New My Fair Princess / 新還珠格格

New My Fair Princess / 新還珠格格
Li Sheng, Hai Lu, Zhang Rui, Li Jia Hang, Qiu Xin Zhi, Sun Yao Qi, Sheren Tang, Fang Qing Zhuo, Liu Xiao Ye, Benjamin
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-07-16
English Subtitle:No

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  1. Fiona says:

    小燕子 look like zhao wei alot!!! 

  2. 123 says:

    我要看父與子, 還豬格格老掉牙了啦

  3. Azncutie2486 says:

    what days & time does this play?

  4. Jing Ling says:

    when will have ” New my fair princesse ” episode 13?

  5. Aert says:

    um uhh ya, so does that mean their gon make princess pearl 2 and 3 also with a newer version? the actors and actresses are all too young even tho some of them do look like zhao wei and ruby. idont recall a white guy in the story line tho o.O

    • Guest says:

      That’s why it’s new, Haha, from what i know through dramwiki,it has 95 episodes,i am not really sure whether they have seasons though.

    • Hi says:

      they filmed all 3 seasons at once total 98episodes

    • Kinki_txr80 says:

      Yup. They will have part 2 and 3 as well. The total ep is 98 for China version and 80 for HK and Taiwan version. The white guy is added into this current version.

    • Guest says:

      i think it will all be under one series because it has 98 eps.. unless they drag the whole show.. previous version only has 24 eps, then 48 remember?

  6. BonBon says:

    its already the 23rd, when is it coming?? Couldnt wait anymore lol!! ^^

  7. Huhwut says:

    where’s todays!!!

  8. Hi says:

    they are showing 快樂女聲 finals on 07/22. will return normal on 23.

  9. dvispecs says:

    how often does the episodes of this drama come out?

  10. miss says:

    原來禮拜五沒有播出 只播週一到週四  還有六日 下面的link是節目表
    new my fair princess only play Mon-Thu. and Sat and Sun. The following link is the channel’s schedule

  11. Yjiawei says:


  12. Angelshere91 says:

     any idea what time will ep13 be up? i cant wait anymore!!!

  13. guest says:


  14. Jin Ling says:

    我还满喜欢 新的小燕子了 人美 还很开浪 。。。 好好笑 

  15. Olivia Tran says:

    is this drama not for download?! i didnt see it in the download section =( i love this story the original one i watched several times so i was hopping to download this for keeps =)

  16. Xxx says:

    Will you be uploading the Taiwan version of this show?

  17. oppasayshi says:

    am i the only one who wants her to get with benjamin but i know it’s not going to happen 🙁 lol haha i guess i’ll fantasize it

  18. Hollie says:

    i wish this was in english sub titles i love this movie!!!

  19. Jen says:

    waiting for the new episode!!!!!!!

  20. She_carrie says:

    May i know what is the usual time new episodes are uploaded daily?

  21. farmer says:

    when are episode 17 and 18 coming? CAN’T WAIT!

  22. Ser_tce says:

    i find ziwei n er kang so mushy… cant take it…. EEEeeeeeee

  23. Ser_tce says:

    thanks mghaha

  24. Nat says:

    when is 17 and 18 going to be uploaded??

  25. JLI says:

    本來很期待新的還珠格格 看到第十八集真的覺得很令人失望 爾康是玉前侍衛既然不會武功 皇上一點氣概大將之風都沒有 從頭到尾都太溫柔輕聲細語 不像舊板時而大氣時而溫柔 在怎麼說也是皇上嘛 紫葳的耳朵…太誇張…:/

  26. JLI says:

    本來很期待新的還珠格格 看到第十八集真的覺得很令人失望 爾康是玉前侍衛既然不會武功 皇上一點氣概大將之風都沒有 從頭到尾都太溫柔輕聲細語 不像舊板時而大氣時而溫柔 在怎麼說也是皇上嘛 紫葳的耳朵…太誇張…:/

  27. Cool_bear168 says:


  28. cc says:


  29. Cool_bear168 says:


  30. Cool_bear168 says:


  31. Earthroot says:

    when is the ep 21 and 22 coming out?

  32. Joanne says:

    Thanks for today’s uploads!!!! 🙂

  33. Cool_bear168 says:


  34. newmyfairprincess<3!!!! says:

    when is episode 23 & 24 coming!!??? sooo *nervous*..
    BTW who knows all the songs thats in there …

  35. Earthroot says:

    is there new my princess on fridays?

  36. joanne says:

    oh my god ep24 is deleted! 🙁

  37. Iswak4eva says:

    看了第一集,感觉新版的演员都太amateur啦,一点也不professional象旧版的剧组.好失望哦。我这么爱还珠还是stop watching right now before I regret it. 不想破坏心里面的美好的回忆。

  38. When is ep 25 and 26 coming out???

  39. Cool_bear168 says:


  40. NeedHelp says:

    when is 25 and 26 coming out today usa time?

  41. YANG says:

    If you want to see the newest part
    you can go youtube to surf
    I have done watching
    so excited 

  42. Olivia Tran says:

    ok now im confused…. so when exactly is the air time for this drama? (i am totally in love with it… loved the original and loving the remake)

  43. SweetCookizie. says:

    So sad, i was so excited for ep25-26 tonight.
    Uhhhhh :(.

  44. Joanne says:

    Before the “98 episodes” seemed daunting, but now I’m so glad it’s this long….and bonus for having 2 episodes a day 🙂

  45. NeedHelp says:

    good news guys episode 25&26 is on youtube!

  46. Lindakung10 says:

    Whats the link

  47. NeedHelp says:

    go to youtube
    and search for missmaria94’s channel and make sure you back up two episodes becuz its the taiwanese version of the drama.
    I’m watching it right now and i’m so mad at the stupid queen..

    • Cathy says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! Are you mad at the queen because they are sticking needles on ZW?

      • NeedHelp says:

        Well duh…I really want to punch the queen but too bad its the computer i’m going to punch..And ur welcome 🙂

        • Cathy Jing28 says:

          you that emotional? … I mean, sure I hate her… But it’s mostly Rong MoMo who is the “bad guy” 
          And you know what’s so annoying? They make this XiaoYanXi soooooooooooooooooooooooo much like ZhaoWei! god, so annoying.

    • guest says:

      it’s weird that the taiwanese version is actually ahead… because hunantv started airing on 7/16, and the taiwanese version started airing a week or two after…

    • Angelic J says:

      i cant find those two eps…. help

  48. NeedHelp says:

    Darn..freakin have to wait till tomorrow to watch more… irritating 

  49. cant wait!!!!!!! its just so addicting to watch!!!!!!!! <3

  50. Angelicj says:

    really??? i cant find ep 25 and 26 on youtube…help

  51. YANG says:

    if you go youtube you cant surf 25 26
    you just serf New Huan GeGe and find the part23 24

  52. Wrong says:

    there are no ep 25,26 and taiwan version is only up to episode 10 or so, the ep 23 and 24 showed on china hunan channel is ahead of the online dvd version. because tv versioin each episode is longer, so stop trying to go find later episodes, you will just waste your time.

  53. i wann 27 and 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so crazy abt this show!!!!!!!!!! Hate tat queen!!!! poor ziwei…….

  54. Re watchin now…… love it!!!!!

  55. Cool_bear168 says:


  56. P196tuek7 says:

    對呀 25  26  怎麼還沒上?

  57. Zaza4913 says:


  58. P196tuek7 says:

    可是官網 不是說 週一到週五  晚間8:00嗎?

  59. Cool_bear168 says:


  60. Cathy Jing28 says:

    when is 25 and 26 coming?? PLEASE TELL ME! I NEED TO KNOW… 😀 

  61. Cathy Jing28 says:

    god, this is so annoying.

  62. NeedHelp says:

    Cathy Jing28 go to youtube to watch 25 and 26 and currently watching episode 27 😛 
    lolz shhhh..

  63. Levon says:

    People always say watch at YouTube! Y can’t u people just post the link up? Easier for others right?

  64. Levon says:

    Wah……!!! This is so danm slow… And y always updated in midnight?

  65. Ok says:

    why cant you guys just wait for a little while longer. go do something else… 

  66. Ling says:


  67. French_fries222 says:

    ewww 紫薇的 scream sooo bad and kinda annoying 0_o 林心如 is better more 温柔 lol 

    • Ok says:

      haha scream have to be 温柔? actually in the old one that scene is like a ghost scary movie or something, cus rong mo mo in the old one is so scary. haha

      • French_fries222 says:

        i think rong mo mo in here kinda weird keeps on saying zai zai sooo scary and retarded but the old one rong mo mo’s act is better n_n 

    • Cathy Jing28 says:

      i agree. lol
      i think lin xin ru is better too. but i still like this one too. 🙂

  68. Cool_bear168 says:


  69. Cathy Jing28 says:

     is it just me, or doesn’t it seem as if ep. 25 and 26 aren’t exactly together..? know what i mean? er kang didn’t find zi wei after they saw pu gong gong in the other one….
    damn, i’m soooo confused!!!! can someone please help/tell me what’s going on??????? :S

  70. NeedHelp says:

    Yeah the link will only help for one episode..and I can’t help you if you cant read the chinese on their channel.. -.-‘

  71. NeedHelp says:

    Fine..I’ll be nice next time and give you guys/gurls the links..

  72. cant wait for 28!!!! Lov it!!!!11 :D:D:D:D

  73. NeedHelp says:

    Was out the whole day so didn’t finished 27…but when 28 comes i’ll totally tell you guys becuz I know how much you love the drama too 🙂
    Oh yeah..isn’t it suppose to go up to 28?!

  74. NeedHelp says:

    lolz its will be out tomorrow but I won’t be home so yeah..but its okay 😛

  75. Cathy Jing28 says:

    I hate it how in the other one, they dubbed LinXinRu’s voice and made sound so… *uuughghghghg* but now I like it how they didn’t bother. 🙂 It annoyed me sooooo much! Anyone think so too?

  76. Cathy Jing28 says:


  77. zerofive says:

    when will esp 28 be out?

  78. Cathy Jing28 says:

     xiao yan zi looks sooooooooo much like zhao wei!

  79. Ling says:

    Where’s 28 ?

  80. Ling says:

    If you go to episode 27 there’s 28 & 29.

  81. Loveththeart says:

    25 26 and 27 is out ytd, but 28 shld come out ytd too, then tdy shld come out 29 and 30. You upload slower by one eps.

  82. jess says:

    how many episodes are out in a week?

  83. NeedHelp says:

    Jess in a week its 14 episodes a week since 1 day is 2… so its 2 x 7=14
    Cathy jing:I am talking to everyone..

    • Cathy Jing28 says:

      Change of topic but…. why do you make a new comment when you’re replying to someone? Why don’t you just click “reply?” I dunno, i’m just curious. 🙂

  84. NeedHelp says:

    There are sites that you can watch this drama just when it comes out but too bad it only works in mainland..but at least youtube works 😀

    p.s-I’m a try to find more episodes..

  85. jess says:

    OMG!! seriously 14 episodes a week! YAY i love this drama. so tomorrow 30 and 31 come out? LML

  86. jess says:

    one more question.. why doesn’t this site say when it comes out? and does it really have 98 episodes? oops that was 2 questions.. ahah

  87. Lulu says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! LLOLLOL ZI WEI’S SCREAM SOUNDS LIKE A DONKEY HAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. NeedHelp says:

    lulu ur so nice xD jess it has 98 episodes becuz its the mainland version if its taiwain or hong kong version then its only 80 episodes.

  89. NeedHelp says:

    Jess-If you see my message tomorrow bout 30 or 31 or they might posted it before I can even say a thing XD lolz

  90. NeedHelp says:

    Pikachuuu are you sure?
    Anyways you must be a pokemon luver 😛

  91. Vera Ladida says:

    did anyone realise at 36:00 of ep 29 zi wei asked if ching er was also “huang ah ma’s” daughter?

  92. NeedHelp says:

    Yes and ur point is?

  93. jess says:

    what time is 30 and 31 gonna come out?

  94. NeedHelp says:

    Its 10pm in china but it might take a few hours to upload on here…let me try to find it.

  95. NeedHelp says:

    I found it! 😀
    I it think its only episode 30 or idk confused..but it is the new know 🙂

    Forward to 38:39

  96. NeedHelp says:

    Okay here is next episode:

    It connects with the one below the one I posted.

  97. jess says:

    was that 30 and 31?

  98. Yay says:

    lol what is the point of trying to connect tv version to dvd version, you are going to wait either way. why not just stick to one format.

  99. jess says:

    WHEN IS 30 and 31 GONNA BE ON HERE!?!?!!?

  100. NeedHelp says:

    The point is then you won’t have to wait..if you do then go ahead no one stopping you..

  101. Cathy Jing28 says:


  102. jess says:

    IT’S OUT OMG! uh where’s 31?

  103. Cathy Jing28 says:

    awww the 30th ep. is only 12 minutes long… 🙁

  104. NeedHelp says:

    Cathy jing28 im talking to random peoples…

  105. NeedHelp says:


  106. Jenifer says:

    is xiao yen zhi going to end up with yong qi? does anyone know? if not…oh so sad…

  107. Jenifer says:

    i heard xiao yen zhi might end up with benjamin or yong qi might leave xyz for 2 years…WHAT??!!?!?

  108. Cathy Jing28 says:

     Qiong Yao 简直是疯了!!!!!

  109. killthenoodle says:

    am  i the only one who wants her to get with the benjamin lol. well i know the storyline and everything but i can’t help the chemistry they have lol.

  110. Gigi says:

    WHY!!! Why do Qiong Yao wants to ruin up her best drama??? I am a very big fan of Qiong Yao, i watch all her dramas including Princess Pearl but this “NEW” Princess Pearl make me really mad. this really ruin my good thoughts about Princess Pearl. Really upset.

  111. Amy says:

    I prefer Xiao Yan Zhi and Yong Qi together! But still pity Benjamin …

  112. Amy says:

    I prefer Xiao Yan Zhi and Yong Qi together! But still pity Benjamin …

  113. Jenifer says:

    why does yong qi go back to the palace…and why does he get married to another woman if they end up together??

  114. Cathy Jing28 says:


  115. Cathy Jing28 says:

    Wow! The Soccer Tournament is _actually_ entertaining!

  116. Cathy Jing28 says:

    I like it how RongMoMo laughed and was like, “yay!” when the girls scored a goal!

  117. jess says:

    can’t wait for next 2 episodes!! i wish they could put like 10 episodes out a day

  118. Cathy Jing28 says:

    i like this zw and er kang better than the other one. Do you guys think so too?

  119. NeedHelp says: i leaving.

  120. feya says:

    just tell me xiaoyanzi will end up with yongqi… if not, i think i’m just gonna jump out of the window…

  121. NeedHelp says:

    this feels like a chat room xD

  122. Jess says:

    can’t  wait til tomorrow! AHH

  123. mei28 says:

    i think the ending will be same as the normal hzgg. there will be another Zhi hua (xin rong ge ge) getting married to yong qi and give birth to a child. 

  124. fion says:

    98 episodes???  = =  so many

  125. Amy says:

    Spent 2/3 hrs watching this everyday for 2 or 3 episodes! And this was all worth it~

  126. heyhey says:

    they show 2ep every night?

  127. heyhey says:

    they show 2ep every night?

  128. NeedHelp says:

    Fion 98 is not that much since its 3 seasons all together I seen dramas with 100 some episodes…thats what I call boring and long.

  129. Jess says:

    it comes out around 1! yes just a couple more hours.. LML

  130. Jess says:

    2 more hours <33

  131. Cathy Jing28 says:

    ~sniff sniff~ I can’t watch it today…

  132. NeedHelp says:

    Lolz cathy..

  133. NeedHelp says:

    Still on episode 34…xD

  134. NeedHelp says:

    I didn’t watch it for 2 days straight and so today i’m watching episodes 31-34 😛
    Its a good thing.

  135. NeedHelp says:

    Watch another drama like me I’m watching like 6 dramas all at once XD

  136. NeedHelp says:

    Going to surf the web XD
    Where should I start…hmmm..i’ll think of something.

  137. Shutup says:

    Wondering you ppl are from what countries?

  138. Fibychan93 says:

    mmhh i don’t really know if i should start this…i was pretty much fond of the original series and its actors. Do you think it’s worth watching? :3

  139. NeedHelp says:

    lol shutup needs to change his name…

  140. Jess says:

    when is 35 gonna be on here?!?!?!!?

  141. Cathy Jing28 says:

    Well, I found one new thing while talking to you guys.

  142. Cathy Jing28 says:

    there’s the new ep, everyone!

  143. Nat says:

    where is 36?? is there only one episode today??

  144. Jess says:

    YAY i finished watching! the first series is finished!!

  145. NeedHelp says:

    wow jess with obessesion…

  146. NeedHelp says:

    Okay I recounted the numbers of dramas i’m watching…I’m watch 9 including this one.
    Their all new ones 😀
    Too bad most of them come on sundays…

  147. Sammi says:


  148. Olivia Tran says:

    if this series is really 98 eps long then it looks like we’re already 1/3 in….. makes me sad already…..

  149. feya says:

    the story is gonna change completely o what?

  150. NeedHelp says:

    Is this coming out at 3 o’clock like yesterday?

    • Cathy Jing28 says:

      i don’t understand why you guys can’t just wait patiently or go do something else. :PPPP you said that yourself.

  151. ckcjenny says:

    I don’t understand Why sohu have the ep 37 and 38 why not youtube?? T^T I really want to look the next!!

  152. Minxin says:

    Sian…. How I wish 39 will be up tomorrow. Too bad they dun update on Friday. 🙁

  153. Jess says:

    do they update on saturday?!?

  154. lovingmyfairprincess says:

    actually youtube videos on new my fair princess is like from china so it broadcasts different episodes than these here

  155. az says:

    ziwei acts like she like huangshang, and in fact she is really huangshang’s daughter. i dont like her… XYZ is so much better.

  156. Beckywou says:

    沒辦法看37 38

  157. Amy says:

    i cant watch epi 37 and 38, anyone know whhy? 🙁

  158. Jess says:

    Question: .. is it just this week on friday they’re not uploading eps or every week normally?

  159. tanjunggirs says:

    Unable to watch New My Fair Princess Season2, Ep. 1 & Ep. 2 due to ‘video has been removed by user”

  160. 小花 says:


  161. 小草 says:

    39啥時出= =?

  162. Olivia Tran says:

    ok someone has already tipped off those following this drama before if you go to youtube there’s a channel called missmaria94 she is uploading the other version china or taiwan i dunno which one is which. but they will sometimes be behind or ahead…. here is the link to the part that will follow from ep38 here. BUT! be sure to come back and watch the updates because i notice the youtube channel will cut out some parts. =P enjoy!

    • Hye says:

      its really no use to just get a couple minutes ahead. just stick to one version. and the tv version some parts got cutted.

  163. Showgenie_520 says:

    when is 39 coming?

  164. Cathy Jing28 says:


  165. Cathy Jing28 says:

    I like the actress for JinSuo.

  166. Cathy Jing28 says:


  167. Sammi says:

    only behind the scenes?

  168. Jess says:

    no 39 today 🙁

  169. Didi says:

    i thought my new fair princess aired mon-fri? no ep 39 today though 

  170. Tweak4719 says:


  171. YoonALuV says:

    It’s actually airs everyday, even Saturday &Sunday. But it will not be upload on Friday because some singing competition show I believe… 🙂

  172. YY says:

    im sooooooooooo excited !!!! cant wait to watch it all !!!!!! ^_^ fighting +oil !!!

  173. lina says:

    how long is the singing competition? so tmr then got the new ep?

  174. Sammi says:


  175. Esprit2214 says:


  176. jinjin says:


  177. Joan Ong says:


  178. Joan Ong says:


  179. t0937126580 says:

    現在的我真的完全迷上新還珠格格了!!!!!每個角色都全是得很好 都超棒的 希望演員們都能加油努力 我也會一直期待你們的作品

  180. Edaforu says:

    new my fair princess us nice and creative with many new surprises… its a must watch show in year 2011

  181. Edaforu says:

    when will the new episodes for season 2 be updated?

  182. Cathy Jing28 says:

    WOO HOO! I now have *counting* EIGHT episodes to watch! ^^

  183. Jia Jia says:

    cant wait for season 2 ep 3 & 4.. fast fast come out!!! 🙁

  184. 小奇 says:


  185. Sweet_alice28 says:

    waiting for updates everyday is so painful…

  186. Dam says:

    網路版本好像出現一些版權問題.有很多網站都被撤掉了. 可惡的湖南台.

  187. Cathy Jing28 says:

    HaiLu has ear piercings… cool. 😀

  188. Nat says:

    just upload the new episode already!!!!! ><

  189. erica says:

    ep 3&4 are released!!:)

  190. Melody038038 says:

    thank you very much~

  191. Sj says:

    omg this site really is awesome! I can’t find ep 4 at all on youtube and you somehow found it! wow

  192. Earthroot says:

    how many episodes are there on saturdays? I thought there is 3?

  193. NeedHelp says:

    stupid cliff hanger…cant wait till tomorrow

  194. ako says:


  195. YoonaLuv says:

    OMG, I just check on Youtube, all the channels that upload NHZGG deleted their videos. Oh No… Something must be wrong…

  196. Xixi says:

    hmmmmm i like er kang in this version hahahaha  

  197. Xixi says:

    hmmmmm i like er kang in this version hahahaha  

  198. Xixi says:

    hmmmmm i like er kang in this version hahahaha  

  199. mara says:

    When i try to open the video link, it says ‘could not find’. Does anyone else have the same problem? I was able to watch early this morning though.

  200. mara says:

    When i try to open the video link, it says ‘could not find’. Does anyone else have the same problem? I was able to watch early this morning though.

  201. mara says:

    When i try to open the video link, it says ‘could not find’. Does anyone else have the same problem? I was able to watch early this morning though.

  202. Lovelovelove71192 says:

     thanks very much : )

  203. Lovelovelove71192 says:

     thanks very much : )

  204. Lovelovelove71192 says:

     thanks very much : )

  205. Sammi says:


  206. Sammi says:


  207. Sammi says:


  208. Guest says:

    i can’t open episode 4 does anyone have the same problem?

    • Firestar_26 says:

      Yeah, I can’t seem to open episode 4 either. It was working fine earlier today, but now it isn’t and the web site format has changed also.

      • Hi says:

        open fine here, what is the error?

      • Hi says:

        open fine here, what is the error?

        • Firestar_26 says:

          When I click on the link a new window pops up saying: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. As I have stated, the link worked perfectly earlier.

        • Firestar_26 says:

          When I click on the link a new window pops up saying: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. As I have stated, the link worked perfectly earlier.

        • Firestar_26 says:

          When I click on the link a new window pops up saying: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. As I have stated, the link worked perfectly earlier.

        • Guest says:

          i get problem loading page sever not found the whole page doesn’t load its not even the video not loading….. =(

    • Firestar_26 says:

      Yeah, I can’t seem to open episode 4 either. It was working fine earlier today, but now it isn’t and the web site format has changed also.

    • Firestar_26 says:

      Yeah, I can’t seem to open episode 4 either. It was working fine earlier today, but now it isn’t and the web site format has changed also.

  209. Guest says:

    i can’t open episode 4 does anyone have the same problem?

  210. Guest says:

    i can’t open episode 4 does anyone have the same problem?

  211. Tran_szesze says:

    noooooo broken links!!!! cries*

  212. Tran_szesze says:

    noooooo broken links!!!! cries*

  213. Tran_szesze says:

    noooooo broken links!!!! cries*

  214. Olivia Tran says:

    i think there is something wrong with the site or something…. cuz nothing is opening…. too much traffic? lol

  215. Olivia Tran says:

    i think there is something wrong with the site or something…. cuz nothing is opening…. too much traffic? lol

  216. Olivia Tran says:

    i think there is something wrong with the site or something…. cuz nothing is opening…. too much traffic? lol

  217. Edaforu says:

    how come only update 2 episodes *cries* thought should be 4 episodes? Hiaz ZZZ

  218. Edaforu says:

    how come only update 2 episodes *cries* thought should be 4 episodes? Hiaz ZZZ

  219. Edaforu says:

    how come only update 2 episodes *cries* thought should be 4 episodes? Hiaz ZZZ

  220. Pure_cappuccino says:

    Hello . Why cant watch them . Update which player ?

  221. Pure_cappuccino says:

    Hello . Why cant watch them . Update which player ?

  222. Pure_cappuccino says:

    Hello . Why cant watch them . Update which player ?

  223. Pure_cappuccino says:

    I on open out ep 39. It just can’t open the page not found …

  224. Pure_cappuccino says:

    I on open out ep 39. It just can’t open the page not found …

  225. Pure_cappuccino says:

    I on open out ep 39. It just can’t open the page not found …

  226. ako says:


  227. Amy says:

    Cant wait for epi 41 and 42 already!!

  228. Jia Jia says:

    if no out ep 41 & 42, i can’t sleep tonite ;(

  229. NeedHelp says:

    lolz you guys/gurls

  230. Yommmiie says:

    I wish I could download it here on this site, but can’s seems to find it >.<

  231. JennyD says:

    What time wil it upload at tonight?

  232. Jia Jia says: see this preview even can’t sleep ><

  233. ckcjenny says:

    41!41!41!41!41!41!41!41!41!41!41!41!!!!!! T^T

  234. Mimipan01 says:

    I’m so glad I found this site!  I just hope those who check for copyright won’t find this website and close
    here as well. There’s a long way to go… actually will be over 50 episodes coming, who knows if
    something might go wrong later… Let’s just get our fingers crossed!!

    • Sd says:

      there are hundreds of other websites uploading. haha they won’t be able to delete all of those videos, some website use p2p which they won’t be able to delete it. 

  235. Mimipan01 says:

    Please… 41 &42 Please!!!

  236. ckcjenny says:

    YESSS!!!!!!!! I LOVE SUGOIDEAS!!!!!!!!

  237. 布小美* says:

    唉…>< 看片頭 瓊瑤姊還是把知畫改了進去… 可憐的燕子…

  238. Stephanie_tjang says:

    Finally I can go sleep, after watched 41 and 42..=)

  239. Sj says:

    so angry at 五阿哥…he’s so selfish…while Benji is so much more caring and selfless and even cares about what 五阿哥 thinks

  240. Cathy Jing28 says:

    what would you guys rate this tv show out of 10 so far?

  241. HZGGFan says:

    When is ep 43+ 44 coming out?

    • Cathy Jing28 says:

      tomorrow. duh.

      • HZGGFan says:

        I live on the west coast of America. When you say tomorrow, would it be the 7th or 8th of august? Today (right now) its the 7th for me.

        • lovebenjamin says:


        • jinjin says:

          amazing how this show is so popular that people living in the west are watching! AWESOME!

          • HZGGFan says:

            I been looking forward to this show since I first heard that they’re remaking it. 🙂

        • Cathy Jing28 says:

          um…ya. tomorrow for EVERYONE do you get that? It doesn’t really matter where you live. the episodes always come every. single. day.

          • HZGGFan says:

            Wow! Did you know you’re really rude? WHat are you? 5 years old? When you say “tomorrow”, it means different to people because it depends which side you live on Duh! You’re freaking stupid. America is one day behind Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. You can’t simply say tomorrow and expect me to know its the next day when it can be the day before for me.

          • YoonaLuv says:

            Oh No, Please do not spoilt this comment page. HZGGFan, I think Cathy didn’t mean to be rude. It is just everybody keep asking the same question again and again every single day, that is why Cathy got annoy I guess. In few hours we will be able to watch the new episodes, here in the west coast. YeY … 🙂

          • HZGGFan says:

            Yea! I’m waiting too. I have been refreshing the page for the past couple of hours >_< …I don't bash talk others unless they do it to me first and apparently she started it. I'm excited for the upcoming episodes!! 🙂

          • Cathy Jing28 says:

            there you go

          • Cathy Jing28 says:

            thank you YoonaLuv. 🙂

          • Cathy Jing28 says:

            that is pretty much exactly how i feel. 😀

          • Cathy Jing28 says:

            by the way, i’m not in asia.

    • YoonaLuv says:

      I live in the west coast too. It is our tomorrow HZGGFan, check back around 10 in the morning… 🙂

    • YoonaLuv says:

      I live in the west coast too. It is our tomorrow HZGGFan, check back around 10 in the morning… 🙂

  242. 布小美* says:

    Plz~~~wish XYZ make 5阿哥 gotten pain and been jealous!!!!! Because 5阿哥 will break his promise soon! That is unforgivable!!!

  243. SanChen Lim says:

    this is the best show i have watched in a long time.. I have been waiting for this since i heard that they were remaking a new version of this.. i love the cast this time around.. I have to wait for the episodes to slowly come out because I live in America but Taiwanese by birth.. So i have to wait for more episodes to come out before watching many at once.. 

  244. Cathy Jing28 says:

    Zhang Rui is a pretty good singer. 🙂 Don’t you think?

    It isn’t autotune right???????????????????

  245. YoonaLuv says:

    Yes, watching 7&8 now…. 🙂

  246. Amy says:

    Li sheng voice is reallyyy nice man~

  247. Amy says:

    7 and 8 is coming out!

  248. joanne says:

    OMG I LIKE EP8! they finally kissed!

  249. Lanna says:

    I like it how ZhangRui, Li Jia Hang, and Benjamin smiles. 🙂 <3333

  250. Sj says:

    gosh I’m sad 🙁 I like benjamin better 🙁 

  251. Jade-777 says:


  252. As says:

    I noticed some of the videos are not in HD720 quality.

  253. Jenifer says:

    goodness i am soooo angry…yq does breaks his promise…marries another woman and stays with her…goodness…this is so saaad. =(

    • Yilinsmith says:

      REALLY!!!!! So YQ and XYZ wont stay together!!! is that true?? and how do u no? did u already watch it??? and could u tell me where?

  254. Yilinsmith says:

    GRRRR!!!! i got SOOOO mad in episode 8!!!! i didnt want XYZ and YQ 2 kiss!!!1 i want ben and XYZ 2 be together

    • Jenifer says:

      yeah me too, especially if YQ is going to betray XYZ 

      • Yilinsmith says:

        exactly!!! and i never wanted them 2 be 2gether in the first place!!! and how do u no YQ is gonna betray XYZ??? did u already watch it???

        • Nat says:

          @03bd1da4f47d519bccd3a9be8753d3bc:disqus yah im wondering the same thing as u….seems lyk @95f902167f9af0141a2412517a2d2aa9:disqus watched more ep than is available….where is it??

          • Yilinsmith says:

            i was wondering da same thing!!!! im dieing 2 no if XYZ gets together with ben

          • HZGGFan says:

            Oh no. I didn’t watch more episode than available. I just guess based on the trailer videos. lol. The trailer kind of give a clue. I don’t know the reason why YQ had to leave XYZ though. It could be similar to the previous version, but this new one is 80% new plot so I don’t know.

          • Yilinsmtih says:

             i forget a lot of the orginal verison!!! why does YQ say he’ll be back in 2 years???

          • HZGGFan says:

            Sorry. I don’t know the answer to that one. Like Cathy said “wait and see” 🙂

        • Jenifer says:

          no well i just think since xin rong is coming into the picture and getting married to YQ i don’t understand how YQ and XYZ could be together so easily…

        • meinajielun says:

          in the previous story (3rd huan zhu ge ge), yong qi marry ahi hua (xin rong) because requested by xiao yan zi to save his brother(xiao jian and qing er) . Hewas forced to marry xin rong.

      • HZGGFan says:

        Wait, I thought YQ told XYZ he’ll be back in 2 years? and he did came back didn’t he?

    • 布小美* says:

      me too!!! YQ is not good enough for XYZ!!! he will break out his promise very very soon!!! I watch the “Film title tune”, I think XYZ will open the door after they…do…something dirty…

      • Yilinsmith says:

         REALLY??!?! thats what happened??? i thought it was her opening the door then the other women was just sitting there

  255. Cathy Jing28 says:

    Great, now some people know what happens between YQ and XYZ. Now the “suspense” is over for the people who do. I dunno about you guys, but I sure like to find out stuff for myself. -.-

    • Anonymous says:

      no ones really know… they are judging based on the old version, who knows whats in this new plot so don’t be pissed… we’ll wait and see

      • Cathy Jing28 says:

        that’s true since they added sooooooooo much stuff.
        that’s exactly what i say.. “wait and see” 🙂

      • Lovelovelove71192 says:

        when i first watched the old version,i even hadn’t go to elememtary school.I almost forget the old plot,so it very exciting for me to wait every episode comes!(Sorry! English is not my native tongue,i must talk in a confused manner.)

  256. Cathy Jing28 says:

     hee hee!!! It’s Huang Hou and Rong Mo Mo dancing! it’s so cute. 😀

  257. 布小美* says:

    We just doubted and guessed in the title song(English is not my native,so sorry for my impolite)
    I just see that 5 unfasten Xin Rong`s clothes…
    It`s so dirty!!! “A word spoken is an arrow let fly.”
    5 said that he agree one husband and one wife ,no matter he is of his own or not, he just can`t break his promise like “爾康”.

    • HZGGFan says:

      What? Where did you see this? In the trailer, I only saw Xin Rong unfasten her clothes herself and YQ is just sitting on the bed, but then he did got on top of her. I don’t know if they do anything though. =/ NOOOO!!!

  258. Maldiv3s says:

    in the old version, YQ did married another women but his heart always belong to XYZ.
    eventhough like that, i’m prefer if in this new version YQ don’t married another woman. in the end, it’d be better Ben who never hurt XYZ.

  259. lovemyfairprincess says:

    I think its pretty accurate that YQ and XYZ gonna end up together. look at the summary. YQ came back after two years, and Benji leaves after YQ came back.:(

    • Yilinsmitn says:

      Whooo wait!!! First in which episode does YQ say he was leaving??? And why does Benji.leave????? Does he leave forever????

      • Cheybabe says:

        in some of the last episodes, Benjo leave, when YQ came back. I think he leaves forever to England, because he want XYZ and YQ should be happy together without hurting Benjo

  260. Rachel says:


  261. Cpchristinepeng says:

    I just don’t get why they only put two episodes at once…but I do know that they are still shooting it so maybe that’s why??? Someone just help me answer it!!??

    • Edaforu says:

      they finished shooting in one shot because as what the actors/actress says qiong yao scared they becomes popular when the drama airs and there will be no time for shooting. they put two episodes at one time is because they are following up with hunan tv version which airs two episodes per day except firday.

  262. Praise_06 says:

    i prefer XYZ to be the wan who make Yong Qi jealous and not the other way round. I will be very angry and disappointed if yong qi married another wife.

  263. Praise_06 says:

    anyone know when will ep 45 be out?

  264. Praise_06 says:

    So Yong qi really married another women? if so, then not worth to watch make people angry like the old version Zhi hua

  265. XiaoYangzi says:

    LOV the huang hou and the rong mou mou cartoon ^^^ so fanny muahahahahahah!

  266. Praise_06 says:
    have u all watch this on xin rong? Dam angry, how can this yong qi like that….make me wanna gie up watching cos too angry liao

    • Stephanie_tjang says:

      I can’t open… =(

    • Lalalal says:

      yeah, i watched it. I’m super pissed whenever I think about it. But since I love all the other actors in it, Ima continue watching it. Just cursing the shyt out of xin rong whenever her parts come up. =.= & I heard yong qi married xin rong before xyz. or maybe they didn’t even marry in the drama, he just went back to xyz but didn’t married…. if so ima be sooooo fcking pissedddd.

      • 布小美* says:

        If YQ did not married XYZ first, that would be the worst one!!! YQ betraying XYZ is bad, not  getting married with XYZ is the ROTTENEST!!! It`s more worse than old version”天上人間”. I hate… (><)

  267. Edaforu says:

    anyway i think that xin rong will not have anything to do with yongqi as he is not willingly one lah… must support XYZ & YQ

  268. LoveXYZYQ says:

    everyday waiting for the episodes is so irritating, can it be updated faster =X

    • YoonaLuv says:

      LoveXYZYQ, I know how you feel. But we should be grateful to the uploader, as I can see that this is the only website to watch this wonderful drama. Please Be patient, and enjoy every second of it… 🙂

  269. Sarah Seize says:

    Do you know when is the next update?

  270. YoonaLuv says:

    HZGGFan & Cathy jing78, are you guys ready for today episodes? I am so excited lol….

    • Cathy Jing28 says:

      yes i am! i’m sure everyone’s excited. 😀
      by the way, it’s 28 not 78. :PP It’s a typo right? 🙂

    • HZGGFan says:

      I woke up at 9:30am this morning and first thing I did was turn on my computer. I thought I’ll have to wait 30 minutes before I can watch it, but it was uploaded already!! I was so excited! Now, I have to do the same for tomorrow. I wonder what will happen next 🙂

  271. by what time will they upload the new eps?

  272. Cathy Jing28 says:

    Let me get this straight…
    the ending song is sung by Benjamin??
    I know the beginning song is sung be ZhangRui though..

  273. by what time will the new eps be uploaded?

  274. Cathy Jing28 says:


  275. Sj says:

    what happened to the days when they used to air 3 episodes in one day??? 

  276. 布小美* says:

    我不得不說真的很生氣(已經懶的用英文講了)  欣榮篇的預告是怎樣? 我會支持新的 一部分也是想抹滅天上人間造成的惡夢 沒想到新的更慘??? YQ竟然懦弱到沒有先娶XYZ? 讓XYZ被那個女人責備? 比天上人間更爛… 我是真心支持新還珠 不拿來跟趙薇版比較 結果沒想到 新版的最後一部竟然要比天上更慘嗎?

    • Cathy Jing28 says:

      46 is here everyone.

    • Lalalal says:

      Agree, and the fact that 欣荣and 五阿哥had a baby together…  他们结婚也就算了, 他们还个我弄出一个娃娃来, 搞什么鬼啊。  & if YQ’s first time isnt with XYZ, ima go crazy. I know YQ & XYZ love each other, but the fact that YQ did it with xin rong, is very disappointing. Even tho he wants to make 愉妃&his 皇阿玛 happy, he still shouldn’t do it. UGHHHHHHHH ~

      • zerofive says:

        who say they got baby?

      • tong09 says:

        No! is because YQ want to help qing er and xiao jian! so he choose to marry xin rong! (they never “shang chuang” YQ run out in the end) =D

        • 布小美* says:

          是嗎? 沒有真正圓房嗎? 可是還是挺過分 沒把燕子正式娶進門… 我知道YQ是為了救蕭劍(天上也一樣) 但是這樣不就讓人有責備燕子的機會嗎? 而且真的確定…YQ沒跟她怎樣嗎@”@273ca8cc510b3f7bf98f68465017486c:disqus 

      • 布小美* says:

        是呀!我不知新版”爾康”是不是也跟天上人間一樣勸YQ和XR圓房 導致XYZ妥協 因為XYZ一直覺得自己配不上YQ… 這太自私了吧!如果今天換成爾康 他不可能娶別人吧 更不會圓房 連晴兒都不要了… 不管YQ是要讓誰高興 沒先娶XYZ 又跟別人有娃娃 這樣的YQ不要也罢 他讓XYZ成了讓人挨罵的第三者耶? 我去看天上人間劇情很火大 感覺不到YQ愛XYZ 常常在誤會燕子 難怪會覺得YQ愛上別人 … 唉ˊˋ

    • amy z says:


  277. Cathy Jing28 says:

    45 is here everyone.

  278. Jaceberries says:

    Cant Wait!!! =)

  279. jess says:


  280. Yellowcarnivore says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU For uploading such a high-quality video of NHZGG=DDD

  281. Jaceberries says:


  282. Lolipopy says:

    Even though they don’t play it on TV on Fridays will they still put it on here???

  283. Michelle says:

    gah i finished so fast T^T… another 24 hours of waiting… 

  284. Lovelovelove71192 says:

    my heart is so complex…expect it comes quickly,but hope the drama won’t end forever…

  285. Ausoek says:

    Does Yongqi & Xinrong really have a son? 

  286. Olivia Tran says:

    so much love for this drama…. =) ♥

  287. Jeannette says:

    why are some of the episodes separated into parts unlike the previous ones which were combined in one part?

  288. Ziyi Zhou says:

    i love love love love love this show.

  289. lynna says:

    when is the next two episode coming?

  290. M0_ment says:

    I happened to watch live nhzgg on mango tv ytd and they stopped till when sai ya has alr arrived! is this the DVD version and not go acc to hunan tv?

  291. TwiddleDee says:

    I love this remake! 😀 Actors and Actresses are new but did a great job. Like the inclusion of the character ban jie ming. And qing er getting close to XYZ and ZW so early in the show! LOVE IT.  

  292. Erica says:

    it’s torturing!!! i dont want to wait 24 hrs to wait new 2 episodes everyday:'(

  293. Erica says:

    it’s torturing!!! i dont want to wait 24 hrs to wait new 2 episodes everyday:'(

  294. Shellywang says:

    Hello Erica, I thought I am the only one who is waiting to watch it everyday. Now, I got friends. Got to work tomorrow and better go to bed. I am afraid that if I watch all of them tonight, I don’t know what to do tomorrow night.

    • Erica says:

      oh nice to meet u shelly:-)
      actually im from hong kong n im into nhzgg:-)
      um…i’ll still wait for it till 2am tonight coz im lucky to hv my summer vacation to do so…xdd
      maybe u can keep these “quotas” to watch them when u’r free on saturday or sunday if u r patient enough><

  295. susie says:

    I wonder why is episode 47 and 48 not out yet?! it’s almost 1am soon! Damn. I hate the waiting of it.

  296. Hihi says:

    todays episode will be a little late. but today will have 3 eps! hehe

  297. guest says:

    me too, waiting for new episodes everyday =)

  298. Nat says:

    when is 11 coming out?? its usually around this time!!!! c’mon faster plzzzzz

  299. Guest says:

    haha it’s 3 am for me, i guess we still need to wait for another half an hour since there’s 3 eps today.

  300. guest says:

    3 eps today ? wow, i didn’t know that, just watch blindly and waiting like crazy everyday haha =)

  301. Cathy Jing28 says:

    Ooh! If there really are 3 episodes today that means I should save one so I can watch one tomorrow…
    ssh! My plan! 🙂

  302. Cally_love88 says:

    y the video is private??

  303. why i cannot watch the video?… it state that the video is private

  304. Winnie says:

    Eh I only see 2 new episodes?

  305. NeedHelp says:

    50!!!! im wat5ching 48 but im going to watch on another site with episode 50 already out

    • Haha says:

       the official sites that legally carry this drama are only upto 49. so good try but no.

    • CT says:

      It loaded perfectly for me.  If you watch it, you’ll be ahead of Episode 49, 10 minutes.

    • HZGGFan says:

      I know what site you’re talking about. I just watched that extra 10 minutes. 🙂 now its time to wait till tomorrow for the next two episodes. I hope XYZ, JS and ZW’s torture in the jail won’t be dragged.

  306. Yilinsmith says:

    can anyone tell me what the song at the end sung by benjima is called??? its SOOO good!!

  307. NeedHelp says:

    The dancing queen and ro momo is so funni and it gets annoying…

  308. Belle Tran127 says:

    oh gosh, I love Er Kang and Zi Wei!!!!!!! Thank you for uploading new eps everyday. ^^

  309. Cathy Jing28 says:

    This whole plot/solution is going soooooooo weirdly….. they changed this a lot! 

  310. Mimipan01 says:

    Is this really true? We got 3 episodes today?

  311. NeedHelp says:

    The queen didn’t change a bit..but poor zw and xyz..

  312. Cathy Jing28 says:

    It’s funny how it used to be ErKang who wanted to take ZiWei and tell HuangShang and then YQ telling them not too but now it’s YQ wanting to take XYZ and tell HS and EK telling them not too.
    Siiiiigh that’s a lot of words…. -_-

  313. Cathy Jing28 says:

    ErTai is too calm! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!
    He’s calm at the wrong time too!

  314. Yilinsmtih says:

    can anyone tell me what the song at the end sung by benji is called??? its SOOO good!! 

  315. Cathy Jing28 says:

    I like it how HaiLu says “sh” but it sounds as if she’s missing a tooth or soemthing.

  316. Olivia Tran says:

    wow so sad….. i shed tears…..

  317. ll_aznpearl_ll says:

    OMG! I can’t wait for the next episodes. Poor XYZ and ZW 🙁

  318. NeedHelp says:

    Wow im smart..I just realized they exposed the secret I was happy but too happy I forgot all about it..lolz

  319. Sammi says:


  320. YoonaLuv says:

    OMG…. I need to wait another 12 hours to watch the next episode….. what am I gonna do??? Hiks…. ;( Thank God tomorrow is not Friday…..

  321. Lalalal says:

    YQ and Xin rong didn’t 上床?!?!? then how they have the baby? =.=

    • ll_aznpearl_ll says:

      I really hope that Xin Rong doesn’t have YQ baby.

      • Lalalal says:

        ikr.=.= otherwise ima be soooo fucking pissedd offffffff!!!!!! >:O

        • Saki says:

          Which episode is this? 49?

          • HZGGFan says:

            No. They’re just venting their anger. lol. because everyone hated the 3rd season of the previous version where Zhi Hua comes into the picture and had a child. For this re-make, they’re erasing almost all of version 3 from the previous version.

          • Amy says:

            haha, if they got baby then i don’t want to watch already, no difference with the previous!

          • HZGGFan says:

            I agree. They promised it’ll be 70% different and majority of season 3 from previous version will be gone, but the addition of xin rong is no different from zhi hua. -.- Stupid!

          • Cathy says:

            what was the kid called again?

    • HZGGFan says:

      I heard this re-make they’re not going to have a baby. He just marries and sleep with her. that’s it. No baby 🙂

      • Praise_06 says:

        Sleep wif her? So he really did sleep wif her? Dam angry. He so dam weak lor as a men.

        Married then married lah but why sleep wif her…ahyo i tot Yong Qi should be different frm other men lor….

        I tot i saw the trailer got a part yong qi reject xin yong on bed but not sure if they reali did it ant…..anyone can confirm?

        • HZGGFan says:

          He did reject her on their marriage night. If you look at the scene of her marriage night, she was wearing red undergarment. THat’s when he rejected her. But on a different scene when he got on top of her, she was wearing a light blue undergarment. Base from this, I assume he slept with her.

  322. tong09 says:

    why yesterday got three episode?

  323. lina says:

    so ep 50 when coming out? in how many hours time?

  324. Amy says:

    Did anyone see the indian or malay guy? hahah, at epi 11 part 1. Behind the mother queen, when they return. hahha!!

  325. Summer says:

    this one is so bad !!!!! why do they write ( CHINA, TAIWAN ) next to Taiwanese actors/actresses????????????><"""""" stupid.. 

    • Sdfe says:

      from their point of view, taiwan is part of china. just like how they write china HK for hk actors. is this hard to understand?  

    • HZGGFan says:

      Because Taiwan is a province of China. China is a more general word and Taiwan is more specific for those living in that specific area or are from that area.

    • ChineseGirl says:

      Aren’t Taiwanese, Chinese? Well, I am born in the US, but I am for sure that I am a Chinese because my dad original from Shanghai, mom from Taiwan. And I can see that they are both Chinese. SO, in my opinion, it does not matter….. we are all still watching the same drama here, Chinese drama.

  326. serene123 says:

    i  like  the  永琪  and  the   New My Fair Princess / 新還珠格格

  327. Cathy Jing28 says:

    Is it just me, or don’t you think that LiSheng’s voice (in HZGG, not in interviews) is really high?? 

  328. Erica says:

    is today gonna hv 3 episodes like ytd? n wt’s the reason for hving 3 ytd? really wanna know!!>< hope it can be uploaded punctually n let us know the exact time…..please!!!:-)

    • Hih says:

      3eps is to catch up to the tv version. so today will only have 2 eps because they won’t be able to go faster than the tv version.

  329. Amy says:

    Do anyone know what time will they upload everyday? Then i won’t have to keep the time checking….

    • NeedHelp says:

      it depends..but its air 10pm in china but it takes longer to upload to the it will take 2 hour  or more.Because sometimes its 12pm or more like 3pm…

    • HZGGFan says:

      check back from 12pm – 3pm china time. They upload it a couple of minutes after they aired it.

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    The cartoon images of queen and her maid were so so so cute!!!

  367. StardustP7 says:

    did huang shang the king, really wanted to kill XYZ? or do you think he was just trying to scare her?

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  371. Ausoek says:

    Why the King doesn’t allow Yongqi marry XYZ? he doesn’t love XYZ when he know she is not his daughter? Why the King just let Yongqi marry Xinrong & XYZ is in tears?

    • Belle Tran says:

      really? the King let Yongqi marries Xinrong 1st?  wow, this’s unexpected, I thought XYZ is Yongqi’s 1st wife

      • Ausoek says:

        No, i heard all the King, King’s mom & yongqi’s mom want Yongqi mary Xinrong 1st, Yongqi & XYZ even dont have wedding party in this remake. But they  still be together at the end. Just wonder why even the King doesn’t allow Yongqi marry XYZ. will XYZ still be a princess? …

        • Belle Tran says:

          really? I saw the pictures of both YQ + XYZ, Er Kang + Zi Wei worn the wedding gowns. I just watch these eps without understanding since Chinese is not my language, so if you guys are Chinese or understand Chinese, Please let me and others know what the King’s mother said at the end of ep 52’s trailer. Thanks

          • Ausoek says:

            Just only Er Kang & Zi Wei have wedding party, YQ also has with Xinrong (not XYZ) for sure 🙁

          • Belle Tran says:

            :(( then it would be very sad

          • ll_aznpearl_ll says:

            If that realy happens, I don’t see how XYZ ends up with YQ since she wouldn’t want to be the second wife.

          • Omgg says:

            YQ & XYZ are together in the end. AND IF YQ and xinrong have a baby together IMA BE MADDDDD!!!

          • Archie1804 says:

            to meinajielun: I think the 2 year agreement is at the end of the drama, where the group fled to avoid punishment for letting han xiang ran away with meng dan. then the king himself go after them to ask them to come back, but ends up with knowing that because of the king, XYZ and XJ’s family is shattered.i think just like the old version whereby XYZ and the king can’t be in a good relationship anymore so XYZ decides to not coming back. but because of his mom (perhaps…), YQ return to palace and make a promise that he will return to XYZ in 2 years time.but in new version, i dunno whether XYZ and YQ is gonna get married (referring to what XR have said that XYZ stole her husband)… but listening to what ZW said that XR should be aware of who stole who’s husband… probably the king has appointed wish for XYZ and YQ but YQ’s mom doesnt agree.

          • meinajielun says:

            so you think, in this new version, er kang won’t  being held hostage by Myanmar Princess as the old version HZGG3? they have ran from palace because they letting HX and MD go?I have seen a photo where xyz is married with YQ wearing royal wedding gown. so confused with the ending. tq anw.

          • meinajielun says:

            i’ve seen a photo which xyz married with yq wearing a red royal wedding gown. were they married in the palace?

          • meinajielun says:

            the King said : “Zi Wei paired with Er kang, and XYZ paired with Yong Qi”
            King’s mom said : no, they should not be paired (refers to XYZ and YQ)

            the Emperor allows YQ to marry XYZ, but I think, YQ’s mom force him to marry Xin Rong.
            anyone knows about 2 years agreement between YQ and XYZ? whyshe still have to wait 2 years? tq 🙂

          • HZGGFan says:


            YQ and his mom had an agreement which is YQ have to have a child to carry on the next generation so he told XYZ to wait for him 2 years. He gave her a box of papers and said to open one every day and when she open the last one, that’ll be the day he’ll be back. Ben stayed with XYZ until YQ comes back and when YQ comes back, Ben leaves.

            THis is what other fans were talking about, but no one really knows the truth. We just have to wait and see.

          • Cathy says:

            the box of papers thingy is cute.

          • meinajielun says:

            so, yq and xr will have baby?? why it should be XR’s child, not XYZ? it must have broken XYZ’s heart. so sad 🙁

        • 布小美* says:

          wow… that`s too bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          that is not fair for XYZ …
          if king didn`t love xyz when he got knowm she is not his daughter, that is too Callous!
          in old version, king really really loves XYZ.
          That is the best part in everything!!!

  372. Belle Tran says:

    Will the King’s mother force Er Kang to Marry Qing Er?

  373. Cathy Jing28 says:

    (look up) that’s cute!

  374. Cathy Jing28 says:

    EP.52!!!!!! oh wait… that’s just a preview. :((((

  375. Cathy Jing28 says:

    why is ben sooooooo wise? I dunno why, but it annoys me so much! Like, every single episode! -.-

  376. Michelle says:

    how come 51 is cut off? or ended weird.. 

  377. 布小美* says:

    不要演的皇上知道xyz不是她女兒 就沒那麼愛她 感覺很討厭 在舊版 無論知道前後 皇上都深深愛著燕子 他們的感情超越了血緣 那是最可貴的地方  希望新版不要抹滅了這種感覺…  燕子除了為了YQ留下來 也是為了父愛呀…    不要讓新版皇上變的現實無情了 他應該是了解燕子 並真正欣賞她那豪放不拘 天真爛曼的個性 真正的愛她才對

    • Skd says:

      你怎麼知道他就沒那麼愛小燕子了? 他們才剛剛救出來.再看下去就知道這版皇帝要比舊版有人性多了.溫柔多了.

    • iyildlc says:

      我想皇上還是很喜歡小燕子的, ep.16的preview裡他不是說要把小燕子指婚給五阿哥嗎, 要是他不喜歡小燕子他怎麼會把她(一個民間女子)指婚給他最寵愛的兒子呢。

  378. 布小美* says:

    舊版YQ讓別人有孩子 這次聽說是沒孩子 但是沒跟XYZ結婚  那還不是一樣? 甚至更慘? 沒有一個真正的名份…   BE MAD~~~~~~~~~~~‵><

  379. lolipopy says:

    ahhhh please put on another preview this one is tooooooo short 🙁

  380. Amy says:

    If the king is really gotten love ziwei and abandon xyz as her fake daughter, seriously… this drama is nothing already. As in, i didn’t really watch the old version one, i use by reading the books, but this drama is totally difference, can be difference but xyz is also her daughter already after the king accepted her but the king might doesn’t like her for the future…     

  381. Ser_tce says:

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    must wait till sat?

  382. Ser_tce says:

    If i got the chance to choose whether I wan be XYZ or ZW based on relationship, I would rather be ZW. YQ is a prince. He sure being forced to marry many wives or even he has the right to have many wives.
    For EK, he is just a minister working for the king. He at least don dare to let down the king and ZW, especially ZW is the real princess

  383. Earthroot says:

    YQ and XYZ won’t be together?

  384. Stardustp7 says:

    oh goodness…if YQ and XYZ doesn’t end up together…this would be sad…

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      新还珠:) It’s more interesting with more scenes and everything. The old one is good but I like the new one better. 

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  395. Kylie says:…seem like YZ’s wife is evil like the queen Lol

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    Ooh! There’s a vid about that girl… what’s her face!

  397. Cathy says:

    Is it just me, or are the sidacaizi very, very, childish/stupid??? Always talking about siyouji and “guai guai long di dong” (dunno if that’s correct or not) -.-

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    wts, yong qi married another lady FIRST? omg, i wanan slap her face!!!! hahaha

  400. EdaForU says:

    althogh its very angry that YQ married another woman but at least its something new to expect rather than following the old story/version =)

  401. tml says:

    Is the same old story ( just like the old version) that YQ had a second marriage, XYZ is witnessing the whole event. i hope been fair, XYZ is much better with Ben, who can give her happiness.

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    i cant even sleep ughh so addicted to it LOL

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  414. Cathy says:

    How old is yq? (not the actor) well, I bet he’s 20 something and he already has 2 wives… that’s sad. Poor XYZ. 🙁

  415. Erica says:

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    upload upload ush ush ush!!!!!:-)

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    xyz should of choose benji since wu a ge is a prince and his parents can force him to do anything..oh the other hand benji has more freedom.

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    • Cathy says:

      dude, what’s the point of saying “there HAS TO BE MORE EPISODES!! I CAN’T WAIT!!” when there isn’t gonna be any???? All of the comments here are about that…. -.-“””””””

  434. Earthroot says:

    it’s so slow. there is no nice scenes of xyz and yq.

  435. 小綠 says:


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    Looked, renewed in a big hurry. XD

  437. guest2311 says:

    I am sooo addicted to this show!!!!!!!
    Its so sad that YQ’s mum doesn’t like XYZ…

    • Omgg says:

      ya, i hate YQ’s mom. why does she have to be in the drama. ugh

      • Ai Fernandaz says:

        It’s not like that, she just wants the best for her son since her son is her life and the only reason that she is still living and maybe one day he will be the new emperor so she only wants what’s best for yong qi

        • 布小美* says:

          but these reasons are not good enough for her to blame XYZ or despise XYZ.  I think women in previously have no right and be too feeble. they were controled by the old rules. but XYZ is not!!! she is like a sunshine in that time. you can feel free when you stay with her…

  438. Shine2064 says:

    OMG !! Did not have ep18 !?

  439. meinajielun says:

    er tai and sai ya wedding is so cuteeeee >.<

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    Will have tomorrow also!?

  442. Cathy says:

    Aww the slide show thingy is so cute! <3 
    I love QingEr… 😀

  443. Cathy says:

    OMG! I can’t wait to see EK get mad at xyz for losing a blind zw.. i wanna see his reaction! 😀

  444. Olivia Tran says:

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    ZW and  EK,YQ and XYZ who first  get to marry?

  446. lina says:

    XYZ and YQ go go go! i love to watch their scenes tgt. 

  447. Xiiaoxuanheartzxc says:

    Hoping that XYZ ended up with Benjamin. But I doubt that would happen..

  448. lynna says:

    i really cant wait for the part where xyz learn from han xiang which she got stint by bee 🙂

  449. where to watch the preview for ep 18?

  450. Sindy129852 says:


  451. Ai Fernandaz says:

    looking back at how everyone is so anxious about the upcoming episodes i suddenly thought about how sad i will be once this drama is over
    awwwww but it was worth it anyways <3

  452. Erica says:

    really hope ppl stop comparing the old version with the new version. i fell annoying abt that already>< (plz dont blame on me, just personal expression) there's no perfection, no matter is actor, actress, plot, wtever…. try to appreciate the efforts paid by actors, actresses, director, script-writer….. without them, we couldnt watch such a great drama n leave our comment here:-) thankyou all n also the uploader!! i love u^v^

    • EdaForU says:

      u r right… we should appreciate the efforts being put up by them. Anyway this new version is not too bad… its quite nice with some modern concepts inside…thumbs up!!! it will not lose to the old version, something which we can look forward to. =)

  453. Penguin79224 says:

    will ep18 uploaded until 12:00?

  454. salt says:

    可惡的新榮格格,根本就是小三嘛~!看預告我就很火大了!那看首播不就氣死了= =”

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    The new episodes will be uploaded in about 1 hour and 25 minutes! or even less!

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    The recent plot comes out quickly!! >0<

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    May I know this show is everyday they will upload or?

  459. NeedHelp says:

    I cant believe i watched 53 episodes already!Anyways…is it out yet?
    p.s-Why is there always singing contest on fridays…?-.-‘

  460. NeedHelp says:

    yesss it here!But not here but online the yes.Its same version as this one anyone want link??

  461. NeedHelp says:

    Its out here too!yay but im still watching other version..

  462. Jea says:

    its out!! =D

  463. Earthroot says:

    sigh. that xinrong is out. i don’t want.

  464. Earthroot says:

    she came out. didn’t you see?  yeah, i know they are going to get married. just refusing to see that scene.

  465. Archie1804 says:

    i just saw xinrong! >.<
    gyaaa~ XYZ painful moments is here..
    XYZ, jia you!!!

    to meinajielun: i haven't seen any clip abt the myanmar thingy, so i presumed that it didn't happened in this new version. Personally I also thought that myanmar thingy is draggy in season 3.

    running away from the palace once will be enough to give back XYZ's freedom.

  466. NeedHelp says:

    lolz hzggfan.Anyways its going to be in the next wo episodes i believe…or maybe later sigh*

    • HZGGFan says:

      Maybe not in the next two episodes. It’s too much of a rush. Maybe, they’ll announce her as YQ fiancee first. I’m thinking it’ll be in one of the episodes coming out before Friday. XD

      • NeedHelp says:

        I hope so because I want laughter not kissing scenes so awkward..

        • HZGG says:

          wait…are you guys talking about YQ and xinrong’s marriage is coming up soon? O_O… I’m thinking it might be a bit too early, cuz they need to take 香妃 out of the palace first..and that will take a long time….. O_O

          • amy z says:

            xinrong’s marriage episode is gonna be on wed.

          • HZGG says:

            OMGGGGG WHAT THE EFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!?!!?!?!?!??!? UGHHHHHHHH THATS MESSSEDDDDDDDD UPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • HZGGFan says:

            It’ll be in Ep 24 according the trailer.

          • Lovelovelove71192 says:

            it is possible! 

          • Archie1804 says:

            i guess we all will see the hardship between XYZ and YQ after XR enters their relationship, before finally they all leave the palace because of Han Xiang. this will justify the agreement between YQ’s mom and him..

            haiz… i think this new version of XYZ-YQ is gonna be more “hong hong lie lie” than ZW-ER, compared to old version.

  467. Winnie says:

    I heard that XYZ’s mother will be making appearances in this new series 😀

    Can’t believe that Zhi Hua from the the previous season 3 is acting as XYZ’s mother here. hahaha

  468. Shine2064 says:

    Does not like Xinrong >0<

  469. chingru says:

    i’m gonna skip off all the part on their marriage!

    • lisa says:

      exactly what i was thinking about too!
      but really, if they wanted to remake the whole series at least make it better for the fans!
      like really no one wants xing rong anyways.

      if they wanted something to go with xyz and yong qi’s relationship at least don’t do it to the point where yong qi marries another women before xyz AND have a baby with that girl – _ –

    • HZGGFan says:

      No! Don’t skip all. At least watch the scene when he told her “I will never love you”, walks out and she starts crying and tore her “sleeping gown”? That part is a “MUST WATCH”1!

  470. Shine2064 says:

    xr appearance, plus a play for XYZ. *0*

  471. chingru says:

    i guess season 2 is not going to show xyz married to yq and zw married to ek. as from the season 2 story line, they will show until they run of from home and how they please by huang di.

  472. Cathy says:

    Okay, so HS slapped xyz… she’s EXAGGERATING! She’s like, “HS slapped me! So now I’m gonna go because he slapped me!”
    This is sad. this script SUCKS.

    • HZGG says:

      LOL, but the part when YQ and her kissed is soo sweet 🙂
      I agree sometimes her actions are a bit exaggerating, but that’s her character.

      • Cathy says:

        Yeah, well. In the other one, xyz wasn’t AT ALL exaggerating! Maybe a bit, but not that much. blame it all on the script. 🙂

  473. XHZGG says:

    Getting exciting but i realli don like to see the xing rong scene…. 

  474. Cathy says:

    *Looks around happily* ~~~~~~next second~~~~~~~~~~`
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAH *knocks to the ground*
    HA HA! Good job xyz!!! XD

  475. Sj says:

    xin rong looks alright = = not as pretty as zhi hua from last time

    • HZGGFan says:

      What do you mean she looks alright? She’s Ugly! because she’s evil! I don’t want her in the drama to ruin XYZ and YQ relationship. ><

  476. HZGGFan says:

    Xin Rong and Yong Qi’s marriage is in EP 24 =/ (on Wednesday)! Noooo, it’s soo soon >_<

    • ll_aznpearl_ll says:

      Do you know why they’re getting married that soon?

      • HZGGFan says:

        No. But I think it’s because YQ’s mom (Yu Fei) and Tai Hou knows YQ likes XYZ, and they think YQ will be the next emperor and thinks XYZ is too childish so they want YQ to marry a person that is mature (future Huang Hou). Something like that. At the beginning Huang Shuang wanted to marry XYZ to YQ, but Tai Hou didn’t want that so I guess they have to speed up their plan to find a suitable person for YQ.

        • Cathy says:

          Even though this TaiHou is a bit better than the other one… she still sucks. 🙁

          • HZGG says:

            yah, at least in the old version YQ and XYZ got married and in this one… ughh i dont even wanna think about it D:
            and how do you guys know it’s on wednesday?

          • Cathy says:

            *sniff sniff* they take away the “okay” important ones but they took that away???????? That’s like, the best thing!!!! (not really but still) that’s sad. -.-

    • HZGG says:

      how you know its on wednesday??!?!?!

      • HZGGFan says:

        There was a promo on it when they introduce xin rong, but as for how accurate that is, I don’t know since no one have seen the future episodes yet.

  477. Ai Fernandaz says:

    xing rong looks so bratty and spoil when xyz kicks a soccer ball towards her and hits her head

  478. Yilinsmith says:

    OMG!!! come on people!!! your all about XYZ and YQ!!! doesnt anyone care about Benji??? it would break my heart to see Benji all along!!!! like if you agree

  479. Moni says:

    hey everyone! 
    Does anyone know any forums on the new hzgg? I’ve found a couple… but they were all mediocre. Thanks!

  480. Moni says:

    OMG! I know this sounds crazy but I just thought of a new concept: 
    Benji with Liu Hong!!!! Cos we all know Liu Hong from the original series didn’t end up with anyone… 

    • Cathy says:

      No offense.

    • HZGGFan says:

      She did but explicitly but it was stated that she got married a guy in season 3 of the original movie.

    • Olivia Tran says:

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  486. Lovelovelove71192 says:

    may i add you some as Facebook friends?or 微博 fans?because there is none of my friends that like hzgg as i,i feel a bit lonely…i love you all so much 🙂

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        • Michelle says:

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          • YoonaLuv says:

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          • Cathy says:

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            But this qing er is like the other one…. like, how she talks to tai hou: “Lao fo yeeeeee” know what i mean?
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  510. HZGGFan says:

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  516. Cathy says:

    Can anyone tell me why Lao Fo Ye made ZH marryYQ in the other one?
    (this font is weird, lol!)

    • HZGGFan says:

      For many reasons. At first Lao Fuo Ye accepts XYZ, but after so many years of marriage to YQ, she is still not mature. She continues to get a miscarriage. Then, Lao Fuo Ye finds out XYZ’s secret. At the same time, Lao Fuo Ye likes ZH and decided to make ZH marry YQ. 1.) ZH will be a successful “Huang Hou” and 2.) She can spy on XYZ and not let her or her brother harm Huang Shang.

      • Cathy says:

        oh. thanks!!!!!! this is sooo complicated!
        But honestly, I HATED the old part 3. I was so bored because it was sooo boring.
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