24. Veradynateh says:

    Wow great drama.

  25. gb says:

    I loved this drama so much and wish they come out with “The Girl in Blue II” to continue the story.

  26. does anyone know where i can watch this with english sub? i really love this drama and i’m watching it even if i don’t understand. i’m just trying to understand thru their action. plssss?

    or can anyone, someone just sub this please!!!

  27. Ember says:

    hi. here’s a more accurate translation of the letter in the last scene.

    Zheng Dong’s letter:
    Jia qi, I can’t do it anymore in this lifetime. So, I’ll definitely wait for you in the next life.I want to meet you earlier than anyone else.
    Jia qi, the last thing I can do for you is to buy your old family home back for you. Because it contains many of your wonderful memories. From now on, the memories belonging to your old family home will also have me in them.
    jia qi, promise me that in the days to come when I am no longer by your side, you must live on bravely for me, live on bravely for both of us. Let me watch you from heaven, let me see you live happily.

    Jia qi’s reply:
    Dong zi, I will live on bravely so that you can see my smiling face from the heavens. we have an agreement, I will wait for you in the next life. you know where to find me. Come and find me earlier. Let me fall in love with you once more. Let us love once more.

  28. Tw_meimoon says:

    It is a beautiful sad story. Like the 1970 old drama. This is not my style. some of my friend only ckeck the end part of drama if they saw someone die sad story. They stop to see the drama. Because we have enough pressure at work as well as at home. When we get home we need looking for relax and happyness. We don’t want to get depression. I picked this drama because I like Roy. I like his role in office girls, but here he made a complete different personality. I don’t enough know who he was.
    Roy I honesty give you an advice that you don’t ever play this kind role anymore. Watch out! not to get depression, There are many actors & actoresses had depression. Vivein Lieght, the actress of “Gone with the wind” was death by depression.I don’t want to get degression either.

  29. Jingle1 says:

    This is an awesome show. I love the song by the male singer esp in the final ep when she went to her old home. I LOVE THE  script for the letter. so SOOO ROMANTIC AND BEAUTIFUL. I just watch a show where They find each other early and love again….ahhhh

  30. Jingle1 says:

    unfortunately the show was not well promoted and with a sad ending, its  not as known and UNDERRATED. pity. English sub please

  31. Abc says:

    Awesome drama series. 东子 is so cute. So sad with this ending…. Boo hoo.

  32. Loesong says:

    It’s a good story, good acting, sad ending…..

  33. Michelle23 says:

    why is it dubbed?

  34. 2sky25 says:

    Hi! Is there an english subtitle for this drama? This is the only drama of Chen Qiao En that I haven’t watched because there is no english subs.

  35. Liza ★ says:

    I hope one day I can find this drama with subs TT-TT

  36. Kingphilippe says:

    can you please put the english sub titles

  37. HHJ says:

    It’s been 3 years since I watched this drama and it still reminds me of when I realized Chen Qiao En was really destined for great acting roles – I believe this was her first role in a Mainland drama and she did an amazing job. Although her voice was dubbed (as was everyone’s), you could really see her acting skills and this drama will always be the one that made me keep tabs on her. She’s obviously more well-known in China now, namely due to the success of “Queen of SOP”, but “Jia Qi Ru Meng” was really the breakthrough for her, IMO.

    I say the same for Roy Qiu, who is typecasted over and over for his roles in Taiwan dramas. His role as Dong Zi broke through that typecast and showed his abilities to take on somewhat sinister yet still very deep roles.

    This drama is truly a great one and I recommend it to anyone reading right now and thinking about whether or not they should watch it.

  38. LAT3344 says:

    Great drama

  39. Ashley says:

    what happened to he ping in the end?

  40. lovetwdrama says:

    the only shortcoming of this drama is that it’s dubbed: not quite in a good manner…

  41. Lucy says:

    Please put english subtitle I can’t understand what they saying. oh! and I understand other because of body language

  42. boi31 says:

    Pls tell me where to watch it with eng sub..

  43. Rachel Noronha says:

    Where can I watch this with eng sub ?

  44. lily says:

    only God knows how much I have looked for this drama with eng sub’s,and I have finally found it but but sadly I have read all the comments above before moving from episode 1 and I know about the ending which is very sad hence am going to delete every episode from my laptop because my dear heart can’t deal with such endings…am too sad,the way I loved this drama before knowing wat will happen at the end,but however much I love and going to miss it,I can’t watch it

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