Love You / 醉後決定愛上你

Love You / 醉後決定愛上你
Rainie Yang, Joseph Chang, Tiffany Xu, Tom Price, Renzo Liu, Di Zhi Jie, Song Xin Ni, Zhong Xin Ling, Xie Qi Wen, Na Wei Xun, Kingone Wang, Bu Xue Liang
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-04-17
English Subtitle:No
When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.

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  1. Loverainie says:

    LOVE this drama!!!!!!

  2. Loverainie says:

    LOVE this drama!!!!!!

  3. Endah_keai says:

    love you ep 7 please don’t be install video vikii

  4. Tayshihui says:


  5. slk00259 says:

    when does the sub come out for ep 7 ;(

  6. random says:

    when i first saw the picture for the drama i thought it was about a father and daughter ..

  7. random says:

    when i first saw the picture for the drama i thought it was about a father and daughter ..

  8. Janz_fb2 says:

    how many episodes he graduated huh?

  9. Janz_fb2 says:

    could not wait anymore …
    I want to quickly watch finish…>.<

  10. Pinkisthecolour says:

    This show ROCKS TTM! (:

  11. Janz_fb2 says:

    wait until crazy

  12. ep 08  1 day, 2 hours to go >w< where's chatango miss everyone 😮

  13. Asdfasdfasdf says:

    1 more day!!!!

  14. Loverainie says:

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Janz_fb2 says:

    17 hours……..

  16. Janz_fb2 says:

    quick quick quick….

  17. Janz_fb2 says:

    going crazy with this drama~

  18. YoungPanda says:

    How come on Ep 5 part 6 it freezes on a part and doesn’t play for me at all ! D;

  19. YoungPanda says:

    Oh wait I lied now it works. :p

  20. Purplepink says:

    faster faster… cant wait anymore…. 🙂

  21. Abc says:

    where is the Ep 8?

  22. VV says:

    00:09:00 is that mean 9 mins later?

  23. Feifei says:

     where are the youtube links???

  24. djkl;'c says:

    Theres no enlglish subs ?!

    • dddavviid says:

      they’re probably still working on them. my friend lives in taiwan and he just watched that episode yesterday

    • dddavviid says:

      they’re probably still working on them. my friend lives in taiwan and he just watched that episode yesterday

  25. mason says:


  26. Enjuchen says:

    Who,s song is it love you ep 8 when they were running ?

    • Janz_fb says:


      Bu An Pei Li Chu Pei (不按牌理出牌) by Magic Power


    • Janz_fb says:


      Bu An Pei Li Chu Pei (不按牌理出牌) by Magic Power


  27. MC 19 says:

    i love this drama, can’t wait for ep.9!!!

    • Janz_fb2 says:


      Bu An Pei Li Chu Pei (不按牌理出牌) by Magic Power


  28. Zh3nx1 says:


  29. s.m says:

    when is the episode 9 is coming out?

  30. Indochine_UK says:

    Can anyone tell me the song and artist from this series that’s a bit rockier than the pop and ballads?  The MV starts with the singer at the bottom of 2 escalators. Awesome tune, I want to buy it!

  31. Indochine_UK says:

    Can anyone tell me the song and artist from this series that’s a bit rockier than the pop and ballads?  The MV starts with the singer at the bottom of 2 escalators. Awesome tune, I want to buy it!

  32. Janz_fb2 says:

    can’t wait ep 9……………………………….

  33. Shana_mitsukai says:

    nuuu puedo esperar más >.<" quiero ver el ep.9 T_____T
    Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) (L)!!!!

  34. have to wait till midnight or tomorrow =/

  35. Gelangielol says:


  36. serene says:

    Oh No, I hooked with this drama

  37. Yum_kiwi_yum says:

    when will epidso 9 be out!??? Cant wait!!!

  38. ExJeff says:

    Got Justin,tv?

  39. Hjk says:

    How do you get live streaming?

  40. drama lover says:

    I wish Xiao Ru will stay with Song Jie Xiu. 

  41. ju says:

    I prefer rainie and xiaogui.

  42. Lu says:

    English subbed pls

  43. Lu says:

    English subbed pls

  44. serene says:

    any ideas how many episode altogether????

  45. Weq says:

    have xiao gui appear yet?? cos i only wan to watch his part.

  46. guest says:

    how come the episodes link are gone???

  47. fanatic says:

    rainie looks old here. and joseph doesn’t suit to be together with rainie!! :(((( she should be with xiao gui in this drama… actually she’s best with MIKE HE!! 😀

    • LOLOLOLOLL;) says:

      She matches ALL her male costars though… Mike He, Will Pan, Show Luo, Joseph Chang, & Wu Chun. She’s seriously so lucky, all her costars are super hot 😉

  48. Oteyzamelanie says:

    rainie is so good looking as ever. I like song jie xiu as well. this drama is superb

  49. limlim says:

    How many eps are there in love you ? 

  50. limlim says:

    All the episodes to be out asap please ! Too addictive ! 

  51. HJ1811 says:

    anybody has the link to watch from livestream? can share?

  52. Guest says:

    why is the show be out 3 hours later??

  53. limlim says:

    Why ep 11 is only out in 6 days ?! 

    • LanDuoZhu says:

      Cause this is where the drama show till. Like on TVs, you watch a drama, not all episodes will just come out in one day right? ^^

    • guest says:

      this is a new drama that has just been released in taiwan. they are still airing it on every sunday 10pm at their channels. that’s why only one episode per week. the full drama has not completed airing yet.

  54. Jasmine_ooi07 says:

    is there any place i can watch this show once and for all completed? i hate to wait…

  55. Conanly2001 says:

    Love “Love you” movie. It’s really interesting movie and you don’t want to stop since you start watching.

  56. 123zzz says:

    love “love you”

  57. Shana_mitsukai says:

    drunken to love ep. 11 !!! no puedo esperar másss >.<!!!

  58. Shana_mitsukai says:

    drunken to love ep. 11 !!! no puedo esperar másss >.<!!!

  59. this is soo goodd <3

  60. Nycz says:

    just watched the first ep and so many things happened already… cant wait to continue.

  61. Dan says:


  62. Fs711 says:

    waiting waiting… so wanna watch ep11… 🙂

  63. ccsmile says:

    hope it will be faster 🙂

  64. LuvYa says:


  65. Lilliez says:

    到底还要等多久 =(

  66. Chupachup1406 says:

    so late 🙁

  67. Jiahao-Ng says:

    its so drama but i love DRAMA! XD

  68. Jiahao-Ng says:

    its so drama but i love DRAMA! XD

  69. dat says:

    how many episodes are there?

  70. Jolly-Bem says:

    When will the subbed episode 11 come out? Every monday Im waiting for the next subbed episode, love this drama 😀

  71. Jolly-Bem says:

    When will the subbed episode 11 come out? Every monday Im waiting for the next subbed episode, love this drama 😀

  72. daniel says:

    i need a daily dosage to sleep. i cant sleep without watching!

  73. bzzzzzz says:

    nice, have watch several times as well.

  74. Nycz says:

    this drama is getting better and better!!!!!!!! ITS SO EXCITING!!!!!!

  75. bzzzzzzz says:

    r u sure only 14 eps, then it will be ending soon..but thought most dramas are about 20 eps…sigh

  76. Jasmine Lai says:

    Tho I like 小鬼, but I personally think that his acting skill is so unnatural compare to his variety show (娱乐百分百 and 得奖的事)。

  77. Jazmine_lola says:

    when is the ep12 is gonna come out?

  78. Nycz says:

    awwww… now that i finish watching all 11 eps i have to wait…. I hate waiting especially when a drama is this good and funny!!!! I bet if they also have online ratings this drama would be the most watched this year.

  79. Arllygarcia18 says:

    does anyone know if they changed the airing time for this drama in taiwan? also where i can watch it live? previously i was watchin it on but last week they didnt have it on there..

  80. Fs711 says:

    waiting Love You Episode 12 again~ 🙂 thanks so much!!!

  81. Star says:

    Anyone knows how many episode for “Love you” and “Material Queen”?

  82. Michealkok says:

    how to download the love you with english subbed??

  83. Gar Yippy says:

    this is pure awshumness 😀 keeps me off my chair all the time!! cannot wait for the next episode ^^b

  84. 3221eve says:

    can it be uploaded faster ??? i can’t w8 to watch 

  85. 3221eve says:

    can it be uploaded faster ??? i can’t w8 to watch 

    • Nycz says:

      same here.. but too bad this show is still airing and it airs once a week so theres no way this show can be uploaded any faster….

  86. foreveralone :) says:

    how many episodes are there .?!  😀 i dun want it to end <3 so in love with this drama <3

  87. miss says:

    i was just wondering.. what’s up with ep 12 part 5??

  88. Anonymous says:

    I was just wondering (has little to do with Love You), but is sugoideas going to post up Rainie’s recently released drama, Sunshine Angel? (the one with WuZhun)?

  89. mskuehtutu says:

    hurray, just watched sunshine angel on youtube ep 1, 2,3 n 4.   very interesting and dear rainie looks beautiful  and cute

  90. OMYGWASH says:

    I LOVEEEEEEE XIAO GUI !!!!!! <3 <3 <3 😀

  91. OMYGWASH says:

    I LOVEEEEEEE XIAO GUI !!!!!! <3 <3 <3 😀

  92. OMYGWASH says:

    I LOVEEEEEEE XIAO GUI !!!!!! <3 <3 <3 😀

  93. yin says:

    anyone have link to watch live?

  94. peipei says:

    waiting for epi 13

  95. Steam fish says:

    May TVU network got ZHJDASN live … But I dunno which channel :/

  96. Steam fish says:

    May be*

  97. Candy says:

    sunshine angel is better than this drama.
    I mean, don’t get me wrong, Joesph Chang is good looking but ..
    Wu Chun is freaking HOT! 
    and the storyline of sunshine angel is better, imo.
    Fated to love you is way better than love you.

    • Nycz says:

      i didnt watch sunshine angel yet cuz idk where can i watch it but i agree with you that fated to love you is better than this one.. from all the news i heard about this director, i feel like they rushed the production of this drama just to fill in the time slot.

  98. Guest says:

    How come ep13 not out yet ? I tot it’s always out at this time … any site to watch live from ?

  99. Selfiebee says:

    when will you upload eng subbed of ep 13?

    • anti-inconsideration says:

      expect people to sub dont know how to be patient isit? consideration please-.-

      • Tingyoung says:

        Come on la, it’s just a simple question. It wasn’t like he was demanding the Admin to upload right? He might just really didn’t know and want to ask right? Why jump into Conclusion so fast? Please, don’t judge people like you know them.

  100. grace c says:

    one of rainie’s best drama

  101. guest says:

    just keep your comment to yourself if you think this show is bad. not everyone has the same thinking, others may think this show is the best, whereas ppl that dont like this show, will think this sucks. if you dont like this show just get lost. others wanna watch it. 

    • jane says:

      theres always some who likes and some who dislikes a drama what and isnt this thread a place for viewers to comment? if it displeases you so much why waste your time and effort to read their comments? omg –.–

  102. Carynne_lee says:

    how many total episode for this drama ? i thought 13 is the last episode ? 

  103. Tsumaylingjoanne says:

    superduper niceeeeee!!!!! love this drama, its one of the best i watched 🙂

  104. xoxoRainieJosephChang says:


  105. xoxoRainieJosephChang says:

    Joseph Chang + Rainie = Amazing pair. woohoo!

  106. LOVEEE says:

    xiao gui’s new song is sooo good!!! 😀 

  107. Nycz says:

    awww…. i wish each episodes were longer!!!! i cant get enough of this drama!!!!!

  108. renee says:

    the actor act very good his face so cuteeeeeee………

  109. XoRainieFanGurlXo says:

    why is there only 13 episodes, I there was 18 episodes.
    Awww!! I wanna finish watching this show.

  110. guest says:

    tiffany xu (tang ai wei) is ugly. idk how she’d gotten into the entertainment industry itself even in real life

  111. Guest says:

    Haha I kinda wish Xiao Gui would be the main actor :). Rainie and Xiao Gui have good chemistry together

    • jane says:

      yeah, would be great if the pair patched things up and get together again! aw):

    • Patricia. says:

      I heard that they used to go to the same school when they were in highschool! Plus, they dated for 2 years, then Rainie joined the entertainment industry and dumped him.

  112. Kinkyjingi says:

    cannot get enough of watching rainie’s drama, so glad now we have love you and sunshine angel to watch….2 totally different kind of drama but love them all….but prefer rainie’s long hair in sunshine angel, so ladylike and cute…yoohoooooooo

  113. hello says:

    how many episodes in total are there gonna be? 😀

  114. MelissaT says:

    i dont understand why are there so many haters. the show is not oscar winning, but entertaining nonetheless… plus, the people acting are cute (:

    • Guest says:

      Are you sure?

    • Guest says:

      Its because of the director of the drama.

      • Choco Disney says:

        wats wrong with the director

        • Nycz says:

          the director was the one who was dicrecting the drama, “I have a date with spring 我和春天有个约会,”  and while they were filming last year an explosion happened on set.  that caused Selina, female lead and yu hao ming, male lead, to get 3rd degree burns on their body. and he never personally apologized to them. even until today he still haven’t personally apologize to them. so thats why people are either hating on it or not watching this drama.

        • Nycz says:

          the director was the one who was dicrecting the drama, “I have a date with spring 我和春天有个约会,”  and while they were filming last year an explosion happened on set.  that caused Selina, female lead and yu hao ming, male lead, to get 3rd degree burns on their body. and he never personally apologized to them. even until today he still haven’t personally apologize to them. so thats why people are either hating on it or not watching this drama.

  115. Felicia says:

    why does Sunday always feel so far away. I kinda wished I watched this when all the eps were out. GAH! I`m so impatient!

  116. ... says:

    this isnt english subbed…

  117. Choco Disney says:

    i realized i look forward to sundays….. XD….and then once sunday ends i feel depressed and anxious and just keep waiting for the next sigh…..cyndi+mike he wat have u done to meeee

  118. CPW says:

    Why does Episode 13 part 4, there’s no sound?

  119. Missjaycee says:

    ep 14!!!! ahhh can’t wait!!!!

  120. janice says:

    when can we watch ep 14??

  121. janice says:

    when can we watch ep 14??

  122. j~ says:

    when i can watch episode 14

  123. j~ says:

    when i can watch episode 14

  124. Gunjaimein says:

    omg where are the subs. please =]]]]

  125. Gunjaimein says:

    omg where are the subs. please =]]]]

  126. guest says:

    what’s the name of the girl that plays xiao ru’s sister? she’s very pretty.

  127. guest says:

    what’s the name of the girl that plays xiao ru’s sister? she’s very pretty.

  128. Jazmine_lola says:

    what is the total episode of this movie?

  129. Jazmine_lola says:

    what is the total episode of this movie?

  130. Jazmine_lola says:

    i mean drama

  131. Jazmine_lola says:

    i mean drama

  132. 18 episodes in total people !

  133. Chan Vicky says:

    its quite a nice drama though!! :))

  134. A-E says:

    I’m lookin for rainie yang and wu chun drama “sunshine angel” why it isn’t here? I think they release on january 2011

  135. Jazmine_lola says:

    the drama sunshine angle is in youtube

  136. Guest says:

    have a watch love keeps going, dragging now.

  137. Leloo Chan says:

    I love Drunken to love u ^^

  138. Janz_fb2 says:

    can’t waitttttttttt

  139. Claudia says:

    When it says that the drama will be out in 5 hours means all videos will be up or they will only start uploading from then?

  140. fx says:

    please please please upload soon! 🙂

  141. jess says:

    anyone know if today is the last episode? 

  142. Habitatportercounty says:

    love this show, love cutie Jiexiu~~

  143. Guest says:


  144. Rainni says:

    Love the both of them 😀

  145. Leloo Chan says:

    Love loooove the show ~~

    Lin xiao ru <3 Song jie xiu …wht a couple XD

  146. jolly_bem says:

    when will the sub come out?

  147. CY says:

    When is the next episode out? Looking forward to it… (: 

  148. Bebaki says:

    I use iPad to watch this everyday, but two days ago every single video became black. I noticed that I should update flash player, but for iPad it doesn’t have flash player. I don’t know what’s going on that I can watch it before but I cant watch it now. Is there anybody use iPad to watch this Chanel can help me? Thank you!

  149. Silvia says:

    I had the same problem too! i been watching this for the past few days and since ytd it become black screen!

  150. RYan BaaBu says:

    heheh i luv bubu

  151. CY says:

    For those whom cant view the video few days back, frm their iphone or ipad, it can be viewed nw in ipad & iphone. Few days back i was having same problem as u guys, but it has been fixed back alrdy. Can watched it either on phone or ipad le. I guess its the server inside the website is having problems therefore cant be viewed inside the phone. (: Or if same problem occur again, go to the bottom right hand corner there’s this “Youtube” icon there, click on it, & it will link u to youtube & u can watch it frm there. 

  152. yiyi says:

    omg…the most DRAGGY episode EVER!

  153. CY says:

    Anyone knows when is episode 17 out? (:

  154. guest says:

    nice episode…now have to wait another week…hmmm

  155. OKS says:

    The “Push” or the “Fall” did not add more “vrooooom” to the drama …I find it a bit draggy…hopefully next week will make it better…. =)

  156. gb says:

    Yeah! its abit draggy but I’m sure it will hv a happy ending by episode 18. They will be together in the end, and also caught the calprit.

  157. jess says:

    draggy – yes, but i definitely think this episode was needed to test their love for each other in the end…

  158. Gal19_ling says:

    total how many ep?

  159. Guest says:

    Omg this episode damn sad, can’t wait to get over this sad part i’m dying soon

  160. jolly_bem says:

    really sad episode.. I never imagined something like this would happen  :'( 

  161. Shina says:

    HOW LONG MORE how many esp in total ?????

  162. Shina says:

    HOW LONG MORE how many esp in total ?????

  163. james says:

    its 30 episodes

  164. Shaunhue says:

    my wife now falls in love with this movie.

  165. viewer says:

    This drama was good in the first few episodes and went downhill after that. The actors saved the show.

  166. 心丞則琳; rainieILY says:

    what about sunshine angel? 

  167. CY says:

    Anyone knows the new show title which is coming out soon where rainie & wu zun acted de? I mean the show title for it. 

    Wanna watch it… (:

  168. james says:

    Sunshine angel was out and aired on hunan tv. finish d

  169. CY says:

    Oh so the new show that i’m talking bout with rainie & wu zun inside is call Sunshine Angel? (:

  170. shannn says:

    So weird. I thought it was gonna end at ep13. Then ep15. Now ep 18….O_O

  171. ilovetaiwanesedramas says:

    ughh why can’t the episodes come out faster!?): & joseph is sooo hawt(:

  172. Qqfairy says:

    the totally episode are gonna be 30.

  173. Moonlitheart101 says:

    it’s only 18. rainie even said on million dollar singer. 

  174. Gurst says:

    Looking forward…

  175. CY says:

    So how many episodes in total? 

  176. 131ever says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  177. Thedeepheart says:

    Well..I’ll be extremely happy if it’s gonna b 30 episodes ^^ i wana more nd more of Joseph <3<3 

  178. daniel says:

    im gonna miss this show! i dont want the final episode day to be here!

  179. CY says:

    Sigh… This episode is ending fast! Gonna miss it! 🙁

  180. sosian says:

    sad it is ending next week…but will be an interesting final ! Must watch!!!!

  181. Linicia says:

    when is ep 18 coming out?

  182. Jay Zhang says:

    🙁 It’s a good drama in a long time…
    they should at least make it to 20 some episodes
    I wouldn’t even mind 28 episodes
    Now that this is gonna end… Love Keeps Going will have the highest rating… YUK.. it doesn’t deserve to be first

  183. viki says:

    heart joseph chang!

  184. J_liu says:

    Is it me or is it missing an episode?!  There should be 18 episodes isnt there?  There is only 17 here…

  185. angel says:

    i likes this actor he act very great………..Yeah…………

  186. Rachelau12 says:

    <3 joseph chang <3 rainie!!!

  187. elizkuan says:

    soooo romantic <3333

  188. Eric says:

    not bad…

  189. Marie_an9el says:

    i’m fall in love with joseph!!!

  190. Applepepperpie says:

    ohhh last episode in 1 day 7 hours cant wait! ^~^

  191. Allacoustic says:

    what time do they upload

  192. jlpl says:

    cant wait for the last episode to be up.

  193. XiuTing™ says:

    Nice but very lag for live ):

  194. XiuTing™ says:

    Very lag for th live so quite excited to see it posted here asap (:

  195. guest says:

    why is ep 16 gone?

  196. Chocobo_03 says:

    omg…ep 18 the sound got problem…..can fix ASAP?

  197. CY says:

    There’s problem with the starting songs. Pls fix it ASAP! 

  198. daniel says:

    its coming to an end!

  199. jess says:

    finally the happy ending that we’ve all been waiting for! hehe after months of catching the episode every sunday

  200. Gigantic35 says:

    Please put english sub on the last episode for us to understand….. I enjoyed watching this drama…

  201. CY says:

    Happy Ending for the both for them! Cheers! (:

  202. Nycz says:

    cant believe it is really over….. I will miss this drama…

  203. tiffyyy says:

    awesomeeeee! 😀

  204. SanChen Lim says:

    this was a good show 🙂 the chemistry between Rainie and Joseph is definitely shown throughout this drama.. a good ending indeed… 

  205. Guest says:


  206. Anonymous says:

    Amazing :D:D:D

  207. Hgghrg says:

    very good

  208. guest says:

    what happened to part 7 of ep 5?!?! D:

  209. Guest says:

    沒有醉後的第一個星期天..好寂寞,失落,孤單… :'(

  210. willove3 says:


  211. mixiu says:

    feels empty now that the drama is over 🙁 

  212. Pullwool88 says:

    “Love You” is an amazing drama. It has all the ingredients of romance, sadness, happiness and comedy and most importantly, a good, strong cast including the best ever onscreen couple – Joseph and Rainie! I  really enjoyed watching this drama and I’m sure many fans are hoping that Rainie & Joseph will act together as a couple again soon in “Love You 2”, a sequel, or another new romantic comedy drama soon! Miss them too much! Please, directors, put them together again soon! Foreign fans are waiting eagerly for Rainie & JOseph to act together again! “Love You” ROCKS! Hope they’ll win “Best Actress” & “Best Actor” Awards!

  213. Pullwool88 says:

    Both Rainie Yang Cheng Lin & Joseph Chang Xiao Quan brought much happiness to our lives these past 4 months with “Love You”. I hope they’ll find their personal happiness too. IT’ll be great & lovely if  2 such amazing people fall in love with each other in real life. They are perfect together. TAiwan fans, please do what you can over there to lobby for RAinie and Joseph to act as a couple together again soon! Really miss them! I am in love with “Love You”. Both of them make it such a wonderful & successful drama, includng winning so many overseas fans! Please have a sequel or part 2! Waiting eagerly for the best couple-Rainie & Joseph to come together again soon.

  214. Happy_forevers says:

    Hi! Anyone interested in buying SHINee’s concert tickets? I have 2 tickets available.
    Email me at [email protected] if you are interested 🙂

  215. Pullwool88 says:

    Perhaps there can be another ending to “Love You” with more lovey dovey shots of Song Jie Xiu & Xiao Ru. I am a bit disappointed with so much shots of the 3 women at the end, watching the couple during their honeymoon. The entire drama is SO nice but the honeymoon episode should show more of the couple, not the 3 women whom I felt ‘spoil’ the intimacy between Rainie & Joseph. It should have ended with 2 of them in each others’ arms, recalling their journey of love maybe watching sunset or in their honeymoon suit and should have another wonderful phrase from Joseph to RAinie at the end. The drama has many nice phrases! Final ep should capture their LOVE!

  216. Pullwool88 says:

    Is the excitement of “Love You” over just like that? Sad… I wanna watch Rainie and Joseph as a couple in another drama please! I miss them! Rainie and Joseph, are you reading this?? So many foreign fans and I’m sure Taiwan fans are waiting for you both to fall in love and to act together again soon! Feels so emtpy without news of Rainie & Joseph. Come on, Directors from HK and Taiwanand please cast Rainie & Joseph in a movie. Spider Lilies was great with Rainie so outstanding and sexy. Joseph’s gay movie was also oustanding. So they should take on a movie together!

  217. Pullwool88 says:

    The director and lead cast of “Love You” should applaud themselves for a wonderful drama that has kept many people glued to their TVs for the past few months. The extremely warm reception of fans to the fresh-faces BEST lead couple, Rainie & Joseph, should tell the director that he made the right choice in choosing both of them. Rainie has a sweet and fresh feminine appealing look while Jospeh is so damn good-looking with his charisma yet childishly lovable at times(behind the scenes chemistry between them tell it all, that there SHOULD BE a sequel Part 2 to “Love You”!). Hi fans, is there a way we can implore the director to cast Rainie & Joseph again soon? To strike while the iron is hot! It’s a win-win situation for all! Please satisfy fans’ hunger since we’re all “Longing For” both of them! (Borrowing Rainie’s album title!). Cheers!!

  218. Chyi_0314 says:


  219. Kinkyjingi says:

    wonder why sunshine angel is not well promoted….is it bcos of the scandal with the Hunan ‘snatched” screening??? It is a nice rainie/wu chun drama…

  220. Sheep says:

    Why not Love You Part 2 is cast by Show luo AND Rainie? 😀 

  221. Pullwool88 says:

    Hmmm….Rainie is so busy with her album promotion and Legacy Live Concert in Taipei on 25/9. I really would like to know if she found time to go out with Joseph. Last was reported that they went to watch a play on 8 August. So long ago. Wish they will really act again soon. Let’s have Love You 2 with Jie Xiu’s and Xiao Ru’s kids please to complete the Song family!

  222. Pullwool88 says:

    Joseph is acting in a new movie with Gui Lun Ya “Girlfriend-Boyfriend”! Oh dear, what happens to my hope that he’ll act with Rainie in a movie? I only want to see him with Rainie. Sob…. so it’s true that once the drama is over, they move on? What about their possible blossoming love? I wish Rainie will act in an award-winning movie with Joseph or TAkashi Kaneshiro or Jerry Yen? Or HK actors like Louis Koo, Tony long as she gets the GOlden Horse Award for Best ACtress ! Jia You, RAinie. Don’t miss Jospeh too much..I will miss seeing you both together.

  223. Pullwool88 says:

    Sorry, Joseph is acting with Gui Lun Mei, not Ya.

  224. Pullwool88 says:

    Looks like  there isn’t gonna be “Love You 2”. Sob..JOseph has been picked by the same director for “Love You” to act in another new drama with the lead actress of “Next stop..happiness” or something. Sob. Why is Rainie left out of new drama and movies? “Love You” has really made Joseph very popular. Hope it’s Rainie’s turn for a new drama or movie. HOpe it’s gonna be an EPIC one where Rainie can win the Golden Horse Award! She definitely can do it! Just need the opportunity. Miss seeing Rainie and Joseph! I want them to act together again soon. Their charisma and chemistry is irreplaceable. “Love You 2” please!

    • I hope ‘Love You 2’ will be a drama on their after-marriage. Like, how they struggle to keep their love alive despite the marriage, and the epic stuff they would do before they end up in a divorce. I definitely wouldn’t want sad endings, but I believe if there’s a Love You 2, the director and scriptwriter can do better than the first Love You drama. (:

      As long as it isn’t the same as 恶作剧之吻2…

  225. Hvdnl says:

    Does anyone know where can I download the ringtone for this drama?

  226. Tiffany_yap16 says:

    Awesome drama! i will definetly miss it! 😀

  227. Pullwool88 says:

    Just read that Rainie said she’s comfortable being friends with Joseph and it’ll be difficult for them to be boyfriend girlfriend as she is too sensible and think too much and have to account to her fans, manager etc. I think Rainie should just forget about all worries and just focus on finding a bf. It’s high time she spends time on love and finding a caring guy. Do not stop yourself from loving again. Life is short. Just go for it, with your gut feeling! Don’t consider too many things. There will never be a perfect time to fall in love and no perfect guy. Just think about all your male co-actors, Rainie, and see who is eligible to love you and who can bring you lots of smile and happiness, just like in “Love You”, joseph selected you because you brought him most smile and happiness! We all want you to be the happy & simple Xiao Ru who is so loved by her charming good-looking guy, Jie Xiu! All the best!

  228. TeeVeeFreak says:

    When can Kingone Wang and Rainie Yang act in one show being together??

  229. Pullwool88 says:

    Would you believe – Rainie has been left out of the Golden Bell Awards Nomination list? Joseph and Director are nominated plus the drama is also nominated. But the lead actress is left out! Protest! She’s such a great actress! Protest!!! “Love You” would not be so successful if not for Rainie! Sad Taiwan!

  230. I am very impressed with 黄鸿升- Xiao Gui (小鬼)’s acting. He could carry his character very well even though its for half of the series. He also carried his korean style dressing very well!

  231. Blossom says:

    better dont proceed with another ‘Love You’ #2…cos’ its so boring!! better watch ‘Material Queen’. more exciting!!

    • Pullwool88 says:

      You’re in the wrong channel, pal. You may proceed to whatever Material Queen. This is for fans of “Love You” which you’re obviously not. So, bye bye. Don’t comment about other shows being more exciting than “Love You” here. Thank you.

      • Blossom says:

        I’m Rainie’s fan..but what i’m trying to say is “Love You” is kinda boring…especially the ending…..sorry!

        • SMARTALEC says:

          but I think that MQ is getting very draggy and it kills me to see how LCM and Justin dragggggggsssssssssssssssssss

    • TeeVeeFreak says:

      If you don’t like it, why did you even bother to watch this series and comment? Stupid

  232. Pullwool88 says:

    Hurry!! Go 微博@陈铭章导演 vote for “Love You 2”!!! The director for “Love You” is asking fans to vote! Spread the word around! 

  233. Pullwool88 says:

    I wonder what kind of judges have been appointed for the Golden Bell Awards? Is Rainie really that ‘bad’ to be left out? It’s ridiculous. How can a drama be so well-liked and popular if the actress is not performing?! It’s painful to know what she’s going through, hurt and bewildered, knowing that she shine in “LOve You” and that the lead actor, director and drama are nominated but she’s not and knowing that her good friend, Wilber Pang Wei Bo is also nominated, despite it being his 2nd drama only. WHO ARE THESE IDIOTIC JUDGES?!

    • SarahW says:

      You are right. Rainie has performed very well. She made me cry when she cried. Very good actress. Top notch actress. I hope those judges will make changes. Possible?

    • purplr.forest says:

      Well, she already won last year, so if I am not mistaken, she will not be nominated so soon as it is to give others who have yet to be nominated at all a chance right?

    • Pple 121 says:

      OK, judges do have a good reason for not nominating Rainie this time but honestly  speaking she had performed well in this drama, but then again there is something lacking in her acting that I personally feel is not fully up to the top notch when I watched her. Compared Rainie & Joseph, I’ll say Joseph did a great job ( I’m not a fan of Joseph, as I said earlier this is the  1st ever Taiwan drama I’ve watch). is the actress for Mong Chuen (the fat pregnant lady) she is very good too ( is she been nominated for supporting actress?), I hope she do. I’m not against Rainie, I like her & listen to her songs too but Rainie please take this comments as a motivational tool to boost up your performance in the future for being the greatest actress of all time. 

  234. Soojiwei says:

    What a delightful series!

  235. Pullwool88 says:

    Somehow, the judges are stubbornly refusing to give credit to Rainie where it’s due. How will Rainie be assured of fairness the next time?! Even if she puts in her best which is what happened in “Love You”, she is at the mercy of the judges. Anyway, it’s kinda painful to watch “Love You” now given that she is the only one omitted from the nomination. “Love You” brings sad memories not just for her but her fans too! IT’s such a great drama and awesome chemistry between her and Joseph Zhang. Such a pity that they cannot have fond memories of 2011 Golden Bell as a couple. Joseph has a very high chance of “Best Actor” award. I’m sure Rainie will be happy for him. HOpe she will not be demoralised too much! Waiting excitedly for her next drama. Hope it’ll be an awesome character and storyline with another dashingly charismatic actor!!

    • Pple 121 says:

      You see, judges are people too and  they do have their ways of thinking there is a reason why Rainie is not been nominated and we would never known the cause of it nevertheless this drama do bring in a wonderful & beautiful well liked series. This is the first Taiwan Drama series I’ve watch and I love it.

  236. Pearl says:

    2 stars

  237. Pullwool88 says:

    Maybe the director prolonged some parts unnecessarily but obviously the ending could have been better. Director should have included some touching moments between Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu before marriage and after marriage. I mean they should have some touching dialogue with beautiful sentences and words of promise and love. After all, they did not have a great marriage at the start as it is fake so they should make up in the end with more magic moments between lead actress and actor, rather than just having shots of them doing things together without dialogue. I was disappointed with the ending too. They hardly talk just before and after the marriage. A lot of snapshots only!
    But the drama is beautiful on the whole and Joseph and Rainie rock!! Great beautiful couple! Great acting!

    • Pple 121 says:

      Indeed , do agreed with your comments. 18 episodes is not too long or too short so if it can go for 2 more episodes the story line can give a better  satisfactory  drama for the audience to watch especially the part that Lin Xiao Ru leaving for America. She should fly off to USA  leaving Jie Xiu looking & pondering his guilt for not trusting her & he start searching for his lost love.

  238. Xiaoing_aing says:

    nice movie ~

  239. rainiefan84 says:

    So sad that Rainie is not nominated in Goden Bell for ” Love You:  Her acting here was so great and she deserved to be nominated and to win.  So frustrating !!! I hope Joseph Chang, the director and drama wins!!!

  240. Pullwool88 says:

    Looks like Rainie and Joseph will present the “Best Actress” award at this Friday’s Golden Bell Awards Ceremony although Rainie is not nominated. Hope she’ll not be too hurt. Brave girl! Can’t wait to see Joseph and her walk the red carpet and go on stage together! Love them both and miss them! Rainie, you’ll get the award next year! Hope Joseph wins the “Best Actor” award and they both HUG!!

  241. allen says:



    COST FOR JUST $ 26.69!!! IT HAS OVER 6000







  242. Pullwool88 says:

    Looks like we’ll not hear much about Rainie news over the next 3 months except  shooting advertisments as she has applied for 3 months’ break. Heard that she has quite a few scripts on hand, including drama and movie scripts. I really hope she’ll choose the movie scripts. She did well in “Spider Lilies” and has already shot quite a few dramas. Think she should aim for the “Golden Horse Award’ for best actress in a movie!! Hope to see her in a touching Love Story, the Lin Ching Hsia and Chin Han kind in the 1970s! Love to recapture such romance which is missing in modern movies! Best if Joseph Zhang and Rainie can come together to act in a beautiful romantic story with great music and lovely scenaries to add to the ambience. Make it a very sad story that ends with true love and their marriage! Maybe the judges will be touched! 🙂 How about Joseph is a handsome cop and Rainie is the triad leader’s ‘mistress’ and cop and mistress fall dangerously in love and faced life-threatening events before eventually coming together or maybe one party dies so that the judges will be touched again?! *dreaming*!

  243. Kanhakhieu says:

    why she did not win? hate the judges. How can I vote for her

  244. carla says:

    ..Ms.raiNee YANg…. !! a GoOd acTreSS/…sHeS My IDOL…. LAB It muaahhhhhhh…….bEAUtIfUl/// and cute..

  245. Dayan_jc says:


  246. Cella says:

    finally they were married bravo a handsome Song Jie Xiu and charming Lin Xiao Ru share a lifetime together as man & wife and not only that she finally met her mother too

  247. jey dada says:

    super klig…. luv 8..

  248. Jennyxin90 says:

    i like it

  249. Pearl says:

    1 star

    the draggiest show EVER

  250. Kharn says:

    Joseph Chang is so handsomely funny! Good chemistry with rainie yang! liked the drama! so hilarious. 

  251. Lolita says:

    lol!!! sounds lyk the commentators *above the subtitle* underestimated Joseph Chang’s hotness. omg he’s lyk waayyy hotter than Mike He. im tellin you! dont judge a damn book by it’s damn cover!! he’s JOSEPH IS SOOOOO FREAKKKINNNN HAAAWWWTTT!! nothing can contain his hotness, sex appeal and charisma as Song Jie Xu in this drama! best taiwanese ive ever seen yet!.

  252. Carla_kc says:

    agreed!!! to those commentators who said joseph chang was oogly/ ugly not hot may now go to hell. thank you. best drama btw!!!

  253. Amy_ramy_lola says:

    Hi Everyone:

    Alien Huang is amazing.  Not only is his music inspiring, unique, and speaking out to his audience, his acting and personality is one of a kind as well.  Even though Alien Huang only shows up on the second half of the drama, for Alien Huang, it is worth every second of it.  He is hiliarious, mostly when he first appear in episode 11, I believe, when he tries to steal the crissant for Xiao Ru from the guy with the dog who bought the last one from the bakery.  Alien Huang’s charming humor always brighten my day. In additon,I have fallen in love with his music after first listening to “For Myself.”  I hope that one day I will be able to escape my present life and have the courage to chase after my dreams and obtain the freedom that I have lost through time.  For those of you who feel that life is miserable, give Alien Huang album “Love Hero” a try, it will definately be that spark of light that you may be searching for in all that darkness.  Alien Huang . . . keep brighten those lost soul with your inspirational music.  ROCK ON . . . AND FOREVER LIVE ROCK MUSIC!!!!


  254. assej eam says:

    i really love”love you”… it is so beaautiful,funny and romantic…

  255. Jashacute30 says:

    i really love the taiwanese drama its  very funny and comedy ilove JV and karen nice COUPLE!! 🙂

  256. Jashacute30 says:

    i really love the taiwanese drama it is so funny and romantic karen and jv nice couple!!

  257. Airracapundan says:

    hello po

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  259. Khristianonera says:

    do you know that i really love that episode….

  260. Gracelin1114 says:

    I love Love You! 5 stars!!

  261. Elwaldem says:

    This is my first time watch taiwan comedy drama
    and I like this drama very much. tumbs up!

  262. Joy says:

    Joseph was acting in another movie with 小S, I was attracted by him, but I did’t even know his name. He was commented by Lin Chin Hsia in her book. I would to see more of his movie.

  263. guest says:

    Overall great drama only complaint is that the way they wrote the story near the ending was really bad and disappointing…

  264. Didi says:

    Suprisingly funny drama, not too over the top and never took itself too seriously.  Dragged out the ending a little longer than necessarily but still super cute.

  265. bubbleebubbles says:

    love xiao gui in this drama <3 he's as hot as ever, so sad he isn't the male lead :/

  266. Guest says:

    Last episode: 我要去埋单哦~

    laugh die me. lol

  267. Joycelow9 says:

    We might need to change the description a bit: When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one day, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discover the next morning they had got married to each other.

  268. jun hao says:

    More episode on Love You.

  269. jun hao says:

    True love in true live on Love You was good.

  270. Lasille says:


  271. Purpiezxc says:

    LOVE this show !!! <333

  272. JesmineSG says:

    FABULOUS DRAMA.Love how the story goes ,everything well planned,goes very smoothlym/ I always catch it on TV though.I LOVE COMEDIES~ Love the 幕后花讯 behind every episode. Joseph SHUAI dao omg.Rainie cutepie!! sweet couple. Look forward to see more of this drama. 😀 More episodes please? *v*  More drama of Joseph & Rainie!!!

  273. Noraini Rahim says:

    I so love this drama mainly due to the wonderful acting of Rainie & Joseph as a adorable couple who persevered through the trials & tribulations of love….. (Noraini Rahim, Malaysia)

  274. Lucifer says:

    I am so in love with this drama, really hope they can collaborate again.

  275. Riki says:

    Awesome acting by Rainie and Joseph Chang. Love their cute moments together. This drama is funny and heartwarming. Highly recommend to watch. 

  276. Mm says:

    awesome show

  277. Julieycf says:

    When this drama was aired, I was liked who is this funny looking guy (Joseph Chang) and decided not to watch it. But after a few episodes, I must say that I am impressed with the whole thing (story, his acting) It is funny and it reminds me of Destined to Love You. Highly recommended!

  278. Ashiah says:

    not into this drama, a little boring for me :p

  279. LOLOLOLOLL;) says:

    Rainie really needs to get back to doing dramas. I really miss her. I have watch most of her dramas & just love her as an actress & singer. Her music is great (fav Taiwanese female ballad singer).

    I think she’s the most successful Taiwanese singer/actress. Rainie hurry up and take up a drama please!! :))

    • Anoymous says:

      I agree. All her dramas are always among the top rated dramas.LOL it’s like monopoly.

      And she really needs to get back to acting or Taiwan’s drama industry will fall soon cos most current TWdramas aren’t reallly that good as before.

  280. Hpesoj Rock says:

    i love rainie yang

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