Remember, About Us / 記得,我們有約

Remember, About Us / 記得,我們有約
Ken Zhu, Michelle Chen, Wu Zhong Tian, Maggie Wu, Zhang Fu Jian, Doris Kuang
Broadcast Year:2011-09-27
English Subtitle:No
「來杯鐵馬咖啡吧!」穿梭在苗栗田野,騎著鐵馬賣咖啡的叮噹-江沐雲,天性活潑開朗,意志堅強的她,從不向命運低頭,在民宿裡擔任打雜幫手,勤快不怕苦又帶些小霸道的個性,深得民宿主人王爺爺的喜愛,二人成了忘年之交,叮噹每天忙完民宿的工作,她就會為死忠的咖啡客戶群,到勝興車站快遞一杯香濃的鐵馬咖啡,他喜歡陪爺爺等待,等待一場空,等待一個美麗的夢,永遠不想戳破的夢!王爺爺心中的故事只有叮噹知道,那是相約半世紀的美麗愛情故事!而王爺爺的故事,也讓叮噹一直等待一個夢想~ 某日民宿來了一個貴客,尊爵建設的小開駱家駿,他花200萬包下民宿,繼而完成父親的交待的任務,買下民宿開發成渡假村,冷酷的家駿被熱情的叮噹融化,闖進叮噹單純的世界,家駿身上背著繼承家族事業的壓力、與父親的抗爭及夏氏企業千金夏寶兒的感情糾纏。 熱情洋溢的汽車工廠黑手阿泰,是叮噹的忠實顧客也是談心的好哥兒們,實際上阿泰是汽車公司的總裁,他心繫叮噹,卻因為母親給予繼承家族事業的壓力,讓他只能將感情放在心底。 單純的叮噹、冷酷的家駿、熱情的阿泰 二個權勢雄厚的男人,不能自主的感情 不約而同闖進一個單純女孩的感情世界 最後誰是能與叮噹在油桐花下實現約定的那個人?

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  1. Voonfungling says:

    can’t wait 2 watch..miss ken…

  2. Tammyshih123 says:

    when will this upload??

  3. Samm7960 says:

    When will episode 2 be uploaded?

  4. GUEST says:

    How often does this upload?

  5. 1234 says:

    When will episode 4 be up?

  6. noodle soba says:

    i’m quite enjoying this drama.  nice. 🙂 

  7. Ovaltine10 says:

    Nice drama!!! Worth watching.

  8. Skyfcr says:

    請問會提供每週六晚上10點的中天綜合台的90分鐘版本嗎?因為比這個中視週一到週四的版本更完整和精彩!!!! 非常希望你們可以提供下載!! 因為看不到的人會非常可惜…拜託拜託

  9. mamiahauz says:

    michelle chen is good actress

  10. boo says:

    Ep4’s link doesn’t work…it forwarded to Youtube but the home page only…..Does anybody have the same tech problem?

  11. mamiahauz says:

    i like her to end up with the rich guy 🙂

  12. Voonfungling says:

    very nice drama ep 4 was ok when i watch it thumbs up 2 u guys who fixed it…

  13. mamiahauz says:

    is this playing everyday or during weekend only?

  14. :( says:

    howcome i cant watch it:(?

  15. Voonfungling says:

    now i cant sleep coz too miss 2 watch it any more other website can watch????

  16. cc says:

    ep 5 is blocked, why???? help plz…………

  17. Jason_footballhk says:

    Is ep 7 out already ?

  18. Voonfungling says:

    YEAH!!!!! luckily still can watch….thks so much….

  19. Lynlita says:

    Ep 8 ?

  20. Voonfungling says:

    gettin’ into in love wit dis story…

  21. Guest says:

    Episode 6 Part 4 blocked!

  22. Voonfungling says:

    don’t really like de rich lady…love to see ken and de cute girl…

  23. Rose says:

    請快上傳第十二集! Thanks!

  24. Voonfungling says:

    aargh!!!! he’s getting married wit bao er but because of his love to ding dang big sacrifice…hope in de end ding dang will know how deep is his love to her…

  25. Rose says:


  26. Voonfungling says:

    uuhh… is weekend..can’t watch…nvm just wait till weekdays…happy weekend….

  27. Rose says:


  28. dreamalittledream says:

    how many episodes are there in total? 

  29. Voonfungling says:

    aiya…. ep 16 part 1 blocked pls help….

  30. Voonfungling says:

    bao er soooo annoying….

  31. leng says:

    can’t wait for ep17….. :'(

  32. Voonfungling says:

    aiyo just when bao er is letting go jia jun and ding dang getting in love wit ah tai…. hope ding dang will get back together wit jia jun :}

  33. Blessingsjos says:

    Will ding dang get back to jia jun at the end of the drama? Who will be her choice?

  34. Blessingsjos says:

    I just watched Episode 18 and found out ding dang did not wear ah tai’s necklace. But she was holding ah tai’s hand when she saw jia jun. What does it mean? Can anyone tell me what is her decision? Will she accept jia jun’s love and get back to him? Please share your thoughts. I wish there would one more episode telling audience with a happy ending of ding dang and jia jun together again.

  35. Elly says:

    Hmm…what does the ending mean?  It came as a shock to me like that.  I thought the show was going to be longer, but when I sad the chinese words for end, I was shocked.  I’m still shocked!!  Does that mean she is with ah tai…but she smiled at jia jun.  Why does the ending have to be so complicated?  Just indicate who she ended up with!  Oh…so angry!!  I really want her to end up with jia jun though, but….ay…don’t know.

    • 123 says:

      I think the ending like this completely destroyed the story.   It was supposed to be a good story and now it is suck… Mr Director and screen writers, this is a complete turn off to most watchers. 

  36. Guess Who says:

    Two different men came into Ding Dang’s life — Ding Dang’s soulmate and future husband are not the same man. It could be Ah Tai as her husband and Jia Jun her soulmate.

  37. kc says:

    I was upset and confused after watching epidsode 18. The ending was not clear about ding dang’s decision: jia jun or ah tai. I really want ding dang to end up with jia jun. I do not understand why the drama is only 18 epidsodes, not 20?  

  38. kc says:

    Material queen will add more episode, can we ask Mr. Director and screen writers of Remember, About us to add 1 episode for a happy ending of ding dang and jia jun togehter again? Please, please accept our requests!! It is a good story and do not let us feel disappointed.

  39. huh? the drama ends already????

  40. next week is what drama???  I really dislike the ending!! The ending is so confusing.. Ding Dang end up with who? Ah Tai or Jia Jun???

  41. noodle soba says:

    I totally agree with a lot of you…the ending left you feeling sad when the rest of the drama made you hopeful.  It made the whole drama less enjoyable for sure.  it was one of those sad artistic endings that leave a weird taste in your mouth.  this went from possibly being one of my favorite dramas in a while to one i don’t want to see again.

  42. cc says:

    This drama has sad ending because ding dang is not end up with jia jun. but i can see clearly finally ding dang decision is with ah tai

    • Seriously says:

      You shouldn’t put spoilers on the main page. It ruins the drama for everyone looking for unbiased reviews of the story.

  43. kc says:

    I really enjoyed watching this drama because it gave you hope in jia jun and ding dang. But the ending was sad and confusing, I change my mind to watch it again. 

  44. Wendy Truong says:

    OMG THAT WAS THE ENDING?!?!?! it felt so unfinished… i only realised it ended cause there was no more episodes..

  45. C.C. says:

    I think this drama is made to be realistic. The ending is an good ending. It’s telling you to appreciate what you have around you. Everything happens for a reason and somethings are just not meant to be. Great drama!

  46. ㄎㄅ says:


  47. Reviewer says:

    The story line is too ordinary, and too simple.  For that reason, they need to drag on and on, lot of repeats and playing that stupid song all the time to fill the time……sad production.

  48. Where can I watch this with Englis Sub?

  49. TAOZHONGGUO2010 says:

    google”indaigou”,go to this,you’ll find many very cheap and high quality stuff,without hestation:)

  50. Jodipup says:

    please sub in eng

  51. milk says:

    English subtitle pleeeease

  52. Anonymous says:

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