Skip-Beat! (Extravagant Challenge) / 華麗的挑戰

Skip-Beat! (Extravagant Challenge) / 華麗的挑戰
Ivy Chen, Choi Si Won, Lee Dong Hae, Bianca Bai
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-12-18
English Subtitle:Yes
Manga Synopsis - Sixteen year old Mogami Kyoko sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Sho, so he could become a successful singer. One day, Sho suddenly breaks up with Kyoko, leaving her with nothing, and Kyoko vows revenge. She decides to delve into the entertainment world and become even more successful than Sho to get back at him. Kyoko therein meets Ren, another actor in her agency, who helps motivate her to become a top entertainer.

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  1. Sddsxsxsxsd says:


  2. pissed says:

    no. jerry. what. the hell.

  3. Ioveigigii says:

    YAYA Preview is out ~^^~ can’t wait till the whole drama comes out!! when will tat be, do anyone know?

  4. Anonymous says:

    when will this be out?

  5. Omg ! I’ve watched the anime of Skip Beat , & i srsly have imagine if it were to be acted out in reality , how sweet & funny it’ll be ! & I can’t believe Donghae as Fuwa Shotaro & Siwon as Tsuruga Ren ! ♥ *SCREAMS*

  6. Omg ! I’ve watched the anime of Skip Beat , & i srsly have imagine if it were to be acted out in reality , how sweet & funny it’ll be ! & I can’t believe Donghae as Fuwa Shotaro & Siwon as Tsuruga Ren ! ♥ *SCREAMS*

  7. ppl need to calm down, no jerry yan is the best thing that ever happened to this drama.

  8. Sdkme says:

    male cast is fresh but wtf is with the female cast

  9. guest says:

    Ivy is a great actress :))  go watch “black &white” so u ll know more about her :PP

  10. guest says:

    Ivy is a great actress :))  go watch “black &white” so u ll know more about her :PP

  11. guest says:

    when does this air?

  12. Forever an elf says:


  13. Xh says:

    I can’t wait for this drama!!

  14. Emi :P says:

    this drama=coming soon….. 3 months later: coming soon…. 2 more months later: coming soonn…… when is it gonna be on!!!!! 

  15. when,,,onjae kkaji???erghhh,,,i can’t wait,,but i will wait,,i’m keep waiting..skip beat listen to my heartbeat…LOVE U……

  16. Forever an elf says:

    Our fishy and prince charming 😀 OMO! 😀 Cant wait for bijin and kibum back to suju. Cant wait for ss4 too!

  17. Laura says:

    But we will need ENGLISH subs for sure. I loved anime and enjoy manga, and now this, how can it be without english sub. We NEED TRANSLATOR for such a show.

    • Zuzulikg13 says:

      i´m sure that somebody will definitely translate  this drama…i´m not worried about this…i´m worried about quality…i want watch this in hd, please… just as black and white

  18. Laura says:

    But we will need ENGLISH subs for sure. I loved anime and enjoy manga, and now this, how can it be without english sub. We NEED TRANSLATOR for such a show.

  19. zVi3Tb0Y says:

    It will be better if there english sub! like if u need english sub!

  20. wastl ;) says:

    i am serious. Why donghae is just so handsome ? 🙂 thumbs up!!!

  21. LK says:

    The original cast (Ariel & Jerry) are out, now all new faces, at least I seen one of the korean guy in another kdrama before, rest I have no idea.  I doubt it will be as good as the manga or anime version.  Will probably give ep 1 a try.

    • VH says:

      LOL, the two korean guys are singers from a boy band named “Super Junior”. pretty sure you heard of them before. xD and they can speak Taiwanese~ CAN’T WAIT. ^w^

    • ramendesu says:

      ivy chen isn’t really new, she was in black & white 🙂 and you should watch the movie “hear me” she does a good job acting 

  22. LK says:

    The original cast (Ariel & Jerry) are out, now all new faces, at least I seen one of the korean guy in another kdrama before, rest I have no idea.  I doubt it will be as good as the manga or anime version.  Will probably give ep 1 a try.

  23. Eunhyukx3 says:

    When will the drama release? I want to watch it? NOW >////< Donghae ♥

  24. Zuzulikg13 says:

    please in HD quality..just as korean dramas…i really don´t want watch this in low quality as other taiwanese dramas

  25. xiaoyu says:

    when will this drama release??

  26. Kalia Vang says:

    its ganna be dub….im pretty sure….cause on a little teaser that i saw…dong hae was speaking in korean…and si won was speaking in korean and a little of mandarin…sad….

  27. OMG ! Plsplsplspls , dont be dubbed ! Like the Hayate’s show , it’s dubbed , and it totally turned me off ! ): I wanna listen to their sweet voices ♥

    • Emily says:

      I really hope they don’t too! But they might not, in the trailer Si Won and Dong Hae speak korean and there seems to be chinese subtitles and when Ivy speaks I think there are korean subtitles soo I’m thinking they are just going to do the show that way…I really don’t want Si Won and Dong Hae’s voices to be dubbed!!! 🙂

    • Winter Eun says:

      that dubbing totally turn me off.
      I love the plot but the voice that was dubbing Shinhye’s voice just didn’t match. >”<
      I think if they dubbed Siwon and Donghae's voice, I'm not watching it. I have high expectation for the drama so if it turned out that their voices are dubbed, my expectation would surely hit rock bottom. TT_TT

    • guest says:

      it will definitely most likely that siwon and donghae’s voices will be dubbed with chinese. This trailer is not a finished product as it was not meant for mass audience distribution, it was only really meant for the tv sales presentation fair in china earlier this year to drum up interest of tv broadcasting stations that are looking to buy broadcasting rights to the drama.

  28. Anonymous says:

    does anybody know when it will be air ?

  29. CoCo4Kpop says:

    This drama will be aired at the end of this year around November

  30. Cookiie says:

    i see the conversation here and if they do dub i it i will be pissed and if they dont sub the korean parts when they are talking i will also be pissed and if they dont dumb it and they do sub the korean parts then i will be the happiest person in the universe.
    -sigh- too bad i dont understand or speak korean
    anyways *shouts* GO SUJU!!! FOREVER SUJU!!!

    • kalia says:

      no…ill be stupid…because how would the actress and actor communicate….one speak korean one speak taiwaness…it wouldnt make any sense…i think… the should just dub their own voice in taiwaness…

  31. Olivia Tran says:

    i saw the preview and it looks like it isn’t dubbed over lol but then again it is just a trailer so….

  32. Lin says:

    How come there are two Korean people in there even though it’s a Taiwanese Drama?

  33. Emma says:


  34. SJMstrings says:

    I don’t think it’ll be dubbed cos siwon’s and donghae are in sjm and they can speak Chinese perfectly well:) super junior and super junior m HWAITING!

  35. Validator says:

    I hope they won’t dub the two guys because I like their voice.

  36. Monica says:

    when is it comming i hope soon

  37. Emma says:

    coming out on 18th August 2011. Every Sunday!

  38. Marianne says:

    When the TWdrama of Skip-Beat! is too long to be aired here?

  39. Marianne says:

    Maybe in the late 2011 i think so.

  40. Marianne says:

    How many episodes are there? Maybe 14 episodes i guess it’s OK for us.

  41. Cocoleeyan says:

    i cnt wait for this drama,,,
    when this drama will release here,,,??

  42. Sunshinesmile207 says:

    interesting drama. I can’t wait……………….

  43. Anonymous says:

    tick tock tick tock~ im still waiting…

  44. ELF <3 says:

    Its coming out on the 18th Dec. Confirmed.

  45. gigi says:

    i can’t waitttttttttt

  46. aappleapple8 says:

    waiting for YEARSSS!!!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Skip Beat please be out already I’m already dying to watch you <3

  48. winnie says:

    yay it’s finally coming out~ been waiting since like last year when they said it would come out…<3 i'm glad they chose ivy, she's really cute and talented! as for super junior, hmmm, idk how this will be, but i still hope it's going to be good! 

  49. estxoxo says:

    Ariel Lin would be a better female lead. Just saying 🙁

  50. ouo says:


  51. jessie says:

    i like ivy chen! ^^ shes so pretty and cute! 😛 cant wait!

  52. Marianne says:

    I love this drama and i hope that they doing this for me.

  53. Marianne says:

    The TWdrama of Skip-Beat! is next month, so i have to wait for them until the TWdrama In Time With You is finished soon.

  54. CoCo4Kpop says:

    OMG! Cant wait! Siwon! Donghae!

  55. Cientey Cho says:

    Waiting for December! Donghae<3

  56. Hayatenogotoku96 says:

    i’m watching this because of donghae 😀 omg~ december plez come fasterrr

  57. Milena Rosa says:

    December!!!! I want it so baddd
    Donghae looks like a Nicholas Cage.. >.< LOL
    Not really, he looks llike a sexy beast

  58. Sweetrain0416 says:

    Do they have an actual date on when it will hit on here so we can watch it?

  59. Ceres1803 says:

    I’m annoyed that Kyoko’s  hair color is still black but at least it is shorter than the ponytail she had in the very beginning. 

  60. Anonymous says:


  61. echo says:

    2011’s almost over. -__-.

  62. SapphireBlueELF says:

    i’ve been waiting for this drama for a long timeee. Excited to see those 2 boys acting in a chinese drama^^ Hwaiting!

  63. Iovegigii says:

    can’t wait! can’t wait!!!!~~~~

  64. madeline says:


  65. SheraineLuvSNSD says:

    Except waiting, is was still waiting.. ==

  66. Someone88551 says:

    yep! 2011 is nearly over… y r they so slow to broadcast, maybe too many criticism perhaps? LOL

  67. aappleapple8 says:

    waiting of this is like killing me…. T_T
    i wish time can pass faster… 😛

  68. MidnightPhase says:

    O.o Are we getting a December broadcast?

  69. heherara sun says:

    based on!
    Broadcast period: 18-Dec-2011 / 24-Dec-2011
    Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:30

    hopefully no more delays.. and lets hope as Christmas gift =)

  70. heherara sun says:

    based on!
    Broadcast period: 18-Dec-2011 / 24-Dec-2011
    Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:30

    hopefully no more delays.. and lets hope as Christmas gift =)

  71. Nothing says:

    this dragged for like a year or something. hope it will be good.

  72. Tony Yang says:

    This will be an interesting one, two korean main casts. wonder how it’ll turn out, certain a challenge. hope this will be a break through for SJ-M’s acting careers in China/Taiwan

  73. Tony Yang says:

    Guys, It has been confirmed that both Siwon and Donghae’s voices will in fact be dubbed.  just to let everyone know, so they don’t flip out when the drama airs.

  74. Lenka_12 says:


  75. My name is too awesome:) says:

    AHH!! SO EXCITED!!! I need to know when it will be released:)

  76. Marianne says:

    I’m so excited to watch the pilot episode of the TWdrama Skip-Beat! on Dec. 18, and i love to watch it.

  77. Marianne says:

    I can’t wait to watch this.

  78. Sunako Nakahara Kurosaki says:

    to jusgar by actors will be well

  79. Tiffany says:

    whe is it coming out?

  80. aappleapple8 says:


  81. Marianne says:

    I’m waiting for the episode 1 of Skip-Beat! next week and i love to watch it.

  82. Marianne says:

    I understand your TWdrama and i can’t watch it for me.

  83. Tangmi says:

    The big day is coming soon! It’s airing on the 18th right? <3

  84. Miriam says:

    i think this drama was first presented to jerry yan but don’t know what happens, it did not push through???

  85. Anonymous says:

    100% that it will be releasing next week ? Loving donghae more and more , he touches my hand b4 on mama day ♥

  86. 0102 says:

    wow finally this airs? after like 2years..

  87. Marianne says:

    I want to watch the pilot episode of Skip-Beat! to be air on Sunday, and i hope that they stared very soon.

  88. Marianne says:

    I’m so excited to me.

  89. AznGurlThat<3Dramas says:


  90. Anonymous says:

    does someone know when it comes out??

  91. Meh Eh. says:

    i swear… if they have dubbed voices…!! -___-

  92. AznGurlThat<3Dramas says:


  93. Jnhjuhi says:

    Hopefully they dont dub their voices or else im going to be soooooo annoyed!

  94. Guest says:

    It is dubbed…confirmed..Saw the news..=.=..But I still love this drama no matter what!:)..Should be 13 episodes,and got kiss scene in the drama! Only one..

  95. Anonymous says:

    Good drama are always short… how i wish there is no dubbed one to let us choose which one to watch,plus the Korean actor and actress (eg park shin hye ,donghae , siwon ) have also put in efforts to memorise their Korean lines so atleast not waste their efforts and hardwork!

  96. Gina says:

    But dubbed voices are so …
    Prefer to hear their original voices!! :((

  97. Winter Eun says:

    NO!!!!!!!!! NO DUBBING!!!
    I’ll be hesitate to watch it then.
    The voices which are assigned to dub tend to be way off from the original voice. TT_TT

  98. Cookiie says:


  99. Truthbetold-eme says:

    Omg finally a live drama for skip beat my # 1 favorite manga in the world. I’m SOo excited!!

  100. Jessie says:

    cant wait for this!
    love Ivy chen! 😀 

  101. Xdmonicaxd says:

    FINALLY. the first episode is coming out in a day!

  102. Olivia Tran says:

    its the countdown!!!! lets do this!

  103. yah ! i cant wait for it !
    like here if you are super-elf!!!
    skip-beat hwaiting!

  104. Jen says:

    so excited! 10 hours! oh, also, for all of you (me included ^ ^) who dread dubbing, i believe they’re also releasing an UNDUBBED version with only subs a little while after the original, dubbed version, so watch out for that! looks like i’ll be watching this drama twice 😉 …

  105. Wild bunny Holic (lee holic) says:

    6hours left OMG i slept thinking how much time i have til the drama start <3<3 i can't really wait i mean siwon and donghaeeeeeee <3<3

  106. anonnymoussssssss says:


  107. angela :) says:

    希望收視率破10!! 🙂 始源好帥 >///< 

  108. Wild bunny Holic (lee holic) says:

    2hourssssssss <3<3

  109. Sigi939 says:

    What time it will be with eng sub?

  110. BES says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… ^^

  111. Kyoramen says:

    im english so i dont understand anything but im watching it anyway

    so excited >o<

  112. Emely says:

    English subs please please!!!

  113. ZuzulikG13 says:

    please in HD qualty…or at least in AVI or MKV…really hate RMVB

    • Sdf says:

      its the best quality you can get from these taiwan channels, not rmvb problem, if they can record from a HD source they won’t be using rmvb.

  114. Iovegigii says:

    REALLY ENJOY EP1 & I AM LOVING IT!!!!! Ivy is so cute and sjm is too handson!!~~~~

  115. Ch says:

    Waiting for english subs 🙂

  116. Berry says:


  117. Olivia Tran says:

    omg so good already… so mesmerized by donghae and siwon lol. but why donghae gotta be the bad boy =( lol oh well btw does anyone know the name of the song at the end of part 3???

  118. Snowlotus says:

    OMG, finally it’s out!

  119. Sfallen666 says:

    i can not wait until the english version comes out!! at the moment i am still watching it and trying to understand everything they are saying, to bad i can only understand a bit

  120. Bailey says:

    kshownow has english subs

  121. Evonne says:

    I think i’m confusing myself as when reading the comics i hated Sho but now i can’t bring myself to hate him since it was acted by Donghae…..

  122. Lee Jia Qi says:

    can’t wait for the whole show to be out!!! ^^

  123. Guest says:

    is donghae and siwon’s voice dubbed? 

  124. Sumire_raw says:

    when the next episode coming??

  125. I’m not sure I like the hair do they gave her but other then that I’m glad it is finally here. I can’t wait until episode 2.

  126. Pjpojpoj says:

    I think there will be korean version too. Since theres donghae and siwon. The drama park shin hye acted also have a korean version. so its possible

  127. Kyoramen says:

    oooh next ep in 4 days and 18 hrs

  128. Waterlily says:

    why could’t they have ariel lin for kyoko’s role T.T she will be sooooo good in it and so suitable

  129. Waterlily says:

    why could’t they have ariel lin doing kyoko’s role. she will be soooo good and much more suitable for it. T.T

  130. SapphireQueen says:

    Donghae is so DAMN HANDSOME!!

  131. SapphireQueen says:

    I find Donghae’s manager very ugly and old!

  132. L. says:

    I think Kyoko did her job very well (as far ). I somehow sense, that Ren won’t be portrayed as Ren (just because it’s quite difficult character), I guess they will make him like many other dramas made their main characters before, just that.                               Oh, but Sho was portrayed good so far.

    What else? I don’t like their dubbed voices, especially Ren’s….

    And I am actually disappointed by the setting… Especially by the music (not the main melodies of course), those bits of “funny” sounds…

    I’m waiting for more 😀

  133. KatyMikayla says:

    Donghae just totaled my heart 🙁 he is such a good actor. I hate how is character is such a douchebad 🙁

  134. Juli says:

    when will the next episode be aired with english subbs ?

  135. Pitsandpats says:

    i think Siwon’s manager is rlly cute…. hope it’s not just me…

  136. Lala_hs says:

    can’t beat manga, they do act ”well” but I don’t want to watch more. : <

  137. Ceres1803 says:

    Not happy with the male actors I don’t see either of them as either Ren or Sho and even Yashiro is really good looking in the manga but not so much in the show. But I will wait ever so patiently for the show to get futher along before I critic anything else about it.

  138. Powerpuff Girls says:

    I LOVE the Skip beat manga……but this drama…..just..makes me feel sad.
    Somehow I just don’t see Siwon or Donghae as Ren or Sho.
    And no, I am not going to blame it all on the voice subbers.  For me it’s mostly the actors that are not good fits.

    Ivy Chen is okay for Kyoko,  of course I would prefer Ariel Lin much more for the role.  But I can’t think of any other female actress that can do a better job so far.

    So overall……….as much as I think SUJU is great when dancing/singing performing on stage, I’d rather see the two male leads to be done by other male actors.

  139. Chuiqi99 says:

    I have a feeling siwon wouldn’t be able to portray the complexity in Ren’s character, but, oh well, it’s just the first ep. Can’t wait for the next ep!

  140. waterfalls says:

    Ivy Chen’s hair should be orange in the drama just like kyoko! But overall, it’s good 😀

  141. T-Drama says:

    how often does this drama air?

  142. GUEST says:


  143. xxholic says:

    Does anyone knows if this drama is airing without dub ? I really wanna hear Donghae & Siwon’s voice ! 😉 

  144. -.- says:

    GTV trolled us lol, I thought they will air the un-dubbed version, but I’ve watched cuts from GTV version, it was dubbed -.-

  145. rawrarr says:

    when is the next episode coming out? 😮 wanna watch 🙁

  146. nsj says:

    After watching the first episode of this drama, I am so glad Ariel Lin picked In Time With You over this drama.

    • Hoh says:

      I dont think Ariel will enjoy filming this drama as much as In Time with You. Bo-lin and her has such an amazing on screen chemistry. 

  147. Yujoyce says:

    One more hour!

  148. Fattidumpling says:

    It’s here, It’s here, IT’S HERE!!!!! YAYAYYYYY!!! 😀

  149. ROYLOVE says:


  150. Dayitash says:

    Guys do you know when the episode 2 will have subtitles?

  151. Need…Subtitles O______O I’m so desperate that im watching it without understanding a single woooord O___O

  152. Soso Alzoubi says:

    when is the next episode coming out?

  153. 胖胖 says:

    can’t load the video … is there any other channel not yet affected by the copyright issue?

  154. Waterfalls says:

    it is moving a little slow :/
    still, i love donghae and siwon XD

    • anna lee says:

      XD the story is suppose to move slow, in the anime, they didn’t even show that they have feelings for each other.

  155. Daphne T Nguyen says:

    anyone know when episode 2 will have subs ?

  156. Supriya S. says:

    episode 1 keeps redirecting to youtube ;/

  157. SHINee says:

    when is episode 3 coming?!

  158. peiyu_2010 says:

    Cannot wait for ep3 !!

  159. Mc610 says:

    In two days^^

  160. Mc610 says:

    In two days^^

  161. Yujoyce says:

    There are a total of 14 episodes in this drama!

  162. peiyu_2010 says:

    This drama so funny , nice to watch! cannot wait to see! ep 3!

  163. XX says:

    i cant watch it it just jump straight 2 youtube

  164. Angel Yang says:

    YAY I cant WAIT!

  165. guest says:

    omfg never watching it. its fucking chinese dub!

  166. peiyu_2010 says:

    Tonight can watch le!!

  167. CoCo4kpop says:

    If you dont like Chinese dubbed drama’s then dont even bother to watch it or even comment about it on here! Its either Watch it or Leave!

  168. peiyu_2010 says:

    Happy New Year! ♥

  169. Yujoyce says:

    Yay! 9 more hours!

  170. Eunice Yong says:


  171. Juls says:

    what happened? why cant i watch this? when i click the page its redirected to youtube. what should i do?

  172. Rolan_matias says:


  173. Kaitie_heart20 says:

    does anyone know when episode three will be subbed?

  174. Iovegigii says:

    <3 Ivy

  175. SHINee says:

    I am glad that i can understand what exactly is going on since i am chinese ^_^

  176. Fattidumpling says:

    6 days and 16 hours… SIGH~  🙁

  177. Waterfalls says:

    omg i have almost forgotten about this drama thanks to the new year XDD

  178. Yujoyce says:

    Episode 4 plz come faster! I am begging you! y do we have to wait until next week? i wish i had a time machine so that i can travel to sunday and not go to school anymore!

  179. when will the ENG sub of ep 3 coming out? 

  180. When will the ENG SUB for ep 3 come out? T^T 

  181. Snowlotus says:

    Anyone know the total number of episodes?

  182. Yayi says:

    也太好看了吧 !! ^^

  183. Rachael says:

    when do the new episodes come out? is it weekly?

  184. Strawberry_z1 says:

    i’m waiting for the english subbed ep 3 🙁 and ep 4 and ep 5 and ep 6 and… you get my point.


  185. inconnu says:

    太好看了 !!!!

  186. Sweetrain0416 says:

    Does any one know if they will ever continue the Anime? I love the drama as of right now but I would love to see what they do with the Anime as well.

    • TakumiTsubaki says:

      I have no idea, i wish they did they ended it on a cliff hanger and the manga is ongoing ….. ay least we get an awesome live action 😀

  187. Cindy Zhu says:

    so? u got a fuckin problem tht its in chinese? if u dont want the chinese dubbed then wait 4 the damn english subs >:O

    • Icefairy1996 says:

      =.= whats the point of you getting so agitated? she’s just posting a comment abt how she wishes the show to be subbed in eng. dont need to be so vulgar right -.-

  188. Rolan_matias says:

    wish the episodes will be sub in english i can’t understand it just looking the action of the characters T.T

  189. Rolan_matias says:

    finally Eng Sub release yipiee i can now understand it yes !! ^^

  190. Bitter0802 says:

    There releases are too slow

  191. That_lady says:

    ep will be 13 + what that mean will it be till 20 ?

  192. Donghae6 says:

    woohoo 1day 9hrs to go ….let the countdown begin yiipiiee haha

  193. Strawberry_z1 says:

    23 hours… GO BY QUICKLY.

  194. 雁雁 噗 says:


  195. Rachel Tong says:

    each week waiting for a new episode feels like a year…T__T COME OUT SOONER!!!

  196. Megi Orchis says:

    that’s why koreaan dramas has good system, it would be great to have two episodes and not at the weekends or saturday and sunday 🙂

  197. Pinkbellezz says:

    Wow so long den come out new epi

  198. AweSOME6 says:

    Just watching one episode, now i am freaking addicted, i am happy i can read and understand chinese 😀

  199. Strawberry_z1 says:


  200. That two hours is superrrrrrrrr long.. I cant wait! 😛

  201. Lol says:

    waiting. lol.

  202. Suny says:

    I can’t view part 6!!! ;( 

  203. Kutijenn says:

    now i have to wait another 7 days =(

  204. Angelforever06 says:

    O 🙁 have to wait for  6day and 22 hour

  205. Pearl says:

    to be honest, I’m only this b/c of siwon and donghae…

  206. Rolan_matias says:

    wew Skip beat round 4 part 2 is not yet eng subbed ughh….

  207. Asdasd says:

    its moving too slowly!!!~

  208. aznfangirl says:

    how many episodes is this drama? 

  209. Snowlotus says:

    I can’t get enough of this drama! <3 Ivy and Siwon!

  210. Waterfalls says:

    apart from the 3 main characters, i kind of like Ren’s manager! XD

  211. Mimi says:

    People who are complaing about watching without the subs, you should read the manga, because the drama has the exact dialogue from the manga.

  212. Abcd says:

    does anybody know if they plan a second season of this drama? When will we know if there is a continuation?

  213. Dramas24/7 says:


  214. Raindrops says:

    Oh Siwon… you’re just so sexy. 🙂

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      Manga is still ongoing

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      the manga is still ongoing

      • Guest says:

        so what happened later to the three leads…how did the story progress??

        • Kaeli says:

          Kyoko (main girl) would realised she had fallen in love with Ren (Siwon) however she keeps denying it because of her past experience and her stubbornness to open her heart up again. Ren realised his love for her earlier however due to the age difference (which is the main reason why he does not confess to her) he says nothing but show his love for her with actions which she reads wrongly ( she thinks it hate but latest chapter she became more open about it and does not see it as hatred since she read his emotions by the way his smile very clearly)  Sho ( DongHae) would realise he really really love her and would try to get her back however currently the manga is focusing more on Ren’s past and his latest role as well as Kyoko involment in it ( RenXKyoko) so Sho last appearance was a few chapters back.  ( They will meet about 2 times with him aware of who she is. )  the second time he is nicer because as I said he realised how much he love her. 

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    Funny part is why she called ‘ Gong Xi ‘? Kyoko chinese is ‘ jing zhi ‘ or something. hhaha!! 🙂 But it nice that donghae, siwon, ivy and bianca is the four lead,

    catch up more at manga is the best, cos the person who draw them is much handsome ^_^!

    • Amuletfortune says:

      You mean “Dark Moon”? ^ ^

      • Amy^_^ says:

        yeah, is dark moon. But in manga kyoko still filming in dark moon and have another few more movie to act, and is still on-going , cos on manga the sho always keep interupt kyoko as if he regrets!! So have a read on manga.

    • Mimi says:

      you meant on-going?
      anyway it’s okay if it doesn’t have an end. Coz the anime doesn’t either. But i think the drama is much better than the anime, coz it’s following really closely to the manga. 

      • Amy^_^ says:

        yeah!! SKIP BEAT IS STILL ON-GOING!! Yeah, i can tell that of cos real human is better then anime! 🙂 but i worry if the ending is like the anime then it will be like super boring… But i recommend the manga!! it really nice!!

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      happy luna new year to you all. 

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  353. Fdsfdsf says:

    Skip-Beat! (Extravagant Challenge) / 華麗的挑戰


    Ivy Chen, Choi Si Won, Lee Dong Hae, Bianca Bai


    Sub Genre:
    Romance, Comedy


    Broadcast Year:

    coming soon

    English Subtitle:


    Manga Synopsis – Sixteen year old Mogami Kyoko
    sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Sho, so he could become a
    successful singer. One day, Sho suddenly breaks up with Kyoko, leaving
    her with nothing, and Kyoko vows revenge. She decides to delve into the
    entertainment world and become even more successful than Sho to get back
    at him. Kyoko therein meets Ren, another actor in her agency, who helps
    motivate her to become a top entertainer.

    Skip-Beat! Episode 05 fixed
    Skip-Beat! Episode 05 (English Subbed)
    Skip-Beat! Episode 04 (English Subbed)
    Skip-Beat! Episode 04
    Skip-Beat! Episode 03 (English Subbed)
    Skip-Beat! Episode 03
    Skip-Beat! Episode 02 (English Subbed)
    Skip-Beat! Episode 02
    Skip-Beat! Episode 01 (English Subbed)
    Skip-Beat! (華麗的挑戰) Episode 01
    Skip-Beat! Preview
    Skip-Beat! Premiere 2011-12-14
    Skip-Beat! (Extravagant Challenge) 2011-03-31 Press Conference

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    btw I love the funny comments above in the screen XD they crack me up every time & make the show even funnier XD

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    Quite disappointed with Ep 6…After the high of seeing her acting on the stage, the drama at the tv studio is such a let down…..

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    Won’t it be epic if all the super junior members are starring in this show. LOLjks. that will cost too much to have so many big stars.

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    omg I’m going to watch ep 6 5x, 1x with fastforward (just like a summary :p) 1x just the whole ep. 1x with my favourite parts, then 1x just the whole ep. with subs & 1x my favourite parts with subs XD
    omg I’m really a weirdo (lol *random* why am I posting this XD )

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  436. Amy_ramy_lola says:

    Hi Everyone,

    If you are desperate to find out what would happen next, just watch the anime “Skip Beat.”  Believe it or not, it is exactly the same as this drama.  The anime episode 11 continues where the drama ends in episode 6.  Can’t wait for next week.


    • Yujoyce says:

      if it happens exactly liken it does in the anime, then does it mean kyoto ends up with no one?
      cuz in the anime then kyoto doesn’t end up with ren but its says this is a comedy  and in twdramas the main male lead usually end up with the female lead. like a happy ending

      • Amy_ramy_lola says:

        Hi, I hope it doen’t ends like the anime.  In the anime, it left the story unfinished. . . I ended up having to read the comic book (manga) because I was so unsatisfied with the ending.  Supposely, there was going to be season two for the anime, but their budget was short so they never made one.  The comic book is exciting, but I am only at vol. 14, a long way to go.  So far, the anime and this drama is identical. I can’t wait until the moment this drama takes off in a different direction than the anime or manga.  Can’t wait until next week.

        • Giannabalogo says:

          the manga isnt finished yet so no one really knows who will kyoko end up far as i know.. i like ren to be her partner hahaaha..screw shoutaro for being a jerk hahaha

          • Carmen says:

            most likely the drama will end like the anime.

          • Chloejunko says:

            i know right, i hope that the drama may add another episode to say what happens to kyoko and dun he lian or siwon getting together because in the anime, it  made no sense and leaves us clueless and what happened to them in the future 

          • Yujoyce says:

            no in tw dramas they usually makes the show( actually all tw dramas have a happy ending and on top it says this is a romance and comedy drama so there’s a happy ending. All twdramas does. I’ve been watching tons of shows and all of them happen to end with the female and male lead together. In this case, I think its Ivy and Siwon that will get together

  437. Vaaaaa says:

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    cause usually on monday, it would say coming in 6 days.. instead of 5 days…

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  444. Sherry1912 says:

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    • Luccem Ferre says:

      YES 🙂

    • princess jane says:

      just Donghae oppa ~~

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      Actually, I am a huge fan of Super Junior, the orignial 13 korean pop group.  Their music and dance moves are amazing!!!! Love the song “Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.” 


      • Sherry1912 says:

        I know! that song it great!

        • Guest says:

          Hello Sherry, Have you heard the song “It’s You” by Super Junior?  I love how the music video highlights the theme of being heartbreak so well.  For some reason, it makes me feel that not showing how much you love a person can be a disadvantage.  But again, if that person truly know who you are, they will know how much you love and cherish them.  Even if you love them beyond everything, they still end up leaving you, and their excuse for leaving is not being loved enough by you. 

    • superjunior<3er says:

      I’m a crazy ELF for all of Super Junior. 🙂 

    • Emilyl150 says:

      i love them like crazy!!!!!!!!!
      their the best!!!!!
      saranghae siwon and donghae!!!!

    • Ines Virgogirls says:

      yes.I’m ELF 4ever. I’ve loved them since their debut with the song twins (knock out). then, they were very young and cute. (even though I was only 16 years old now, but I had a very long like them). I’m ELF from Indonesia. Greetings .. 🙂

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    • You are an idiot. says:

      Dude, when you saw it on Friday, half of Friday already passed. And for it to be a day, it has to be 24 hours. Therefore, this website was right. It should be 1 day and 18 hours. And they’re not showing it early. If you think about it Saturday is one day, and they’re showing it on Sunday. If it was showing it on Monday, then it would be 2 days. Idiot.

      • superjunior<3er says:

        k, ur being plain out rude right now. 
        i’m not trying to be stupid or anything cause before on fridays it really would say 2 days.. therefore i thought it changed. 
        no need to be all rude about it. 
        how would u feel if someone just out of the blue called u an idiot.. and u don’t even know them!!~

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          You’re the idiot. The idiot callin another person idiot. LOL! no offence #justsaying

          • superjunior<3er says:

            Ur also being rude right now. 
            I did not just call that person an idiot. 
            read my comment again. 
            I said that i’m sure u won’t feel too good if someone called u an idiot. 
            I didn’t day anything about that person being an idiot. 

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    • Guesty says:

      Actually the Anime is not finished… because the manga is not finished yiet, when i saw the anime i really doen’t like the end so i read the manga ! and it’s veryyyy interesting… amazing… i’m at the 30th volume of the manga, i wait for the next volume..

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  474. Jinting Mei says:

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      it releases a episode every sunday depending on where you live some wil be sunday and others will be saturday or monday

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    Another episode just ended . . . another week of waiting . . . another depressing moment.  I just finished watching ep. 8, it was awesome, mostly the second half.  Sadly, Donghae didn’t have any screen time this week.  I can’t wait until next week where both Siwon and Donghae will have more screen time.  Although tomorrow is the beginning of another week, we should all work hard to get through the week and be rewarded with another episode at the end of the week. For now, I will just keep myself entertained with Super Junior music.

  489. Cayless says:

    Awww….they didn’t use the Ren dolls  🙁

    • Aim says:

      I know . . . the Ren and Sho dolls are adorable in the anime . . . mostly when Koyoto use them to imitate what she percieve Ren or Sho who react in such a situation. 

  490. Helen 183461 says:

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  493. Helen Ng says:


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    Another day passed . . . a few more days to go before the next chapter of Skip Beat! will be uncovered.  As the story proceeds . . . each and every character becomes more and more interesting and it just makes me wonder how this story is going to end . . . or not end and have a sequal . . . meaning more waiting!  By the way, I can’t wait for the next episode. For some reason, although the character Shang is a terrible person, as you will see in the next episode, even he himself don’t even know that he has feelings for her deep within himself.  I didn’t feel the compassionate and kindness of the character Shang when I read the manga, but I felt it when Donghae played the role of Shang, probably because Donghae is in fact a kind, warm, and compassionate person in reality, and it is difficult for him to portray this cold character.  For instance, in episode 1, I saw how sorry and guity Donghae looked when Gong Xi discovered the truth about him using her.  This is just my analysis of the characters.  Well, peace out and lets look forward to tomorrow!!!!!

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  497. Anonymous says:

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    I totally love Skip-Beat!The plot is nice,the actress is nice too :)!Honestly speaking,i like Ivy Chen’s acting & I’m watching this because of her,that is why i knew siwon & donghae more :).I think it’s kind of sad that peoples are watching because of SJ only..No offence :),i kind of pity Ivy,getting stoned/ignored :S..

    • Guest92 says:

      yeah but they’re watching it because of suju because they are fans of Korean stars so its opening them up to Taiwanese 

    • Yu April says:

      i think many people watch it because the manga too….
      coz i watch it because i knew the manga,,,, coz the manga is too great to be passed 😀

  501. Anonymous says:

    Ivy Chan carried this drama on her shoulders.  The other girl actor was good too.  The fellows in the drama didn’t know how to let go of their egos and pretend.  A good actor has to be an excellent pretender, one who makes the drama fans forget they are acting.  Ivy Chan, in my opinion can do this.  

  502. Anonymous says:

    P.S. I will continue to watch because Chan makes me laugh, and that is the name of my game.  

  503. Bliss says:

    Argh…1day++ more…

  504. Aim says:

    If you were Gong Xi, who loved Shang beyond everything and was willing to sacrifice anything, including herself for him, would you be able to let go of your love for that person easily, and above all, forgive him?  For some reason, based on the emotional aspects that the drama is implying, I feel that the relationship between Gong Xi and Shang is a complicated love/hate type of relationship because Gong Xi constantly remember memories of her time with Shang.  What do you think? 

    Leaving your thoughts behind is actually a wonderful way of expressing yourself!!!!!

    • Kutijenn says:

      if a better man comes along sure, i can forgive and forget. lol!

      i think shang would start falling for her soon. at least in the manga he did. 

      • Bliss says:

        really hope they would portray Gong Xi and Shang’s relationship more in the upcoming episodes…there is very little screentime of them together…

  505. Gah says:

    to me.. ivy chan’s acting is a bit…. over. typical taiwanese drama acting.. just too over the top. that’s why i like korean style dramas better

  506. Yujoyce says:

    OMG I just read that there was going to be a kissing scene between ivy and siwon! ^ ^

  507. Yujoyce says:

    Reallllllllllllllllllly looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  508. Bartelbi says:

    well.. of
    course Ivy Chen is overacting… have you read the manga? she is totally true to the
    character. She is loud, fussy, clumsy and tends to get into really embarrassing situations.
    To me, it’s the best drama ever. From the first episode you fall in love
    with the actors and sympathize them a lot. I like Korean drama, but this is
    muuuuch better!:)))))

  509. Yayi<3DH says:

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  510. AznGurlThtLovesDramas says:

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  511. Yu April says:

    i like the drama so much, but dong-hae is too poor…..
    si won is absolutely looks like Ren Tsuruga  ^-^
    can’t wait until “the darkmoon” scene…..
    the best part for Mogami,,,,

    • Aim says:

      I know what you mean . . . Donghae seems to be such a kind, compassionate, and warm person that it seems difficult for him to portray such a cold-heart character.  In my opinion, I think that Kyuhyun from Super Junior is more suited for the character of Shang because he just has that cold, malice, evil appearance.  No offense . . . but regardless, I still love this drama becasue of Donghae, Siwon, and Ivy.  For episode 9 . . . the count down is only a matter of hours . . . hope time would pass by quicker.  🙂 :> 🙁

      • Gah says:

        i agree!! donhae is just too cute!! u think u should hate what he did but u just cant!! hehe u no who should play shang? yesung from jusu!!! especiallty when he has the eyeliner on!!

        • Gah says:

          typo*** especially

          • Aim says:

            I totally agree . . . Donghae is so adorable and cute that he turned the cold-hearted character of Shang into a foolish, humorous, and most importantly, fun to watch likable character.  Donghae is hilarious when he says “Jia Hey” and does that funny gesture. 

            By the way, if you have the chance you should watch Super Junior M interview on 100% Entertainment on youtube . . . Donghae, Henry, and Hangeng talent show performance is just stunning!!!!

      • Yu April says:

        i think kyuhyun is more suitable 🙂

        • Aim says:

          I know . . . Kyuhyun is just perfect for this character . . . you should see him in interviews . . . the other members says that he can be quite bossy and conceited sometimes!!!!  So you are a huge Super Junior fan as well? 

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    Cant wait for the whole drama to end, cant wait to know the ending ~ AHHHH ~ 

  522. Gary585376 says:

    No offense but this storyline isn’t really that good

    • Iris Li says:

      The storyline i might say is quite close to the manga itself.  Although reading all the details is always better and different than the anime, this is a live drama to depict what happened in the manga and actually showed in the anime.  Gotta take live dramas with a grain of salt, if you expect too much because you loved the manga reading too much, then nothing can ever compare to the author’s writing, storytelling and drawing of the characters.  There is a Japanese version to the live drama which is a bit different than this Taiwanese version.  The selection of characters and how they act out the personalities from the manga characters can also change audiences’ point of view of the story line. Perhaps you don’t like the characters that have been selected?  Ivy did a fantastic job portraying the innocence behind Kyoto’s curiosity of acting, while holding her vengeance towards Shotaro as a  target for excelling in acting and still have motivation to continue on because of her new found friends (Ren, his manager, her LME partner, Maria etc).  Siwon did a great job portraying how Ren acts cold towards Kyoto but that is only because he doesn’t want to be reminded of how they used to be when they were young (before bad experiences occurred for him perhaps) but he still cares for Kyoto, that is where that passion comes into play.  Dong-hei played a cute and playful version of Sho, he was supposed to be portrayed as more of an a-hole but is too attractive for many of his female fans to notice.  Only Kyoto knows his true image and so that is what makes this most intersting; not a love triangle but the consistency in battling between trying to excel each other and the feelings within themselves.

    • Yeenshu says:

      personally feel that this is better than office girls cos that is really far too draggy.

  523. can’t wait to see next ep !!!!!!!!!!

  524. Clover_nie says:

    according to wikipedia, skip beat only has 14 episode. isn;t this too little to cover the stories in skip beat manga? or could it be a 2nd season of skip beat drama??

  525. Xjmystical says:

    torturing to wait!! they should come out two episodes per week!

  526. guest says:

    erm i wan to watch live but my parent did not sign up  starhub 🙁 i wishe to know the end and can someone upload on yourtube i guess or something so i can watch from there i don alway use the com to see io this wedsite ;(

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    120 minutes ~~~
    7200 seconds left ~~~

    this is TORTUROUS!!

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    i am a super duper Donghae bias but Siwon’s character is just too awesome!

  538. Ssyann says:

    weeee waiting for the nxt episode sure is very nice xD btw, i really sick ler when watching this ep hahaha

  539. Aim says:

    The next few episode will be awesome . . . I can’t wait until Gong Xi films the MV with Shang.  Finally, I get to see Donghae for more than five minutes. In this week episode, Donghae had less than one minute of screen time.  For those of you who are Donghae fans, have you watch Super Junior M interview on 100% Entertainment?  Donghae dance was stunning!!!

  540. Abc says:

    does anybody know if the ratings are good? Maybe there will be a second season?

  541. Dreamy says:

    Why has the quality of the video become worst? 🙁

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    Hi, does anyone know if the manga version of skip beat over yet? Or it is still going on? And if it is over…where can I find it online.

    Thank you

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    So 9 subs, when will those be out?

  545. Snowlotus says:

    Just can’t get enough of this drama!! I’m so in loveee

  546. xq says:

    why do ppl keep repeating the same questions? “where are the subs??”


    1. did you not see the numerous other comments below asking for the same things, with no exact response?

    2. can you have a little patience please? when did sugoideas ever failed to provide english subs for skip beat?

    3. if you’re that anxious to watch it with subs, why don’t you go search for it yourself instead of yapping about it here?

    sorry for the rant…it’s so annoying seeing people demanding things and clogging up the comments section. 

  547. happysheep says:

    ^^ May i know when is ep 10 coming out? THANK U, too excited alr!:p

  548. Bliss says:

    Sho’s got so little screentime…

  549. Abc says:

    since the beginning i am waiting for the next episode! i hope the scenes in shou’s music video will be as good as in the manga and anime.

  550. Puppy00821 says:

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  551. Bliss says:

    Oh, only 5 more episodes to go…

  552. Sav_sss says:

    please don’T tell  me it’s really gonna end at episode
    13 or 14 ??? common it’s just the begging of the history how could it end (with a good ending) at epsodes 13 or 14 ?? 

  553. leen says:

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    That would be in the midnight rite?

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    dyingggggggg to watch even if super tired and staying up all night for the episode to be uploaded! 7am here!

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     waiting so many hours always worthwhile!! love skip beat <3

    work hard everyone!

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    one more hour 🙂 time needs to move faster -_-‘

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    OMG it´s out! i´m waiting the subs now ~^^

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    Watching the replay on Ch826 SG!AWESOME SHOW :)!

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    Omg can’t wait for the next episode!!! 

  565. Kalin108x says:

    omg i waited for the moment when ren calls kyoko … NOO why do ii have to wait another week…. 0.0

  566. Allinegurl123 says:

    aww  not english subbed 🙁

  567. Iris says:

    Wow Dong Hae nice job!!! Always have loved Si wons acting but now love yours too!

  568. Komi says:

    When will be eng sub ? ;p

  569. Bliss says:

    why can’t I have GTV in my country??

  570. Guestgogo says:

    ep 10 english sub gogo

  571. Iris Li says:

    wow Dong Hae did such an amazing job this time! Finally more screen time of Dong Hae and he certainly did not disappoint his fans.  Si won didn’t get much screen time this episode but he still looked so handsome! <3

  572. Ssyann says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa need wait for a week agn ler T-T 很期待!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  573. Snowlotus says:

    Omg can this drama get any better than it already is?!! <3!!

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    When will the next ep be on?

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    THERE’S ONLY 13 episodes?????

  576. Haibaraconan says:


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    Need subs for ep 10! 😀 Keke can’t wait for the next ep too! >w<

  578. aqualover says:

    OMG!! This drama is so so soooo Goodd….
    Can’t wait for the next expisode, I am dying here!!! =)

  579. LOWLIQIAN says:

    How can there be only 14 episodes!!! Its too short to cover even the first part of the manga.

    • 13+ usual means more than 13,not necessary 14 (hoping for more))))

      • Amy_ramy_lola says:

        I hope this drama doesn’t end soon . . . it is only starting to get exciting and somewhat dramatic . . . we are only starting to understand each and every character background and personality . . . I am really looking forward to each character past a little more, mostly Lian dark and tragic past (as described in the manga) before this drama end.

  580. Icegirlish says:

    second season if theres only 14 episodes?!?!?!?!?

  581. Absinthe-fairy says:

    I doubt, there will only be 14 episodes. as you can see in the opening, there’re next to Dark Moon also scenes of her playing Korn/Kuon for Lian’s father. And before that there will be some scenes of Qin having problems with her drama role :’) so they can’t put that all in just four other episodes.

  582. Ppo says:

    just watch the anime ! one word : No!!!!!!!!!! the story didn’t ended but the anime ended

  583. PaNhiaYang says:

    OMG! when ep 11 will come ? cant wait anymore 

    please upload soon with english sub (: 

  584. negrita_suju <3 says:

    please upload chapter 11 I can not wait please upload it as soon as possible 

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    omg i have 2 wait 1day &8hrs- (‘_’) (/_;) (T_T) (;_;) _:) (;O;) (:_;) (ToT) (T▽T)

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    wheren can I see ep 11 live ? please tell me !!!!! 

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    19 hours!!!!! AGHAGHAHG

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    can’t wait too….

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    Finally, it’s sunday again ! 

  590. Olivia Tran says:

    muhahah in less than 24hrs new ep!

  591. 12 hrs but will it be subbed as quickly this time. B/c epi 10 was subbed like same day. I think the ppl that subbed it r freakin’ awesome!

  592. this show is damn nice! cant waittttttttttttt for th next ep!

  593. Jennifer says:

    8 hours?!?!?!? That’s tomorrow!!!!!!

  594. Anonymous says:

    5 hours lefft ! <33

  595. Kitty says:

    Do u all think gongxi and dong he lian will get together? Or will she go back to bu po shang?

    • Soso Alzoubi1 says:

       there is no way she wont get back to bu po shang that Stupid moron i hate him
      but she will be together with dong he lian my angel my knight

  596. Ines Virgogirls says:

    3 hours….!!!!
    I can’t wait it….!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  597. Madiha- says:

    i think,,she will not back 2 bu po T___T he is too late 2steps……
    he knows his real feelings lastly…
    Kyoko starts to feel good with Ren^^^gain her life &
    stop revenge……

  598. Skip Beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!can’t wait >.<

  599. Yayi^oo^ says:

    I can see ep 11 online but…. its not so good ~~ grrr

  600. Yayi^oo^ says:

    ep 11 siwon sixpack <3

  601. 2 hours is like soooooooo long! 🙁

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    • Pearl says:

      I have been noticing you for a long time. All you do on this website is watch the dramas and rate them like you’re some kind of drama expert. I suggest you stop since all you’re doing is embarrassing yourself with your witty comments. Also, you’ve been clogging up the comment boxes and that pisses me off. Seriously, if you want to be less embarrassing, try changing the name you use so no one will know it’s the same person typing the useless comments.  

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  775. Milkmilk88 says:

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  776. Xiao Guest says:

    Um, I heard that ep. 15 is the end?
    But, it seems that everything sort of just started, or, at least, not really going towards the “ending”….
    Anyone have any hints/comments?

    • Sherl says:

      Man I really hope ep 15 isn’t the last ep…you’re right it seems like it just started, there’s a lot more to be shown. I’ll be so sad if it ends, and if it ends, I wonder what kind of ending it is…kind of afraid to find out..

  777. Guest says:

    woahh, i just realized that in ep15, ivy has no makeup when she was at his house and yet she’e still looks so good! or at least i don’t see any… so professional. a lot of actresses wake up in the morning with makeup already on, very unrealistic

  778. SeeYa says:

    I couldn’t keep watching this drama cuz I don’t understand why she’s acting like that , so over the top n stuff … I think I’m gonna watch the real version first n then watch the Taiwanese version … Cuz ppl r saying that this drama is really good !

  779. 24Kpopshipper says:

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     of season2222222222

  781. m3yz says:

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  784. Me says:

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  785. Sherl says:

    If episode 15 is the last episode, they better make season 2 of Skip Beat–with the same actors!! blah hurry up and finish manga, so they can act season 2!!

  786. Crazy_mary559 says:

    cant wait for more to come out.. PLEASE!!!!! i stayed up all night just to watch this drama so dont disappoint me. 

  787. AznGurlTHtLovesDramas says:


  788. Madiha_ says:

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    Plzzzz  responsibles  determine the date of season222
     ble.ble,,quick,,,بسرعة والان

  789. in 6 hours GMT+8 episode 15 will air…can’t wait for it… i hope its not the last episode though. i want to watch the development of the love triangle. Lian-Gong Xi-Bu Po Shang 🙂

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  795. KKL2011 says:

    这是我看过最没有结局的戏。no ending…

    • cesca4 says:

      actually its cause the manga’s they cant really put an ending to it… in the anime series it stopped around here as well… so lets jsut wait for skip beat 2 🙂

  796. mlry says:

    Skipbeat finale ): Lian so charming. ):

  797. Msmeltan says:

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  798. cuiecuie ong says:

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  800. Custardberry says:

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  801. DarJa says:

    Аааа! Снимайте же скорее продолжение! 
    곧 속편으로 제거! 

  802. LuoDan says:

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  803. cuiecuie ong says:

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  805. Taiwan drama lover says:

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  806. Hhh says:

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  807. Mdvao says:

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  809. xxx says:

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  810. Xiaotianshi143 says:

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  811. BadBen says:


  812. Yayi^oo^ says:

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  813. Aim says:

    Although the ending was disappointing, when Sho said that one day he will win Gong Xi’s heart back fair and square, that was quite enough for me since it was heart touching.  I really am looking forward to the moment when Sho really does win Gong Xi’s heart back.  For some reason, I still feel that Sho and Gong Xi never quite left their past and most importantly, their feelings for each other behind even though Gong Xi said she already let everything behind.

  814. Hoabachnha22 says:

    what the hell??? i keep waiting for this movie but the end turn out nothing…. hate the ending:(

  815. Deepbluegirl20 says:

    i read the comment about the ending before watching and assume it going to end horrible. after watching the show. the end was good and decent. the book hasnt even ended so there is no fake hope ending. second the end present them with a hope ending that she believe in and show this is the first step to her success. the drama does go with the manga. so good .. havent watch a good drama that i would just love. 4.5/5 stars

  816. Milkmilk88 says:

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  826. Guest says:

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