Rainbow Sweetheart / 彩虹甜心

Rainbow Sweetheart / 彩虹甜心
Jimmy Lin, Cherrie Ying, Zou Ting Wei
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-10-19
English Subtitle:No
講述了平民女孩彭小千,由於父親嗜賭如命而背上了巨額債務,誤打誤撞遇上了林志穎扮演的富家公子邵峰,上演了一場好笑又感人的“灰姑娘與王子的愛情故事”。 The leads for producer Chai Zhi Ping’s new idol series “Rainbow Sweetheart” (the remake of My Girl) are Jimmy Lin and Cherrie Ying. They first met at costume fitting a few days ago. Cherrie told Jimmy that she has watched him on TV singing and dancing since she was a little girl. That made him smile embarrassingly. Cherrie is planning her belated wedding banquet and seeing that Jimmy is so content with a son she wants to start a family soon. After they finished the photo shoot she told him, “You face is smaller than mine. I have to lose a few pounds.” Cherrie adored Jimmy when she was a kid and now has a chance to work with him. She laughed and said, “Never thought that we would collaborate on an idol series when we are both married. It feels wonderful.” Because of Selina’s injury on the set Cherrie’s mother warns her not to be in hazardous scenes. The production also bought insurance for them. This is the first time Cherrie works with the director Lin He Long. Her father has heard of the director’s bad temper and warned her to behave herself.

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  1. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs for this TV series. Thanks.

  2. Marianne says:

    Thanks for your gentleness.

  3. Ahahha says:

    i watched jimmy’s movies when i was just a little kid, not i’m 24, and i looked older than him.  he is a FREAK!  hahahaa

    • GUEST WHO says:

      Maybe he’s on some type anti-aging regiment.
      Doesn’t want to look his age revert back to his teenage years. He-He-He-He.

  4. Olivia Tran says:

    My Girl? the kdrama?

  5. Onetea says:

    what broadcast aired this drama?
    but at Dramawiki write on air December..

  6. Aryael says:

    is this 2 episodes every day or once every week? thanks.

  7. inheaven says:

    i loved the korean version “my girl” so much especially lee junki that i asked my mom to buy the dvd’s and i thought the taiwanese version wouldn’t be that great but it’s ok. not bad!

  8. Angel_ang_325 says:

    i like the girl is super ugly 

  9. Aki says:

    I ve been wondering why would she “representing” hong kong when  she can’t even speak cantonese properly(she speaks cantonese with an accent)…

  10. Iris says:

    that girl reallly ruin the show for everyone..even though shes like 10yrs younger than jimmy..she looks older and its like an old woman wearing young ppl’s clothing..omg.and canNOT stand her manly voice too….but cant not watch it cuz jimmys there

    • Aryael says:

      Agree….for some reason, the main actress look very much like a married and much matured woman….could be her makeup and hairstyle. When she had the “frizzy” pigtails before her “transformation”, she actually looked younger. Straightening her hair out was a bad idea as it gave her a much matured look.

  11. Cocy26 says:

    korean the girl actress is so cute n pretty tot this not tat cute or pretty than korean but i still like her. n jimmy lin don look old. hahaha love him!! Xu Kai handsome n cute too 🙂

  12. SKH says:

    I feel so sorry for Su Kai. He can be pretty cute at times, especially when he smiles ! <3
    & I'm guessing this is another 2 ep per day drama?

  13. sushi8 says:

    If I close my eyes and just listen, the main girl’s voice sounds like a man’s. She’s pretty but..I can’t stand the voice…

  14. Angel_ang_325 says:

    i hate when they close up to her face. she look wried. 😀

  15. Mavis says:

    Can someone tell me what time it usually upload new episode?

  16. scheung16 says:

    For those who can’t wait:
    It is on PPTV.
    Channel: 江苏卫视
    7:35pm (China Time)
    However, you can only watch it with advertisements breaks (LIVE) , and  the episodes are ahead as well.

  17. Inheaven says:

    Omfg!! I came home hoping ep 13 n 14 r up n i see several eps instead!! Aww man n i gota study my midterm…well a lil break wont hurt n thank you !!

  18. TaySwift's#1Fan says:

    Um, why does it say there are 30 episodes, yet there are already 34 uploaded?!

    • gb says:

      It could be the China version and Taiwan version is only 30 eps. 2moro should hv the rest of the eps (final) I hope 🙂

  19. Inheaven says:

    Ahhhh thank you!! Best gift for finishing my md-term tody!! I love who ever uploaded this!!

  20. Guest says:

    can u upload ep 35??/

  21. guest says:

    im thankful that you upload this…but sigh im the type of person that gets curious n just go to the end..kinda rather have two eps daily but then i don’t get enough…

  22. Al-ling1212 says:

    happy ending…hahhaha…..like it so much…
    like jimmy lin so so much……so get more better and cuttier lead actress for him la…

  23. foreveralone521 says:

    i like the ending but i still feel rly bad 4 xu kai 🙁
    if she doesnt want him ILL TAKE HIM <3 hes so FRICKEN HOT btw wats xu kai's real name ??

  24. C Lam Nguyen says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!!! 😀

  25. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the TV series, i hope that they enjoying on it.

  26. Marianne says:

    I love to watch it and i miss you very much.

  27. Jlin701 says:

    is it exactly the same as k-drama, my girl?

  28. Pearl says:

    the real cousin is cuter than the main one

  29. Pearl says:

    I knew he was gonna remeber everything when he sees the rainbow SO OBVIOUS but I still give it 5 stars! XD

  30. angelrein says:

    there is no English subtitles, how will these subtitles appear

  31. Sam says:

    OMIGAHHH Jimmy Lin !

  32. Vivianmei says:

    I think Jimmy’s ex should try harder to win him back
    but in the end she lost his heart by wrong doing with Cherrie. >_<

  33. this series is on my list.. wanna watch jimmy lin.. lol.. hope it’ll be interesting 😀

  34. where can i watch episode 13 with english subs?

  35. Sera123 says:

    the movie that i watch is very interesting and touching very nice to watch.

  36. Nycz says:

    so much emotions in the last couple eps… loved it

  37. Racheleke says:

    how can I see the subs, there are no subss?? help!!

  38. Pearl says:

    4 stars not a bad show, not that draggy at least

  39. Queeniee Bee says:

    Wow, the lead character makes me want to punch her lightbulb out… Probably won’t continue this series because I can’t stand her character. Sigh. But I’m a huge fan of jimmy Lin. :/

  40. julkku says:

    I love jimmy lin but the main girl is just not attractive.. ggrrr but still trying to watch this 🙂 

  41. sigh says:

    omg i cant watch this.. the main girl is annoying as hell

  42. Elimoon0 says:

    Haven’t watched this yet, but I knew there was a scene of Show Luo(he was in the movie they were watching xD)
    I know Cherrie from her movies in HK. Her personality is so cute! Very straightforward and funny too! I was planning to watch this cause the name sounded like it was a sequel to Hi My Sweetheart(though how wrong I was xD) and the leads were people that I liked…. Such a shame there’s no time T-T

  43. MJ says:

    Rainbow Sweetheart /  彩虹甜心 /
    Cai Hong Tian Xin

    Rainbow Sweetheart is the Taiwanese version of (the South
    Korean drama) My Girl



    Jimmy Lin as Shao

    Cherrie Ying as Peng Xiao Qian

    Zou Ting Wei (鄒廷威) as Xu Kai

  44. jimmy says:

    This doesnt have english subtitles -.-

  45. Pearl says:

    4 stars

    • Riki says:

      This drama is not worth 4 stars. The female lead acting is so fake to the point of stupidity. There is no chemistry between her and any of the male leads. The korean drama, My Girl is a much much better version of this drama. 

  46. guest says:

    OMG there is a scene with show luo here and its not only him! he’s also with rainie! they were watching “hi my sweetheart” lol

  47. alyaraff says:

    why thers no eng sub??

  48. adagio says:

    how come this drama have no eng sub ????

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