Monga / 艋舺燿輝

Monga / 艋舺燿輝
Li Wei, Michael Zhang, Lin Yi Xin, Liang You Lin, Li Yun Qing, Zhu Fan Gang, Ya Zi
Broadcast Year:2011-04-12
English Subtitle:No
When Chen, Lu, Xu, and Yu were young, the four toughest kids in town became sworn brothers and sister. Their parents, fearing that they would join a gang, intervened, and the kids went their separate ways. Years later, Xu's engagement to the daughter of a local gangster brought them back together. The joy of their reunion was soon overshadowed by the threat of gangster reprisal when Chen rescued a singer, Lin, from being kidnapped by the son of a gangster boss.

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  1. Ffffwss says:

    wheres the epi 50???

  2. winston623 says:

    i came in and out of here since 4am.. but still havent saw ep 50

  3. NiceComment says:

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    • My says:

      yesasia and yesstyle 是很大的網站哦. 我經常到那裡買東西.而且3,4天就寄來了. 可能我在美國的關係. 英國網上購買進口東西超不合算的..

  4. value info says:

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  5. MYOB says:

    i have a feeling that Monga Yao Hui last episode will be on the 5th August 2011. As 8th August 2011, taiwan CTS will be premiering 新还珠格格. Same timing, same channel on taiwan. So i predicted the last episode will be on 05th August 2011.

  6. Venus says:

    what time does a new episode come out??

  7. Penny82714 says:

    please update…….

  8. KL says:

    episode 59??

  9. MYOB says:

    i came in since 4am n came in every 10 mins till now… still havent update 🙁

  10. Arch says:

    what’s going on?? where is ep59?

  11. Itswhysee says:

    Looks like the show isn’t gonna end at 60… probably 70 like what the rumors have been saying.

  12. Gfto says:

    ep 61 please!! thanx

  13. Arch says:

    ep 61 quickly!! thx

  14. Shaggy says:

    Ep 64 pls!!

  15. KL says:

    Ep 64 ready?

  16. KL says:

    Ep 64 ready?

  17. Daoxihu123 says:

    episode 64 pleasee…

  18. Gfto says:

    what happened to ep 64?? this website is getting lazy now…..

  19. Daoxihu123 says:

    what happened to episode 64?! ive been waiting ALL NIGHT

  20. MYOB says:

    heard that Friday, they din show in tw as well. rest for 1 nite. monday den gt ep 64.

  21. MYOB says:

    it was oso told on episode 63 part 7. that Friday was Movie Festival so there will not be episode 64 on Friday night but will return on Monday night. So please dun blame sugoideas. 🙂

  22. Xiiaopiing says:

    will you upload 新還珠格格 after 艋舺燿輝 finish airing?

  23. Xiiaopiing says:

    will you upload 新還珠格格 after 艋舺燿輝 finish airing?

  24. Xiiaopiing says:

    will you upload 新還珠格格 after 艋舺燿輝 finish airing?

  25. Gfto says:

    when will ep64 be uploaded!!!!!!!???????????

  26. Gfto says:

    holy sh*T this is sooooo slow….getting ridiculous

  27. Weiner says:

    this is so slow!!!

  28. AL says:

    where is 67? thanks!

  29. Annabitney says:


  30. Mimi says:

    please upload ep 67

  31. hello says:

    Episode 67:

    Episode 68:

  32. hello says:

    Episode 67:

    Episode 68:

  33. MrEdvin says:




  35. Fuckyouupload says:


  36. Arch says:

    why no 67? whats going on

  37. MYOB says:

    For this who still cant watch.. TBCTS YT channel had released.

  38. G220980 says:

    Episode 67 [All Part] :

  39. andrew says:

    it good

  40. andrew says:

    it good

  41. MYOB says:

    19th July 2011 will be the last episode for this show.

  42. Ah_he1984 says:

    wat time for the epi 69 come out?

  43. AL says:

    only 2 more episodes?? T_T

  44. Hbcsc295 says:

    serious? 2 more episodes?

  45. Ww says:

    enough la…..

  46. Nat says:

    fuck where is ep 70????????

  47. Asda says:

    its usually up at around 5am-6am gmt +8

  48. Arch says:

     is ep70 the final ep?

  49. snow says:

    do u have thhis drama with english subtitles? where can i get it?

  50. S991 says:

    anyone knows where I can watch this with eng sub?

  51. miya says:

    But they also have the monga movie as well…

  52. Miriam says:

    wow, 73 episodes, too long…. i watch shows mostly with 13-20 episodes.

  53. Myrna Marata says:

    please,,translate to english,,thank u

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