In Time with You / 我可能不會愛你

In Time with You / 我可能不會愛你
Ariel Lin, Wilson Chen, Chen Kuang Yi, Wang Yang Ming, Lin Mei Xiu, Luo Bei An, Ying Wei Min, Ma Nan, Yin Qi, Xie Yu Wei, Teresa Meng
Broadcast Year:2011-09-18
English Subtitle:Yes
On her 30th birthday, Cheng You Qing received an email on "the symptoms of premature aging" from Li Da Ren, her best friend of 14 years. Unable to accept that Li Da Ren is like a fine wine that will get better with age and she is like a grape that will dry into a raisin as years go by, she made a bet with Li to see who will get married first before they turn 35. As she looked around for a potential husband, she discovered that she was surrounded by unacceptable candidates, like gay assistant or cheating ex-boyfriend. The only man who could love her despite her ill temper and stubbornness is her best friend. The only problem was that they both swore that they were not or will ever be romantically attracted to each other.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    omg, Ariel Lin! LOVE HER!!

  2. midnight xoxo says:

    aww, ariel lin your hair is so pretty here!

  3. vivi says:

    looking forward to this drama!:)

  4. Smiling_tob says:

    this is ariel last show rite?

  5. Ghieandrande says:

    yes..for along time, i hav’nt seen her..

  6. Lily says:

    yay my gf is coming up with a new drama!! yayayayayayayayayaaaa 🙂

  7. YAY ARIEL LIN !!!!!!! Omg how i wish she did a drama with Donghae & Siwon from SuperJunior but nevermind i think she goes well with any guys , she’s just the best of the best <3

  8. mt says:

    so excited !! 😀

  9. vivi says:

    9 more hours, yeah!!

  10. humourhu says:

    4 more munites????

  11. Areerat_431 says:

    This drama is fantastic. Omg Ariel is beautiful and wilson is cute.  

  12. nari says:

    I like this drama >///< It's fantastic. Omg Ariel is beautiful and Wilson is cute.

  13. Yeah Ariel is back!! 

  14. LK says:

    Ariel looked more feminine and prettier here 🙂 The guy looked cute … going to try ep1 ^^

  15. Liv says:

    cant wait till the subs come out!

  16. Lenka_12 says:

    i’m happy that she’s baack, and have role that is someone independent and strong 🙂

  17. minimohoya :D says:

    wheres ep2???

  18. Maylim says:

    I can’t wait to watch Ariel Lin Drama!  Welcome back!
     Thank you for the English Sub Viki Team. 

  19. Trisha says:

    oh no! the english sub video doesn’t work anymore! 🙁

  20. Babychinka says:

    the english subbed videos aren’t working.

  21. Jamie says:

    I love this <3 lol i saw it on

  22. Maylim says:

    Oh no…English sub is no longer available.  Please repost.  Thank you!!!

  23. minimohoya :D says:

    when is ep2 coming out???

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  25. Mei says:

    love the characters in this drama.. now wait have to wait another week for episode 3 xD

  26. Blesshappy123 says:

    Nic, (豪恩Xu – David), Well done.
    Perfectly gorgeous as Nic

  27. Guest says:

    Hey, I know him – performed a number of MTV with Miss Lin.

  28. Christy says:

    I’m sorry to say that the Ep1 didn’t work anymore.

  29. lovewatchingdramas! says:

    sigh… absolutely adore this show! but my stupid exams are coming up like in two days time… 

  30. Nataly_valz says:

    aaa, the video has been removed … i havent watch it yet … plz reupload ….

  31. mygod says:

    “the show is blocked in your region”  oh my god~how did this happen!!

  32. gigi says:

    sucks that the videos don’t show. THIS IS A VERY GOOD SHOW so far…honestly. i really really like it. 

  33. Guest says:

    love this drama already after the 1st episode!! go Ariel!!

  34. Sweetpocky_23 says:

    “the show is blocked in your region”  please assist to fix it… we’re in Taiwan

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    plz show me where i can get softsub for this drama…great thanks

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    Where is episode 3???

  41. Rose says:

    what’s wrong here? Why don’t have episode 3????

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    WHERES EPISODE 3 ?! me waanna watch 🙁

  44. Jameswang3081 says:

    OMG, I have been waiting for ep3 since this afternoon):

  45. Jameswang3081 says:

    大家合力禱告大大塊上傳! 感恩喔!!

  46. Myz' says:

    wainted since 5hours ago….

    want to see it now!!!!! D:

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  49. Peiyin Hung says:

    Thank you very much!

  50. mmmhm says:

    what’s the difference between 台灣連接 and the normal one ? 

  51. Angeleyes says:

    Thank you so much! Although it took longer than the usual for the upload, it was really worth the wait! This drama is simply AWESOME, truly worth my time… 🙂  In great anticipation of episode 4! Thanks again… :))))

  52. Maylim says:

    can’t wait for the english sub. 

  53. Anonymous says:

    i can’t wait for all others episode already!!!

  54. GRACE says:

    I WANT TO WATCH EP 4444444444444

  55. Sweetpocky_23 says:

    Thanks you 🙂 I’m from Taiwan~ We love you~~

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  57. NN says:

    This is my favourite Taiwanese drama in recent memory – very real and not OTT cutsy. The leads are fabulous actors!

  58. Jenniferyang7 says:

    nice one!

  59. Jenniferyang7 says:

    Can’t wait Ep 04, I like this drama so much, like Ariel lin and Wilson Chen, cute together!

  60. stephielu says:

    can you add a taiwan link for episode 2 as well please? 🙂

  61. Pearl says:

     I don’t get the gay assistant nic part? can anyone explain? what was his motive? to climb up higher by tricking his boss or something? how does that work?

  62. Angeleyes says:

    hmmm, 3 days & 21 hours to go before episode 4. soooo long!… sigh..:)))

  63. Maylim says:

    Does anyone knows when the sub will be posted for ep 3?

  64. Kathy091122 says:

    Cannot watch Ep 2…. T.T

  65. Abc says:

    Cannot watch epi 1 last part and epi 2. 🙁

  66. luv ariel lin ‘jie jie’ there.. lol dun get angry, not old lah kkk.. can’t wait to watch ep 4 soon ~_~”

  67. Xkodiesx says:

    anyone know if there is going to have ISWAK 3 this year end?

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    when will ep 4 come out??

  71. Lneals33 says:

    Ep.1 does not play why ?

  72. Iswak4eva says:

    Can’t wait until episode 4!!!

  73. Angeleyes says:

    anxiously waiting for episode 4,.. nervous for Li Da ren, based from the trailer… geez! Lol! :)))

  74. Yoyo163 says:

    How many episodes will this show be?

  75. Bvon13 says:

    when will ep 4 be out???

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    Why is it still 4 hours? I thought last week it came out at 12am? 🙁

  78. 小匡 says:

    超好看的!! 大仁哥 <3

  79. Angeleyes says:

    Yeah!!!! Episode 4 is on!!! thanks a lot!!!!! 🙂

  80. Winayeo25 says:

    Very excited , i want download the song to my phone. Anybody can let me know the name? Tx

  81. Guest says:

    It’s OUT! 😀

  82. Sunflower says:

    Its getting more interesting the story…
    Aww.. You qin n da ren look so cute together…
    I hate maggie… Everything bout her is annoying to me… Hate how she wanna take control n know everything bout da ren n his friends or making stupids rules for her silly relationship…
    Love the last part 😉 can’t wait to see the next ep.. Hope he breaks up with that annoying
    bitch …

  83. Marianne says:

    Thanks for watching the episode 4 of In Time With You and i love to watch it.

  84. Marianne says:

    I can’t love the story of You Qing and Da Ren because of the scenes are very romantic just for you.

  85. Pearl says:

    I maybe can’t love you sounds a bit awkward

  86. Abc says:

    超好看的,謝謝您~大仁哥 vs 又青姐 <3

  87. Pearl says:

    I think the ending theme song has ariel saying she will marry da ren and it shows different expressions from every person

  88. Pearl says:

    I think the long white light bulbs!
    at the museum

  89. Jenniferyang7 says:

    Like this drama so much, can’t wait Ep 05, like Ariel lin and Wilson Chen, so cute together!  

  90. lin says:


  91. lin says:


  92. vivi says:

    what’s the different from taiwan link and other one?

  93. guest says:

    i think the main difference is the language that the comments are in 😛

  94. guest says:

    where is the US link for non english subbed?

  95. Anonymous says:

    wow, this is so good. I forgot how much I miss Ariel. She is such a great actress!

    • Angeleyes says:

      yup! she was already good before but this is the very best I’ve seen her. She’s just amazing here… so natural & effortless acting! And the script & production is so good too. 1 day & 5 hrs till episode 5. soooo long… sigh…:))))

  96. yoh says:

    awesome show.

  97. kkPanda says:

    if anyone want to watch the ones without english subbed..just watch the “taiwan link” one….
    if people see commercial….just close it at the top right hand corner…there’s an “X” there..

  98. Sunflower says:

    17 hours to go…

  99. Yoyo163 says:

    This is one of the nice story line
    Which is realistic and yet imaginative

  100. Burntbread89 says:

    Love this! They are both great actors!

  101. us youtube link says:

    where is the youtube link for non english subbed?

  102. zhuzhu says:

    they are so natural, just like our friends

  103. Anonymous0 says:

    I love them!

  104. Thseah54 says:

    Arghh…… Waiting for the new episode!,

  105. Rose says:

    1 hour more? EP5??

  106. Guest says:

    OUT 😀

  107. Angeleyes says:

    yeah!!! episode 5! Thanks a lot! :))))

  108. 小匡 says:

    為什麼好看的偶像劇都喜歡這樣吊人胃口 每天播出該有多好!!!!!! :))
    期待下一集喔~~ 大人哥 <3 

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    台灣的可能還要再等一下子 喔~

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  112. V Y. says:

    how long?!?! i wanna watch it now! 😛

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  114. Maylim says:

    Oh my gosh…I am looking forward to the next episode.  Thanks for posting.

  115. Ariel says:

    wow.. its getting more interesting in next episode.

  116. Nycz says:

    I cant wait for the subs any longer!!!! i watched it n it was sooooo good!!!!! even though i only understood some parts but yea it was amazing!!!!!!!!! cant wait for the next ep!!

    • Maylim says:

      Absolutely.  Can’t wait for the sub. I only understand 50%.  Need the sub to tie out the rest.  But I still love it.

  117. stella says:

    what’s da difference between the taiwan link and da normal one???

  118. Sunflower says:

    It was so great to see another hot guy in this drama 😉
    Hate Maggie!
    She’s so cheessy n annoying…
    Can’t wait for the next ep.
    Hope da ren breaks up with her next time…
    Gash I really can’t stand her!
    You Qing rules ., XD I love Ariel so much !

    • Angeleyes says:

      yeah, so envious of You Qing! a hot & adorable best friend & a hot & handsome ex-boyfriend who wants her back! how lucky can YQ be!!!! 🙂 Ariel’s co-stars always hot, from Mike He, Joe Cheng, Wu Chun & Hu Ge before & now Bolin Chen, ahhh that killer smile! :))))

    • kkPanda says:

      god…hearing it makes me shiver~~~~~

  119. LK says:

    How many eps in total?  Maggie reminds me of Vivian Chow, Nic reminds me slightly of Wu Zun.  Da Ren reminds me of Louis Koo and Takashi and also that guy fr Coffee Prince (kdrama)

  120. lin says:

    我的第五集怎麼播的是第一集 大家的也是嗎?

  121. <3 girls generation says:

    y dun you qing be with nic ?? they are match wat i though but i think at last you qing will be with da ren  -.-lll

  122. Mlily0079 says:

    為什麼第5及中文不能看了  只剩下一個英文可以看欸

  123. Nikkihee says:

    hi.. can i know where to download episode 4? the 1 i found here is not fixed.. n oni have half episode

  124. tracyy says:

    darn it, after watching the preview i really wanna watch this drama now): ariel got prettierr!

    • Angeleyes says:

      Yeah, you just have to watch this because this drama is sooo awesome, it’s addicting! Ariel’s not only gorgeous here but she’s amazing as You Qing, together with Bolin, their chemistry is just so genuine & natural. Awwww…. you will love them. :))))

  125. kkPanda says:

    小資女收視率 4.68, 我可能不會愛你 才 2.09….

    不會吧﹗﹗﹗﹗﹗﹗﹗﹗﹗﹗﹗﹗﹗也差太多了吧﹗﹗ 我可能不會愛你 好看多了﹗﹗ 好生氣哦>__<

  126. Yoyo163 says:

    SGP .. rite this moment on cable is only showing esp 5…. can wait for 6.. Argh…

    envy taiwan

  127. Angeleyes says:

    9 hours till episode 6…. sigh… feels so long!  have to be awake very early monday morning just to watch this but it’s all worth it. :))))

    • Yoyo163 says:

      so I am not the only one doing this … wake up early to watch … hehe

      • Angeleyes says:

        yeah, i hope more people in Taiwan can realize that this drama is so good that audiences from different parts of the world are loving it too. based from the facebook page of ITWY, people from other parts of Asia, UK, Australia, etc.. are watching this. 🙂

  128. MLME says:

    Always refreshing in hope that the next episode magically appears… It’s a nice drama that is definitely worth watching!

  129. hL says:


  130. Cinny_tu says:

    I guess we have to wait longer for episode 6….. all another websites were either blocked or not yet updated…

  131. Guest says:

    Why does this drama have so low ratings when it is so good? Can anyone tell me how I can rate it or how the rating works?

    • cottontwyst says:

      yes, no question this drama is so good but I think a 2.34% rating (2nd rank) for the last episode is quite good considering there are 3 dramas competing in that Sunday time slot in Taiwan. At least the ratings are getting better each episode. I also wish the ratings are higher but when you’ve read the comments, recaps, blogs & discussions about this drama, then it’s successful in touching the hearts of those who have been watching it. 🙂

  132. Sunflower says:

    Gash !
    I enjoyed this episode!
    D is finally free 🙂
    Love how cute he is with her!
    Can’t wait for the next episode…
    The hottie ex bf is back :O !!

  133. Bachfifi says:

    The Ex bf is hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Homespunthings says:

    bit puzzled. halfway through ep.6 you qing tells da ren “你又要说什么我可能不會愛你” — doesn’t she realize “我可能不會愛你” is completely different from “我不可能會愛你?” is you qing misquoting as a form of wish-fulfillment or is this a script/acting error? 

    • SO SAD says:

      I feel so .. so .. frustated whenever Da Ren refuse to acknowledge his love in front of You Qing.. But I guess that’s how romantic drama goes.. If he’s going to tell her that he loves her, he’s in fact in risk of losing her..

      However, if he did not even give it a try, he can’t even have a chance to lose her because there’s no relationship to begin with..

      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! 🙁 Feels so sad for Da Ren.. If you have watched the trailer, You Qing is getting engaged with that bastard. :(((

      Anyone that has the same thinking as me???

      • Unknown 48 says:

                 Yeah. Da Ren is an exellent person but tat Ding Li Wei only knows how to use kissing to calm You Qing down. Tats stupid.
                 I am not being sick but u can also witness it yourself tat even in the trailer and in normal scenes, the part where the old relationship  Chen You Qing and Ding Li Wei are together , he also use kissing to solve the problem.

        • Angeleyes says:

          yes, i think You Qing’s physical or “sexual” attraction to Li Wei is intense that it’s so hard for her to resist him. It’s obvious in Li Wei’s persona, he’s so confident & goes for what he wants. I think that’s what attracted You Qing to him. In a way, Li Wei is the guy that can “control” her considering her very strong personality. 🙂

          • Sosad says:

            It’s really sad, considering that (if you watched the trailer) they are in fact getting engaged.

            I don’t like how this drama is going to.. still, I love it so much! I just hope for the best ending for the couple.

            I guessed.. Da Ren will only say out his heart, at ep13. Let’s rage for now! HAHA.

    • liyi says:

      the very first time da ren followed you qing back home to console her, he said, “dont misunderstand, 我不可能會愛你.” so from then on, you qing always has this impression that he will never fall for her.

  135. chococat says:

    this show is super duper good!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow……………………………….. wo shi hwan chinese i like this drama cannot prononce drama in chinese

  136. dennis says:  

  137. Lamwdega says:

    This drama is really good! thanks for the english subs


  138. Kutijenn says:

    wow… this is by far… Ariel’s best drama! she looks so smart and mature here! very different from her other drama roles LOL

    love it!!! <3 im so addicted! anyone know how the episodes are broadcast? once a day? a week? 

  139. Angeleyes says:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Ariel Lin!!! (Oct. 29) I hope you’ll be nominated for a Golden Bell next year for such an awesome performance in this drama. 

    Cheng You Qing… Happy Birthday!  :)))

  140. whateverr4321 says:

    ex bf aka wang yang ming, is SMOKING HOT! hope to see him in more dramas! ^^

  141. Rev says:

    I love this drama!! Can’t wait to watch the next episode…

  142. Lalala~~ says:

    anyone know how many eps are there in total?

  143. jess says:

    OMG!! I finally understand why everyone doesnt like Maggie..she’s driving me insane and totally reminds me of my cousin’s girlfriend…urgh! can’t stand her!!

  144. Maylim says:

    I’m so excited!!!  Can’t wait 1 more day. =0)

  145. taeyun . says:

    When is the next ep gonna be uploaded ? O.o

  146. Miriam says:

    i have watched a few taiwanese drama series and i really LIKE most of their “OPENING” sequence. it is impressive and strong…. keep it up!!

  147. J_bleuberri says:

    等不及了啊!!每週日的perfect ending . =]

  148. Jessie says:

    love this drama! ^^ Ariel Lin has gone so pretty and skinny! 🙂 cant wait for this!

  149. Yoyo163 says:

    This is one of the good story line Taiwan drama, it reflect more of the career world of those single and available
    If shown the realistic part of the relationship seeking and development……

    Really like it ……

  150. Guest says:

    Happy Birthday Ariel Lin!!!

  151. Angeleyes says:

    just 8 hours for episode 7… :))

    wish I’m in Taiwan so I can watch the 9:40pm broadcast. hope it’s downloaded early like the past 2 episodes. 🙂

  152. Miriam says:

    I love the title of the series where the placement of the WORD BU(NOT) can be changed to mean differently.
    1) wo BU ke neng hue ai ni….. can NOT posssibly fall in love with you.this means no chance at all to fall for you.
    2) wo ke neng BU hue ai ni(which is THE TITLE of the series)……it’s possible NOT to fall for you. this implies there’s the possibility to fall in love, 50/50 chance

  153. Miriam says:

    i’m going to try out this series because i simply love ariel lin. my other favorite is rainie yang. to continue or not depends MORE on the presentation of the story. it is a Plus if the actors/actresses are terrific.

  154. liyi says:

    cant wait! three more hours! i wish i were in taiwan right now so that i can catch it at the same time as it is being broadcasted!

  155. J_bleuberri says:

    its coming its coming !=)

  156. Angeleyes says:

    OMG!!!! Episode 7 is ON!!! Thank you so much!!!!  

  157. Jameswang3081 says:

    cant watch 2 and 4

  158. Sosad says:

    a bit saddening, not really nice already.

  159. Jenniferyang7 says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  160. Angeleyes says:

    Again, I just have to say it… this drama is truly AWESOME!!!!  :)))

  161. Forlincr says:

    This drama is super great, compare to the others, the story are more original. The actors and actress are simply awesome!! Cant wait for the next eps!!

  162. Yoyo163 says:

    Jus run thru Ep 7 aiyo

    Cannot understand this youqin and dairen

  163. Bachfifi says:

    Thanks for uploading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sunny is so hot love the tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Sunflower says:

    Aww.. Im so sad for DR !
    He’s so cute!
    I think DLW is sexy n romantic … But YQ deserves a better person for her !
    Omg cant wait for the next episode 😉
    Im so obsessed with this drama !
    Love DLW’s tattoes XD makes him look even hotter!

  165. :/ says:

    Why did they translate 我可能不會愛你 to “In Time With You”

    • Miriam says:

      the english and chinese titles sometimes DON’T MATCH. when they were younger, li da ren had blurted out to you qing “wo bu ke neng hue ai ni(i can’t possibly love you”)…hence the title.But there was some word adjustment/placement that makes the meaning differently. (see my comments 2 days ago)

      • Angeleyes says:

        Yeah, and I guess, “In time with you” sounds more positive than “I can’t possibly love you” or “I may not love you”.  Personally, it’s better to have a short title for easier recall. 🙂

    • Hsjsjs says:

      Stop complaining bout the stupid tittle n support the drama if u like it ok? U crazy bitches !

    • Hellojanet1123 says:

      maybe they always talk about the issue–“moment”. no early, no late, because of u.

  166. NN says:

    Thks for posting! Love the show but so frustrated with Da Ren … (though I love his puppy dog look) =)

  167. Krazymonkigirl says:

    does anyone know the name of the piano song in ep5 part3  14:56 ? can someone PLZ find it for me somehow? i RLLY LOVE THAT SONG! its not the first time i’ve heard it… i’ve been looking for it since the first time i heard it! plz help help~ thankyou!

    • Angeleyes says:

      I’m not so sure, but I think that’s the piano version of Ariel’s song (Chi Bang), the ending theme song. 🙂

  168. Unknown 48 says:

    Why is it that in the “Upcoming Drama Episodes” they put “In Time with You ep.07:in 1 day, 1 hour” when it is already uploaded on the website with english subbed?

    • NaughtyGirlXXX says:

      Totally agree. This makes people who did not watch the drama before become confuse(with an exception for loyal fans who like this drama)

    • Angeleyes says:

      I think they just forgot to change it to episode 8. They upload the newest episode around an hour, right after it finished airing in Taiwan. Which is around 12:00am, 🙂

  169. Anonymous says:

    Just a bit curious, who likes Li Da Ren more than Ding Li Wei?

  170. TeenGirl says:

    Really love this drama! I learn a lot from it!

  171. Miriam says:

    Absolutely LOVE this series!!!!

  172. jess says:

    I’m always looking forward to Sundays…even if it means its closer to Monday…thanks to this drama 😛

  173. Snsd sucks says:

    When ep 8 will upload?

    • Angeleyes says:

      In 4 hrs, as indicated in the orange text above. Looking forward to episode 8 even though it maybe intense & heart wrenching for Li Da ren. (I’m ready with my box of tissue.) sighhh… :((((

    • kovan says:

      hmm,but why is it written ep 7? realli cnt wait for ep 8 thou,hope it will b up successfully…

  174. Homespunthings says:

    【我可能不會愛你】… 真好看, 百看不厌地好看.

  175. Danierone says:

    IS DLW’s tatoo real? It looks scary to me. I don’t like DLW. 

  176. CJ says:

    Cant wait for episode 9!!!! Hope you qing and da ren can faster be together!! :”( 

  177. Guest says:

    What is the title (piano) on episode 8 part 6 @4:35?

  178. Guest says:

    What is the title (piano) on episode 8 part 6 duration at 4:30 ?

  179. Yoyo163 says:

    Wah….. Next Ep very exciting ……
    This ding li Wei ….. Super low with his tricks ….

  180. Sunflower says:

    I really like DLW’s character !
    He makes me mad n love him at the same time omg
    Haha now I know why YQ never got over him XD he’s so hot! N i like his tattoes!
    I wish I had a friend like DR 😉
    He’s so cute !
    Breaks my heart to see him suffer bcuz of YQ’s relationship !
    Things are getting better ;D can’t wait for the next episode !!

  181. Jenniferyang7 says:

    nice show! can’t wait!!!

  182. 李大仁 says:


  183. my melody says:

    very thankful tat we here malaysian also can watched…thk u soooo much…..

  184. EvilStarCurse says:

    sooooo nice…. Hope there will be more of tis shows……

  185. Angeleyes says:

    Sunday… please let it be Sunday! Last scene of episode 8 was such a cliffhanger, can’t wait for the next episode…. ughhhh! 🙁

  186. CoCo4Kpop says:

    OMG! R they going to end up together!!!!! I want to watch ep 9 rite now, no i want to watch the whole thing! Nd DWL gets on my nerves sometimes! 

  187. April says:


  188. Nycz says:

    as much as i love the drama love you i got to admit this s the best drama this year

    • jess says:

      I agreee!!! Ariel Lin is a very good actress and I love all the dramas that she’s been in so far….I wonder if she can get “best actress award” again cause she definitely showed it in this drama. LOVE IT! I’m a little sad how she isn’t going to do dramas anymore after this one 🙁 Where else can be find such great acting? T_T 

  189. kalmia says:

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    • Miriam says:

      the problem is that daren was afraid that youqing treat him like a friend and he might lose her if she REALLY likes him only as a friend. he dares not move the BALANCE of their friendship. so he is treading so carefully not to tilt the friendship balance. one can imagine his agony of keeping his love so hidden from her after those long years they were together as FRIENDS.

      • Miriam says:

        to add….. But he is mustering all the courage he has(still so timid), at least, thru the cell phone, he has told her he loves her. BUT youQing has not read the message since it was deliberately DELETED by liwei.

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        same here, Ariel is an amazing actress. the drama world will never be the same without her. I’ve read, she’ll be doing movies & stage plays for the meantime, as she takes time off from dramas. I’m sure she’ll do great in movies too. She’s just born to act. I’ll miss Cheng You Qing. All the best, Lin Yi Chen!!!! 🙂

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      Haha, sureeeee… ^^;;
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      Dunno about Wilson Chen…

      but lol… are u just curious?

    • Miriam says:

      mandy lieu  was rumored to be his girlfriend. they have split up, i think.

    • Angeleyes says:

      No, Ariel just recently broke up with her bf and Bo-lin is single as well. But, I think they’re not each others type. Although their chemistry off-screen is so good as well, which was evident in a recent TV guesting for their movie Lovesick. Looks like they’re very good friends after doing this drama and a movie.

      Whoever thought of pairing these two is an absolute genius! Awesome pairing!!! :DD

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      Ariel said it’s only a temporary break from dramas. But she will still be doing movies for the meantime. All the best to Ariel! :)))

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    And because it’s a really good drama, I am not going to recommend Autumn’s Concerto.. :p .. because this drama was satisfying in its own way.. but don’t get me wrong.. Autumn’s Concerto is awesome too.. 😀 

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    • Zeddy says:

      There’s an add on version?

      • Daydee123 says:

        This drama is so popular that Gtv decided to broadcast it again with few additional scene (some called it deleted scene) which was not shown in the earlier version. First eps was aired last week, with 5 additional scene. 2 nd eps aired yesterday with 3 addition.

  368. Guest! says:

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          • Tinaw says:

            How come I still can’t download it. I’ve tried several times, and still not succeeded.Thus, which website should I visit so that I will be able to watch the whole drama?

          • Anonymous says:

            上面有『Download Center 下載中心』
            DRAMA 2011,找 In Time With You

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    • Anonymous says:

      不影響整個劇情,以電影來說,是『導演剪輯版』 XD


  381. Spicygirl260 says:

    i hope the director will make a movie out of this!! maybe talk about the how they become so close???

    • R. says:

      there are 
      already plans to make the movie.  i believe the cast and Director Winnie has agreed to it. still gonna talk about the sked though..

  382. guestsss says:

    this is so good, i was so worried will be sad ending, the ending was great, finally a nice guy get the girl. 😀

    Anymore similar dramas?

    • guestssss says:

      what’s this about additional scenes? where to find? 😀

    • christineee says:

      haha guestsss, most taiwanese dramas end happily. its usually the korean dramas that end kinda tragically but ive found it to be that taiwanese directors tend to give a happy ending or at least a hopeful one…

  383. This is my favorite drama out of twdrama & kdrama because it is mature and realistic: the fear we have when we get older, the mother/daughter interaction, and finally, the feelings that develop between close friends of the opposite gender. It’s not the typical rich boy falls for poor girl because honestly, that doesn’t happen in real life. So thumbs up for this drama for portraying life as it really is!  

  384. Aki says:

    This drama is realistic and UNrealistic in a way…I mean,  if you think about it, the  possibility of having a guy(who is good looking and kind of popular )  secretly in love with a girl for 10 years(!!!10 years!!!) and doing all the things for that girl and never expect anything(such as thing that couples do, ie. sex) from her in return…

    is it even possible? I personally think the possibility of a rich guy falling in love with a poor girl is even higher than that…( I mean, the rich and poor ones could somehow meet each other in university and fall in love …)

    • Guess says:

      Haha, y so serious? It’s 15 yrs btw in the drama.

    • anabel says:

      I think they were just really good friends throughout the 15 years, with the guy having the tiniest crush on her (that he didn’t even come to realize or admit to). It was in the later episodes that he had actually fallen in love with her.

  385. Aki says:

    i meant 14 years not 10 -____-

  386. Jani2xu says:

    does this have a good ending?

  387. Cheungkamsar says:

    this is the best taiwaness drama i’ve ever seen 🙂
    very realistic and touching…
    it is so great that ariel comes back 🙂
    longing for her next drama 🙂

  388. Jenny32295 says:

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  389. Jani2xu says:

    great cast, awesome storyline, artistically filmed, and excellent story & character development.   

  390. Zjs_21 says:

    please help me.. how can i download this… pls.. tell me

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    I didn’t want to watch this because I didn’t know the main male lead, but from all these reviews, I really have no choice now! I’m starting this tonight for SURE! 😀

  392. Anonymous says:





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  394. Monicagracely says:

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    PLUS 28那邊有全13集的BT資源,想下載的試試吧

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  398. AznGurlThtLovesDramas says:

    ugh! i cant stand the sound!!!! i wanna watch it but the sound irratates me 🙁 

  399. the story is fine, its just that the ding li wei and chen you ching part drags too long, it became boring, whilst the li da ren – chen you ching part is like hastily filmed so as to end up with an acceptable ending. im a fan of ariel lin and now a wilson chen follower too. 

  400. GUEST says:

    not gonna comment to ruin the drama for you guys. but all i want to say is that it was confusing at the start and you start to think whether the drama is actually worth your time, but be patience the ending is totally worth it;) so go on watch it and you will love it as i love it;)

  401. Renesmee says:

    Oh my god. Unlike most dramas, where the main guy and girl meet int he first or second episode, these two have known each other for like, forever, so it seems like the chemistry between them is real. If you’re wondering whether or not to watch this, don’t! Start now! Amazing actors, amazing plot, amazing soundtrack…… and amazing anding!!!! 

  402. Mikan says:

    ep 3 part 6 and so on (english subbed ones) are not working because embedding is disabled! can someone fix this please? i´m worried my chinese is not goot enough to watch it without subs!

  403. lyan chin says:

    plz upload on youtube

  404. Anonymous says:

    this is by far the best taiwanese drama i have watched in a long time. gonna be hard for other taiwanese dramas to beat this standard. and for once it was a guy liking the girl not the girl liking the guy and acting like an idiot 

  405. Elwaldem says:

    You could also try to watch “Love you (drunken to love you)”. It is also the best comedy romance drama.

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    had to say this, this is by far the only few dramas that had reached my heart. So real and so touching. love love the special relationship between the two, its not fake, afftected or superfluous. It might be our story as well.
    It is a drama which i acutally learned many things about life. It deff WORTH YOUR TIME
    so take a can of beer and enjoy!

  407. tintin71 says:

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  408. J14 says:


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  416. Sassy_yoj says:

    i love the flashback scenes. simple plot with a great story treatment. good job to the writer and director. i love the lines…

  417. Not Yo Qing says:

    Just wonder where on earth can I find my Li Da Ren, sigh, next life, hopefully

    • guest says:

      we all have our own da ren and you qings…nobody’s perfect and there’s no perfect match…just have to make it work…

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  422. Scene_ierih says:

    lov this drama … so much …

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     ..great story! i love it.. before i also have “da ren” in my life.. and now, we already have our own family, but still we’re good friends.. the story is sooooo cute!

  424. Mmxtl says:

    I indeed like this story lines as it reflect that we need to think ever possible way to move forward in whatever we do when time passes by after many many years….hope to have more this type of drama to encourage ppl to look for great love in our lifetime…:)

  425. Diana says:

    love this drama very much…where is my “Li Da Ren”?!

  426. Hohliu says:

    Have watched this show so often ut never get sick of it. I sincerely hope Ariel will meet the right guy who will shared a wonderful future with. She deserves it. 

  427. Dhf_iloveshow says:


  428. Pheikkei says:

    how to downloads the ep…

  429. Guest says:

    陳柏霖的英文名字是 Chen, Bo-Lin not Wilson

  430. I like this and you showed me that’s easy dan simple thing. Thx and I wish you the best of lucK.

  431. Jenniferyang7 says:

    I like this drama so much, like ariel lin and wilson chen, they act naturally, the acting is so good!

  432. anabel says:

    Usually I’m not a big fan of Asian dramas (most plot lines seem a bit too cheesy and immature), but a friend introduced me to this series and I can say that this is probably one of the best out there. It’s easy to tell that this series was created with much thought and detail. The story and characters were realistic and relatable. WATCH IT GUYS IT’S REALLY GOOD.

  433. Jzhangzq says:


  434. Pianoweiwei says:


  435. Ccyc2001hk says:

    i don’t like will ,,, he is too dominating

  436. ellen says:

    There’s something wrong with part four of episode one.

  437. JWSplash says:

    great, great drama. Ariel Lin is such a great actress! Wilson is great too. DEFINITE, MUST WATCH!

  438. Fong Lovely41 says:

    It really fabulous drama !!!!! 

  439. Angeleyes says:

    A testament to how great this drama is, it won 7 out of its 8 nominations in the recently concluded 47th Golden Bell Awards!!! Including Best drama, Best director & of course, the Best Actor & Best Actress award for Bo-lin Chen & Ariel Lin respectively. Da Ren Ge & You Qing Jie are really amazing… Congrats to the ITWY team! I knew, since watching this from episode 1, this drama is truly awesome! Re-watching… :)))

    • LoveySnowy says:

      Apart from the 4 awards mentioned above, Best Script,Best Supporting Actress and Best Drama Marketing was also won XD

  440. lilme says:

    I watched the drama a year ago but didnt finish it… I now want to finish it starting from ep 10 but the links have no video =(

  441. Angelica says:

    This is my first TW drama. It is definitely worth watching. Very good acting and storyline.

  442. 58605040 says:


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  447. Candyctp23 says:

    I just watch for 2 episodes now and it really excites me on the next episodes..hope to see them soon on the next drama..I love them both Ariel Lin and Li Da Ren

  448. Yo_blah says:

    there are no freaking ENG SUBS !! 

  449. :( says:

    好像不支持ios6:( 我的ipad update了以後就不能全屏播放了:(

  450. :( says:

    請儘快修復吧:(因為我真的好想看T^T 拜託了T^T

  451. Novianty says:

    not bad

  452. Dream says:

    nice meh ?

  453. Karen says:

    well,ep 13 is not THE END as it is said in here,-.- why don’t you upload the rest of the episodes?

  454. Jessicaawuu says:

    wheres the eng sub?!

  455. G says:

    HI, no youtube links for this drama? I wanna watch!!!

  456. koc says:

    what player is this now using? it’s not youtube isn’t it?

  457. koc says:

    hi, am really new here but i love this show and would like to dl for better viewing. however, i see that most of the dl links are dead for this show.. any chance Sugoi might revive the links?

  458. cosmicblue says:

    It is the BEST DRAMA out of the more than 49 dramas I’ve watched, including 19 Taiwanese, 25 Korean, and 1 Japanese, and 4 Chinese! Yes. I am serious. I actually listed all of them and put stars next to them. This one is different from most other Taiwanese dramas, since the main actors act naturally and skillfully and the plot is meaningful. It’s not the one that made me cry or laugh the most, but it is just very awesome, with awesome quotes. Most of the time I cried when watching this is either when I’m too happy or too touched. IT IS TRULY WORTH WATCHING!

    • cosmicblue says:

      By the way, my fav drama used to be My Girl, the 2nd korean drama I’ve watched. Just sayin. It’s not like the newest dramas always become my favorite. AND..I also think this is much better than 小資女孩..

  459. amira says:

    I have watched more dramas than I care to remember. but out of all of them, this one was the one that left the most lasting impression on me. Not only is it gorgeous to look at in terms of filming, set and actors, but it has such a real-life feel and underlying themes that just make it so unique and heartfelt. I definitely recommend this drama!!! 😀

  460. berlinda says:

    i have repeated this show for at least 7 times…… and it continue…. omg…

  461. pp says:

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  462. LAT3344 says:

    What a bliss

  463. xiami335 says:

    For once, I am not disappointed with the ending, it’s not Cliche at all! Thank god. Love this drama. Will be one of my all time favorites.

  464. ㄣㄣ says:

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  465. jess says:

    watching this for my 4th time, still love it. love ariel and love how the whole drama plays out. and SINGAPOREEEEEE. so sad!!!!!!!!!! didnt knwo the filmed it in singapore omg.

  466. shanshan says:

    ariel lin is my ultimate bias !

  467. Yvonne Tjy says:

    This will be my fourth time. 😀

  468. fanofshow says:

    Why doesn’t the links work anymore???

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