Inborn Pair / 真愛找麻煩

Inborn Pair / 真愛找麻煩
Chris Wang, Annie Chen, Xie Kun Da, Jenna Wang, Jennifer Hong, Chen Bo Zheng, Tan Ai Zhen, Ai Wei, Puff Guo
Broadcast Year:2011-12-13
English Subtitle:No
Inborn Pair is about a resort president (also grandma’s boy) Ke Wei Xiang, who has the career he wants and is instead looking for his special someone. His grandma has betrothed Wei Xiang when he was still in the womb to the granddaughter of the man who saved her life, and grandma has been dreaming of the day her grandson can fulfill her promise. Wei Xiang is the reverse of the haughty, cold, and rude chaebol. He’s instead very considerate and kind, and he doesn’t have the heart to say no to his grandma’s lifelong dream. The heroine Song Yi Jie is a legal assistant at a law firm who is in the process of obtaining her lawyer’s license. She’s a righteous young woman who believes in standing up for justice and doesn’t care for love when she’s got a career to pursue. Episode 1 has Yi Jie and Wei Xiang meeting cute when she pretends to be the lover of a sleazy man so that his wife can obtain the evidence to force him sign divorce papers. On her way to the rendezvous, she chances upon a woman tearfully accusing Wei Xiang of breaking her heart (but in truth the woman is his daft subordinate). Wei Xiang thinks Yi Jie is a “Xiao San” (homewrecker) while Yi Jie mistakes Wei Xiang for a lothario who toys with women.

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  1. 64girllove says:

    thanks for the drama!

  2. onetea says:

    i likes this drama,

  3. Aryael says:

    sorry, but is there a reason why i am unable to watch this drama here in australia? flash player is fine and i can watch all the other dramas here in sugoideas, except for this one. copyright problem?

  4. Karmakaikee says:

    Hi! I was wondering, is there any group planning to sub this? It’s so good, but hard for me to understand ^^

  5. Tonychen88912 says:

    i like this movie…^^
    please upload continued…^^thanks

  6. ying01 says:

    I think the ep4 should be finished screening at taiwan now.. so around what time it will be out here?

  7. ying01 says:

    Urhhhh.. Still not up yet!!!

  8. Laygoreneerose says:

    please kindly have an english subtitle or translation.thanks

  9. Guest says:

    waiting, waiting, and waiting

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  12. ling'er says:

    the 5th episode come soom or not? 

  13. 64girllove says:

    sorry,what player is this? no divided… for my internet takes to long to buffer…

  14. sssss says:

    CHRIS WANG! <3

  15. Totally_Clueless_devil says:

    english sub pleae!!

  16. peiyu_2010 says:

    When ep 5 & 6 coming? cannot wait le )’:

  17. Xxhearts_luvnxx says:

    how many episodes in total??

  18. Desiree Zing says:

    Sugoideas as usual I love u much but y do u have to kill me every time !!!;(….I need to work ya noe ….:(…. But I’m still Gina wait for ep 6….:)

  19. ling'er says:

    不是每天 两集吗? 

  20. T-Drama says:

    can someone tell me how often is this movie on aired?

  21. peiyu_2010 says:

    why don have ep6? );

  22. gg says:

    how many epi in total?

  23. Tonychen88912 says:

    please upload ep 7,8,9 and until end..^^thanks

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  25. peiyu_2010 says:

    Can want 1 days come 2ep at the time )’:

  26. peiyu_2010 says:

    why so slow come out de? every ep?

  27. onetea says:

    thank you for upload epsd 7….

  28. L. says:

    no engl subs? 🙁

  29. guest says:

    Does anyone who the end song title of this drama series?  Who sing the song and where can I download the song?  Thanks

  30. peiyu_2010 says:

    Anyone want know ? what song is the
    阿信 singing? name?

  31. onetea says:

    ending songs : 五月天- 我不愿让你一个人

  32. T-Drama says:

    so this drama is not aired on weekends right?

  33. ;P says:

    does anyone have a list of insert songs?

  34. wen says:

    Anyone knows the insert song’s name? The one which a female singer sings.

  35. peiyu_2010 says:

    I hope this drama can one day have 2 ep at one time.

  36. cc says:

    does ep 9 will be upload today?

  37. peiyu_2010 says:

    I love this drama a lot! 🙂

  38. peiyu_2010 says:

    weekend don have )’:

  39. 64girllove says:

    80 eps

  40. peiyu_2010 says:

    Anyone know total how many ep is there?

  41. Joanne says:

    still want wait ep 10.. 😉

  42. toohearts says:

    Wishing you, sugoideas, a merry merry Xmas and a happy happy New Year!!

    Thank you so much for your uploads videos throughout the year!! ^^

  43. T-Drama says:

    Wishing and everyone a wonderful Christmas.  

  44. peiyu_2010 says:

    Ep 10 today coming out.

  45. Tonychen88912 says:

    plese upload ep 10…thanks

  46. peiyu_2010 says:

    Please upload ep 10 & More.

  47. Joanne says:

    i think uplad it not so fast

  48. peiyu_2010 says:

    Cannot wait to ep 10 and More le.

  49. T-Drama says:

    kakka ep 11 seems interesting!

  50. peiyu_2010 says:

    thks for uploading ! i hope ep 11 also can be uploaded. soon!

  51. drama-lovers says:

    Thx for uploading…waiting for ep 11..

  52. Abc says:

    its awesome that a episode comes out everyday~ if not have to wait for a week!

  53. mysterious_boy says:

    the waiting is killing me!!!!!

  54. peiyu_2010 says:

    Is ep11 coming out todaY? cannot wait to see.

  55. big bang says:

    is it taiwan drama or china drama?

  56. Tonychen88912 says:

    taiwan drama bingbang….^^

  57. Tonychen88912 says:

    waiting ep 12…

  58. peiyu_2010 says:

    Cannot wait for ep12 and More le !!

  59. RebeccaPJY says:

    What time will it come out ?? for ep 12

  60. T-Drama says:

    i think this drama will probably end in ep 16.  

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  62. Tmp says:

    There are 80 ep

  63. peiyu_2010 says:

    If there are 80 ep i hope one day will come out two ep at a time , if not we till need to long for so long to 80 ep. cannot wait to see ep 12 and More.!

  64. Abc says:

    LOL i must admit i do skip ABIT at the part jiajia and yan ni chatting just to see weixiang and yi jie’s scene :b

  65. Abc says:

    the waiting is killing me!!! yijie and weixiang <3

  66. mysterious_boy says:

    ep 12 will probably come out at 9.30pm later…..

  67. peiyu_2010 says:

    Weixiang and yi jie got couple face!

  68. tanjunggirl says:

    Ep 12 is still not out yet .  It’s 9.54 pm here at time of posting.  Impatiently waiting … (tanjunggirl, penang, m’sia).

  69. tanjunggirl says:

    Oops!  Wrong choice of words – I should be saying “eagerly waiting for Ep 12″(tanjunggirl, penang, m’sia) 

  70. drama_addict says:

    It’s 10:10 SG time… When will episode 12 be out???

  71. drama_addict says:


  72. drama_crazy says:

    I love the granny

  73. peiyu_2010 says:

    I love this drama so much! :>

  74. T-Drama says:

    ah….can’t wait to see the next eps. 

  75. T-Drama says:

    i wish that they could air this drama 2eps /night instead. hic hic hic….it is coming to the end soon!!!

  76. peiyu_2010 says:

    cannot wait for ep 13 le. so exited !!

  77. Abc says:

    so not excited for ep 13 because that luo yun gonna kiss weixiang!! zzzzzz! :<  [email protected]#$%^&&**&^'@!

  78. peiyu_2010 says:

    Yi jie saw luo yun kiss wei xiang then yi jie will like sad lo , luo yun like third party. i hope yi jie and weixiang can be together. both of them got couple face! cannot wait for another ep coming out!

  79. Sesshomaru426 says:

    does anyone know how many episodes this drama will have? 

  80. Emilyrt says:


  81. peiyu_2010 says:

    luo yun extra only lo.

  82. peiyu_2010 says:

    Cannot wait for ep 13 yi jie and weixiang married!
    luoyun extra only! go away.

  83. peiyu_2010 says:

    Anyone know what time will ep13 coming out? cannot wait for it! can see both yi jie and weixiang married !!

  84. mysterious_boy says:

      ep13 is out!!!

  85. drama_addict says:

    I can’t see the upload of 13?!?

  86. mysterious_boy says:

    search youtube 
    真愛找麻煩 第13集

  87. Fjfjkfhjfd says:

    When is it gg to upload?? Can’t wait!!!

  88. Spirtweaver says:

    can’t find ep 13 on youtube.

  89. drama_addict says:

    hahaha… it’s out on Sugoideas!

  90. RebeccaPJY says:

    what time will they upload ep 13?

  91. inkwallflower says:

    will this be series be subbed? does anyone know?? Please help!!

  92. inkwallflower says:

    will this series be subbed in english? Please tell me!! I really want to understand what they are saying!

  93. Pmchan519 says:

    waiting for ep 14………excited……

  94. Abc says:

    actually yan ni’s husband quite handsome. LOL

  95. peiyu_2010 says:

    Why luo yun keep extra sia! yijie like very sad lo when weixiang and luo yun kiss!

  96. peiyu_2010 says:

    Cannot wait for ep 14! Yi jie so pretty when she wearing dress! cute.

  97. T-Drama says:


  98. Guest says:

    wedding is too fast!

  99. Dfasdfsaf says:

    anyone knows how many episodes total?

  100. peiyu_2010 says:

    cannot wait for ep 14!

  101. Onesleepygirl says:

    ep13 dl link please 😀

  102. mysterious_boy says:

    the fastest way to watch the latest ep is to go to youtube and go the the uploader channel called    

  103. peiyu_2010 says:

    what time is ep 14 coming out?

  104. drama_addict says:

    Maybe around 10pm SG time

  105. peiyu_2010 says:

    Anyone living in singapore? like like!

  106. lavenderr says:

    Im in SG here too.when will it be uploaded???

  107. mysterious_boy says:

    EP 14 IS OUT!!! 

  108. maroonpiggy says:

    where ~ !!!

  109. maroonpiggy says:

    cant wait for ep15 now !!

  110. Guest says:

    ep14 was so touching!!!

  111. peiyu_2010 says:

    Weekend cannot see so sad!

  112. T-Drama says:

    have you guys see something interesting about this drama? at the beginning i thought that they practice buddhism bc they went to a temple to pray and in ep 13 they picked out a church for their wedding ceremony. i am waiting to see ep 14 to confirm my thought. kakakkak. This, i think, is very interesting point bc i don’t see this so often kakakkakakaka
    But the drama over is so good. l like it a lot. Thank you for uploading it so quickly, team!

    • Oreo says:

      It’s a cultural thing…  Getting married in a church doesn’t reflect one’s religious view…  It is just a norm.

      • T-Drama says:

        I see.  I have some friends who practice buddhism (it is not a religion) practice and they were anti-churches and other religions.  I also have the others who contradict with this group.  It is so headache to stand between my friends when they argue… kakkakakakak When i saw this movie, i think it is a good combination.  i should show it to my friends kakkak

    • Wanee says:

      The director wants ALL audiences; whether it be those who believes in Buddhism or Christianity, or even Atheism!  But you got a good point as both sides were at the temple in the earlier part of the drama!

  113. Dreamyqueen says:

    where to watch ep. 14?? 

  114. T-Drama says:

    ep 15 next week right? hic hic hic

  115. peiyu_2010 says:

    Need to wait too next week then can watch , so bored! i want to see weixiang jealousy.

  116. guest says:

    i started to dislike luo yun…..

  117. peiyu_2010 says:

    I totally very hated luo yun!
    i love Yi jie!!

  118. peiyu_2010 says:

    Anyone know what
    品冠 sing the song at ep 7? name?

  119. noname says:

    i’m not sure if its just me,,,, but it feel super slow/draggy now,,,

  120. mysterious_boy says:


  121. mysterious_boy says:

    HAPPY NEW [email protected]:disqus  and fellow singaporeans!!!

  122. mysterious_boy says:

    @675611294cc0ee63b04c22c1d937eae7:disqus WANTS TO WISH EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  123. Alice says:

    Happy New Year to all the fans here!!

  124. wen says:

    Happy New Year!!

  125. T-Drama says:

    Happy new year to sugoideas and everyone. Wishing you guys a great year full of success, luck, good health and happiness!
    Thank you Sugoideas for your fantastic work and thank you everyone for watching dramas and sharing your thoughts!!!!
    Best to you all!

  126. peiyu_2010 says:

    Happy New Year! ♥

  127. Zlolita70 says:

    Happy 2012! May the new year bring everyone Health & Wealth!!

  128. peiyu_2010 says:

    At night can watch le , cannot wait for ep 15!

  129. Guest says:

    Happy New Year

  130. Hello ! (: says:

    I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes! This drama is really interesting, romantic, funny, and cute! It has so much love suspense! Well, I hope everyone would enjoy this drama as much as i do! 

    Inborn Pair <3 ~ FTW 

  131. L_james92 says:

    Does anyone know how many episodes there are? I heard someone say there are 80….that can’t be true right?

  132. Qinn says:

    May I know around when will episode 15 be uploaded?

  133. peiyu_2010 says:

    what time the ep 15 coming out? tml got sch so late then out how to see?

  134. onetea says:

    i’m so likes this drama… 1hour later Epsd 15 will be upload first at Youtube..
    can’t waiting…

  135. onetea says:

    huh .. why until now still not upload episode 15 ?

  136. Guest says:

    what time will ep 15 be uploaded???  

  137. Tammyguy says:

    come out 2PM ?????

  138. drama_addict says:

    Does anyone know of any other links or you tube where episode 15 is available???

  139. nicklyn says:

    waiting…waiting.. waiting… 

  140. Zzz says:

    …. ….. …………………………………………………

  141. mmh says:

    plz…. upload ep 15

  142. Lianne says:

    Ayoyo when can i watch ep 15

  143. nicklyn says:

    desperate 🙁

  144. Ivyivy_007 says:

    Going to Sleep. 🙁 I will dream about ep 15

  145. peiyu_2010 says:

    why not on time de? wasting time lor!

  146. peiyu_2010 says:

    I hope every ep can come on time lo! if keep don come on time , we till need to time for long time right. please come around 10-11 pm!

  147. Joanne says:

    upload the shw so slow… i everday wait so lat then cm out…wait it 2pm

  148. peiyu_2010 says:

    Please upload it , thks.
    i don know want to watch this drama need to beg people one.

  149. Ivytohgh says:

    where can watch ep15

  150. lianne says:

    Since ep 15 have to wait till 2am. i think i better go to sleep. And dreaming of it Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  151. MEpudding says:

    EP 15 TT !! I shall wait hahahaha.

  152. peiyu_2010 says:

    Don want to wait le lah , wasting my time only.
    tml till got school , i seriously don know watch one drama need to beg people to upload one! this the first drama ever before!

    • wsc says:

      hey…u know tht they spent their own time to upload the videos…for strangers…? n she mentioned tht she has been working on it..? dun take things for granted..

    • RebeccaPJY says:

      If you don’t want to wait then don’t wait … School is starting right ? that will be better for you . Every sat & sun stay at home and watch this drama luh… one week got five episode… better right ? Don’t have to complain so much. Cos if tht ppl who upload all this drama saw ur comments he/she will feel upset with ur comments.

  153. T-Drama says:

    it is here you guys!!! Thank you, Sugoideas

  154. Hello ! (: says:

    i don’t want to wait for the next episode! And today’s the last day of the break before school! D:Soo sad! I love this drama soo much! 

    Inborn Pair <33 – FTW! 

  155. Cherry Luk says:

    so far so good, still can’t believe it’s 80eps tho!! so long…i can’t wait!!

  156. RebeccaPJY says:

    Can’t wait to see the next episode !! I love this drama  a lot .. & how I hope I can buy the CD now ;P 
    Haha … Drama this is really nice… I would be willing to wait till it come out 😀 

  157. nicklyn says:

    really like this drama…. can’t hardly wait for the next episode ;))

  158. Weilin94 says:

    Any idea ep 16 when out?

  159. peiyu_2010 says:

    RebeccaPJY &  wsc and whatever name.are you all trying to scold me and bully me?!

  160. Zzz says:

    hopefully episode 16 could be uploaded faster. Thank you for uploading 😀 it’s an AWESOME SHOW! <3<3

  161. peiyu_2010 says:

    If you don want people compliant when upload on time so won have any problem get it?

    • peiyu_2010 says:


      • Sera says:

        Its not like you are paying for the service and it is not delivered to you on time. Please appreciate the hard work people put in to upload the videos. Noone is scolding you by the way. Even if the person uploads the video a few days later, we should be thankful and appreciative. 🙂

  162. Melissa1314 says:

    Oh my god, you guys should sort out your English…or whatever language you’re speaking in!!!

  163. Dreamyqueen says:

    waiting for ep16 ! love it =D

  164. drama_addict says:

    Hmm…. I hope that episode 16 will be out early today… like maybe 10 plus, before 11pm. 🙂

  165. drama_addict says:

    Yay!!Episode 16 is out on you tube!!!

  166. T-Drama says:

    ep 17 seems fun to watch. waiting for it. ha ha ha.   it is so wonderful to be in professional school bc i don’t have classes any more kkakakak. I still can watch it. ha ha ha…bless bless.

  167. guest says:

    How many episodes are in this series?

      • gb says:

        are you sure!!!!! far too long then.!!! 🙁

        • Hello ! (: says:

          It’s really 80 episodes. The director also said that there will be no extensions. D:

          So sad! 

          • Hello ! (: says:

            It’s not far too long! It’s great that it’s going to be on air for 80 episodes! That means we have 80 wonderful funny romantic- cute episodes! 😀 

            Am i not right? xD 

          • T-Drama says:

            omg…80 eps. I wish they could air 2 eps/day instead. one is not enough. I think this is better than the classic drama that ruby lin, alec wua, kuan kwan were in. but that one aired 2eps/day i wish that they could do the same for this.

        • JW says:

          Yeah, it has been confirmed. I’m all for it, as long as, the storyline doesn’t get draggy. 

  168. Guest says:

    Cant wait for ep 17 because it going to funny!!

  169. Hello ! (: says:




  170. Bachfifi says:

    Thanks for uploading!!!!!! 🙂

  171. Jajnsbjsj says:

    I love 黎兒she was so cute

  172. Weiwei says:

    When is ep 17 coming out? Can any kind soul tell mi?

  173. 4xpleong says:

    does anyone know how many episodes are there for this funny, sweet and nice drama?

  174. nicklyn says:

    eyes open wide … waiting for ep 17 :))

    • T-Drama says:

      i could not sleep bc of ep 17 kakak joke. I slept only 2 hrs and woke up bc I have something in mind.  I decided to stay awake to wait for ep 17 then

  175. Styan says:

    anyone knows what is 
    黎兒’s real name? she is really cute

  176. Dreamyqueen says:

    waiting for ep.17 !! thanks dearie for uploading! 

  177. nicklyn says:

    does anyone know when the ep 17 coming out ?? 

  178. drama_addict says:

    It’s out on you tube!!!

  179. drama_addict says:

     Search for natnatvip Asian Entertainment

  180. mmh says:

    it’s out now. thanks sugoideas you are the best.

  181. T-Drama says:

    disappointed bc the last review is not included in ep 17, but 18. torturing!

  182. Jaytanjiabao says:

    Is this drama being aired everyday in Taiwan?

  183. Jaytanjiabao says:

    Is this drama being aired everyday in Taiwan?

  184. guest says:

    when will ep 18 be out ?

  185. lollypop says:

    when ep 18 is out?

  186. cy says:

    Ep 18 out already!

  187. guess says:

    please give us the link… where to watch Ep18 ??
    Thanks ya…

  188. Judy says:

    is it true this drama has 80 eps?

  189. Missy says:

    cannot be la, the most i think 25-30

  190. Annie says:

    REally hope it will not get draggy, as it seems to go in that direction now. Chris and Annie is a wonderful match but 80 eps is too much! Can’t wait for them to realise that they are fated to be together. And the sister’s story is getting a bit on my nerve

    • T-Drama says:

      the sister’s got on my nerve since she let jia jia live in her house. Also, i can see the chemical that jia jia n her husband have kakakakak i hope ke ya ni will have a happy ending with her husband, 

      • Ann says:

        She is so silly to let the jia jia stay. And this jia jia has this too sweet voice!!! Actually I only watch and focus when its chris and annie’s part! Can’t wait for more scenes with them. When are they going to admit they have feelings for each other???

  191. T-Drama says:

    But if the director has confirmed so, then let’s us watch it for another 2 + months kkakakaka 

  192. Dragoneyescream says:

    Is there subtitle available in English?

  193. gb says:

    I believe the same thing. Someone might hv made a mistake. It souldn’t be 80 eps. Unless they dragg every single details. I think/ predict it to be the most 25-30 eps. If its more than that, than its not worth watching. I’ll just give up now, moreover the story will end up Chris and Annie will be together anyway.

  194. su wei cheng says:

    good movie

  195. WLL says:

    Wikipedia mentions that there is a total of 80 episodes.

  196. lc says:

    ep 19 is out

  197. lc says:

    Natnatvip Asian Entertainment. Ep 19 is in this website.

  198. Candy says:

    i cant see ep 19 ):

  199. lc says:

    u put www. then put natnatvip. then put org/
    I cant put the direct link as then prompt me to type the word and hardly can see. Sorry.

  200. lc says:

    this website ep 19 is just out too but the other website out at 10pm much earlier.

  201. Candy says:

    Thank you Ic (: i just watched it! Really hope they episode could be longer though. It has so many commercials ):

  202. Yik C H Doll says:

    anyone knows that how many episodes of this drama ?? 

  203. lc says:

    No problem, Candy. Agree wif u , seem like the show is so short n i hope they will show longer without commercials too.

  204. Nicklyn says:

    have to wait til monday to see this “nice drama” againnn….. can’t hardly wait coz this drama become more interesting

  205. Hey :) says:

    need to wait for two days….. :'(

  206. Guest says:

    wish to see more of the main couple’s sweet moments…

  207. Snowie says:

    Does anyone know the song list for inborn pair

  208. drama-lovers says:

    can’t wait for epi 20..comin soon ler….

  209. mysterious_boy says:

    片頭曲指揮家任賢齊阿璞(八三夭)黃晟峰片尾曲我不願,讓你一個人五月天阿信阿信+冠佑預告用曲指揮家任賢齊阿璞(八三夭)黃晟峰插曲未拆的禮物品冠林夕張簡君偉插曲我確定品冠易桀齊易桀齊、伍冠諺插曲不是你的錯丁噹黃婷林邁可插曲倔強 3D追夢版紀家盈(家家)五月天(阿信)五月天

    • T-Drama says:

      are u talking about the news of this drama? if so, please translate in english so we could share the news with you.  i can’t read chinese.  i recognize a few words but that is all i can read kkakaka

  210. Hello ! (: says:

    Yay! Inborn Pair crew said that they’ll be episodes on weekends! 😀

    FTW~ Inborn Pair <3

    • T-Drama says:

      really? when are they going to start that? so there will be 7 eps/week right? if that is true, then YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Hello ! (: says:

        I think it starts tomorrow. 🙂 

        Hopefully, sugoideas will upload it when it comes out. 😀

        • T-Drama says:

          Thank you Hello. This is an exciting news. I hope sugoideas will upload it kakakkaka wow. We won’t have to live through weekends with misery any more kakakak

    • Sir says:

      There are always episodes on weekends. They are just replay of the old episodes not the new. I know, bad news 🙁

      • Sir says:

        Wait, I take that back. I saw this trailer for it and now I don’t know. I’m confused now. We will find out soon though!

        • Hello ! (: says:

          In episode 19, there was a commercial that intercepted the drama, the commercial said there is now episodes on weekends. 

          • Sir says:

            but on Chinese forums and stuff people are saying they are just reruns…..
            It’s cool. I’ll just wait and see. I just don’t want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed. Thanks though.

  211. Dramalover says:

    So will sugoideas upload the weekend episodes?

  212. Snowie says:

    Thanks to Mysterious Boy.  There is another song in Ep 10.3.  Do you know the title of this song.

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    when will the episode be uploaded? thanks. (:

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    Sorry! FTW~ Inborn Pair <3 

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    Then go to drama n click taiwan drama n search for inborn pair. U try again. I finish watching since this website is up by 10pm.

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    • T-Drama says:

      i don’t think she is extra. i think she makes the story plotting better somehow. if everything is straight forward, the story will not have any conflict that will be boring.

  239. Annie says:

    I agree. Its getting rather draggy now. This Ke Weixiang has no backbone.  The luoyu is really extra. I think they should make it more interesting by introducing a new guy who is interested in Yijie… to make him panic! But I still wonder how this can be 80 eps?? 

    • Auroreworth says:

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      This is right on the button! This drama needs more drama!

    • T-Drama says:

      kakkak. I agree with you Annie. I was thinking that there might be a handsome guy who is even more qualify than wei xiang comes into the play kakakka and yijie let’s say has some chemistry for that guy kakakakka that will be fun to watch.  So far, only yijie gets jealous 
      luo yun in ep 22 will get yelled at by grandma. She deserves it. 
      Somehow I have a feeling that the direct might have his story ending by letting both families find out that their marriage is fake kakakakkaaka i think the director is having this thought in mind.

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    • Ivytohgh says:

      u re totally rite! Luo Yun simply too wicked and Wei Xiang damn silly nvr realise she so jealous bcoz she fell in love with him…. Hope to u see their couple time and not Luo Yun keep appearing…. damn wicked gal! Hate her!!!

      • T-Drama says:

        I don’t think Luo Yun will stay quiet for quite a long time. She knows that the wedding is fake and hence she still has hope for her love kkakakaka. 
        I don’t know what she said to Wei Xiang’s mom. Can someone tell me please? Thanks. 
        Are they getting divorced or something?

    • T-Drama says:

      i feel like everything is getting draggy. so slow and no action. the actions that they showed were not interesting at all. hic hic hic. I wanna see the real big conflict and please cut the part that is unneccessary out kakka

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  249. Guest says:

    Getting so draggy already…

    • Guest says:

      yes….. how can it expand to ep. 80?

      • Guest says:

        hope they can just do away with luo yun already and introduce a second male lead who likes Yi Jie…

        • wawa says:

          I like the idea of having a second male lead that is SO SO gorgeous and likes Yi Jie.  Let Luo Yun have Wei Xiang………..

          • T-Drama says:

            kkakaka. I agree with Guest and Wawa. I hope that somewhere later in the drama, another male will come up to take yi jie away from wei xiang 

          • Guest says:

            Sometimes, I just feel like Wei Xiang doesn’t deserve Yi Jie at all…scolding his own wife for the sake of another nasty woman!

  250. wawa says:

    I thought the sister Yen Ni is Yi Jie’s friend.  Why is she act so indifferent with Yi Jie moving back to her mom’s place?  I haven’t seen any interaction between the two.  I hope she will come up with some ideas to wake the heck up of her brother

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        I think BlossomVonYumYum meant that he/she’s rewatching her favorite scenes from the past 23 episodes of Inborn Pair. (: 

        • BlossomVonYumYum says:

          yeah. that’s what I meant. I like the first few episodes the best, where you get to see wei xiang and yi jie actually start to develop their relationship. right now, the story’s kind of dragging.

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  324. T-Drama says:

    luo yuan is a real *itch kakkakakaak.  i think the next ep will show how yi jie got poison from the blood that she sucks out from that man’s snake bite and she will pass out in front of them.  then wei xiang will carry her rushing to the hospital.  i think at this point, luo yuan will see how pathetic her love is. kakkakakak my predictionkakkakaka

    • Annie says:

      I really hope what you presict is true. I checked the preview and I noticed Yijie and the rest were dressed in the same outfir for the day, so hopefully what you predict about the hospital scene will happen in ep 28

  325. YoYo says:

    曾經在網上有人提過宋奕捷有個學長?  誰是學長?

    • Annie says:

      Is it true??? where did you get the info from? well maybe this will be the other guy in the show who is going for yi jie’s affetion

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  354. T-Drama says: prediction about ep 28 was right kaakkaka so excited!

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    • Adnil says:

      Agree with that. But It seemed like Wei Xiang is already feeling uneasy with Yi Jie’s behavior that changed after the snake incident without knowing the reason. Bet Wei Xiang ‘s going to be very jealous when he finds out that Yi Jie’s behavior changed not because of him but because of some other guy whom he doesn’t know!!

      • Mummybee_2003 says:

        Did I miss something in Ep 29?  I thot her behaviour changed because she misunderstood Wei Xiang’s care and concern for Luo Yun.

        • Mummybee_2003 says:

          ah… is it the photo of pig head?
          Pig Head = Wei Xiang.

          • BlossomVonYumYum says:

            wait. I’m confused now. some people say pig head is yi jie’s ex boyfriend from university. and  Mummybee_2003 is saying that pig head is weixiang. which is right?

          • chubachuchu says:

            i’m positive that the guy in the picture besides yi jie, doodled with pig head, is not wei xiang.  i agree with adnil that the only picture wei xiang and yi jie have together are their wedding pictures. i sense some longing in yie’s reaction upon seeing the pic and her behavior towards wei xiang changed after that.  she became aloof again.  this drama is killing me.  just when wei xiang is starting to show some care for yi jie, yi jie is now acting strangely.  i believe she was already starting to fall for him before she saw that picture.

          • Mummybee_2003 says:

            Then I may be mistaken.  I thot that Yi Jie calls Wei Xiang “Pig Head”.
            In Ep 30, she was drawing pig heads and crossing that out.

          • Adnil says:

            Don’t thiink YiJie ever took a picture together with WeiXiang except For their wedding pictures.

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      • peiyu_2010 says:

        how you know? i cannot wait to see ep30!

        • Ivyfoo1304 says:

          it is confirmed that due to CNY, they will stop airing for the 1st day… check out
          【真愛找麻煩】柯爸柯媽來拜年on youtube.

          • peiyu_2010 says:

            then tml will come out?

          • Nic says:

            Yes, tuesday morning if you’re in the states. on the chinese new year night, tv broacasts are always dedicated to some special programs. But after the bumper year second day, everything’s back on track:) 

          • Ivyfoo1304 says:

            yes. if you are located in the asia + provided the main person who upload the show has nothing on, ard 10-11pm, you shud b able to watch it on this or youtube channel… ^^

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  375. Cindy says:

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    the 2 main character portray their role nicely but lack of sweetness

    • Guest says:

      that’s the whole point. Their characters are suppose to be lacking in the relationship department at the start. It is how they will change and become truly in love Hence, it’s a Drama.

  404. Guest says:

    how can this show last for another 49 episodes??

  405. Tse says:

    is she really going to get babby?

  406. peiyu_2010 says:

    Yes tonight! ep32~

  407. Joanne_5566 says:


  408. Joanne says:

    no i think Dont have babby… she give grdmo happy…. 😀

  409. kayee says:

    tired waiting for ep 32…. when it will be online

  410. Sally says:

    normally what time it will be out?

  411. Ally says:

    yes ep 32 is out…find @ youtube

  412. Tankalyn says:

    Finally out le 😀

  413. Tankalyn says:

    Seriously hate Luo Yun ttm sia… extra person to break Yijie and Weixiang’s relationship…

  414. peiyu_2010 says:

    Ep33 , cannot wait for it. omg

  415. chubachuchu says:

    i don’t get it why yi jie has to go through to that extent of deceiving wei xiang’s family about her fake pregnancy.  and assuming she’s really pregnant, why does lou yun has to be upset? she doesn’t have any romantic relationship with wei xiang anyway.

  416. jacklynsoh says:

    80 episodes. omg?

  417. T-Drama says:

    omg…..i don’t know what to expect next

  418. Jasontan says:

    who was that guy in the picture of yi jie’s book in episode 29?

  419. peiyu_2010 says:

    Ep33! 🙂 iloveit , omg

  420. Puppylover says:

    i like it and all but could the people who made this show at least put  that yi jie meets a boy she knows and likes and that wei xiang gets jealous

  421. coolbeans says:

    there was nothing in the preview about yijie and weixiang 🙁

  422. Chang Aileen says:

    I wish in one of the episode yijie and weixiang would kiss and luaring would find out

  423. Blake says:

    May I know who is the one who upload the new ep everynight ?

  424. Tankalyn says:

    may i noe when is ep33 cming out??

  425. anon says:


  426. Ying says:

    Hi, How can I watch this show on youtube?

  427. drama_addict says:

    It’s out on natnatvip

  428. Tankalyn says:

    is Yijie really pregnant?? hw she get the scan of the baby???

  429. kayee says:

    did the grandma find out that yijie was not pregnant?

  430. Puppylover says:

    cannot wait longer for ep. 34!

  431. Taryn says:

    whos baby is it in ep. 34 when they give u a preview of yi jie having her stomach rubbed with something and wei xiangs grandma seeing a baby move in yi jie’s stomach? is it really wei xiang’s baby and is it true in the show that yi jie is atually for real pregnant?

  432. Guest says:

    so much of lies and faking business going on…

  433. drama-lovers says:

    cant wait for epi 34.
    is the baby really wei xiang’s??

  434. jacklynsoh says:

    they might get BUSTED! maybe the baby scan picture is from another mother’s.

    • aqku says:

      it might be.

      • T-Drama says:

        that is what i thought too. there is no way for them to have a baby unless from that drunken night or whatsoever that we had not seen in this drama.  it might be a flashback that the director decides to show us later on 

    • Hen go says:

      It’s for sure

      • T-Drama says:

        that is what i thought too. there is no way for them to have a baby unless from that drunken night or whatsoever that we had not seen in this drama.  it might be a flashback that the director decides to show us later on 

        • Hen go says:

          can’t be a drunken night, Don’t forget the next ep. after that, when yie jie asked weixiang to sheep on the bed, what weixiang had answer her 

  435. dramalover says:

    and i thought that one episode a day is plenty…. turns out there’s no such thing as too many eps!

  436. Gigi says:

    when is ep 34 coming up!!!!!!!!!!

  437. dramalover says:

    they should totally air episodes on weekends too…

  438. helllo says:

    i thought this show would be very draggy since it will have 80 eps, but i dont think so anymore, its getting more interesting  everyday! 加油  庭妮 & 宥胜 !!!!!!

  439. Joanne says:

    cannot wait see ep 34.. 😉

  440. aqku says:

    can’t wait for monday…

  441. Guest says:

    Cant wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  442. Yanki says:


  443. Chang Aileen says:

    what do u guys think will happen after they kiss?
    scream, act like it never happend? what?

    • BlossomVonYumYum says:

      I don’t think they’ll scream cause grandma’s watching. but it will probably get really awkward, and the screaming will start when they’re alone in weixiang’s bedroom. 

      • T-Drama says:

        i dont think that there will be a scream.  i think they just freeze for a moment then act like nothing happen, but inside them, they have a butterfly feeling kakakak.
        i wonder if Yie jie is really pregnant. 

        • LOL says:

          Was it the grandma asking how come the picture of the baby looks like has be pregnant for 3 months?  Actually she just got pregnant and her tummy is flat. 

          • T-Drama says:

            I don’t know what the grandma says bc I don’t know chinese/taiwanese….poor me. i should have learned the language so i will be able to watch the drama. So what happened at the preview? did she really get pregnant? who is the father? how come they did not show us the bed scene? i don’t recall i have seen one though 

  444. Onetea1989 says:

    ep 34 already upload at youtube…

  445. yin says:

    wuoohh… today so fast upload…

  446. Bedok534 says:


  447. Annie says:

    yah how come it’s incomplete??? Sigh only hope this will bring the two of them closer…. esp after seeing how yijie actually cried wgen she was apologizing.. However I think the evil lou yun will try her best to expose them… sigh this will make wei xiang’s mother even angrier

  448. Annie says:

    I really hope they don’t have to go to the extend of signing the divorce paper any earlier or better no need to sign the papers at all…. she should just let their feelings stat developing and start together and MAKE this lou yun GO AWAY

  449. Tankalyn says:

    walao… the show incomplete.. no preview too… I hope Yijie and Weixiang because of this incident, their relationship would get closer and let both parties know their true feeling for each other…

  450. Anonymous says:

    uploaded so quickly! but incomplete…:( 

  451. T-Drama says:

    gee….incomplete show.  i was so disappointed. i want the show to be like this: i think luo yuan will expose grandma’s fake illness and wei xiang’s relationship soon.  then she and wei xiang will no longer friends.  yie jie will move out  and let’s say travel to some other places to destress. Wei xiang, however, is very persistant.  he looks for yie jie everywhere kkakakakakka. 

  452. Yu ting says:

    Hope they decide to destroy the contract and pretend that nothing has ever happen….. then the problem will be solve and lou yun will give up on this relationship.   

  453. kayee says:

    anyone knows where i could watch d full episode?

  454. T-Drama says:

    nothing seems trigger interest for the next ep.

  455. Virgosteph says:

    how often does new episodes come out for inborn pair?

  456. peiyu_2010 says:

    what time will ep35 be out?

  457. chubachuchu says:

    uh-oh… nothing seems to be interesting to look forward to this episode tonight.

  458. yin says:

    is waiting epsd 35..

    saw the preview!! wow it’s the pighead is Chris wu from Autumn Concerto!!!

    i’m glad that WX rival is him!! cant wait to see WX jealous much for her!!

    Chris Wang n Chris Wu!! the 2 male leads named Chris fighting for her!!!

  459. peiyu_2010 says:

    Ep36 i hope i can see weixiang jealousy about yijie w her ex boyfriend.

  460. Stinkytofus says:

    looking forward to ke wei chen chasing li er back the most =)

  461. Emily Ng says:

    Wei Xiang being jealous of Chris Wu is going to be the best ever!! I’m tired of Yi Jie always feeling jealous of Luo Yun.

  462. Guest says:

    ratings broke 3

  463. xxxx says:

    when will ep36 be out?

  464. T-Drama says:

    i don’t have any interest to watch the next ep..hic hic hic…..
    I think in the end of ep 35, wei xiang was about to express his feeling for yie jie…..the interrupted incoming phone call ruined it kakakkakak.
    now is time for wei xiang sees how important his wife is  to him and he will do anything to protect their fake marriage akakakakakak
    i don’t think yie jie had a bf before. that guy probably is the guy that she had a crush on (law school buddy) and he left her for school or so. dont’ know….just guessing kakkaka

  465. Sunshine says:

    I think Yi Jie probably still loves the pig head, hope she can loves Wei Xiang more.

  466. Annie says:

    WOW! Can’t wait for ep 37!!! Somehow I dun really like the pig hed guy (he has this irritable look) so I am all for Wei Xiang!!!!! Think the next few episodes will be good… hopefully Wei Xiang will stand up and express his feelings….

  467. Tankalyn says:

    威海集團總經理柯偉翔就是我的先生.. wow this sentence is so cool… hope yijie dun leave wei xiang… hate tat pig head guy ttm sia..

  468. peiyu_2010 says:

    When will weixiang get jealousy about yijie and his ex boyfriend.

  469. Michelle_xing says:

    chris wu act realli well..

  470. Michelle_xing says:

    this drama make me want to watch everyday..
    if it is realli everyday intersted,i dun mind the long eps that it have..

  471. Guest says:


  472. lalala says:


  473. Guest says:

    Dong Yang senior still loves yi jie…touching…

  474. Abc says:

    what is the real name of “Dong Yang”? I find him real sexy! 

  475. Annie says:

    Hmmm I suspect the lawyer must have some difficulty which made him leave Yijie in the past… so maybe when he finally reveal the real reason, Yijie might be moved…. it should get more exciting then. It will be sad for the lawyer but think Wei xiang  is a better choice for Yijie now!! Maybe the lawyer can go with lou yun hee hee heeeee.But how come every episode seems to be cut off…

  476. Anonymous says:

    how many episodes do this drama have?

    • Hello (: ! says:

      80 episodes ^^

      • Anonymous says:

        thanks for comment 😉

      • Lucia says:

        This is killing me. This is unbearable.

        • FC says:

          That’s why it’s draggy or else there’s nothing to show for the next 43 episodes.  Don’t you thing a lot of scenes are unneccessary?  Like YJ’s mum and grand visited WX at his office, just to give him some oranges to taste?  If this scene is not added, WX will not have a chance to know that they too knows the lawyer from the past, and the worst thing was WX still do not know the details after their visit!  But it’s still a nice drama!!!

  477. Uee says:

    this is my favorite drama ever!!

  478. T-Drama says:

    i think chris wang matches yie jie better than the lawyer. The lawyer for some reasons, don’t look sincere to me at all. he has this dark aura around him kakkakaak

    • FC says:

      I think the lawyer has heart problem that’s why he went MIA.  He probably went to America for treatment or he had his treatment in Taiwan.  Guess he still likes YJ but knowing she’s married had stop him from expressing himself.

  479. anon says:

    383838383838 omg this wait is unacceptable 

  480. Mummybee_2003 says:

    I wonder how can Yi Jie be a lawyer…. Somehow, her portrayal of a lawyer wannabe is not convincing.

  481. Tankalyn says:

    the nxt ep Wei Xiang spoilt the photo… cant wait to see nxt ep… Yi Jie and Wei Xiang muz be tgt…

  482. Guest says:

    IMO, the lawyer matches yi jie better than WX…

  483. chubachuchu says:

    episode 38 is kinda boring 🙁 

  484. peiyu_2010 says:

    ep38 a bit boring lo , weixiang like getting jealousy le.

  485. Zlolita70 says:

    CANT WAIT NXT EP is gonna be sooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  486. MM says:

    cannot wait for the next ep!!  WX is falling in love with YJ but he doesn’t know it yet…..i think the lawyer is going to make him realizing that.  It is too bad for the lawyer…I think he got sick but well, the timing is just wrong for him.

  487. T-Drama says:

    it is so funny to see wei xiang wiped his hands on his chest because he could not touch yie jie’s head kakakk so funny!!!!
    what did she tell him that made him give her his bank book?

    • FC says:

      It’s embarrassing to say it out from a girl’s mouth but may I borrow some money from you?

      • chubachuchu says:

        but why yie jie needs to borrow money from wei xiang?

        • coolbeans says:

          because she wants to help the lady who ate the nail since her son is in a life or death situation and she has financial difficulties but she doesnt want wei xiangs company to give in and give the lady the money because that would mean that the company admits that they are at fault which they arent.  

  488. peiyu_2010 says:

    Total got how many ep all together ? 🙂

  489. peiyu_2010 says:

    what time will ep39 be out? cannot wait.

  490. Stepz says:

    its goin to be mad if really they make it 80 episode !!
    some part they can cut it short,,,actually story untill epi 38 should reach ending if compared with others stories..what else story they can drag somore,,hate it if they make it the main couple divorced and get back to luo yuen (bitchy) & the lawyer..

  491. Xue12 says:

    I just wish that this show faster have a happy ending out…

  492. mush says:

    LOL! just realize it says 80 episodes in total on wiki~ means it won’t finished till April…

  493. iris says:

    when will ep39 be coming out ? i’ve been waiting for it for a thousand years !!

  494. Swtnicola says:

    Is this drama will be translated to english soon?

  495. peiyu_2010 says:

    Ep 39 i hope that ep will be awesome.

  496. Chang Aileen says:

    what do you guys think happened between the lawyer and yijie

  497. yin says:

    is waiting epsd 39 ^,^

  498. Ahlee says:

    Where is ep 39? Cant wait to watch it!!!!

  499. Xue12 says:

    Maybe around 11.30pm then will be out bah…  They may need time to upload the video out.

  500. skuld420 says:

    episode 39 is out on youtube

  501. Tankalyn says:

    IDIOT!!!!!! EP 39 NO PREVIEW :((((

  502. Adnil says:

    Hope this could be a good news for any non-Chinese speakers viewers of Inborn Pair drama.
    There is an article written by Ms. Koala in her blog about Inborn Pair. She also explain why YiJie put her wedding ring on her third finger etc. plus, in one of the comments, there is a link to some of the Inborn Pair series recaps.

    The site is: http://koalasplayground .com

    Ps. All of it s written in English.

  503. meimu says:

    where is epi 40 can’t wait

  504. yin says:

    today it’s so lated upload epsd 40 T_T

  505. Super taiwan lover says:

     i want ep 40 too…so late!!

  506. Bachfifi says:


  507. Yingyingwang1995 says:

    I can’t watch ep 40 =( it says it’s privacy =(

  508. Vic2004 says:

    cant see video is private

  509. Xiaoxuanbao says:

    how many episodes total ? i know one of you can tell me;)

  510. T-Drama says:

    wow…ep 41 seems interesting. I think Wei Xiang just realized that he loves his wife.  Oh, by the way, can someone tells me what happen to ke ya ni and her husband? did jia jia and her husband have some sort of affair or so? it seems that the husband and jia jia are liking each other. It is really dangerous for your best friend live at ur house bc she might take your husband with her when she moves out kakakakak.

    • chuvachuchu says:

      watching ep 40, i don’t think they’re having an affair. not yet at the moment. since i don’t understand chinese, i’m guessing KF just dropped by at JJ’s place of work just to chat with her or unload whatever problems he has with yani. but there’s a big possibility that they might fall for each other if they continue seeing.  the way i see it, KF is beginning to fall for JJ. 

  511. Bliss says:

    Pity Dong Yang senior…They should not blame him for leaving YJ back then ’cause he had been seriously ill…What a guy…

  512. 胖胖 says:

    快抓狂了啦,兩集都開不出來耶~~ 網主你也行行好快點修一下啦。。。

  513. peiling says:

    y this ep 
    2012-02-06 got Blue & Red -part 1 2 &3

  514. Barnie says:

    今晚誰當家 2012-02-08 頂級VIP奢華程度大公開

  515. Jshea23 says:

    What’s going on? Get with the program please…

  516. Wsrfwr says:


  517. Nystorm says:

    interesting dialogues of the drama, clever words from the grandpa and mother of YJ.  Ke yan ni is too arragone to be a wife.  Typically, she is a selfish miss for her husband.  I won’t be suprise if the couple will separate.

    • Stepz says:

       for me,,ke yenni is really stupid …she cares her friends rather than her husb..i don’t like the way she talk,,loud and over react..

      • ch0c0 says:

        I agree. Someone mentioned before that it seems more like she’s in love with her friend than her husband. I usually skip through their scenes.It annoys me.

  518. eve says:

    tan ming kai is really stupid. 他的感情用事害死了所有人。自私,愚蠢, 幼稚!

  519. T-Drama says:

    wow….i like the moment when wei xiang collapse the luggage.  it is so beautiful!

  520. peiyu_2010 says:

    I think luoyun and Dong Yang is extra because that make weixiang and yijie cannot be together.

  521. anon says:


  522. Tankalyn says:


  523. Chang Aileen says:

    HOT KISS!!!!!!!!

  524. Gary585376 says:

    yan ni jia jia and ke fan story bores the hell outta me, i skip it everytime i see their face

    • Stepz says:

       ke yannie keeps on asking her husb to say sorry to jia jia..this phrase always come out mostly of her scene..hate it !!!!

      • T-Drama says:

        I don’t like her story and her younger brother’s story either. I think those are unnecessary.
        That might be one of the reason why we have 80 eps

  525. anon says:

    i just died of cuteness

  526. Mummybee_2003 says:

    OMG…. looks like he’ll be confessing his love for her next episode

    • T-Drama says:

      i don’t think so. i think he will confess to her only in a hot situation. meaning when their relationship goes down and he realizes that he loves her kakak. there is still this senior dongwan

  527. T-Drama says:

    i like the hotel owners…kkakk only accept marriage couples and have to prove to them.  have youguys noticed that wei xiang and yie jie’s face turn so red?

  528. Kika says:

    wowwwww…I like this episode (43). I THINK for the next ep they will realize if they are falled in love to each other;;;;

  529. gb says:

    I think wei xiang should thank the hotel owner for letting him to express him love to yi jie, and if not they still wont hv their first kiss. Bravo wei xiang!!!!. Keep it up!!!!. Heat up the relationship and the drama pls. 🙂 🙂 

    • dramalover says:

      i think if the owners haven’t interrupted, they’d still be kissing for who knows how long… all i can say is… FINALLY.

  530. Marianne says:

    I love this Cdrama, thanks.

  531. Marianne says:

    I’m watching on you.

  532. Stage says:

    does anyone know which ep did hu die declined xiao zhu love??????

  533. Annie says:

    Love ep 43 BUT I think lou yun is up to something… she will probably got to wei xiang’s mother to try and break them up. But I really hope Wei Xiang will not give Yi Jie back to the senior at any point. But knowing him……. n esp when Yi Jie has not made it obvious enough that she does like him too…

  534. Annie says:

    Think the best ending is let lou yun and the senior get together… all then are happy….

  535. peiyu_2010 says:

    I hope weixiang and yi jie can be together 🙂

  536. Bliss says:

    Chris Wu’s really good at crying scenes…

  537. peiyu_2010 says:

    what time will ep44 be out? cannot wait , omg!

  538. peiyu_2010 says:

    This drama really awesome , ♥Yijie♥Weixiang♥

  539. YiJie says:

    I love this Drama!! <3

  540. LALA says:

    When will ep 44 be out?! :DD

  541. Limjoie says:

    Why today no ep 44 upload.?

    • Adnil says:

      I know how you feel- waiting anxiously for episode 44 to be uploaded here, but You gotta wait around 23-24 hours more in order to be able to watch episode 44. Be patient, alright.

  542. Cindylihua says:

    come on 44……

  543. MM says:

    I think that LY is going to tell YJ ex boyfriend that the marriage is fake and the ex will go after YJ again, and YJ will feel bad to leave the sick ex by himself. I don’t think YJ and WX will be honest about their feelings to each other yet…..there is 37 eps to go still. I think when grandma come clean about her illness, YJ will leave the place.

  544. Jac K says:

    the show air M-F, it is Sunday. Friday aired 43, be patient

  545. Tankalyn says:

    No matter what happens, Yi Jie can’t leave Wei Xiang <3 They're so sweet towards each other..

  546. Suzanne says:

    When is ep 44!!!! Desperate atm

  547. Serenekuriko L. says:

    OMG! This is the one time I see Xie Kun Da on acting, he action r cute n can act very well in this character.
    Thank You so much for sharing.

  548. jacklynsoh says:

    my god. ep43 with an awesome kiss scene. now i’m excited for ep44. how they spending the honeymoon together? so curious.

  549. Serenekuriko L. says:

    OMG! This is the one time I see Xie Kun Da on acting, his action r cute n can act very well in this character.Thank You so much for sharing.

  550. Serenekuriko L. says:

    Chris Wang 演的也很棒!

  551. peiyu_2010 says:

    Actually weixiang already fall in love w yijie le , but yijie promise luoyun that she won fall in love w weixiang.

  552. peiyu_2010 says:

    ♥Yijie♥Weixiang♥ ♥Yijie♥Weixiang♥Last long.

  553. Tankalyn says:

    wow… ep44 is daebak!!! love Yi Jie and Wei Xiang ttm !!! <3<3<3 cant wait for ep45 🙂

  554. Swtnicola says:

    when are these episodes will have subtitles in english….I hope soon…pretty please!!!

  555. JJ says:

    episode 44 is my favorite episode thus far! So adorable and sweet!

  556. InbornPairLover says:

    Omgoodness ! LuoYun should be up to something when she visited Dong Yang -.- Hate her.. 
    Weixiang And YiJie <3 <3 
    InBorn Pair Jiayou!!!

  557. InbornPairLover says:

    Ep 45!!:D Ep 44 is a nice one (: !

  558. Tigeress says:

    i think YJ will show her true feelings only WX are in danger

  559. peiyu_2010 says:

    Actually weixiang started to love yi jie le , is just yijie ownself don know about it only and yijie promise luoyun that yijie and weixiang fake relationship just last one year and yijie just found out that she senior leave her because of sick and stuff,

  560. MM says:

    I think WX is showing a lot of love to YJ already, it is kind of obvious that he is falling in love with her.  How can YJ not feel it?  I thought YJ was falling for WX in the beginning of their marriage (before WX even feel anything yet), but she is kind of taking a step back now.  How can she keep push WX away?  I can only feel the love from one side only at this time.

  561. Joyce says:

    When will WX confess to YJ and when will YJ acknowledge her love for WX??? This is killing me now!!

  562. T-Drama says:

    kakkak. ep 45 is breathtaking. but at the end nothing happened!

  563. InbornPairLover says:

    Episode 45 is nice but didn’t manage to confess 🙁
    Episode 46 i’m so excited!..I Don’t believe Yijie will Divorce Weixiang 😀 Left 35 more episodes..

  564. Stepz says:

    why yi jie looks like very angry after wei xiang drunk the next day ?

    • Mummybee_2003 says:

       I thot she was sexually frustrated…..

    • dramalover says:

      she knew that he going to say something that she is waiting for. The magic words “I love you”. However he slept before saying it. On top of that he couldn’t rmb whether he manage to say it out or not…(^o^) 

  565. peiyu_2010 says:

    what time will ep46 be out?

  566. Xue12 says:

    Why Episode 46 haven’t upload yet??!!!!!

  567. peiyu_2010 says:

    Weixiang is a good husband and he is very cute , omg. yijie faster fall in love w weixiang ! 🙂

  568. Tankalyn says:

    Yijie and Weixiang, faster confess ur feelings for each other… We cant wait to see the lovely romance in you <3<3<3

  569. MM says:

    I don’t think there will be anything new for ep 47, it is kind of slow now……I thought at least YJ will find out about the ex boyfriend situation by now.  I hope it will move faster…

    • Bliss says:

      This show is incredibly draggy…

      • Yahoo says:

         u can’t treat this show as those 1ep per week series.
        It’s on air from mon to fri and 80 eps in total.
        Besides, one ep only has about 40 mins of content which is relatively short to put too many stuff in 1ep.
        Therefore, i don’t think the pace of this drama is draggy, so just relax, watch it slowly and enjoy it.

  570. InbornPairLover says:

    Li Er and Wei Cheng is also a perfect Match!
    Excited for Episode 47 😀

  571. Luciaatienzacheng says:

    can you translate  it in english???? i have so many friends are waiting to watch it.

    • Adnil says:

      If you want recaps, there are some recaps for InbornPair. You could look them up at htt://
      If not wrong the recaps started from episode 20 something onward. Hope this might help.

  572. peiyu_2010 says:

    What will ep47 be come? 🙂

  573. peiyu_2010 says:

    I am getting more and more love this drama le. awesome , yijie and weixiang last long long 🙂

  574. Alice says:

    Y no preview for ep 48:( soo….. Sad!!

  575. Kevin83620 says:

    Why no preview ??

  576. Bliss says:

    Has WX confess yet?

  577. InbornPairLover says:

    There’s no Preview for Episode 48 .. !
    Weixiang and Yijie JIAYOU!

  578. peiyu_2010 says:

    48 🙂

  579. Dx_star says:

    hello all, do you know what the name of the song 
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      • T-Drama says:

        kakkaka…i think so too. if not that case then the family would gone crazy already. yi jie won’t be able to bathe that boy kakkakakak 
        That boy looks adorable.  i think his appearance in this movie makes wei xiang wants to have his own son kakakakka 

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  619. Heidi says:


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    • DoDo says:


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  629. Queengame22 says:

     All the artists are perfect combination, AND VERY GOOD ACTING, most
    specially, I give praise to the director of the drama show, the drama is
    very family oriented. ANNIE & CHRIS MUST DO ANOTHER DRAMA SERIES
    like korean golden wife or queen of the game, I like the story…. will
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      Episode 59 ‘s Just Came Out … 10:37 pm Taiwan time !

      第59集 出來啦 ~~ 台灣當地時間 晚間 10點37分 (10:37 pm)

  657. 芯雨 嵐 says:

    Episode 59 ‘s Just Came Out … 10:37 pm Taiwan time !

    第59集 出來啦 ~~ 台灣當地時間 晚間 10點37分 (10:37 pm)

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  668. Yong L. says:

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  676. Bachfifi says:

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    • T-Drama says:

      they are the main leads so of course they will stay together  but before that they have to face many stormy events.

  684. Mwvv11 says:

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    • Adnil says:

      Until episode 62. In this site, each episode is updated daily during weekdays as soon as it’s finish airing on Taiwan TV.

  685. Mwvv11 says:

    I saw the preview where Yi Jie said its too late…..I’m very worried….why is it too late?!

    • Chunter837 says:

      There is a photo in the news, DY kiss Yi Jie ( forced by DY). so many people in FB said maybe “it’s too late” is say to DY. I hope so.

  686. Snaillove says:

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  688. Yong L. says:

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  690. Guest says:

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  691. Tigress says:

    I guess LY  told WX’s mother about the fake marriage and DY is YJ’s ex-boy friend. WX’s mother thought that they had an affair and went to the office to question her. Finally, everyone in the Ke’s family thought that  YJ’s has an affair except WX and JY is angry and thought that WX disclosed her secret, DY is her ex boy friend to his family, so the Ke family thought she is a cheat wife and must leave, that’s why YJ said it is too late.

    • T-Drama says:

      i think the moms got problem from their argument and now ke mama sees that yi jie and her ex-boyfriend are working together in the same dept.  this just prove that they must have an affair.  she probably says something to hurt yi jie mom and that is why yi jie mom was so pissed at the ke family.  She takes her daughter home or so…that is what i am guessing.  I don’t understand a single word in chinese….toooo badd…someone plz help us out kakkaka

      • T-Drama says:

        Lu yuan is really on something….she probably tells ke mama about yi jie’s ex-bf and bullshitting about their current relationship….
        .i don’t like her!!!! but i compliment her on her acting skills! kakak

  692. apple says:

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  693. Siaosiao says:

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  694. T-Drama says:

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  695. apple says:

    Thanks, Guest

  696. Mwvv11 says:

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  697. Tigress says:

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  699. Mummybee_2003 says:

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  700. guest says:

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  702. psycho_mantis says:

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  703. Tankalyn says:

    WTH.. Ep63 made my cry at the ending… Yi Jie and Wei Xiang muz get back tgt… *crying*

    • Genie_girlie says:

      i total agree with you..hope they will get back together and make all the ke family know that YJ is not wrong

      • Mummybee_2003 says:

        I hope that YJ will find herself preggy (I hope they had make out in Ep 62 after grandma crash in while they were kissing),  Then dilemma, dilemma, dilemma…  She delivers the baby and brought up the child alone (until he’s a toddler). WX found out that the child is his.  And then they get back together. That will bring us to end of Ep 80.  hee hee hee

  704. Lollipop270200 says:

    Ep 63
    Is so cool
    WX dicvore with YJ
    KF going to divorce with YN
    what if LE know that the child was WC son
    If they marry will divorce

    • T-Drama says:

      mnost likely all of the Ke’s children are going to be single! kakakakak

      So what that lu yuan said to ke mama and why her exboyfriend came and kiss her and then why the divorce?

    • Hello (: ! says:

      OMG, that is so not cool. 

      that is STUPID. xDThey obviously love each other! All of those couples love each other! But >>””

  705. T-Drama says:

    did lu yuan convince the lawyer to work with her to destroy the relationship?

  706. 78917725 says:

    cowards & bitches

  707. peiyu_2010 says:

    yijie feel sad , 🙁

  708. hello:) says:


  709. Deal123 says:

    this family makes no sense. it is going for the guy to cheat on their daughter but a KISS is unacceptable? 

  710. Hello (: ! says:

    What the hell is wrong with this family?! 
    Ke family- all Ke married couples are getting 

    divorced, when obviously they all love each other, 

    but they can’t accept it for some reason.
     I really hate Wei Xiang’s mom, she is so omg, like SHUT THE F UP! And Dong Yang and Luo Yuan! What the hell is with THEM?! SERIOUSLY, THIS IS SO OMG RETARDED, i feel like it’s a game! 

    >” I don’t want to give Luo Yuan or Dong Yang a chance with them, 

    Wei Xiang and Yi Jie, it’s true love. 

    So ridiculous! I just came back watching the recent episodes and this happens?! How ironic >__>”” 

    • T-Drama says:

      i know right? what the heck is wrong with ke mama??? is she in menopausal? 

      • Mummybee_2003 says:

        must say that LY is a manipulative b*.  She plays on WX insecurity,ke ma ma dislikeing YJ and DY love for YJ. 

      • Hello (: ! says:

        I agree with both of you!

        I also seriously hate that Ke mama thinks that LY is a wonderful pair for WX. She’s such a BI****! Ke mama should see what LY do in the background!  Seriously! She ruins people marriages! She’s a third! (in taiwanese speaking- a family wrecker)  it’s so UGH! 

  711. Bliss says:

    Absurdity to the fullest!

  712. Zlolita70 says:

    i cant watch ep 63!!!!! it says private…

  713. Loveicecream007 says:

    can watch ep 60 it says privated…):

  714. Mwvv11 says:

    I’m ab to say exactly the same thing as Deal123. That ke mama! She’s real impossible! At this juncture I hv lost my respect for ke papa too! When his daughter’s husband slept with ano woman, they disallow him to divorce his daughter. But now just because of a kiss, they want their son to divorce YJ. So absurd!
    Why didn’t they turn up when YJ scolded DY???
    Grrrr…..very angry!!!

  715. guest says:


  716. IP lovers :) says:

     Hate WX’mother and also LY very much
    Is waiting for the next ep on Monday 🙁

  717. Lauren752009 says:

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  718. Lauren752009 says:

    any other website can watch???

  719. peiyu_2010 says:

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  720. Inbornpairlover says:

    Why can’t we watch this drama already?wtf… I followed so long ..and it’s so nice zzz

  721. Abc says:

    people, if you have a youtube account , go subscribe to this user call “inbornpair” . it will come out an episode every night at 10. 🙂

  722. Pierced_22 says:

    Can’t watch ep62!!!

  723. guest says:

    thank you so mcuh for updating the Inborn Pair. I love this drama!!! from France 🙂

  724. Katphanus says:

    When will ep 64 showing!!!!

  725. Adnil says:

    Dear all Inborn Pair Enthusiasts, there are some copyright issues on this drama. In an Inborn Paie forum, it mentioned that one of the regular uploader of the drama at YouTube had been caught and forced to make all his videos private-hence those outside Taiwan could not see the clips.

    Thus, the blockage of clips are rather fast nowadays. So if you want to watch IP till the end, stop giving troubles to our kind IP up loaders by not putting their site address in forums. Thank you. Hope that way, we could see the rest of the series till the end-17 more episodes to go!

    • Zlolita70 says:

      Thank you- thats really important. hope everyone will read this. 🙂

    • T-Drama says:

      Thank you for letting us know. I think it is best for ppl to be aware of this problem if you post this notice on your homepage or on the top of every movie.  I personally did type a website on this site regarding about the question for the eng sub of this drama because i did not know about this issue until now (I posted that website a month ago).Thank you for your hard work and I am sorry .  You guys did very wonderful job. Thanks. from Italy.

      • Adnil says:

        I’m not one of the uploader of IP since I’m actually from Indonesia. However, I’ve seen how certain episodes got blocked rather quickly recently. Plus I read a post about his copyright issues on other forum, so just help out all the kind hearted uploader out there in Taiwan by posting this in this forum. Help pass this message around to other forum if possible so all IP Enthusiasts around the world could enjoy watching this wonderful drama till the end without having to race against the copyright issues-aka-watching the drama before it was blocked.


  726. Katphanus says:

    Anyone know where can I buy the movie in DVD or CD.

  727. Hello (: ! says:

    Omgg, i can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! 😀

    I hope tmr’s episode isn’t affected by the blockage D:<
    Inborn Pair <3 ~ FTW

  728. Resiak says:

    Nice series!!

  729. Hikari_hikaru says:

    keen to know the ending……T.T thanksss for upload

  730. Gary585376 says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song at episode 64 at 4:20min

  731. T-Drama says:

    gosh…the little boy is a mirror image of his father kkakaka….flirting with girls already kakkaka

  732. Katphanus says:

    May I know where to watch ep 64 please

  733. Hikari_hikaru says:

    can’t wait for ep 65

  734. Piggyli says:

    when will ep65 be ready

  735. Dx_star says:

    hi all
    do u know the song
    on ep 65 22minutes
    can u tell me
    the nama
    thx before

  736. Queengame22 says:

    this drama series must have part 2, the story is good, for general patronage, i like the main characters, annie & chris… they have the right chemistry & act naturally… hope to see them again doing another romantic + drama….

    • guest says:

      Yes, agree with you that Annie and Chris made a lovely couple! if they could really be together in real life they will be like….Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of the orient!!! 

  737. ABC123 says:

    epi 66 >.<?

  738. popozzi says:

    cant wait for epd67

  739. Aung duk duk says:

    When ep67 will be upload??

    • guest says:

      have patience!! this drama gets uploaded everyday M-F.  Literally comes out like a couple hours after it airs in Taiwan.  We are already lucky enough to have the hardworking people behind sugoideas making it possible for those outside of TW to be able to watch these dramas…be patient

  740. popozzi says:


  741. guest says:

    aiyo..DY is a hypocrite, for goodness sake , YJ don’t listen to him

    • ABC123 says:

       sooo agree…. even-though i quite pity him…. but when he gave up YJ at first time, he should know the consequences and not to disturb YJ anymore….  

  742. Tankalyn says:

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    • B_teratai says:

      But that was not the reason why he slapped her. LY was in fact trying to protect WX against her father’s evil plan.

      • T-Drama says:

        oh…oopsssss…..what is her father’s evil plan?? to destroy the Ke’s.  I thought their families are good friends to one another? may be not?/

        • B_teratai says:

          To pay back WX for rejecting his princess LY, Papa Luo has decided to band his business cronies together – they’re pulling out of the expansion project venture with WX’s WH Corp. That’ll leave WX in the lurch to the tune of NT$20b. This was shown in Ep 68.

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    • B_teratai says:

      Well, she’s already got such a man – the construction company director Huang Zi Ang. He told LY way back in Ep. 28 that one day when LY’s hopes concerning WX were dashed and she needed a shoulder to cry on, as long as she turned back, he’d be there waiting for her. Go to HZA – give the poor, besotted man and yourself a chance, LY!

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    • Yong L. says:

      I don’t believe WX is at fault neither do I believe YZ is at fault. There is no one at fault just out of control emotions. The issue that is being debated in the drama is about trust. YZ may appear to be over reacting but she is the type of person who I believe is extremely sensitive to relationships because of her past experiences. She isn’t running away from WX because she hates him for not trusting her but because she is afraid of potentially being hurt once again in the future. Her first relationship wasn’t exactly successful because of ZDY lack of trust towards YZ and her relationship with WX acted as a reinforcement that all relationships will turn out this way. So rather than be hurt why not avoid it … is what YZ is trying to portray in her reasoning. As for debating about why WX has to apologize in both the stated situations … I really don’t know. But there is a difference. The first time he apologized YZ was reasonable for  being “mad” because at that point she really didn’t know WX and from her previous impression of him it was reasonable to assume he was the type of person to commit such a deed. The second situation is slightly different and YZ is also reasonable for being mad because she had assumed that WX knew her enough to know that she was not the type of person to do such things. Therefore I believe this is why WX ended up apologizing in both situations. 

      • Scopiorox says:

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        I thought it was rather heartwarming (when ZDY when to correct everything that he did wrong) – he is such a poor thing – I sympathized with him but I like how he is being portrayed – a righteous man although he has his flaws) ….

        in episodes 73, Yi Jie was a little too dramatic (for being cowardly in the ghost house)…but i guess the setting is just right, otherwise, anything else will be stretching it too far…anyway, overall the script is not over dramatic – there’s comedy, love, heartwarming moments, quite wholesome… the drama

        • Yong L. says:

          I totally agree with you when you say that ZDY character is very righteous and heartwarming. I just hope that Chris Wu(?) will get better parts. He seems to be always playing the man who always loses the girl … kinda sad really ! My impression of ep 73 is very much like yours. I found that YJ was quite dramatic in the haunted house. It wasn’t really that scary … But then again I don’t exactly have a phobia of ghosts or the supernatural. 0_o”

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      This drama is still running with 9 more episodes to go. Thus might be a really good news for you since you don’t really have to wait for the next episode to show the following day or writing impatiently for Monday to come since this is a weekdays drama, running 1 episode per day, every Monday to Friday each week.

      The bad news if you live outside Taiwan, is that there is a copyright issue that arise recently. Thus, some sites that upload this drama are quickly blocked. Making us the foreign fans have to look real hard to find ways to watch the drama before the sites are blocked. Therefore, making it a really bad idea to post site address for this drama in public forum.

      However, if you don’t mind, you could read some of the episodes recaps in other discussion forum such as asianfanatics and teadramatime. From those two forums, you could get the main ideas of the dramas without watching all the episodes, even though watching it yourself is of course what you actually wanted.

      Hope this could quench your thirst to follow the whole story of this drama. Since I personally also love this drama, been following it faithfully since it started airing last year.


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        • Adnil says:

          You’re welcome. I also have no idea about what gonna happen next. Totally wish WX and YJ start living as real hubby & wifey esp. with only 6 more episodes to go, that wish still goes even if the rumor about the extension is true.

    • Adnil says:

      Oops, sorry for typing the wrong word in te first paragraph. It is supposed to be “waiting impatiently” not “writing impatiently”.

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       yes, it will be “ai shang qiao ke li”…vanness did well at “autumn concerto (the script was not bad) but he flopped at “Material Queen” – no chemistry with the leading lady I think, usually  a drama becomes popular or has a better chance of success if the whole cast has good chemistry and has a good script and director…

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