Love Recipe / 料理情人夢

Love Recipe / 料理情人夢
Kenji Wu, Li Jia Ying, Gui Gui, Rhydian Vaughan, Xie Qiong Nuan, Xiu Qin, Wang Yu Rou, Zhu Lu Hao, Yang Li Ying
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-09-04
English Subtitle:No
The current owner of Golden Chicken, Li An An, is determined to sell her family restaurant to the highest bidder. Unfortunately there is no buyer. She is forced to stay put and try to restore the restaurant back to its former glory. As her family story has it, a hundred years ago the restaurant became famous for a chicken recipe invented by a pair of star-crossed lovers who wanted it to embody their love. However, the recipe has gotten lost through generations and the restaurant was not the same anymore. Now, it's up to her to recover the lost recipe of love.

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  1. Marianne says:

    I love this TWdrama and i love it.

  2. Marianne says:

    I want to watch the episodes for the TWdrama, go for it!

  3. akela says:

    dayummmm rhydian vaughann!!! <333

  4. marchhippo says:

    what a fresh cast! even though i don’t really like kenji wu.. it looks very interesting! 

  5. Jenniferyang7 says:

    gui gui! ya!

  6. StephanieLaranova says:

    i know this is mean but i only want love keeps going (mei lei jia you)

    • showxyan says:

      …. if you want to watch love keeps going only, you should rewatch the entire series and comment on that page rather than this?  by the way, its ‘mei le jia you’  Cheers hun.  🙂

  7. may says:

    gui gui, fighting!!!

  8. WanPing says:

    Guigui, fighting ! Love you. <3

  9. emily says:

    when is it soming out??

  10. Oulive says:

    Really want to watch this Drama only becoz of Guigui !!!!

  11. christy says:

    if only aaron was in this with gui gui ><

  12. guest says:

    Everyone is watching this for Guigui. <3 Can't wait!

  13. snowpompom says:

    yay! it finally out but it doesnt have eng sub yet Dx

  14. ChiChi says:

    GUI GUI  FOREVER <3__<3

    ~Does anyone know when the eng one coming out?

  15. A00706162 says:

    thanks! 😀

  16. weidong says:

    Where are the English subs then? If there are no subs then on this page there shouldn’t be written that it has subs!! ><

  17. Auburn says:

    yo if anyone here can understand chinese and english, please go to help sub please

  18. Fghd says:

    我觉得不好看,要不是鬼鬼在 根本点都不会点、、、

  19. anonimerces says:

    LOts of shouting.

    Not much acting.

  20. Gigi says:

    I totally came here for Guigui so other ppl’s scene i skip them, however, i am not much liking this drama. Please don’t take me wrong i am still loving guigui but not so much this drama.

  21. Kailing491991 says:

    I am also here to watch guigui too.. 😀 Support gui gui all the way!

  22. sheraineluvlil_jay says:

    Haix, hope either Prince or Aaron was the lead of this drama with Gui Gui, then this drama will be PERFECT!!!

  23. This drama is pretty cool, just a little on the childish side though ..
    Needs more speed/intensity & it’ll turn out perfect.

  24. Heaxb91 says:

    i came here for guigui too!!! hahaha! 

  25. Pearl says:

    What is with shows these days? the main characters are uglier than the minor characters; gui gui and mixed guy couple is cuter than the main couple danson and deaf girl couple is cuter than vanness and that gold digger chick , in material queen -.-””’

  26. Xyuscemgpxuqjy says:

    they should have a drama for guigui to star in!!!!!

  27. Mei says:

    This drama isn’t as good as i expected it to be =/ .. I don’t really like the main characters.. especially the main girl.. she seems really annoying. Gui gui and the mix guys parts are cute though.

  28. Limegreeenhusky says:

    Can some one please do eng sub because i really want to watch this drama but do not understand mandarin.

  29. Guest says:

    Please upload Love Recipe Episode 04 Download version.. Thank You 🙂

  30. pigyan says:


  31. Lie Jen says:

    nice’s a pity has a same time on air with another new drama… ^-^

  32. Didideath says:

    I’ll be honest, came here to watch GuiGui.  She doesn’t disappoint; they like to give her parts that fit with her personality.  I was surprised by how annoying I find the other characters to be.  Some cute parts but the storyline is moving too quickly with no depth to really suck you in.  They other characters aren’t really given any emotions to express so it’s hard to want to like them.

  33. Auburn says:

    hey can you guys please go to to help sub this drama

  34. blah says:

    i cant stand the sight of kenji wu..  he changed

  35. iSingerboy says:

    Is it coming out now?

  36. Dreamyqueen says:

    love recipe not coming out??? how come?

  37. Guest says:

    y isn’t ep 6 out?

  38. Guest says:

    where is ep 6?? 

  39. G. says:

    i think they should switch guigui & feng xiao yue to be the main roles instead. 

  40. Henry Lin says:

    how come the ep6 doesn’t come out yet?

  41. Guest says:

    finally ep 6! ^^
    cant wait for next epsiode! Support Gui Gui 🙂

  42. Marianne says:

    I want to love Kenji and Jia Ying in the TWdrama Love Recipe and i love to watch it.

  43. Marianne says:

    I can’t watch the episodes on Youtube because it’s so romantic and funny.

  44. Yujoyce says:

    How many episodes are there? I can’t wait for ep7!

  45. Wazzup says:

    I dont feel the love between them..
    I think feng xiao yue is doing it great.. But the guy ruin everything acting silly almost all the time….
    Idk why some of u, guys want guigui in her place…
    Guigui cant act..
    Im just saying… Ok?

  46. guest says:

    Gui Gui’s acting is really good!
    its definitely gettin better…
    Support Support! ^^

  47. Xueliwu says:

    I Love Gui Gui A Million !!!  

  48. Didi says:

    I really want to like this show.  The actors are all talented enough but the plot gets a little convoluted that it makes it difficult want to watch it.  I’m actually enjoying the over the top stuff for its silliness but the ‘drama’ doesn’t really move me much.  I do agree with some of the others: GuiGui and Feng Xiao Yue have a great deal more chemistry than Kenji and Li Jia Ying as the leads – of course I think Kenji and GuiGui have more chemistry over all but that could be because of their history together.  Over all, I’m still curious enough to keep watching. 

  49. <3JK says:

    can’t wait for ep 7! 
    <3<3<3Gui Gui! ^^

  50. How come is still not updated??

  51. Dreamyqueen says:

    tot it was gonna upload but they kinda remove it off the status… =(

  52. Guest says:

    where are u ep7…? 🙁

  53. <3 says:

    🙁 still waiting for ep 7… sighh

  54. Jolene 糖糖 says:

    I still waiting for ep 7…

  55. Halynn says:

    uah ep 7 was good but where’s the preview? Can’t wait for ep 8 !!

  56. Sunflower says:

    Just started watching this drama
    N I’m so in love with the actors ! ;B
    Love it..

  57. Cutexxbaby says:

    why there’s no preview for ep 8 ?

  58. Jk:P says: preivew sighh 🙁 stil lookin forward to it!
    Support Gui Gui and Li jia ying! ^^ both so pretty and cute 😛

  59. jessie:P says:

    iwant the preiview ahh! 🙁

  60. Koolkatyalie says:

    omg y no preview?? im so sad!!! cant wait! 

  61. Kandy says:

    2hrs to goo:L
    it better be out in time! xD 
    cant concentrate on my hwks without having watchin it 😛

  62. Iris says:

    no ep 8 today?

  63. Jk says:

    wheres ep 8 ? 🙁

  64. :) says:

    ep 8 ep 8??
    where r you ? 🙁

  65. G:) says:

    Yay!! finally out 😛

  66. Halynn says:

    X___X i was waiting a whole week, anticipating that the love relationship between guigui and Rhydian would grow, and what was there? NOTHING ! Arw T__T such a lame episode.. 

  67. jessie says:

    sigh.. 🙁 hardly any gui gui.. 🙁
    such a boring epsiode lor….

  68. Sunflower says:

    They’re finally together !
    Now I see chemistry between them !
    But I still wondering what happened with gui gui ‘s confession in the ep.7 ?

  69. Jessieeee says:

    i think the story line is a bit boring… :/ but im still gonna watch it ! (:
    also i like the characters here esp my fav Gui Gui! ^^ support to the end of the drama la! 😛

    • Yujoyce says:


      • QT(: says:

        yehh i mean 10? seriously..everything seems to be a blur to me right now.. -.- all the relationships and competitions….im like o.O?
        im skipping to where i find Gui Gui! xD li an an is gettin on my nerves shes appearing every single minute! -.- i mean shes pretty and her acting aint bad either..

        • Yujoyce says:

          IKR! This must be the second shortest tv show in history and Idk y do they give guigui minor roles! her acting is good

          • JT says:

            yehh iknow! gui gui is improving so much with her actng! ^^ hope to see more of her in future!
            its the story line thts making the drama quite boring at times..the actors are good in this drama..i mean their not bad at all..i want to watch the whole thing! 

  70. Yujoyce says:

    Everyone please listen up! Love Recipe only has 10 episodes! This must be the shortest tv show in history right? I think so 2 but its true!

  71. i<3u says:

    10 epsiodes?! thts crazy! why is everything ending so fast.. -.- would they stop cutting out bits!
    i enjoy watchin this for Gui Gui! 
    dnt end soo fasttt laa… 🙁

  72. Koolkatyalie says:

    no scene of guigui with that guy at all! so boring…idc abt li anan

  73. Jessie says:

    li an an is okayy i think! but sometimes this drama just goes on too much about her… Gui Gui is a pretty good actor too….i dno why she only gets minor roles..but im watchin this for her!
    Gui Gui and li jia ying are both pretty and good actors.! but i support Gui Gui more as she is just a 100% cutiee! 😛 Add oil add oil! ^^

  74. QT (: says:


  75. :)) says:

    is it supposed to be ep9 or ep8??

    • Jessie says:

      i think its suppose to be ep 9…as ep 8 is already out..but i think theres something wrong with these epsiodes -.-
      how did li an an and gui gui make up after the argument xD i think they are cutting out huge bits.. 🙁

  76. Guiguifan4eva:P says:

    Gui Gui’s scenes are getting a ‘little’ bigger
    atleast she gets to speak in ep 9! add oil add oil!

  77. JT says:

    ohhgeeze next week is the last episode… 🙁 
    i think theres only 10 epsiodes…
    this drama has so little of Gui Gui lor.. 
    haii…li an an appears too much in my opinion…and i want more development with Gui Gui and Rhydian… 🙁 they would make such a cute couple!

    • Reflectiontoxic says:

      OMG !!! , are you serious about this?
      10 EPISODE????
      NOOOO !

      • JT says:

        yehh.thts wht ive been hearing..
        iknoo 10 episodes? :O serious im still confused about this drama..i think they are cutting too much from this drama… -.- why dnt they let us see the whole thing leh… :S the actors are good in this drama esp Gui Gui 😛 tehee

  78. Sunflower says:

    Gash! He xia’s mother is so annoying! She’s so sick ! Can’t stand that old lady!
    Aww.. I loved this episode…
    Poor he xia <3
    Can't wait for the next episode!
    Btw I don't think this drama gonna have only 10 ep..
    At least 13 right?

  79. PIGYANXD_KICO says:

    超視改為fri. 播…+是完整版…

  80. anonymous says:

    does ne1 now which tv station are they getting it from zhong shi i 10 episode and and chao shi is 13

  81. Jk says:

    i dnt really get why they have to cut parts out.. -.-
    this show is kinda boring at times but overal its not bad lyk..esp Gui Gui..she hasnt appeared much in this drama..its all li an an, li an an… -.- im gettin sick of her……her acting is alright like… but id prefer Gui gui..she makes the whole drama more interesting..

  82. Fgwerfsf says:

    the only reason why i bother watching this show is cause of gui gui…the acting and the plot is horrible! definitely one of the worst dramas of the yr…
    anyway as long as there is gui gui im a happy girl! gui gui jia you~!

    • Same here mate~~ apparently this was originally a 13 episode drama~~ but the tv channel company cut it down to 10 so Guigui doesn’t appeared as much as she should be~~!!!! x

      • Fgwerfsf says:

        i have a feeling they cut out most of gui gui’s parts…i feel kinda cheated since they did promise that gui gui would play a leading role…anyway me thinks that the production team kept most of li an an’s role cause the actress is the gf of some rather popular actor/director…she can’t really act THAT well

  83. Marianne says:

    I think that the last episode of the TWdrama Love Recipe that they aired later. Thanks.

  84. Marianne says:

    Thanks for sharing with you.

  85. Ng Vanessa says:

    when will gui gui and xiao xia get togther, can’t wait any longer. this show is super boring faster review the get together of gui gui and xiao xia then end the show. 

  86. QT says:

    last episodddeee 🙁  will miss my Gui Gui! 

  87. JT says:

    i did think once this drama is quite boring.. but watching the ending i feel im was soo touching the actors are acc great! Li jia ying and kenji wu are such a great couple so cute! cried so much… 🙁 Gui Gui was so sweet with tht guy! ended off well in my opinion! will miss this! Good drama! ^^

  88. Marianne says:

    Thanks for watching the TWdrama Love Recipe, thanks for everything.

  89. Marianne says:

    I hope that they watch it for me.

  90. Sunflower says:

    WTF? This drama ended with only 10 ep?
    I think they cut a lot of interesiting things !
    :S gotta watch it know …
    But my comment for this drama is…

  91. Wendy says:

    who was the actress who played mina, the girl that ends up with kenji at the end? 

  92. Guest says:

    If anyone is watching,
    “Love Recipe” will be cut short and come to an end this weekend;
    since the start of its broadcast, it has been at the rock bottom in ratings
    every week. It slipped to 0.18% last week, setting one of the record lows for
    idol dramas of the season.Thus, the drama has been
    trimmed down to ten episodes from its original thirteen.

    There were many
    anticipation in seeing Kenji Wu star in “Love Recipe” as it had been
    nine years since he last acted in an idol drama ( “月光森林/ Moonlight Forest”
    from 2002). However, many netizens criticized Kenji for being too
    “greasy” in his acting (overacting), “Kenji exaggerates too much
    with his acting and all he does is pose whenever he appears.” On the other
    hand, some feel that all the efforts of the production team have gone to waste
    and are also upset that the drama has turned into a mess from all the editing.
    CTV, the broadcasting network, responded, “After a drama goes on the air,
    we revise the episodes according to its situation.”


  93. amandachan says:

    Zzz! Even if they cut out scenes right, they cut out most of guigui`s scenes!!! ): 

  94. QT says:

    they really have cut huge parts of this drama! this why we are so confused! 🙁 ive just found bits that have not been shown here..and mostly are gui gui’s scenes..seriously like.. 🙁

  95. Didi says:

    So disappointed by this drama.  It had so much potential and they wasted it.  Poor GuiGui, she really got the short end of the stick with this drama.

  96. Pigyanxd_kico says:


  97. smilzalways says:

    weird ending I have to admit….but cute:)

  98. Ssstrawb3rryy says:

    gui gui did so amazing at the karaoke scene!

  99. Pearl says:

    1 star
    definitely the worst draggiest, the ending doesn’t make sense is retard show EVER

    don’t watch it unless you want some twisted up we are siblings in the future show w/ a mix of cook/chef contest plus blindness for the climax-.-”””

    a total waste of my time

    I am not watching a gui gui film without arron yan!!!!! guilun guilun guilun like my petition! XD

    • QT says:

      The story was kinda crappy..not what i had suspected..! :L but it was okayy it was quite funny and the major reason is i watched it for Gui Gui! ^^ 🙂 
      and i wish Gui Gui and Aaron Yan would film another drama..their so cute together..! but very unlikely.. -.- Pilimit 2 ftw! ahaha

  100. Jessie says:

    I think most people watched this drama just for Gui Gui ! :L me too! but it wasnt a bad drama..i dnt think the main actors kenji wu and li jia ying are not too loveable in our views… :L
    but my dearest gui gui is too loveable in whatever drama she acts in xD <3 <3 <3

  101. Jingyuloveguilunforever! says:

    Other than Pi li MIT I wish guigui and Aaron would be acting together again! But it’s a sad thing that Arron got a lump in his chest. His report will be out after Chinese new year. Hope he get weel soon! Guilun forever! <3

  102. anoniem says:

    I love Rhydiannnnn and Gui gui! omg omg

  103. gerilyn says:

    no eng sub?

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