Qing Shi Huang Fei / 倾世皇妃

Qing Shi Huang Fei / 倾世皇妃
Ruby Lin, Yan Kuan, Wallace Huo, Tony Yang, Hong Xiao Ling, Kara Hui, Dai Chun Rong, Wang Lin, Wang Yu, Liu Tao
Genre:Romance, Historical Fiction
Broadcast Year:2011-09-30
English Subtitle:No
Fu Ya was an exiled princess who married three ambitious kings. The first marriage protected her from being executed with her family. The second marriage gave her shelter to heal her broken heart. The third marriage saved her people, but killed the man she loved. Although her husbands loved her, they were equally keen on using her to consolidate power. Their betrayals pushed her to become an avenging angel who would kill anyone in her way.

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  1. vivian says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. ClearSkys says:

    I cant wait toooo…. Thanks sugo for uploading all these historical dramas like my new fair princess and startling steps…. so far they have been great :))) I look forward to this tooo yayay

  3. Olivia Tran says:

    wow intense cast…… but my Mandarin isn’t amazing and the more back we go in time the suckier my Mandarin is lol so i will probably have to watch each episode like 2 times lol

  4. Aquamandarine says:

    even i cant speak chinese…. i will still watch it….. this kind of stories attract me so much….

    cant wait……….. yipeee!!! 

  5. Cici says:

    Is this the new drama that will substitute the startling step?

  6. minimohoya :D says:

    does it come out in 9/28???

  7. Thuchen says:

    I loved the trailer, it looks like a very tragic storyline. And I am actually more of a Wallace Huo fan, but looking at the trailer somehwow it looks like Ruby won’t really love him. Btw, is the drama following bbjx? Then again I don’t really want to see it, because I need time gtting bbjx out of my mind before starting another sad and tragic drama.

  8. Mikicat5 says:

    omg im so watching this, sometimes, i rly love dramas, but then i ahet it when sometimes, on eepisode comes out a week, so theres klike a gap between each episode and its so so awesome like that

  9. Mikicat5 says:

    omg im so watching this, sometimes, i rly love dramas, but then i ahet it when sometimes, on eepisode comes out a week, so theres klike a gap between each episode and its so so awesome like that

  10. Guest~ says:

    OMG I soooo can’t wait for this!!! 期待霍建華&林心如的演出~ <3

  11. Hmm.. sounds quite interesting; & starting in a few more days?
    That’s totally a “WINNING” moment 🙂

  12. Random93 says:

    ohh..this seems interesting. will watch it when it comes out, i feel like im gonna love wallace huo’s character already from watchign the preview! 🙂

  13. A, says:

    watching it for ruby lin 🙂 woot! can’t wait.

  14. Mumu_22 says:

    is it  on episode per week? or.. like startling each step 2 episodes per day?

  15. Guest says:

    Do you know if it is confirmed to come out on the 30th of september anyone? 😀 Since at first it says the 28th.. 

  16. Leaf says:

    still not out yet?…i wanna watch~~~~~~~~lol

  17. Guest says:

    OH MY GOD! Serious, YOUU ARE AWESOMEE  UPLOADER ! I hope you continue to upload 湖南卫视 dramas. you are awesomeee !

  18. TSN says:

    Thank you for the uploading!!!!!=)

  19. Swt_babee_gal says:

    Thx. Its a great surprise for me!

  20. Guest2 says:

    finally, waited for ruby lin so long…thx ~~

  21. This website is wayyyy to awesome! QING SHI HUANG FEI IS UPLOADED ALR! So fast! Love ya <3

  22. Fei says:

    when are the two eps going to be uploaded?

  23. Guest says:

    Do they upload on Saturdays too? 🙂 

  24. Mikicat5 says:

    omg, i tried ep 1 part2 and it doesnt evn work, this stinks, i hate loading all these too. i just wish that pps would hav it

  25. A~ says:

    When are they going to upload Ep 5 and 6? 🙂 I’m anxious to find out what happens next xD

  26. Guest says:

    pls upload Ep 5 and 6 already, cant wait 

  27. Luv2emy says:

    thanks for the upload!

  28. kitty says:

    actually i found that the video in youtube was uploaded at the day the show released,
    but the link can be shown the day after the show released…

  29. Guest says:

    Ooh, I saw the preview for Ep 9 and 10, and it looks intense! 

  30. AMG says:

    Download links for TV version are available in my website!

  31. Desiree331 says:

    hellooww…im waaiiitttiinnngggggggggg……[email protected]@70b03db954aa45fc2559e85f5d5bd13e:disqus 快一点点可以ma…….. 

  32. Laughingbabypanda says:

    I have been a fan of Ruby and Wallace for several years already.  However, so far this drama has been a disappointment in terms of the progress in its story line. I don’t see the chemistry in the actors nor the climax in each episode.  No doubt, everyone in this drama can act.  But it has been 14 episodes, and it’s still not drawing me in like NHZGG nor BBJX. 

  33. Aryael says:

    I agree with babypanda that the story development is slow but I have no problem sticking to the story, keeping in mind that the focus is on the palatial struggles and intrigues that eventually shaped the princess. The romance is more of a side dish in this drama…but I am waiting patiently to see Ruby in Wallace’s arms.  😀

    • Laughingbabypanda says:

      I understand the main focus should be on the progress of how Ma Fu Ya becomes who she will be in the future. It’s just seems like a very slow flowing progress so far.  Hence, maybe the last 15 episodes is really where the main actions will take place. :-p 

  34. Aki says:

    the link for ep 14 are no longer working

  35. Cho says:

    I prefer seeing Ruby in Yan Kuan’s arms.  I think they’re super cute together.  I don’t like Wallace much.

  36. chelsea.F says:

    Ep 14 cannot watch at all…what happen?

  37. crystal says:

    Hi, I click on every links but it is not working at all.. Please tell me where is the other resource for it.. thanks ya.. 🙂

  38. anonimerce says:

    problem with copy right?

  39. Guest says:

    What had happened?  Why everything is down?

  40. Aubrey says:

    =( the youtube videos are gonee. 

  41. chelsea.F says:

    no more ep14?

  42. Wei says:

    does this show air everyday??

  43. Ah_he1984 says:

    when is the epi 15 and 16 out? kindly waiting for it…

  44. Asiaxy says:

    when will 15 and 16 coming out? i love this drama it is quite exciting…

  45. I actually like QI XING! He’s kinda cute and kind, really innocent kid that got manipulated. WHY DON’T HE GET SOME TRUE LOVE MAN.

  46. Why isn’t Wallace coming out anymore… 

  47. chelsea.f says:

    17 & 18 coming soon?

  48. didi says:

    can you add another mirror coz dailymotion really not working thanks in advanced

  49. Gues says:

    I don’t like dailymotion =.=

  50. Guest says:

    The preview for Ep 21 & 22 looks intense! http://www.imgo.tv/clip-0-2-2275-206754-217618.shtml

  51. Gues says:

    can someone answer a question for me? I don’t get why fu ya ‘s
    sister/friend went to send a msg to her father? Like the night she found
    out that fu ya is the princess why did she write a letter to her dad
    telling him that fu ya didn’t die? Is she against fu ya ?

  52. Imsurelyy says:

    Ma xiang yun is such a bi*ch ! >< I like Lian Cheng and Fu ya ! 😀 But too bad that Fu ya don't like him. 🙁

  53. Zs_ooi5108 says:

    can’t wait for ep 23 and 24!!!!

  54. Ann says:

    Thanks so much to upload all these programs

  55. Helpme says:

    Can someone answer this ?
    Why is Lian cheng’s little brother involve in poison? And why did lian cheng’s little brother kidnap Fu ya’s little brother ? I don’t get it. sorry 🙁

    • Aliciaatann says:

      Nah, basically, lianxi is have some mental problem. I think he kidnapped him without knowing he is Fuya’s little brother.

      I think why they have these scenes is because they want to show the audience the process of how come the good ex prince become evil.

  56. sushi8 says:

    Anyone know how they are going to do the 2 episodes a day when it is supposed to be 35..it’s not even..does that mean the last episodes are 2x as long or just the last day is the one episode?

  57. :) says:

    What is the time to upload ?

    • sushi8 says:

      Yesterday, i saw one episode up approx 1pm and the second ep up around 5pm. If memory serves me right, usually both are up on QSHF by 5pm Eastern Standard time.

  58. sushi8 says:

    Aliciaatann – what episode do they show LianCheng’s little brother in..I saw your reply to someone’s post below. i think I skipped that part.

  59. Pennyting says:

    Qing Shi Huang Fei Episode faster come out new ep plss :((

  60. lim says:

    Can’t wait for 25 & 26. This is getting intense XD

    Can’t wait to see Wallace & Ruby meeting again xP 

  61. lyn says:

     when will episode 25 & 26 come out?

  62. aaa says:

    episode 25 & 26 finally out! but it will not work cause it says video is “private” ??

  63. BeBi says:

    epi 25 & 26 said “this video is private”  T____T 

  64. Beverly says:

    Why episode 25&26 are “private””????!!!…..

  65. Helpme says:

    lianxi is the ex prince?

  66. Zxhannahxz says:

    Why it is unble to watch?

  67. sushi8 says:

    If someone finds it on another site, come back and post. I found 25 on youku but for some reason it says that it can only be streamed in China????

  68. Kutijenn says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vJb13LOOE8thats for 26
    click on the uploader’s name to find part 2 3 and 4. 

  69. SKH says:

    Okay, according to the description:
    3 marriages.
    Is Qi You the first one? Or did I miss something?
    Lian Cheng is probably the last one, since that’s what the previews pretty much hinted on.

    • bla says:

      Lian Cheng’s the first one.

      Qi You is the 2ndand Lian Xi ( Lian Cheng’s lil bro) is the 3rd

    • miriam says:

      i have seen the episodes from the start but  i was sure she did not marry lian zheng. lian zheng was looking for her after the fire broke out in chu’s kingdom and they did not meet after that. Fuya planned to meet him to ask for his help but she saw her cousin who pushed her off the cliff. maybe, she got married in the NOVEL. i heard that the series and the novel are NOT MUCH THE SAME!

  70. Griffin Rr says:

    Episode 25 and 26 is private….does anyone know how to  fix it?

  71. Aryael says:

    It’s 26 eps already and yet the story has not moved to her 1st marriage to Lian Cheng. I’d say that the progress is too slow. I understand the need to create suspense but if it turns into delay, the progression to the ending will be too short and abrupt for 35 eps. Unless this drama is prolonged to 40 eps and above, the 3rd marriage will be so shortly portrayed that it might as well be an afterthought! I am disappointed that they decided to focus so much on the palace politics in Shu kingdom that the development between the female lead and the 3 guys were neglected. Me thinks all 3 guys and their stories deserve equal screen time. Another thing worth mentioning here is that this drama did not fully adopt the novel’s story.

    • lim says:

      I heard that it’s 35 episode for the DVD version, this is TV version, therefore it’ll actually be 40 over episodes

      • Aliciaatann says:

        I also seemed to saw the description that the tv version will be 40+ episodes. I hope it will be 40+ because it will end really abruptly at 35. Lianxi is not even having his important role scenes in the Bei han kingdom. I think they focus alot in Shu kingdom because they want to show all these incidents happening really changed the happy go lucky princess to scheming-and-protect-her-own princess. And because of the Shu kingdoms stuff, it will show how really Qiyou and fuya grow their love for each other even though they started out using each other to for their own goals. That’s why fuya cannot be moved by Liancheng and fell in love with him and continue to love. And Anw, it isn’t supposed be Liancheng warring with Qiyou. It supposed to be Lianxi warring with Qiyou, Liancheng supposed to be dead when Shu and Bei han kingdom broke out in war.

        • sushi8 says:

          I’m glad that it’s not ending at 35. I read the detailed character description and the novel outline on Ruby Lin’s forum and watching this it was practically 80% different…hopefully with more episodes it won’t be such a rapid ending like Aryael was saying above…Lianxi’s story would have been a 2 second story. I do wonder why none of the trailers really show Lianxi though.

          • Aliciaatann says:

            Ive just Read abt the total episodes, it will be ard 40 ep instead of 45. I hope the DVD version will have a longer and have extended timescreen because these actresses and actors seriously good in this drama.

            As for Lianxi right, he “never really” fall in love with Fuya, but he married Fuya in the end. So there’s not much story abt them. Besides, his story supposed to be the last twist of the novel. So, let’s just wait and see. 🙂

          • Aki says:

            it would be nice if you could give me some spoilers 🙂 why does she marry Lien Xi? and what happen to her second husband ..?

          • Aliciaatann says:

            Hahah! I don’t think it is considered as spoilers since they drifted away from the novel’s plot long long time ago. Only the parts in Shu kingdom followed the novel entirely.

            Based on the novel, her first marriage with liancheng, her title is call Lady Cheng, her 3rd marriage with Liancheng again call The First Lady (蒂皇妃) and her 2nd husband is Qiyou. (if I’m remembered correctly). So, because Lianxi, the next king of Bei Han, war with Shu kingdom and Shu Kingdom was defeated. So Qiyou as the king of Shu kingdom is imprisoned by Lianxi (similar to the situation we see in the ep in drama now) he want Fuya to be Lady Cheng again and take care of his niece (liancheng and his queen) to exchange for Qiyou’s life.

    • Tina says:

      there’s a novel for this story? Can you tell me what the title is, name of the author, and where i can purchase a copy? Thanks!

      • Aliciaatann says:

        Yup. Based on the same name. Author is 慕容焉儿, I think. I think you can find it in those big bookstores cause it is one of the best selling titles. 🙂

      • hanabira says:

        It was one of those internet novels. But judging from its popularity I wouldn’t be surprised if a hard copy was released. You can still find it circulating online I believe. 

    • abcd says:

      Actually, the TV version is going to be 48 episodes.

    • Mirtiamtiuseco says:

      was she engaged to be married to lian zheng? what episode? all i knew was he was pursuing her like mad but married to him? can someone enlighten me on this?

  72. sushi8 says:

    Episode 25 or so.. can someone tell me what the story is when QiYou is sending that pretty girl in white away who was always with him in the beginning. Is that his lover? Who is she?

    • Aryael says:

      she was one of his earlier pawns in his plot to regain crown prince status but after fuya got into the picture, she was dropped. however, she obviously fell for him while he fell for fuya. he treated her like a friend, thus his insistence that she leave so she could build a new life.

    • Miriamtiuseco says:

      i think they had an “understanding”. i felt the prince also knew that she had feelings for him. i am not sure whether there was physical intimacy between them though. it was not shown but i think it was “implied” (that’s what i gather) that they had a “relationship”.

    • hanabira says:

      Her name is Jingruo..or is it nuo…I think it’s ruo. >.> <.<; Ya, she's rather in love with him, but she understands that she can only ever be his 知己, and she's ok with that. She helped Qiyou with various things during his bid for the throne; like Aryael said, she's something of a pawn, but one that Qiyou respects and cares about as a friend.
      Qiyou planned for her to go to this other country and stay with a friend of his, but Jingruo sees it as Qiyou "selling" her to someone else now that he has no more use for her.
      The actress who plays Jingruo is a good friend of Ruby's in real life. I haven't read the novel so I don't know if she has a significant role in the later story; but judging from her role so far, she's not really a vital char to the drama. Jingruo's part in this is probably more or less a symbol of friendship and support from Liu Tao to Ruby.

  73. tenten says:

    Can someone tell me why Ruby sent a message to the Kingdom Beihan using the Pigeon left by her sister?  Also, can you please kindly tell me what the letter said?  I’m assuming she forged a letter as her sister, is that correct?  thank you

    • Kutijenn says:

      yup. i think she wants to use the last pigeon to ask the sister’s father to retrieve the troops and let the prince go. im not too sure. 

    • hanabi says:

      Fuya forged a letter saying that Shu is laying a trap for BeiHan by luring them further into Shu and that Shu actually has a strong army reserve hiding in wait to decimate BeiHan. The Dowager Empress questioned the authenticity of the letter’s contents ’cause she believes Liancheng would see through the trap if there is one – leading her to suspect that Liancheng had ulterior motives. Xiang Yun confirms that Liancheng actually started the campaign because he knew about Fuya’s whereabouts. Which is why Dowager E. was so desperate to summon Liancheng back to BeiHan.

  74. Aki says:

    I am a bit confuesed here, so Lian Xi’s Lian cheng’s brother…and that girl also is Lian  Cheng’s sister….so Lian Xi is from different mother…?

    • tenten says:

      yeah, you’re pretty much right.  lian si and lian cheng are full blood brother and sister and lian xi is their half brother. 

      • Aki says:

        thanks for replying, well, the thing that got me confused was when Lian Xi  used needle to hurt his sister, he said something like, he didn’t want to help his sister because her mom is that queen, so it seems that Lian Xi doesnt really like the queen ,then, Lian Cheug is the queen’s son too, then, why Lian Xi helps Lian Cheug…

        • Aliciaatann says:

          Hmm.., it is because Liancheng is his only siblings that actually treat him well. The rest of the princes and princesses despises him. That’s why he loves liangcheng very much (as a brother of course) like he can do anything for him, because liangcheng is his only source of sunlight in the darkness. 🙂

  75. sushi8 says:

    Oh no..did ep 28 cut off early..the good part shown in the preview is missing

  76. sushi8 says:

    Previews for tomorrow I think:

  77. looklook says:

    Cant wait for ep 29&30

  78. guest says:

    Can someone please tell if ep 29 and 30 have released yet ?

  79. tintin says:

    is it just me or did anyone else find that the part where lian cheng unmasked fuya was epic?  the music, the atmosphere and the convo all lead up to this one epic moment where he unmasked her and then embraced her ever so tightly.  wallace can certainly cry and probably the only guy i have found to cry with such pretty tears. 

  80. Fu Ya and Lian Cheng look a lot better together.

  81. JC says:

    怎麼都是英文留言 好像很多ABC在看傾城皇妃 讚+100

    • Aki says:

      stop calling people from other countries “ABC”…

      • BeBi says:

        @aki: so true.. 

      • Thuchen says:

        Actually I think ABC is not really an insult or something like that, it is just an abbreviation of American Born Chinese. Though I gotta say ABC in your context is not right, too. Since well, I think it is quite specifically referring to America. Anyway, if you feel offended by the term ABC, the I guess you’re a bit sensitive, but it’s alright, everyone has different opinions…
        But JC’s comment is irritating, too. After all, I suppose a lot of other people from other countries including non-speaking english contries do type their comments in English, too, because it’s kind international and this is an english website so it is quite right to comment in English. It wouldn’t make sense if I would start comment in German here, hence, it is true, we ain’t all ABCs here….

        • Aki says:

          OK, I guess I learn something new today (@[email protected]), I didn’t know ABC stand for American Born Chinese , since in JC’s context, she/her was referring ABC to the people who left english comments, so I thought JC was talking about the people from other countries/ english speaking countries–like ABC represents english alphabet, so I thought JC was referring to the people who speak english…and also,if JC really meant American Born Chinese, then she/he thinks all of the people who leave english comments here are from the US!!? (so he/she think only the people from the US speak english?!!)(@[email protected]) I am not American, (I am from canada), so if JC really meant American born Chinese, then, I really can’t say whether it is an insult or not…
          but I do believe people should be more careful when they use “short form” to refer to people from specific countries  thou..for example, I know many people from pakistan dislike people call them “paki”….

      • abcd says:

        How is ABC an insult?

        • Aki says:

          It really depends…

          -if JC was really refering to American Born Chinese, it’s not an insult(may be)? ( I guess it depends on what the American people feel about it)

          -If ABC was refering to the people who are from other countries(/ english speaking countries) , then, JC is calling people from other counties(/ english speaking countries) name…

    • Ezzychan says:

      Because it is easier to type in English. =D

      • Aki says:

        well, “easier to type” is not a good excuse to call people from other countries names, right?
        Particularly when JC managed to type every words in chinese, except that “ABC” which is refering to people from other countries(/english speaking countries)

    • Tangmi says:

       Apparently, this is an English website, so the audience is English based! It doesnt mean that we are from America!
      Also, I do agree that it is easier to type in English. God damn pinyin, I always have to type with my try and error input method XD

      • Aki says:

        OK, it is easier to type in english (for most of the people who are not used to type chinese characters, ie people who grows up in english speaking countries and type in english much more often than chinese etc., but I believe JC is from a chinese speaking country(?) and type in chinese  more often than english…but of course,  people(who grow up in chinese speaking countries) could find it much easier to type in english too
        but  whether “typing in english is easier or not”, is not  really related to what I said, the problem is not JC is typing the comment in english , it is she/he is calling people from other countries name(“ABC”) and I personally don’t think it is ok to use “easier to type” as an excuse/reason for calling people from other countries names….

  82. Flytoseoul says:

    liancheng and fuya should go together

  83. Meow says:

    omg i don’t wanna see liancheng knowing fuya doesnt love him ): sobs

  84. guest says:

    Does anyone have the links for ep 31&32? Can you please post it ? =)

  85. Mikicat5 says:

    nahh it works, its not private

  86. Guest says:

    where’s ep 32?

  87. Guest says:

    I thought everyday got 2 episodes. Why today only got ep 31 but no ep 32?

  88. guest says:

    sat and sun dont have arh?

  89. sushi8 says:

    in ep 32..anyone know the story about the solider who was acting all shady delivering gifts with the princess? Fuya seemed to recognize him…what’s the scoop on him..friend or foe?

  90. Obawint says:

    what will be the last??

    • Cho says:

      I read somewhere it’s 42, so next Saturday.  =( I don’t want it to end.

      • SKH says:

        I heard its 35 on DramaWiki o-o

        • Cho says:

          I was told that 35 is the DVD.  But TV versions tend to be longer (for reasons unknown to me) and that this one will be a total of 42.  Besides there’s still so much that hasn’t happened yet that I doubt they’ll finish in one episode tomorrow.

  91. inheaven says:

    sigh, im losing interest in this drama….it’s dragging too much.

    • hanabira says:

      I felt the same two days ago. Then I skipped watching yesterday’s update, so I got to watch 4 new eps today. That, and probably watching the TianTianXiangShang episode with the QingShi cast, made me interested again. *O* I’m thinking that I’ll skip some days this week too, since I have a ton of midterm papers; that should give me ample room to enjoy without feeling the depth of despair everytime they stop on a cliffie.

  92. sushi8 says:

    Neither here nor there but I do like how the CCTV dramas air everyday and not like some of the Taiwanese dramas I love that are only once a week..

  93. SKH says:

    Is that kid Meng Qi You’s?

    • Kutijenn says:

      yep. cuz the king never touched her. hes hurt. but still, he still protects her. =/ i feel so bad for him. yeah he did make a grave mistake in the past but he’s such an ideal husband. when people frame her he takes her side and has the power to protect her well, from the people of the palace. plus he’s hot! ;D

  94. Joyce says:

    The suspense is killing me…when is ep 35 coming out???

  95. Joyce says:

    Since this is a sister drama to Mei Ren Xin Ji, is this one better than Mei Ren Xin Ji? Can anyone give me pointers whether to watch Mei Ren Xin Ji or not. Thanks.

    • hanabira says:

      This isn’t MeiRenXinJi’s sister drama, MRXJ’s sister drama is Tang Gong: Mei Ren Tian Xia, or something like that. Ruby isn’t in that one, but I think that Yang something girl is.

      I liked MRXJ, the story felt more put together than QS, probably ’cause they didn’t cut as much. And I really do like Ruby in period dramas, so I found MRXJ to be quite good. If you like Ruby then I’d recommend you watch MRXJ, I think her performance quite swell in it. That drama is more about dynastic succession than romance though; basically details the history of the reigns of almost 4 emperors, through the eyes of the woman who became the first dowager after Empress Lv. Kinda twists what the historical records say in Dou YiFang’s favour, but the scriptwriters do it quite brilliantly. And even though the focus isn’t romance, the (fictional) love between empress Dou and her husband was quite touching. :X
      That line “陛下是臣妾的天啊” is sappy but…quite effective in getting to me. ;O;

      • abcd says:

        ikr! i loved mrxj. This one is nice too, but the storyline and acting is, in my opinion better. Even tho Ruby looks like 10 yrs younger here than mrxj, I thought she was better in mrxj

        • hanabira says:

          It is quite true that Ruby looks MUCH prettier in QS. I can overlook the faulty logic of the QS plot ’cause I really enjoy just looking at Ruby, haha. QiYou and LianCheng are good eyecandy, but I applaud Ruby for her ability to steal their spotlight, at least in my eyes. She is about the only female actress who I enjoy looking at as much as I do the guys. xD

    • Helen-lin2010 says:

      Mrxj wasn’t that good

    • aGGY says:

      mei ren xin ji is quite nice! you should watch it! that drama has a lot of twists and unexpected storyline.. 🙂

    • sushi8 says:

      Just my opinion, i love ancient period dramas but had no interest in MRXJ.

      • WeiWei says:

        OMG!! I love that show!!   is super duper goood!! you should go watch it and you will love it..!!  I love ancient dramas tooo!!!

  96. Helen-lin2010 says:

    I don’t get it did I miss something, how can she be pregnant if the king haven’t even touched her???

    • Laughingbabypanda says:

      Fu Ya and Meng Qi Yao slept together 3? episodes earlier, like a spur of the moment kinda deal. 

      Personally, I didn’t like that twist there, because how can they just act impulsively when she knows Lian Qiang is out there waiting for her even if she doesn’t like him, she’s still his concubine.  It’s like putting a bull’s eye target on yourself and asking the Bei Han Palace to come “kill me”! Definitely not the way to trying to save MQY and herself out of the BH palace.  

    • Wei Wei says:

      I think on ep 34 or 35..there was one scene..that FuYa wants the BaiHan princess to save QiYou… and since BaiHan princess likes QiYou, she told FuYa that she can help her.. but she has to become QiYou’s wife first.. so the night FuYa went to BaiGon to try to get QiYou drunk and lied to him…after QiYou was drunk.. FuYa came out to the door, the BaiHan princess was outside.. so they switched.. and BaiHan princess successed  slept with QiYou..

  97. Obawint says:

    it is like not the end the 35 !!!! very long !! i really want to know what will be the last and the king is very poor!!

    • Aliciaatann says:

      i think the last king is Fuya’s Brother. D:

      • T-Drama says:

        I think so too. AFter all, it is fair to have Fuya’s brother becoming king because their kingdom was destroyed by others.  God has mercy!!! and I hope to see a happy ending!

        • hanabira says:

          I thought the last king is supposed to be that 小框子 person who became a general and is supposed to be something like the founder of the Song dynasty or something…if I’m not completely butchering Chinese history.

          But then again I haven’t watched today’s episodes so I don’t really know which “last king” we’re talking about here.

  98. sushi8 says:

    Wait! So now QiYou’s two ladies are pregnant, his coward King brother’s wife is pregnant..all three in the same place???

    • Guest says:

      I don’t think MaFuYa is pregnant yet…. and I think that BaiHan princess is not pregnant either…. she is just trying to get QiYou’s attention…

  99. Guest says:

    apparently all the episodes are out? Dunno how to download though…

  100. Aki says:

    well, am I the only person who starting to dislike the main couple, I mean she is married to Lian Qiang, yet she slept with another guy and in her husband’s territory too(which is = to your wife/ husband have sex in your house with their lover )..this is just morally wrong…and am I the only person found their” first time” very unromantic…. I mean, they are doing it in a prison house..
    well, I can see why they add that part, because they  want to make them be each others 1st time since the male lead will sleep with the princess later on….but still, I am really starting to dislike the main couple because of that…
    and also, the princess is not “evil” like the queen, and she did a lot for him,.. and see how the male lead treats her, does he even feel bad to treat a girl like that…( i know he doesn’t like her, but, she saved his life and all that, and shouldnt him at least feel a but thankful or something…)

    • Kutijenn says:

      u say that cuz you’ve seen the princess’s side. but if u put ur shoes in qi yongs… shes just a spoiled princess who smacks him around and loves to watch him suffer as she toys with him. plus he never wanted to sleep with her. 

      • Aki says:

        ya sure, she is a spoiled, bratty princess who smacks him around and toys with him, and he never wanted her, but no matter what she saved his life, if not for her, he wouldn’t even be alive and got to see  Fu ya again…right? shouldn’t he at least feel a bit thankful for that…

        • T-Drama says:

          Saving someone’s life does not mean that you owe that person your life nor you become that person’s slave.  People do things to help other should be from their good needs. If someone helps you and asks you to return his favor. Then this person does not have a good intention in saving someone in the first place! This is how I think!!! Loving and Saving someone’s life is two different things!

        • Kutijenn says:

          no. -.- if she didnt steal the prince in the first place… wallace would have exchanged him for the girl. and eventually the girl will find her way out. 

          • Kutijenn says:

            the princess was not the one that saved qiyo’s life. it was the girl. (ruby) 
            she gave her sister’s letter to the father, and he was the one that exchanged qiyo with someone else during death. 

    • Cho says:

      If you think about it from their point of view, what if they never got out of there?  What if they died there?  Wouldn’t you want to have no regrets in case you die in enemy territory?

      As for the princess, I don’t really see how she saved him.  Every thing I see her do is for her own goals.  She hated him at first and caused him suffering.  Stabbed him at the camp and in the prison had him fight 3 guys while being chained to a wall.  Stole the jade that she knew meant a lot to him and then tricked him into sleeping with her.  To be honest I find his reaction to be completely understandable and logical.  She’s not evil but she’s not exactly someone who stirs up my compassion either.

      • Aki says:

        ya, I can see why they did it, but how does it make it “less” morally wrong…? just becauce people are dying or scared of dying with regrets…doesnt mean it is ok for them to do something that are wrong….and hurt other peoples feelings(in this case would be Lian Qiang’s)..right? ^^;

        how she saved him..you remember she put the power into the drink and she carried him to leave the palace…
        and of course she is not doing all this just for him and she is doing this for herself too, but ….she did risk a lot of things to save him right….(well, just want to say, I am not a fan of her thou)

        • Cho says:

          Well don’t forget Lian Qiang basically ruined Fuya’s previous life with her family and caused her quite a bit of suffering.  Not that she knew it at the time.  She also expressed from the very beginning back in her hometown that she didn’t like him that way and again when she married him.  He kept her and her lover anyways, gave her freedom to go see him, now this might be a modern perspective of mine but isn’t that asking for trouble?

          Sorry I hadn’t watched today’s episode when I wrote that.  I suppose she did, even though Fuya was the one who begged the lord to help her, and gave him the powder.  I think the lord guy could have easily hired someone else to take the role of the princess if she wanted to stay home and take care of her elderly mother.  I feel like she’s another version of Lian Qian’s queen.

          • Aki says:

            ya, of course I remember he ruined Fuya’s previous life, killed her father indirectly and all that, but how does it have anything to do with the fact that  Fuya slept with Qi You when she was married to another person..?(and also, as you’ve mentioned already, she found out after, right?)
            ya, she did express really clearly that she did not love him, but she was the one who agreed to to marry him and became his wife, so she should take the “responsibility” as someones wife(and the decision she made) right?(again, how does tha fact that”she doesn’t love him” make it less  morally wrong for them to have sex?)
             Lian Qiang did let her saw Qi You once (while Lian Qiang was there) but I don’t recall  Lian Qiang gave her the freedom to go see him by herself  ….. I thought they tricked the princess to give her the premission to see him  (and Lian Qiang didn’t know about it….)

            ya,  Fuya did help him too and so both Fuya and the princess( and the lord) togther saved his life, so ya, Qi You should be thankful to all of them.

            the lord guy could have hired someone else to help Qi You out instead, but he didn’t so we never know if it would work out too if the princess didn’t help, and since we didn’t see the entire “process” of how they managed to help him out so there may also be a possibility that she actually used some connection as a princess too, but we never know, if we just keep guessing what happen if this and that ,then there are really, many possibilities out there, so why don’t we just stick with the fact—she helped him out.

            I don’t think she is another version of Lian Qiang’s queen (at least,at the moment) I see her more as a spoiled bratty princess who are not good at interacting with people other than her servants, people who do not do what she wants them to.

    • hanabira says:

      No, you’re certainly not the only one wreaking havoc over “morality” issues. Morality is a subjective thing however. Certainly you have a right to think FuYa is immoral by sleeping with QiYou, and LianCheng may think the same, because you both view FuYa as LianCheng’s wife. But despite the 和亲 thing, I highly doubt either FuYa or QiYou really sees her as being LianCheng’s wife. Besides LianCheng and FuYa not having any sort of physical relationship whatsoever, we also never even see a ceremony of any sort, only LianCheng announcing that he has accepted princess DiLian as his concubine. Yes, LianCheng loves Fuya, and it is a cruel thing for him to find out that she not only gave her heart to another man, but her body as well; but FuYa DID confess to LianCheng forthright that QiYou is the one she loves, the one that she will forsake life for, if only to accompany him on the road of death. As to the matter of location, certainly it adds to LianCheng’s pain – I’m sure FuYa and QiYou would’ve chosen somewhere OUT of LianCheng’s domain, if they had been able. Truth is they didn’t know if they would ever leave BeiHan.

      FuYa’s morality is a hard case to argue – would she even care if people think her immoral, when QiYou is the person she places above even her life? Would she lament the sacrifice of her morality for QiYou when she’s already come to terms with sacrificing her life for him? I don’t think she would, so all we are really doing is wasting our breath debating a non-issue. You’re entitled to your opinion, we are to ours. As for “ancient standards,” Song dynasty, the one about to come into existence, was the beginning of sexual prudeness – the beginning of a Chinese “Victorian era mentality” if you will. Tang was still quite open, and I imagine 五代十国 probably doesn’t defer too far from Tang, in terms of sexual openness.

      As to QiYou’s treatment of LianSi…hmm…certainly I don’t condone his actions, just like I shouldn’t condone LianCheng’s violent outbursts towards XiangYun…yet like many have remarked already, I don’t find myself in a terrible outrage though I recognize the exhibitions of domestic violence. Uh…I’ll just say that it’s in character for both QiYou and LianCheng to act thus – so remember girls, when you meet guys like QiYou and LianCheng, who make it amply clear to you that you’re not his FuYa – don’t be stupid like XiangYun and LianSi now. You deserve better! A hot husband isn’t necessarily the best husband.

  101. Bubble says:

    The TV show deviated from the book so much, it is utter nonsense to bear the same title.

  102. Haha says:

    hahahhaa….. i really want to see the END~~~ this is dragging too long!

  103. Aryael says:

    Ok, this is where I exit. Endured this drama this long to see Wallace in action and now that he is out of the action, no point continuing as the story is really weak. And yes, I agree, this drama deviated a lot from the sensational novel. One wonders why Ruby would bother spending money buying the rights of the novel when she hardly follows the novel at all. There is a reason why the novel’s so popular and she should have stuck to the novel’s story. This drama = disappointment.

    • sushi8 says:

      Not that this drama didn’t have its good points initially but I agree, if the story is so different I don’t really see the point in ruby spending a fortune it. I went from following this drama like crazy to being like…ehhh…it’s okay. =( Yet I really shouldn’t complain all that much bc BuBuJingXin followed the novel almost all the way and I cried my eyes out.

      • Aryael says:

        Totally agree with your comment about BBJX. Best drama ever! Perfect example of how to properly adapt a novel into a successful drama! 🙂

        • Aliciaatann says:

          but if they follow the novel, they will not be able to finish by episode 42 or 48. D: So my guess Ruby’s take is to reduce the complication in the original storyline and make all the good plots stronger in the drama. But I personally think the changes is good but why she never change Liancheng’s death to later episode? At least that motivates me to watch. D:

    • Aliciaatann says:

      HAHAH! me too. I shall not continue after this drama ends. Sucha’ disappointment when he died, man. I <3 this guy.

  104. Laughingbabypanda says:

    Now that Wallace is out, guess I’m done with this drama ;-p   

    As a fan of Wallace, I don’t understand why he took the part as Lian Qiang. (I know Ruby said it once in an interview that she begged Wallace 3 times before he agreed to take the part.) He does a super job in portraying the tragic lovestruck king who did everything he can to get to his first love.  But I don’t see how the story line fully developed his character. Ratings might last longer and higher if he’s the main lead. 

    • hanabira says:

      Hmmm. Do you mean if Wallace played QiYou? Or if LianCheng became FuYa’s love interest?

      Wallace doesn’t really have the QiYou feel to me, but he makes an impressive LianCheng imo. As for the storyline, I think the author of the original novel was going for a kind of “somethings in life can’t be helped” feeling. I’ve not read the novel, but I do believe having LianCheng as FuYa’s father’s killer is an innovation purely for the drama adaptation, in attempt to justify why FuYa won’t love the poor, lovestruck man.

      I actually anticipated the drama cheering for LianCheng too, purely based on the trailer scenes, but I have to admit that QiYou eventually won me over. I still think though, that a threesome would be the most satisfactory ending. >: But I guess…when is life ever perfect?

    • hanabira says:

      And, you answered your own question: “He does a super job in portraying the tragic lovestruck king who did everything he can to get to his first love.” Besides his innate LianCheng-ness, it’s also as you said, friendship reasons.

      I know it’s upsetting how reduced LianCheng – a character with so much potential – became, but it’s no less to Wallace’s credit how well he portrayed that character, and even more so that he agreed out of friendship. Why not be proud, as a fan, that he’s a person willing to go to such length for friends? This is actually my first time seeing Wallace in a drama, since I don’t watch very many Cdramas, and I’m very grateful to him for fleshing out such an ideal LianCheng, though the script skimped out on his character.

    • miriam says:

      wallace was perfect in his role as lien cheng. he won me over!

  105. miriam says:

    does anyone think whether fu ya has ever loved lien cheng? because she did not respond when he asked her that question(at fuya’s “supposed tombscene”). if she doesn’t, why cry so forlornly when lien cheng got hit by a flying spear? was she only crying out of pity for him?

    • T-Drama says:

      I guess that she loves him in a different way. Like loving a best friend, a brother.  She does not have the same love that she has for the other guy!

      • hanabira says:

        I second the notion. Besides, Fuya did say that she “owes” Liancheng for all his love and unconditional acceptance of her. He did her a great wrong by killing her father and all, but it doesn’t erase all that he has done for her – most especially his unfortunate, but unquestionable love for her.

        Gaahhh. Both of the male leads have such tragic lives >.>  <.<;;;

    • Aliciaatann says:

      In the drama, I think she did love Liancheng (please rewind to the part where she want to wipe away his perspires after she actually go to bed with Qiyou, which I personally think that that’s really ironic.), she care about him more than she realises. She loves him less than Qiyou that’s all. Furthermore, she already forbidden herself to continue to feel “that way” after she know her country and dad were dear because of him.

      In the novel, yes, she did. I mean, how can she not to when someone who cared so much about her and patch her broken heart (after feeling betrayed by Qiyou)? But the author did explicitly says she did love him in a romantic way. (just so you know).

  106. miriam says:

    for me, i consider qi you to be fuya’s first husband because they were already a couple going to  get married soon, if not for the war that lien cheng waged against shu county. lien cheng was flabbergasted when he knew of her “infidelity” but did not blame her because in his heart, he knew it was he who tore them apart. when qi you was handed a death sentence for ‘adultery”, he answered, ” what adultery? she is my wife!”. i consider lien cheng as fuya’s second husband. this is based on what i have seen so far in this series, not the book. i haven’t read the book, so i don’t know how far different did the author portray the different characters.maybe, fuya was engaged to lien cheng in the book. if that is the case,then i will consider  lien cheng as  the first husband.

    • kristy teo says:

      then who is fuya’s 3rd husband,
      if 1st- Qi You
      if 2nd – Lian Chien
      then 3rd = ???

      • hanabira says:

        Could be that the first one is QiYou’s dad, even though the ceremony didn’t really finish.

        OR maybe the third husband is some complete random guy who pops out of nowhere near the end and kills QiYou and enslaves FuYa for the rest of her life. DUNDUNDUN….

        Ok ya, someone with novel knowledge might be able to answer this better.

      • Aliciaatann says:

        hahah! I don’t know how many times I write this but the 3rd husband supposedly is Lianxi.

      • Aliciaatann says:

        Oh yes, it’s true. Fuya’s first husband is really qiyou. :/ sorry if I made any confusion.

  107. kristy teo says:

    I thought there is only supposed to be 35 episodes, how come got episode 36, so how many episodes then is finish?

  108. Obawint says:

    there is no meaning to look this drama~~ there is already end~~~ coz wallace died~~

  109. Ser_tce says:

    I am so curious. LC love FY so much. y still wan to kill his dad and his family?

    • Aliciaatann says:

      Based on drama, I think it Is Because he need to strengthen his country and land share / power share in that era. plus he can control or allies with Chu kingdom.

    • Kutijenn says:

      i think he was pissed that the king was forcing her to marry someone she dislikes. so in a way… he was trying to prevent her from marrying anyone else. he originally thought she would hate the father… but when he asked… he just realized how important her father was to her. =/ (in a way he did it for her… so she can marry whom ever she chooses but ironically it made her worse)

  110. Ccon Nie says:

    waiting for 38….

  111. Chelsea Forest says:

    no trailer for ep39-40?

  112. kristy teo says:

    so later on, its show’s Fuya pregnant also, got miscarriage, who caused it?

    • Joyce says:

      Seems like she lost it because she possibly had to try the antidote to save her mom.

    • Miriam says:

      from the trailers, seemed like fuya lost her baby. her little brother was planning to kill the baby, thinking he was qiyou’s baby.i can’t understand his hate towards qiyou. maybe the series edited so much about the little brother’s part because i still don’t KNOW why he hated qiyou.does anyone here know???

  113. Joyce says:

    Does anyone know what’s playing after this ends?

  114. kristy teo says:

    where is ep 39, 40?

  115. AAA says:

    I think Lian Cheng and Fuya should be together. But in the end, Lian Cheng died. I think the ending should be bad already.

  116. Miriam says:

    is the title of the book the same as the series, Qing shi huang fei?
    i have watched the latest episode via home cable subscription. what i can’t make out is why fuya’s little brother, a beihan military general, hated qi you so much. there was no indication in the series being played that he meted an injustice to the little brother. what was the reason for the hate?from the trailers i gathered that the little brother sowed misunderstanding and discord between fuya and qiyou that the latter wanted to kill him.

    • Joyce says:

      I know what you mean. I’m lost to as why he wants to kill qi you. I don’t recall any interactions between them except that qi you beat him up while at war.

      • Aliciaatann says:

        My personal take is this guy is pretty much twisted as lianxi after all the years of torture. He just want to be the king of the country so, his rivals are liancheng, qiyou and etc whoever will stand at his way. I think the last ep is quite predictable & probably answer your doubts because I was doubting why Duyun becomes king too.

    • Aliciaatann says:

      My guess is because he want to become the king. He wants to get back whatever he lost after his father lose this throne. Plus he is in love with Liansi. 

  117. Chelsea Forest says:

    wheres ep40?

  118. sushi8 says:

    Okay, do we think it’s really going to end after 2 more episodes tomorrow?

  119. Aki says:

    The reason why I started to watch this show is because I like stories about revenge …..and I want to see how  the female lead  turns into an ” avenging angel” but instead, Rudy changed the story into a romance( and I personally don’t even find romance between Qi you and Fuyas that romantic at all)…and the female is still the same(almost) as before, everyone like bullying her and she never get back to anybody….(beside lian cheng once)

    my only reason why I am still watching this drama is because I don’t like leaving drama unfinished(and since I ve watched like 30+ ep already, I might well just finish it)

    • Aki says:

      i meant lian cheng’s queen not lian cheng ^^;

      and also, I think someone should change the “description” of this drama….

      • sushi8 says:

        Aki, I gotta agree with you. I’m sticking around to see this end too. The drama really disappointed me. The romance wasn’t all that romantic, none of the characters have any chance at redemption, good characters met bad endings, the evil ones were way too evil. Even the crying moments…where I’m supposed to feel sad and bawling..I’m kinda like…oh well that sucks instead. Ditto about the summary too…It appears they are going to take Fuya from being way super naive to the super evil over night when they had a chance in 40 episodes to at least let her learn from her mistakes and slowly show the evolution of her character… (sigh)

        • Miriam says:

          i found the men’s love for fuya DEEP . i can’t say that of fuya however.qiyou specially wanted fuya to believe in him. FUYA had doubts of her husband(which i hated because of qiyou’s deep love for her). i am quite sad if this story turns into a TRAGEDY. it was quite a relief that wallace and yang kuan accepted their respective roles because i can’t imagine them exchanging roles to each other. Both roles fitted them so well!

    • Miriam says:

      i saw the trailer and i was so sad to see qiyou got killed. tonight’s episode showed the reason why fuya’s brother hated qiyou. it was never shown in the series that the brother had unrequited love towards lienxi. thought he was only following the orders of his superior, princess lienxi.i found the revelation too sudden to my liking.one more thing i don’t like in the story is why fuya would easily believe her brother than her husband after going through so many hardships and fuya’s faith towards her husband was tested and found wanting.2) why fuya didn’t make a more potent poison which can claim the evil grand concubine’s life in just a few minutes.this enough time will give the evil woman more room to fulfill more evil deeds.3) the karmic debts of the bad people would only be tackled in the last epiisode. will i find that satisfying?
      overall, i LOVE the story, the music and their acting. a recommended show for everyone. i still don’t know how this will end but this series has already made a lasting impression on me.

      • Miriam says:

        one more thing to add: fuya’s lady in waiting/servant commented that qiyou was not getting better after drinking fuya’s medicine. WHY didn’t fuya ever suspect anything wrong, her being an excellent healer at that! i THINK her brother was slowly poisoning qiyou because he had revised the medicine prescription of FUYA to treat qiyou’s illness.(it didn’t mention what disease he has, only he is getting sicker)

        • Kutijenn says:

          maybe she does suspect but did not show. 
          Im sure she doesnt really believe the king killed her child. she’s just following the plans of the evil plot to lure out the real mastermind. she doesnt know who, that’s why she went after both the other princess and the old concubine. She didnt lay her hands on the king. I think she also knows that her brother was the one that killed the baby. that’s why she’s trying to take the blame. 

          Ruby’s smart. everything she does… has its point. Unless im giving her too much credit. but we’ll see tomorrow. 

          i have a feeling her brother will eventually die in her hands. Probably cuz qiyo’s death has something to do with the brother. and im sure she’s gonna remember her brother’s hands squeezing her belly. 

          • Kutijenn says:

            scratch that. i gave her too much credit. -.- saw the trailer. what a disappointment. what happened to her previous wits? gee.

  120. Laughingbabypanda says:

    Exactly my same thoughts !

  121. Chelsea Forest says:

    wheres ep42?

  122. Champagnekisses078 says:

    Hello (who ever the uploader is), would you mind uploading Episode 43 and 44 as soon as possible please ? Thank you very much =)

  123. kay says:

    Fuya third husband is lianxi. omg.

  124. Joyce says:

    That’s shit. Can’t believe Qiu you dies!!! And what, she marries Lian Xi??? The guys whose been trying to kill her from the start? WTF!!

  125. Sanaries83 says:

    I only watched this show cause of Ruby lin and Wallace Huo.. I was disappointed in this story cause the synopsis was very different from what the story is about.. but great job to the actors and actresses who acted in this show, its not easy

    • Joyce says:

      I was very disappointed that Wallace died. I thought he was going to hold on til the end. But death really ended all his sorrows.

    • Miriam says:

      i got so touched with many scenes that i cried. ALL of the actors/actresses there in the series are so GOOD!

  126. Shiba says:

    How many more episodes are there? 

  127. T-Drama says:

    omg…so tragic!!!

  128. Miriam says:

    i give this series a 4STAR. i was so touched by the love shown by qiyou and lien cheng for fuya> how could fuya have little faith in her husband?sould she not investigate who caused the death of her mother? how could she just assume the lies fabricated by her brother. she had been far apart from her long lost brother and she assumed him to be “innocent” and “guileless”. that’s the weak part of her character.

    • Joyce says:

      I know…I was like screaming at my screen while watching this.

    • guest #11111111 says:

      You are right, it was a somewhat of a disappointment seeing as she was smart throughout the whole series up until that part and QiYou on his part had never doubted her.  However, I do give credits to the writer for putting in flaws in her character so that us as the viewer can feel differently for her and see her in a different light.  In her defense, she had lost her baby and seeing that family are so important to her, it maybe hard for her to start doubting her brother and seeing as that jerk of a brother is manipulative and constantly misleading her.  As you had said which you are absolutely right, these are her weak points which is a part of her character.  At this point of the story, we see that she can no longer maintain a clear conscience and for everything that she has been through, deaths after deaths, she has finally fallen apart once again. 

  129. Obawint says:

    who is lian xi??

  130. Hahara8 says:

    Seriously, compare to Ruby Lin, Lian Si is so ugly….She’s actually Miss Chinese Sydney…I don’t believe it..

    • Miriam says:

      for me, everyone is beautiful. lien si, fuya, wallace’s wife there in the series,evil the wicked concubine!! lien si is very pretty(i don’t know her) guess, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  131. Gloomysugar says:

    Wheres episode 43…><

  132. Guest says:

    *Spoiler* Wait, so at the end she was holding hands again with qi you.. is it her imagination?

    • sushi8 says:

      Yeah..what the heck was that about? Confused..

      • guest #11111111 says:

        its one of those ambiguous ending where the viewer determined whether the glass is half empty or half full.  she had said at the end that she will no longer seek death and that she will survive so someone can say, she lives positively for the sake of all who loves her and wanted her to live on and that Qi You will live on happily with her through her memories.  although its an ending that many would not had hope for, its overall not a bad ending as it convey a positive message. 

        • Miriam says:

          did she say that she wouldn’t kill herself? i’d like to watch that. i think i am going to re=watch the last episode because in my opinion, she already has LOST  her loved ones and she has no reason to live anymore. taht would be more dramatic and i think in those times, it is NOT a sin to commit suicide(only catholics consider suicide to be a sin, am i right? i don’t know about buddhists though)

          • Yes you are right, in those days women are not as liberated as modern society and to commit suicide may seem ideal to a woman who has lost everything.  As you know, the scriptwriters pretty much altered a lot of the story lines and I believed they just wanted to incorporate a more positive or open endings where viewers be the judge of how they want the ending to be. 

            I had just re-watched the final scene of the last episode, she had stated that “i will no longer give up my life in hopes to seek the next life.  Because as long as I am still living, we won’t…” I couldn’t make out the last few words as the flute music started to overwhelmed her voice lol.  However, I am having a friend who knows how to read chinese to translate it for me.  =)

          • Miriam says:

            i have re-watched the last part. and yeah, you’re right. at first, she intended to commit suicide( when the zhou general asked her where she was going, she said”to accompany your brother(qiyou)”). but then in later scenes, she said” i have abandoned seeking to end my life because as long as i live, we will never be apart.” that means, she can still reminisce memories of qiyou and her during their happier times. that way, qi you is still living like he never has died.

          • Ah yes, thank you Miriam!  That is the best translation as it can be.  I was able to make out the words in spite of the flute music after reading your translation.  In a way, I am glad she decided to live on so that Qi You will not be forgotten.  As you said, that is how Qi You can remain in her memories and to live on with her. 

  133. Laughingbabypanda says:

    Random, but of all the death scenes in this drama, i got watery when yuan zhu died explaining how she took mfy’s big bed and ate all her foods :-p 

    • Miriam says:

      many people got killed in the last episode! at least fuya got the nerve to revenge all the deaths(she DID not know her brother’s real character until the end. that was one of the 2 WEAK points i found in her character, the other is not being there for her husband ALL THE WAY). qiyou is always there for her, defending her against malicious rumors and attack to her honor so i reallyCRIED when she decided to leave qiyou.( i like yan kuan’s(qiyou) and wallace’s(lien cheng) acting here, SO GOOD)

  134. T-Drama says:

    I think it has an ambiguous ending so that viewers can think whatever ending that they want to have. Seriously, i think there might be a miracle in this movie so that Qi You alive again. When he falls into the river, it is not sure that he is dead! someone might rescue him ect…ect…

    If I was Fu Ya, I will be dramatized for my entire life.

  135. Miriam says:

    i interpreted it as that she had maybe thrown herself into the river and the fact the she could see qiyou meant she was dead. so, they were together again in the afterlife.

  136. Miriam says:

    i am advising those who don’t want spoilers not to read the comments here before watching the whole drama series. it is hard not to have divulged on what had happened because we are commenting/discussing  on something we had already seen.

  137. Phoenix says:

    This novel writer is sad person! She/He likes to kill everyone in the scene.      這小說作者是個悲情的人,她/他希望全部的人都死光。讓人看完這齣戲,真是傷心難過!           問世間情為何物?

    • Aliciaatann says:

      But that’s the only storyline that follows the novel, everybody dies. Lianxi supposed to be the last one to die.

      Finally I can spoil the story with novel’s plots! Woohoo!

  138. Cho says:

    An enjoyable series.  I think the sub-genre should have been “suffering” instead of romance.  Liked the cast, enjoyed most of the series.  Cried at some scenes.  Although I really wanted a happily ever after, this ending was … I really hated it but know that is how it had to be.  It was supposed to be sad, and that is how I felt.   Ruby Lin and Yan Kuan <3

  139. Kutijenn says:

    ok… this completely DID NOT follow the description! 
    so qiyo’s father was the first husband? -.-

    i thought she was gonna somehow attract wallace’s brother and then marry him as the last husband. 

    and so much for “an avenging angel”
    pfft. disappointment!i say the show pretty much died after they killed off wallace! >.<

    • Joyce says:

      Well she at least made it to killing her own brother. Taking revenge but I feel like she killed him for mankind and not just for her own good.

    • Bubble says:

      The show deviated so far from the book… agree that it’s a real disappointment.

  140. Miriam says:

    didn’t lienxi ever suspected that it was a-nu(fuya’s brother and lienxi’s disciple) who gave him the “poison curse” which had no antidote except to pass it on to someone else and that person dies instead of him? or maybe he just let it go and is leading a NEW life of no poisoning/killing?

  141. inheaven says:

    had high hopes for this but turns out it wasnt that great…kinda a disappointment, im gona watch rainbow sweetheart cuz it’s funny and cute

  142. Lividsnake says:

    i want eng subtitles!! so badly!!
    i am korean andi wish i know chinese!!omg !! i want to watch these episodes so badly
    plz someone help me 

  143. abcd says:

    Am I the only person who got seriously freaked out when out of nowhere i heard “qiyou…..mengqiyou…”? And then I saw liansi and I was just shocked.

  144. jfify says:

    what are you guys watching now after

  145. Cynthia says:

    I stopped watching after Wallace died! boo for a shitty ending!!!!

  146. B_p says:

    any one know what drama come after Qing shi huang fei?

  147. bubujinxinaddict says:

    it should be mei ren tian xia…the sequel to schemes of a beauty

  148. bubujinxinaddict says:

    @63c0059d2678394569e535a1f5931105:disqus yea http://www.viki.com/channels/3775-qing-shi-huang-fei

  149. Bubble says:

    If you are thinking about watching this show and are expecting it to follow the book, don’t bother. 
    This is so different from the book, it’s utter nonsense to bear the same name.
    And overall, a very disappointing show.

    • openminded says:

      It is not necessary for a TV drama or movie to follow exactly the novel from which the drama pr movie is based on.
      Disappointing???  Individual taste.  Watching drama or movie is merely for entertainment, not to be taken too seriously.
      As the saying goes, “Actors/actresses are crazy, those who watch are fools.”

  150. Sunny G. says:

    not bad of a drama, its very cute at the beginning but after episode 20-ish its just not that exciting anymore…too much poisoning and drama going on, and i wasn’t even that sad at the end because the “cute” factor of the couple totally wore off, and they are just tragic and sad…

  151. Tuyen Ta says:

    How did this drama end? & Is it wroth watching?

  152. Tuyen Ta says:

    How did this drama end? & Is it wroth watching?

  153. Wen says:

    Not worth watching if you have watched 步步惊心. The book is so much better.

  154. openminded says:

    The description of the drama does not match the actual drama itself.

  155. Joen says:

    I think Ruby acted too much in the beginning of this drama, but it getting better at the end.. I myself love to see Yan Kuan’s acting here 🙂

  156. Winnie says:

    Episode 1 and 2 are no longer available? 🙁

  157. QQ says:

    Don’t watch this one, it’s a real waste of time. Bad ending, bad story, bad everything…

    • openminded says:

       Why?  Just because you say so?  Lighten up.  It just a  drama.  Actors and actresses are crazy, those who watch are fools.

  158. Eve Delaunay says:

    omg.. why does the latest series around all have such horrible endings. All their smarts turn into dumb blindness towards the end. And they basically killed everyone. We need to have a emo-warning for series like this so we don’t have to waste our time. 

  159. Eve Delaunay says:

    “removed due to double post”

  160. bluebunny says:

    I had high hopes for this drama given the description but like some
    comments before me it was a disappointment. Like any other historical
    mainland drama it’s full of schemes, tears, and hotness (from the Yan Kuan & Wallace Huo)!

    Ruby Lin’s character doesn’t become an “avenging angel”. I really was
    routing for her to become this strong woman throughout this drama but there were times when I
    was annoyed by her clueness. And I know that even though she didn’t love
    Lian Chen-how could she have slept with Qi You in LC’s kingdom when she
    was married to LC?! AND you want us viewers to sympathize with her?Moving on…it told go on & on.

    It’s too bad that Fu Ya & Lian Chen didn’t end up together. Yes, I
    know that both guys both hurted her and both had sad stories but I saw
    that LC’s love for her was truly genuine & I believe that she would had loved him in return.

    I gotta say that Ruby Lin (her acting has always been ok to me) was overshadowed
    by her two male co-stars. At the end of watching the drama, the guys
    left life a stronger impression on me ..but KUDOS to Wallace Huo who surprised me the most!

    • openminded says:

      What is so good about that Hou guy?
      Lighten up gal.  This is only a drama.  Qi you is the one that is truthful to Fu Ya not Lian Cheng who is the culprit that destroys Fu Ya’s happiness in Chu Kingdom.

    • Ai says:

       I totally agree with you! It is just wrong that she slept with another guy when was already married to LC.

  161. ;) says:

    where can i read the book?which has been translated into english, or may be anyone could really tell me whats really in the book.the ending of this drama is really sad, jus hoping to know the real version of this story from the novel.

  162. Amy says:

    Yes, Fu ya should end up together with Lian Cheng. Wallace acting improve a lot. Well done;)

    • openminded says:

      Why?  Just because you are crazy over that Hao guy?  Wise up gal.  His character is a bad guy – destroying Fu Ya’s happiness for his own interest.

  163. openminded says:

    Weird  things noted from the drama.
    1.  Fu Ya worrying about the vow made under the  
         name of Pan Yu.

    2.  Knowing that Concubine Han poisoned her
         mother and not giving her the antidote, she still   
         allow her to live to cause the death of her
         mother.  She has enough evidence to get her
         husband the emperor Qi You to put the death.

    3.   Odd that Eunuch Hua as one who knows
          tradition Chinese medicine does not know that
          when sucking poison out from the victim, the
          poison  should be spat out.

  164. Chhayhourtuon says:

    I very like this movie.

  165. openminded says:

    The  drama is watchable.  But the make-up artist still have  room for improvement especially when making the characters looked their age.  The script writer for the drama also have plenty of room for improvement.

  166. galaxy_2626 says:

    Why are there no english subs? I desperately want to watch this drama till the end. 🙁

    • openminded says:

       Be patient. The subtitlers are doing their best. Don’t hurry them. They are only volunteers. They have other things to do.

  167. Michelle23 says:

    Good Drama

  168. Sasha says:

    loved Yan Kuan in this drama :))

  169. Bbeny says:

    What happened to all the videos?

  170. Guest says:

    After episode 2….none of the links work

  171. DanL says:

    Watched the drama recently though it is a bit late. In short, all the three main characters acted well. I felt that I have to give some credit to Yan Kuan for making a big impression in the drama. Probably because of the Qi You character buildup from being neglected, cold, introvert and keeping all the pain to himself to someone with hope, love and care.

    Storyline was interesting and I do agree that the ending could have been better.

  172. cheryl says:

    daily motion is so slow. its annoying. I couldn’t watch it any more

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