Ring Ring Bell / 真心請按兩次鈴

Ring Ring Bell / 真心請按兩次鈴
Janine Chang, Peter Ho, Deng Yun Ting, Xiu Jie Kai, Serena Fang, Peggy Zeng, Lin Mei Xiu, Zhu De Gang, Na Wei Xun, Song Xin Ni
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-10-02
English Subtitle:Yes
Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.

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  1. Guest says:

    This seems cute! (:

  2. ... says:


  3. Janet says:

    I LOVE Peter Ho! I can’t wait!!!

  4. Denise226 says:

    is this being subed somewhere else like on viki?

  5. lilanimegrl says:

    yay, it’s supposed to air today. can’t wait.

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  7. Mikicat5 says:

    dude it doesnt evn work

  8. Kirara says:

    just saw Ep 1.. super good! can’t wait for next week’s episode.. 🙂

  9. Bachfifi says:

    Interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for uploading. 

  10. Episode 1 made me cry already. gosh.

  11. Ziggy says:

    this show is sooooo cuttttteeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  12. C.C. says:

    very dramatic for the first episode lol

  13. moon_dreamz says:

    can’t wait for the next episode!!

  14. G2 says:

    is this drama on a battle with “in time with u”?

  15. Nycz says:

    OMG!!!! I LIKE THIS DRAMAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait until the next ep…

  16. guest says:

    Anyone knows where to watch this live?

  17. Szdxhgkjgh says:

    Where’s the new episode?

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  19. C Lam Nguyen says:

    where is the second episode?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 🙁

  20. Mikicat5 says:

    ikr cos then the top says that its suppose to be out already, but where the f is it??

  21. Guest says:

    y isn’t ep 2 out?

  22. yy says:

    where can I see ep 2

  23. Pxo says:

    what happened!?  i want episode 2!!!!

  24. ymage says:

    Does anyone know where the 2nd episode for ring ring bell is??? I’ve been waiting for it all day 🙁

  25. Lili-lex says:

    episode 2!!!!

  26. hk1101 says:

    yay! ep 2 is up!!! thanks for uploading!

  27. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the episodes, wow i can’t watch everything for me.

  28. Marianne says:

    I want to love Janine and Peter in the TWdrama Ring Ring Bell because of the episodes are very romantic for me.

  29. Tntgirl520 says:

    IM SO INLOVE WITH THIS DRAMA ALREADYYY! and i normally dont ever finish any of them cause they all have the same endinggg but im like inloveeee ohmygooodness so good made me cry like crazyy

  30. Random93 says:

    peter ho is so hot!
    omg omg omg

  31. Ziggy says:

    janine + peter = Perfect! 

  32. Ziggy says:

    poor poor xiao xiang..**tears** ….I hope duo duo will be ok. I was nervous when she was climbing up the ladder in the preview. I was like omg! I wouldn’t climb that high. xiao xiang’s ex bf is a jerk! I hope peter punches that jerk in the face. The ex deserves a good beat down!

    • Maybelline says:

      Don’t you think that xiao xiang’s ex seems to have a problem???! He seems to be acting, trying to get xiao xiang away from him! 

      • Ziggy says:

        No question about it! The ex definitely has a problem. He plays his little BS games and hides behind his new (ugly) gf! ….unbelievable….I can’t believe there’s guy like this. 

        In the next eps, I want Peter Ho to get in this Ex’s face, and punch him in the face! real hard! the harder the better!

  33. Maywong621 says:

    Peter peter forever support ^^..

  34. Mortal711 says:

    Janine Chang, oh my GOD… She is just too good to be true. ……

  35. Lie Jen says:

    Ep.4 more exciting…more fantasy in bath room…*~*

  36. Thenycjennie says:

    does anyone know where to watch it streaming live?

  37. Mel says:

    i want ep 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. RebeccaPJY says:

    When is the new ep coming out ? I can’t wait for it alrdy <3 

  39. Fhj says:

    why does it always take longer for ring ring bell to come out ?

  40. octoberforeverlove says:

    wheres ep 3 </3 me wanna watch 🙁

  41. RebeccaPJY says:

    When is Ep 3 coming out ?? What time ? How many hour ??

  42. Ab_gal says:

    i know right… it says like 2 hours for a while then 0 hours.. however there is no video at all… pls upload quicker thank you for your efforts… no pressure…

  43. Mel says:

    please come out and let me watch, so that i can study in peace for my final exams, please and thankyou 🙂

  44. yayi says:

    WHEN COME EP 3 ???

  45. stef says:

    where is it????

  46. Ssathiya02 says:

    Do you think maybe ep 3 didnt air this week?

  47. Lizcheung123 says:

    why does it always take so long!!!!!!!!

  48. Mei says:

    Oh, it says its delayed…. for 5 hours! Nooooooo!!

  49. Mikicat5 says:

    dude whats wrong with it?? its now delayed to like 5 hrs later, and u kno, fans like us, cant wait sooo long!!!!

  50. Ziggy says:

    delayed?!?!?!?! arrghhh!  🙁

  51. kkkkk says:

    delay again?!!!! dun lyk waiting!!

  52. xMiyo says:

    XD I’ll drink a cup of tea, and write an essay in the meanwhile ~

  53. octoberforeverlove says:

    EP 3 !!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  54. foreveralone521 says:

    it says its out !? WHERE IS IT !!!! == im pissed

  55. Priscilla says:

    omg i have wait or like the whole day! and its not out yet wtfffffff….

  56. Ziggy says:

    It’s 5:00 PM. It’s 0 hour. And it’s not here! 🙁  Janie Chang and Peter Ho: did I say something that upset you guys?

  57. Moonlitheart101 says:

    does anyone know where else i can watch this. this is ridiculous..

  58. Eee says:

    … ep 3 please come out …

  59. xMiyo says:

    Completed my essay to realise that Ring Ring Bell is not released! T____T!!! Unbelievable…

    • Kirara says:

      if you go to the original home page it says there’s still an hour left in waiting but that could still be forever.. worse case, we just have to wait till tomorrow to watch it.. sucks but can’t do anything about it.. 🙁 

  60. K232 says:

    arghhh…i’m practically refreshing the page every minute 🙁

  61. kaka says:

    they should indicate the minutes and the seconds too not just the hours and days…. ive waited all day for ep3.. WHERE IS IT?

  62. Anonymous says:

    ahhh, i’ve been waiting the whole day.

  63. night says:

    Two options…
    1) be patient and wait for ep 3 to be uploaded onto this site (a pain if you`re the impatient type like me)
    2) ep 3 is on http://www.qire.com under taiwanese drama !!! ;D

  64. GUEST says:

    Ring Ring Bell Episode 3?? 

  65. Bachfifi says:

    where is ep3????????????????

  66. Guest says:

    Waiting, waiting.  where can I find EP3?

  67. Blegh says:

    I’m gonna cry. Waiting sucks. D:<

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  69. Violinbbrocker says:

     u have to download their player though.im in the midst of downloading i dont know if itll work

  70. guest says:

    sugoideas you’ve let me down

  71. Keke says:

    Oh my goodness! That episode was too cute!

  72. Guest1 says:

    anyone? ..

  73. PEOPLE says:

    sick of waiting 🙁

  74. whereisep3? says:

    WHERE IS EP3????

  75. shirley ! says:

    rawr. they said they’d post with the delayed ep at like, 6 ish. and now they took it completely off the countdown chart… SAD DAYS

  76. EP3 says:

    the link shows a blank screen :(:(

  77. Moonlitheart101 says:

    this is completely ridiculous. don’t get others hopes of, shold have just said won’t upload today…

  78. Moonlitheart101 says:

    the link works just have to download player. won’t work on mac though. 

  79. whereisep3? says:

    i want to watch this before i go to sleep or else…i cant sleep :'( 

  80. Roseate_x3 says:

    disappointed.. : T

  81. Blegh says:

    I’m getting really sad. D:

  82. Sharonish_style says:

    where is episode 3? =( im still waiting for it!

  83. Wow says:

    would it be uploaded tonight?????

  84. PEOPLE says:

    i cant study without watching ep3 first 🙁 plz upload it:(

  85. Deathgod Julia says:

    boo delayed for another hr…omg >_<

  86. Poo says:

    here comes an 1 hour waiting ~~

  87. Nycz says:

    I WANT TO CRY!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS EP FOR THE WHOLE DAY BUT IT IS STILL DELAYED!!!!!!!! i guess i just have to wait.. hopefully it would be up before i go to sleep

  88. Moonlitheart101 says:

    WTF is wrong with the admins on this site. Like seriously get the times straight please…

  89. Moonlitheart101 says:

    If it’s not here in another hour I’m going to be pissed off

  90. Blegh says:

    One hour feels like a lifetime.. D:<

  91. Demongirl1204 says:

    i stop studying every 5 minutes to see if this ep has cone out yet

  92. keep getting disappointed. :( says:

    does this delaying thing only happen to Ring Ring Bell? What’s wrong with this particular drama. It’s wasting our time by not putting it up at the time we’re told.

  93. Sajhfjhgf says:

    I guess I have to watch it tomorrow after school. More than a 12 hour wait. ): 

  94. W82128 says:

    think there’s copyrights problem …

  95. Kirara says:

    Its actually up guys! Let hope the site doesn’t crash! 

    Happy Watching everyone and hope it was worth the wait.. (kinda? for me) 🙂 

  96. Poo says:

    finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. foreveralone521 says:


    still pissed though …. it took so long ==

  98. Ziggy says:

    YES!!! Eps. 3 is here!!! 🙂

  99. Jenny says:

    grr.. i’ve spent over 2 hours online tonight, checking to see if the 3rd episode has come out, and trying to find out why it’s not here yet, and where i could watch it. if i’d only known it would be uploaded so late, i wouldn’t have wasted so much time =_=”

  100. alemap says:


  101. Nycz says:

    YAY!!!! it came out before i am going to bed!!!! AHAHAAHA!!!! i have never been so excited for a drama before… this is so not me….. look wat this drama did to me…. LOL!!!!!

  102. Vivi says:

    Wow~ Finally ep.3 is out! Keep refreshing! Can watch during lunch time later =))

  103. julia388 says:

    yes! soo good! finished watchin…now i can go n sleep =3

  104. Jenny says:

    idk if this is spoiler or not,so ppl who haven’t seen the newest ep,don’t read this, but does he recognize her yet by the end of 3rd ep, do you guys think? cuz it didn’t really show, and i really want to find out…

    • Ziggy says:

      my thoughts exactly. But I don’t think he’ll recognize her. At least not immediately because so much time had passed. This is what I think will happen: Xiao Xiang will say “I’m the girl.” Then Jia Kai (Peter) will like “huh??!?” And then Xiao Xiang will be like: “ha! ha! ha! just kidding!” 🙁  But here’s the thing: he will be aroused. He will pursue her. That’s where the fun begins. 🙂

  105. Ziggy says:

    i finished watching eps 3. They were so close …so close to that kiss. the first part they were like 3/4-inch away after Peter saved Janine from the car scene. Then the second part when they were at the xiao xiang’s house and Peter’s hands held her face and stared into her eyes. I thought “ok Peter…time to be a big boy…kiss the girl.” But he didn’t do it! He lost his nerve! Now I have to wait for another week! So frustrating!

  106. Roni Brooke says:

    peter ho is so fine i want to jump his bones SO BAD

  107. dida says:

    may i know ring ring bell airtime? episode 4 did not air yet?

  108. cute 88 says:


  109. belle says:

    dont think ive ever been so psyched for a taiwanese drama before.. this one episode a week business is just ridiculous.

    • miriam says:

      let the series finish before watching it online here.bet it will be a marathon watching!i agree that once a week airing is so “HANGING”.china’s hunan channel air their episodes 2 episodes everyday including sundays and saturdays.

    • Miriam says:

      i think because one series has only about 13-20 episodes. if the station shows 1 episode a day, it will be over after 3 weeks…my guess…..taiwan is not prolific in making drama series unlike japan and korea.

  110. Wendy19910701 says:


  111. Ziggy says:

    48 hrs to go!!!!

  112. Anonymous says:


  113. Awwww says:

    Omg.. I can’t wait for Episode 4 man!!!!

  114. Ziggy says:

    Wow time flies….36 hrs left!!! 🙂

  115. floweryoucanbuy says:

    THIS SHOW IS TOUCHING!!!!! It has many meaningful quotes which could be applied in our lives. INSPIRING!! 

  116. Jieying_1996 says:

    Let’s see how long would i be waiting for this new ep to come out … 

  117. white says:

    i really like this drama 😀
    can’t wait for the next ep!

  118. Anonymous says:

    plz be out on time ~~

  119. foreveralone521 says:

    on the side it says  ” ring ring bell ep 3 ” 


  120. Anonymous says:

    :DD its up

  121. Lokal_pup says:

    english subbed….

  122. Random93 says:

    i really wanna watch this but im gonna wait till more epsidoe comes out first. i would hate the idea of waiting for ONE epsisode every WEEK!

    • Ziggy says:

      waiting is soo long!!!!!!! I’m getting older and older everyday! by the time this series is over, I can finally retire from work….:P

  123. Gay1233 says:

    the link is broken…

  124. Ziggy says:

    you know, I was actually worried for Peter Ho because Zheng Xiao Xiang was spying on him while he was doing his push-ups. I thought “she’s going to go crazy and rape him!” LOL!

  125. RebeccaPJY says:

    Where can catch ep5 ? Other then one week wait for one EP at here.

  126. Ziggy says:

    I hate the waiting. Waiting for this eps is slowly killing me. 🙁

  127. Cher Minn says:

    i need episode 5!! PRONTO!! haha.. so addicting

  128. Mary Mary855 says:

    oh wow, episode 5 got here ahead of time! :O hm… hw, or ep 5..? EP 5!!!

  129. Cher Minn says:

    how long does one take to be sub? ;D

  130. Pxo says:

    I ‘m only watching for lin mei xiu, but you gotta admit, the storyline is cheesy and old and janine’s acting (and her mandarin) is really annoying! she cannot act at all! 

  131. moon_dreamz says:

    yay it’s out! ty!

  132. happy12321 says:


  133. Ziggy says:

    The nude scene was too much. way way too much. When Peter found Xiao Xiang naked, he wasn’t really impressed. Peter was more like shocked and dismayed. I don’t know what Peter saw, but it shocked him. And then a naked Xiao Xiang ran to Peter and hugged him!!! that doesn’t make any sense. To make matter worse, Peter’s ex wife shows up and paparazzi take pics. All this in about 30 seconds. I’m like …huh?!?!

    • Ziggy says:

      …but I think it’s ok. Peter and Janine make a cute couple. They just need to keep their clothes on. Janine should keep her clothes on. 🙂

    • Miriam says:

      yeah, i also found this SILLY. does the photographer have 6th sense to know he would be having a BIG SCOOP as headline? he was hooting via tele-lens(long distance). this scene was uncalled for.unless the photographer was ordered by peter’s father to track down his ex-wife’s activities but the viewers were NEVER let in to this order.

      • Miriam says:

        i understand why he was shocked. any normal male would be shocked to see a naked lady. what i can’t understand is why she hugged him instead of running to hide.

        • Choen_ni says:

          It’s because she remember that he told her before (the scene when peter drunk) that people can’t see each other face when they are hugging. That’s why she hug him, so he can’t she him. (n.n)

  134. Ziggy says:

    about those kids mistreating duo duo at preschool. that’s not right. and who’s that bytch mother yelling at duo duo? what right does she have to yell at duo duo like that? That crazy lady blew the whole thing out of proportion!  Duo duo did nothing wrong. Period.

  135. Ziggy says:

    omg!! now I have to wait 6 more days! arghhh!!!

  136. Forlincr says:

    Well I like Peter, but why Janine have to talk using that kind accent? It’s annoying!

  137. Cher Minn says:

    i need the next episode ): why can’t they do 2 episodes a week? D’: 

  138. Diana_wang_7 says:

    anyone know the song title for sad part scene? *twinkle twinkle litte star*

  139. Ziggy says:

    16 hrs to go!!! yay!! almost there! 😛

  140. Abeer says:

    3 more hrs to go ^_^

    cant wait for this ep!!!!

  141. Z100loveer says:

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  142. Luvsugo34 says:

    Starting tomorrow we’ve got a brand new way for you to win sold out Z100’s JIngle Ball tickets! Listen for Z100’s Jingle Ball Song of the Day to play for your chance to win your way into the show! Find out what song to listen for & when at Z100

  143. Miriam says:

    i had watched unitl episode 5 and i decided NOT to continue watching this series anymore.

    • Foxgem says:

      Why are you so negative?? Have you never watched TW Drama’s before?? It can be frustrating, but it always ends perfectly!

  144. Foxgem says:

    I am in desperate need for ch.6 english!!! WAHH!!! Thank you for all your hard work!! LOVE IT!

  145. CoCo4Kpop says:

    From the first episode i got more and more into it! One of the best Taiwanese drama i watched this yr so far!

  146. Cher Minn says:

    Omg omg, after watching episode 1-6 i really need the next one. BEST DRAMA so far. I so can’t wait for episode 7 now ): Next week seem so long away! )’:

  147. Nycz says:

    this drama is getting better and better each episode

  148. Nicholelimwanying says:

    i like tis drama~~

  149. Kimberly says:

    do you know where i can find english softsub to donwload this drama? my internet is too slow to stream it. so i download the video and watch it later. but i can’t find english subtitle 🙁

  150. RebeccaPJY says:

    I really can’t stand one week one episode… Mmm, where can I buy the CD ? :O I really like this show A LOT !!! ~ <3 

  151. Marianne says:

    I can’t wait to watch the next episode of Ring Ring Bell and i have to wait for it.

  152. Marianne says:

    I want to buy the OST of the TWdrama Ring Ring Bell this coming Nov. 22. Thanks.

  153. Bachfifi says:

    Thanks for uploading,love this drama!!!!!

  154. Drtw says:

    The first episode of this drama was good, but it has gotten a bit ridiculous as the episodes have gone.  Definitely not the strongest of dramas.

  155. Hs_korompis says:

    When will the “English subbed” be ready?

  156. lalala says:

    how long will it take to sub episode 7 approximately ? 😀

  157. Cher Minn says:

    OMG! Another good episode <3 His so so so *melting* HOT! can't wait for the next one!

  158. Bachfifi says:

    Does any one know what is the name of the theme song?

  159. ringing bell says:

    this drama was good, how many episode? Janine n Peter both good acting, can’t wait another episode.

  160. Virgolia says:

    any1 knows which taiwan channel is it showing, on which day n wat time?

    • vivi says:

      it’s on cts, and if I’m not wrong the showing time should be every sunday night at 9pm LT.
      hope this help, and sorry if I’m wrong

  161. Ziggy says:

    it was ok. not exciting but ok. I guess. : /

  162. Johnny Quest says:

    I love janine show she is so special in real life and her acting is so natural. Somemore she is smart and pretty looks alot like one of the japanese actress Hirokita Maki also one of my favorite actress. XD Hope my life partner can be a girl similar to them XD

  163. Anonymous says:

    one hour left ! ;D

  164. Annoo says:

    more and more like cinderella story. -_-
    I just wish they make the story different, kind of bored cause almost most of the drama is like this. 

  165. Helleey_92 says:


  166. Vânia Love says:

    i want ep 9! i really like this drama!

  167. Cher Minn says:

    omg can’t wait for the english sub 😀 seems like episode 8 is another interesting episode<3

  168. Pinkle says:

    I cant wait the next ep !!! fast fast fast ~~~

  169. Abc says:

    how many episodes does this show hav?

  170. debbie says:

    thank you!.. ep8 was great.. can’t wait for next ep.

  171. Deb_w414 says:

    thank you! ep8 was great… can’t to see ep9

  172. Nana_lohz says:

    when is every next episode coming out?

  173. Guest says:

    um … can some1 tell me in total how many episodes r there?

  174. Guest says:

    duo duo is so cute!!! :p

  175. Cher Minn says:

    hahaha episode 8 was funny and sweet. Can’t wait for the next one, loving the romantic scenes<3

  176. H.n says:

    This ep is soo romantic ^.^
    I want more ep !!

  177. Nickybbjx says:

    OMG peter, why r u so freakin hot!!!

  178. miru says:

    how many episodes total are there?

  179. Marianne says:

    I love the TWdrama and i love to play it.

  180. Marianne says:

    I can’t feel that the story is very romantic for me.

  181. Bachfifi says:

    does anyone know what is name of the song in this drama?


  182. Bachfifi says:

    does anyone know what is name of the song in this drama?


  183. Chinagirl1314 says:

    Not much chemistry btw Janine and Peter… 🙁 

  184. Chinagirl1314 says:

    Not much chemistry btw Janine and Peter… 🙁 

  185. Guest says:

    ima gonna cry 4m watching ep 9! :'(

  186. Guest says:

    ima gonna cry 4m watching ep 9! :'(

  187. akari says:

    i love eps 9~ so sweet~

  188. akari says:

    i love eps 9~ so sweet~

  189. Cher Minn says:

    okay some parts were stupid but the ending was HOMG and HILARIOUS!! <3 Next episodeeeeeeeeeee, can't wait!<3 

  190. Vânia Love says:

    i just see that this drama is part of a trilogy (fated to love you, drunken to love you and ring ring bell)

  191. Marianne says:

    I  love the episodes of the TWdrama and i hope that they finished it soon.

  192. Marianne says:

    It’s just a story and i love it.

  193. That_lady Rachel says:

    anyone know how many ep are there?

  194. Gigi tai says:

    Amazing story line.. Peter Ho is awesome in this drama.

  195. Sohtome satomi says:

    The necklace Peter wears in the dorama is nice.
    Can it be bought in Taiwan?

  196. Ms Nancyliu says:

    does anyone know who sings the twinkle twinkle little star one? i love that version 

  197. Ziggy says:

    xiao xiang’s ex is trash! this guy Wang Ke Jie. I can’t believe this guy shows up in middle to mess things up. He abandons xiao xiang and duo duo for some lady.  unbelievable!

    • Warmthpurple says:

      You have miss understood. Wang Ke Jie leaves Xiao Xiang because He has a bad health problem that can cause him to die. He just want Xiao Xiang to find her next happiness that’s why he leave him (>.<) Anyway, Just saying (^.^)

      • Ziggy says:

        That doesn’t make any sense. So if a guy loves his girl, to protect her, he purposely puts her through emotional turmoil? Find happiness at the next level? It’s like getting mugged in NYC. I don’t get it.

        Wang Ke Jie was selfish for leaving xiao xiang and duo duo. He’s selfish for coming back and playing his BS games. AND he attended Xiao Xiang’s wedding! Did you see eps 11? I couldn’t believe it.

        If you’re sick, you shouldn’t come. Period. Especially, if you’re it’s your ex’s invite. If your ex bf/gf invites you to their wedding, don’t go. It’s not worth the trouble. Some thing vice versa. Don’t invite your ex bf / gf to your wedding. They’re not part of this picture. Not part of this family. I was flabbergasted when I saw Kelly and Wang Jie Ke at Xiao Xiang’s wedding. Being there or having them there is not smart.

  198. Cher Minn says:

    the preview made me so desperate for the next episode! 

  199. moesato says:

    I want the necklace peter puts on.
    Can it be bought in Taiwan?

  200. Guest says:

    Can’t wait for more episodes!!!!!Love it=3

  201. Lynn says:

    may i know whether there are how may episodes?

  202. Marianne says:

    I love to watch the TWdrama and i love it.

  203. Marianne says:

    I love the OST of the TWdrama Ring Ring Bell and i love to play it.

  204. Guest says:

    Thought-provoking and touching storyline. Great actors/actresses. Go Peter and Janine! =D

  205. Gigi says:

    Cannot even watch the next episode because Peter get hurt so badly. Hopefully everything gets resolve between both of them. Janne should just tell him the truth or get another doctor opinion about her health issues.

  206. Ms Nancyliu says:

    omg i love the necklace! I NEED TO GET IT! 
    and omg.. ep. 10 was amazingggg! 
    i cant watch ep. 11… -__- 
    do you guys know how many eps are there?

  207. 64girllove says:

    here can i find the drama inborn pair/true love with chris wang?

  208. Ziggy says:

    This fat guy Ren Guo Bang (任國): Taiwan’s version of Eric Cartmen.

  209. jess says:

    K i cheated by looking at the preview for ep 12 before watching ep 11….now it makes me wanna not watch ep 11 cause I’m scared to know what’s going to happen between them because of his dad…ohhh noo why must be ruin the good relationship?!

  210. Amelia says:

    Poor Peter suppose janine should tell him everything if inlove nothing hard or impossible thing we cant solve. As long as he treat me well and can be together until die even have normal life i also do.

  211. Cher Minn says:

    the first episode i hate! ): 

  212. heyyy says:

    how many episodes are in total/

  213. jess says:

    The drama seems so predictable. Even without watching it, i already pictured all the events that are gonna happen. But Peter Ho is hot, so I’mma finish watching this…

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    All in all.. this is great soap opera..Peter is unbeliveable a great actor in this episode. At first I could not even beard to watch this before ep11 left me in trama for a whole week. But after watching ep12.. I feel much better.. he found out the truth..

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    I like it …
    ^ ^

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  223. Xiongster_phoua says:


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  225. Marianne says:

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  227. toucheee says:

    peter&janine. -wonderful-

  228. Gigi_tsl says:

    Definitely have to give Peter Ho alots of credit for his acting in this soap. He is not ordinary typical asian actor. He is natural..

    • Guest says:

      Agreed! Peter Ho is indeed an amazing actor. The way he expresses happiness, anger, pain, and sorrow are all just from the inside of him. He also has a wonderful smile! =D

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  240. Anonymous says:

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    But overall, it’s awesome! enjoyed it. also, learnt some meaningful stuff too! xoxo

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    Well.. I am kinda disappointed really. When I first saw this one I had so many expectations – the main one was a drama like Autumn’s Concerto; the second one: a drama that could give me both heartbreak and joy in more than one or two episodes. And a drama that I wouldn’t try to skip through… Sure.. this drama really had its moments, but sometimes it got reeeeeaaaally draggy.. And sure.. there was one kiss that really reminded me of Autumn’s Concerto (because it was so deep and so full of chemistry – it’s the kiss in the beginning where Jia Kai is upset and she kisses him, and later she says that it was only a kiss)…but that was that … Really.. I wanted more.. and I wanted everything to start really quick.. but there was all ways something keeping something from happening.. But good drama though .. 🙂 

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    I finally finished watching the entire thing. I almost feel asleep. yeah. that’s how bad the end turned out to be. It just dragged on and on and on with no end in sight. some parts didn’t make any sense. some parts were just repetitive and uncreative. at times it was just dull and lifeless. The ending felt rushed and unprocessed. I don’t know. You guys can say whatever you want to say. I felt it didn’t work. In the beginning, it was a great concept, but in the end they didn’t finish it, and as a result it didn’t work.

  260. Ziggy says:

    KUDOS TO SUBBERS! Taiwan should hire these guys for directing/writing/producing ring ring bell!

  261. Love 2the Sky says:

    its kind of “My lucky star” and “Autumn’s Concerto” all together exept those dramas where realy good .
    Wachind this one is like having a Deja vu. It realy remainds me of so many other dramas so it became boring.

    • Mel says:

      yea, at first i thought this would be a great drama like My lucky Star and Autumn Concerto (both are my favourite dramas), i thought if would be touching , nice and all…but it turned out too sick. it gets bored and bored ep by ep. the storyline isan’t very good…not a good drama.. D:

  262. Aly says:

    I love this drama! The best so far I’ve watched. Really love the main casts. And Janine’s acting is very good especially when she cries… I will automatically cry when I sees her cry… Her crying is really real and so is Peter Ho’s acting!

  263. Melody says:

    A great drama.  Peter Ho’s acting is simply awesome.  I was doubting Janine but she acted well here with Peter.  Much more natural and more in-depth.  I absorbed it more after watching the second time.  Give a go!  You may like it!

  264. May Nwe Soe says:

    Actually, I decided not to give this drama a try because I thought it might be lame!! OMG! It just exceeded my expectations… ^_______^

  265. K. says:

    It would be soooo nice if you could add ratings (ex:4/5 stars) on dramas.  Another thing that would be great if you could add eng. subs to more of your dramas. U have no idea how happy it makes us non-chinese speakers. ^_^  thank you 

  266. MJ says:

    Ring Ring Bell / 真心請按兩次鈴 / Zhen Xin Qing An Liang Ci Ling

    Also known as: Real Love Please Ring the Bell Twice / 小襄的美麗人生 (Xiao Xiang De Mei Li Ren Sheng) 

    Opening theme song: Tou Tou De Ai (偷偷的愛) by Della Ding

    Ending theme song: Ming Nian Qing Ren Jie (明年情人節) by Della Ding and Peter Ho


    Janine Chang as Zheng Xiao Xiang 鄭小襄
    Peter Ho as Ren Jia Kai 任家愷
    Deng Yun Ting (鄧筠庭) as Wang Duo Li 王多麗
    Xiu Jie Kai as Wang Ke Jie 王克捷
    Serena Fang as Tang Ming Xin 唐明馨
    Peggy Tseng as Yang Kai Li 楊凱莉
    Lin Mei Xiu as Zheng Chen Ying Zi 鄭陳櫻子
    Zhu De Gang as Ren Guo Bang 任國邦
    Na Wei Xun as Ou Wei 歐威
    Song Xin Ni

  267. Sasa says:

    anybody want dvd of this drama and “love keeps going” ? would like to give away for free (local area only)

  268. Carrie_chenn says:

    This Drama Reallt Shoooooo Nice :’)

  269. Pearl says:

    2 stars not viral enough =.= unmemorable=.= chick flick much?

  270. Gino says:

    SUPERR NICE!!! i would DEFINITELY recommend this to others that likes to watch taiwan shows.
    not long-winded like some shows, and has a little twist according to what i think. TRY TO WATCH THIS!!!

  271. Jungeli says:

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  272. Tracywang says:


  273. Hayley Elf says:

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  276. LastJani says:

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