Startling by Each Step / 步步驚心

Startling by Each Step / 步步驚心
Cecilia Liu, Nicky Wu, Kevin Cheng, Lin Gengxin, Yuan Hong, Han Dong, Ye Zu Xin , Damian Lau, Annie Liu, Shi Xiao Qun, Liu Yu Xin, Guo Xiao Ting, Ba Sen, Guo Zhen Ni, Cao Xin Yu, Ye Qing, Kang Ming Tong
Genre:Romance, Historical Fiction
Broadcast Year:2011-09-10
English Subtitle:Yes
Zhang Xiao, a contemporary, ethnically Han Chinese young woman from the 21st century, accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty period during the reign of Kangxi Emperor after experiencing a deadly combination of traffic collision and electrocution, resulting her somehow reliving the life of one of her previous incarnations and forcing her to assumes the identity belongs to her past avatar: Maertai Rexi, teenage daughter of a Manchu nobleman, who also had a near-fatal incident in her own time which Zhang awakes from. Being stranded in the past, in the body of a centuries earlier incarnation of herself, and believe by many of Maertai's family and friends that the sudden change of her behavior and memory loss is resulted of her head injury, Zhang Xiao awares that there will be a dangerous power struggle known to history between the scheming princes for the throne, which will results Aisin-Gioro Yinzhen to succeed as the Yongzheng Emperor after his father's death. Zhang Xiao tries to change the future outcomes for the better, hoping to prevents any casualty as written in the future without interfering a man's destiny, while trying to find a way to return to her time period. However, Zhang ultimately realizes that, not only she fails to alter the course of the approaching events, but also, under a predestination paradox, she is fated to become an instigator of the tragedy she tries to prevent resulted by her actions in the past and the princess' romantic affections towards her.

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  1. Melissatan_91 says:

    : ) love this… hahahaz… 

  2. Tran_szesze says:

    Yay this drama is getting uploaded here! Gonna be awesome!!! o(^▽^)o

  3. Scorpiojt93 says:

    thanks for uploading here. really hope that uploads will be fast. this show is awesome esp after reading the novel. if you can read and understand chinese, it is strongly recommended that you read the novel. 🙂

    • Guest says:

      did u read the novel? the ending of the preview seems so tragic, can u tell me if the ending of the novel is a tragedy too? =[

      • Melissatan_91 says:

        The show ending will be a tragic no happy ending… As shi shi will pass away…

      • Scorpiojt93 says:

        Yep @Melissatan_91 is right. Despite the sad ending. the show has a really nice plot. you will be interested to know how she died. the preview also revealed her death. the director never meant to hide the fact of a tragic ending since they are going according to the novel.

  4. MagnoliaLuv says:

    thanks for uploading this drama!!!!! too excited to say anymore, but once again, thanks!!

  5. vivi says:

    Thank you sooooo much for uploading this drama~~~~~~~~~

  6. Stephie says:

    Really appreciate your effort in uploading these shows. =)

  7. Kaika_bea says:

    I saw there is a column for bbjx in the download page. Does it mean that it will be available for download? (huanzhugege is only availavle on youtube)

  8. Guest says:

    Yah thanks so much for uploading this! Looking forward to another time-traveling drama, especially from Shishi! >__<

  9. :O says:

    this one reminds me of the other chinese drama…

    palace-lock heart….
    am i the only one who thinks that?

    • Se says:

      this drama is based on a novel, palace’s script writer stole ideas from this drama and dozen other dramas.

      • Guest says:

        Yep.. exactly!

        The original novel Bu Bu Jing Xin is released back in 2005-2006. Tangren bought the the copyrights in 2009 and they began prepare it since three years ago.

        Palace Lock Heart.. My ass xD.

        • scorpiojt93 says:

          Yeah. Palace lock heart is not a good show. compare to this it is really unrealistic. Hope fans do realise that palace lock heart is a copy of Bu bu and not the other way round.

          • :O says:

            kay good….cuhs i thought palace was boring…and i REALLY REALLY hope that this show is gonna be REALLY REALLY good ;] ,<3 liu shi shi & nicky wu 

  10. Gigi says:

    Liu Shi Shi <333

  11. Nycz says:

    kevin cheng is in this!!! but as expected his voice is subbed and so is Damian lau’s

  12. chris says:

    OMG thank you so much for planning to upload this drama! i can’t wait!!!!! thank you thank you!

  13. jess says:

    this show has been garnering my interest ever since i saw the short short snippets in nhzgg. i hope its really good!! im gonna look forward to it. heh

  14. jess says:

    this show has been garnering my interest ever since i saw the short short snippets in nhzgg. i hope its really good!! im gonna look forward to it. heh

  15. Olivia Tran says:

    prepare yourself tomorrow is the debut!

  16. mer says:

    Tonight is the day!!

  17. Melissatan_91 says:

    anyone know if tonight there will be how many eps?

  18. Hahara8 says:

     what’s wrong with ep3?

  19. VivianC says:

    i am so looking forward for the episodes coming!!! Can’t wait!! omg!! i have seen the preview from nhzgg and i have been wanting to watch!! finally!! XD

  20. Pr3cious09 says:

    This drama replace NHZGG so the air time and days (Mon-Thurs, Sat-Sun) air should be the same. I’m just glad, its not 1-2 episode per week.

  21. fify says:

    love the show. Thank you .

  22. Gigi says:

    so far so good

  23. Gigi says:

    so far so good

  24. Gigi says:

    so far so good

  25. guest says:

    Though it’s great that sugoi is posting up CDramas, would it be better to change your site name from Taiwan Entertainment to something else to gain a larger audience and welcoming CDramas as well?

  26. guest says:

    Though it’s great that sugoi is posting up CDramas, would it be better to change your site name from Taiwan Entertainment to something else to gain a larger audience and welcoming CDramas as well?

  27. Fun says:

    can someone sub it? pleaz I can’t understand what they were saying 🙁 love the eps so far

    • BBJX says:

      There’s a team on v-i-k-i.-c-o-m that’s subbing the drama. However, there’s a delay. So if you want to watch it sub, you just have to wait patiently.

  28. Fun says:

    can someone sub it? pleaz I can’t understand what they were saying 🙁 love the eps so far

  29. Fun says:

    can someone sub it? pleaz I can’t understand what they were saying 🙁 love the eps so far

  30. Mimipan01 says:

    I can’t wait for episode 3 &4 ! This drama is even better than HZGG!!

  31. VIRCHEN84 says:

    i love liu shishi and nicky wu. This drama is better than Palace, even it almost has the same plot story.

    • lkj says:

      For me it’s not better than Palace.
      This story will turn more painful compare to Palace that going ”quite” smoothly and fun to watch. I can’t say it’s bad, but I don’t like the cast of this one.
      (even though the story is a but different, I prefer Palace) -__-

      • yayerr says:

        Palace is something to watch for fun, it is light hearted. But this is quality TV series. You can see that it is not an ‘idol’ drama but a series which is well produced, more deeper. It is as if time slows down with the series. Palace was a bit like Meteor Garden at times, I think I already like this series more. But I still adored Palace!!!

    • Vic0417 says:

      Palace was written after BBJX, so ppl say Palace basically copied BBJX’s concept and Meteor Garden’s plot LOLLLLL

  32. Hahara8 says:

    finished ep 10..

  33. Xsmileyyface says:

    Hello! After watching the preview, I’m debating whether or not I should watch this drama. Does anyone know if the ending is happy or sad (because based off the preview, it looks like the girl dies at the end)?

    • BBJX says:

      Spoiler:** She did die, but she went back to the future and went to the museum where she sees the portrait of herself and the princes and questions whether she did exist.

      It’s a sad ending, but it was said that she meet someone that looks like 4th prince in the future.

    • Ouyang19931010 says:

      according to the novel ,it is a sad ending  but the end of TV maybe a little diifferent. all of us don’t know and u can watch it until the end:)

  34. Olivia Tran says:

    too bad not HD =( 

  35. Bobo123345 says: for 1-10 but its in Chinese, hope you guys know where to click

  36. reika says:


  37. Does this drama come out once per day, per weekday/weekend? What are the airing times basically? I already watched till ep 10 on Youtube, & I have no clue how since mosts sites only go to ep 6?

    • chris says:

      This drama is suppose to air every single day except Friday, which it shows Super Girls? I think and it will go into the season finale soon. Most sites only go up to ep 6 because HuNan (the broadcasting company) only showed up to 6. 10 episodes were leaked by this online site PPTV unlawfully. It was taken off PPTV soon; however, the videos are already everywhere. 

    • BBJX says:

      Well the good thing about sugo is that they always post up the first part of the next episode. So on wednesday when they post up EP 10, part 4 of Ep 10 shows like the first 10 minutes of EP 11 since its the TV version 🙂

  38. chris says:

    Love this drama! Thank you for uploading!

  39. Hellloiloveyou says:

    Faster come 11 pls 🙂 hahahas

  40. 胖胖 says:


  41. 胖胖 says:

    哎唷,第8集part 3 遭刪掉嘍?

  42. ruoxi says:

    四阿哥好可爱!! 永远支持若曦跟四阿哥在一起!!

  43. Lovesialovessia says:

    Love this show so much . Can’t wait for ep11 onwards <3<3

  44. Mad says:

    the tv channel is showing so many Ads, so now tv version 10 is about 20m slower than the leaked ep10.

  45. Jinxy says:

    I’m a bit confused … so it’s one episode per day except Friday??? Or is it two episodes per day … as I see the episodes being uploaded in pairs. Since Sugoi has it up to episode 10 now. Should I expect two more tomorrow … or do I need to wait another week…. Boooo …. I hope I see 11 +12 tomorrow! =)

  46. ruoxi says:

    哈哈 期待已久的吻戲終於看到了! 愛得真是糾結… > <

  47. DADAhateyou says:

    faster pls , just can’t wait wait for it 😀

  48. DADAhateyou says:

    faster pls , just can’t wait wait for it 😀

  49. von says:

    waiting for ep 11

  50. kse says:

    I can’t wait for episode 11 !!!!!!

  51. Junjin1211 says:

    i am waching live on hunan. but how come the episode on live is shorter/slower than the episodes uploaded on here? its about 10mins slower than sugioideas. can anyone explain? thks

  52. wheeeee says:

    whoots epi11 part 1 is out!

  53. von says:

    when will ep 11 part 2 out?

  54. BBJX says:

    OMG, did anyone just say the EP 12 preview? It’s so fast! It seems like Ruoxi and 8th just started dating then in EP 12, it shows they’re breaking up. XD

    • Jinxy says:

      I can’t wait to watch …. looks like a real juicy episode!

      • BBJX says:

        I was wrong. Their break up isn’t until EP 14. So sad. EP 14 is so heartbreaking. Seeing Ruoxi cries really makes me sad. LSS’s acting is superb!!! You can feel her sadness and emotion. I guess Ruoxi broke it off with 8th because she knows his ending. She does love him, but I don’t get why she have to broke up with Ruoxi. I mean she did tried to persuade him. It’s either “you marry me and leave the throne” or “we break up”.. Even if she does broke up with him, she’ll still see his ending. Does that mean she is a bit selfish about wanting to save her life?  Anyways, I’m waiting for EP 15. There’s going to be a sweet river scene there. I guess 4th is trying to make her feel better? I like how 4th knows everything she is feeling. 🙂 He observes her too much that’s why.

        • Ser_tce says:

          I ask you…. if you married a man who u know he will die after 10yrs, will ya still marry him?
          I know its selfish but those women whose husband died, remain as widow =(

          • Ser_tce says:

            I mean those women in the past =)

          • BBJX says:

            If I love that man enough. XD … Ruoxi is only attracted to him by his gentleness. She doesn’t really really love him like how she loves 4th. She and 4th started on odd ends.

        • Jinxy says:

          Ahh this waiting is driving me crazy …. so now we are not getting two full episodes anymore? Not faiirrrr …… I don’t know .. the 8th prince reminds me of a pervert especially the way he smiles… ahh so slow and tomorrow’s Friday …. BOOOOOOOOOO!

        • BBXJLOVE says:

          You’re waiting for episode FIFTEEN? Does that mean you’ve already seen up to 14? In full episodes? If you did, please tell me where you get your videos!! 

          • BBJX says:

            No I haven’t. I’m waiting for EP 15 because that’s when there will be the sweet river scene between Ruoxi and 4th. I don’t like seeing 8th and Ruoxi together. Like Jinxy said, the way he looks at Ruoxi is like a pervert, unlike 4th who cares for her even though he is expressionless. 

        • rie says:

          i know what you mean!! I can’t wait for the sweet river scene. Love it when Ruoxi is all anxious around 4th prince^^  

  55. Junjin1211 says:

    is there going to be ep 12 part 2?

    • BBJX says:

      I don’t think so. =/ These episodes are from hunan tv live. Not the DVD episodes. Since the ads and commercials take up some time when these episodes are broadcasted, the amount of time left for these episodes decreased so day by day we get like 1 episode (half of the previous episode and half of the new episode). Its sad to think of it this way. ::cries::

  56. ruoxi says:

    Omg 八爺跟若曦要kiss了!! 就在ep13..快點出來快點出來!

  57. rie says:

    i wanna watch ep 13 already >< !!! 4th prince hurry up and be romance to Ruoxi already !!

  58. Pr3cious09 says:

    How short, only got 4 parts today. =(

  59. Vicky says:

    Wow… in the end, how many men did she end up with? No wonder she had so many problems…

    • Pr3cious09 says:

      Things just don’t always go the way she wants, thats all. She act according to her feelings while trying to save everyone’s fate. Beside I think RuoXi have different relationship with each prince.

      10th – her first friend
      13th – her best friend / share same view as her / like her alter ego
      8th – her first love or crush /move by his gentleness and sincerity
      4th – true love
      14th – the one she end up marrying

      Tho in ancient times I can see how people would think shes playing around with the princes’. They are quite close-minded afterall and the idea of a close but not intimate relation between the sexes wasn’t yet accepted.

      • Melissatan_91 says:

        In the story book 8th prince is than her true love… hahahaz.. when she die she called out 8th prince.. 🙂

        • Silver says:

          she did call out but then the whole sentence would mean that she would forget ALL of them but she haven finish her sentence and died but the 4th prince is her true love if not she would not write a letter to him and wish to see him the last time before she die

        • Silver says:

          she did call out but then the whole sentence would mean that she would forget ALL of them but she haven finish her sentence and died but the 4th prince is her true love if not she would not write a letter to him and wish to see him the last time before she die

        • Sher|| says:

          No, the 8th prince is not her true love… I thought her last sentence was more of telling the 14th prince to forget abt the 8th prince… because before that she asked the 14th prince to continue living well and forget the past.
          and in her letter to the 4th prince she confessed he held the key to her heart when he was frank with her abt his wants, he opened her heart when he braved the rain with her to beg the emperor, and lastly she was completely his when he saved her from an arrow.

        • Scorpiojt93 says:

          i think you may have misread the book. Read again. The one she was waiting for was all the while the 4th prince. She didn’t really love 8th prince as much as she ever did for the 4th prince yet he misunderstood her. She waited for the 4th prince for 10 years before he became emperor and got together with her.

      • rie says:

        really, she ends up marry 14th prince? O___O!

      • Aquamandarine says:

        how come she ended up with 14th prince….? 

        • silver says:

          cause when kangxi was still alive, he gave 14th a order to allow him to marry ruoxi but ruoxi does not wan to and end up with the 4th but then due to some situtation, the 4th price was upset and angry of ruoxi so she felt hurt and ask 14th to marry her casue she wanted to leave the palace

        • silver says:

          cause when kangxi was still alive, he gave 14th a order to allow him to marry ruoxi but ruoxi does not wan to and end up with the 4th but then due to some situtation, the 4th price was upset and angry of ruoxi so she felt hurt and ask 14th to marry her casue she wanted to leave the palace

        • BBJX says:

          To add on to what Silver said:

          Ruoxi found out from Minghui that Ruoxi was the one that caused everything. If she didn’t tell 8th prince to watch out for 4th prince, 8th prince wouldn’t even tackle 4th prince. Plus, since Ruoxi is with 4th prince, 8th prince felt angry. Originally, 8th prince was going to tackle Crown Prince since he’s the one that the emperor dotes on. Ruoxi has always thought she knows the ending and wanted to change it but neither did she know she’s the one that caused everything. Knowing it was her fault + seeing 4th prince hurting his other brothers and Yu Tan, she was hurt so she told 13th prince to send a letter to 14th prince that she will marry him in the name only. When Kangxi was still alive, 14th prince has always asked him to marry Ruoxi but Ruoxi didn’t want to. Kangxi then gave him that order to marry her and told him he can use it at any time. Once 4th prince became the emperor, he could have removed that order from Kangxi but because 8th prince helped and told Kangxi about Ruoxi and 8th prince relationship back then, Kangxi felt betrayed since he didn’t know about it and said he would not allow her to touch him again.

          • Aquamandarine says:

            ouch….. very tragic love story….

            just wondering did rouxi brought back to her present time….?

          • Scorpiojt93 says:

            At the end i think you meant yong zheng. 4th prince = yong zheng. the 8th prince told yong zheng about him and ruo xi so he felt betrayed and was rather cruel as he did not listen to ruo xi’s explanation.

          • BBJX says:

            Haha yea. Typo!! I didn’t realized I typed Kangxi there, but yea thanks for the corrections!!

  60. Hello says:

    faster ^^ cannot watch already . PLEASE 🙂

  61. Scorpiojt93 says:

    Spoilers warning for posts below. If you do not wish to know the ending yet please do not read them. However, i think you will still want to watch this wonderful show even after you know the ending! 🙂

  62. BBJX says:

    To Aquamandarine,In the novel, it ended when she died, but fans on baidu were talking about the ending of the BBJX drama. Here’s what they said:After Ruoxi died, she woke up in a hospital. Her parents told her she was unconscious for more than 10 days. She was confused and start thinking was it all a dream? She walked to the museum, saw the photo of her and the princes and kangxi and still questions “Did I really exist?”..At the museum, she met a guy similar to 4th prince. It turned out the guy was the driver. LOL. Well, that’s all I know. 🙂 Iono if its exactly true since no one has seen the ending yet.

    • Scorpiojt93 says:

      Yes, there were rumours about this ending. but i do hope they change it cause it will make it so similar to Gong. if you watched it. Bubu is suppose to be much better than gong. i rather they respect the author and stick to the original ending.

      • BBJX says:

        I agree, but the ending is very sad and tragic. I’m guessing the director wants the ending to be a bit better. Well it’s different from Gong. QC entire body got transported back and there was a portal, even 8th prince got transported to present time (which is weird), but in BBJX, it was not until she died that her brain waves got transported back and the guy that looks like 4th prince isn’t yongzheng. He’s a reincarnation of Yongzheng. Therefore, I don’t see that BBJX is similar to Gong in any sort of way.

        Besides, Tangren already bought the original of BBJX. Tangren really respect the author. As you can see, the drama follows the novel closely except they add a few more romantic scenes and 4th prince started at the beginning rather than in the middle of the novel. They don’t want the drama to end when Ruoxi died. I mean she is from the present so somehow she is suppose to go back.

  63. rie says:

    sweet river scene was so cute <3 

  64. BBJX says:

    I don’t understand. I think it was mentioned by 4th prince that 2 years had past since Ruoxi was serving tea in the palace, but how come everyone else was like “many years has past”? So was it 2 years or more than 2? LOL.

    • Jovinlim says:

      yes it was more then 2 years if i’m not wrong….

    • Sher|| says:

      Every time u see princess minmin, 1 year has passed, cuz the emperor goes to the mongolian grassland every year… thus far we’ve seen princess minmin thrice… tells u roughly how many years have passed :p

      • BBJX says:

        HMM…that doesn’t seem right. We have seen princess min min more than 3 times.

        1.) when she’s riding the horse and 13th came and play with her
        2.) When she dances and sings
        3.) When she went to find 13th and 4th says he’ll teach Ruoxi horseriding
        4.) too many to count…

        Plus, I was talking about the number of years prior to her meet with Min Min Ge Ge.

  65. Jovinlim says:

    really thanks the person for uploading the video 😀

  66. Pr3cious09 says:

    Would like to share this if you guys don’t already know.

    You can download the novel on itune app for apple iphone/ipod and read on the go.

  67. Mikicat5 says:

    dudes, i dont like the gril main character, i mean annie should be it

    • BBJX says:

      Take your dislike somewhere else 🙂 Liu Shi SHi is great! She portrays the role very well and creative!

      • Mikicat5 says:

        well arent u very negative, it was just my opinion, so chill girl, no need to be so mean or i think ur a girl

        • BBJX says:

          Mikicat5, negative? How am I being negative? I placed a smile right there. Plus, I wasn’t being mean. Quit trying to make it sound like you can read my mind. No need to think, I am a girl. lol.

    • Pr3cious09 says:

      No way. I think Annie is perfect as RuoLan. I can’t imagine anyone else best fit RuoLan role as well as she is. In fact, I find all the cast fit their role very well and bring out the characters in the novel to life.

  68. Mikicat5 says:

    haha just read the ending and it seemed complicated. wait, so ruolan isnt a main character

  69. Ruoxi says:

    Love the theme song ‘three inches heaven’ hehe

  70. Christine says:

    wow… this site updates really fast… Other site I’ve been looking at are at least a few episodes behind… I’ve love coming here everyday and finding at least 1 new episode… =) Thank you so much to the uploaders…

    I’m loving the story… Every character is well developed and the audience can relate to each of them… My favourite character so far is the 13th prince, even though he is not the main male lead… He is intelligent, loyal as well as open minded and willing to help the people he cares about (so sweet of him to help RX). Also, he is one of the few people not romantically chasing RX but just a kind friend by her side… =)

  71. 你好! :) says:

    I really love this show. It’s not same like gong where the girl gets more serious and loses her cheerful and playful personality. Even ruoxi ( in this case) became more mature, but she is still playful sometimes. Like infront of the 13th prince and 10th prince. That makes the show less serious and boring sometimes. And also they didn’t concentrate as much about the love stuff compared to gong. So it’s like you still can learn about the history as you watch. So it’s like they even out the love and parts about the history. 🙂 yay bbjx! Hahaha. This is one of the nicest time travel shows I’ve watched (:

  72. wheeeee says:

    omggggggg next 4 epis are out!

    • BBJX says:

      OMG I know! When I woke up, I immediately went online to check and I was amazed that there’s up to EP 20! I just finish watching it. HAHA. 4th and Ruoxi are so cute!!

      • wheeeee says:

        totally! i cant wait for more of their romance story! but hopefully it wont overshadow the overarching plot. so far there’s a really good balance of the both!

  73. cathy says:

    wat episode when prince 10 and the girl married? wat epiosde is that???

    • Silver says:

      if i did not rmb wrongly , it should be episode 3 or 4

    • BBJX says:

      There’s no scene where they did an actual ceremony. But EP 3 is when Kangxi gave the order, and EP 4 is when the wedding takes place, but you only see Ruolan and Ruoxi going to 10th estate for the wedding. That’s it.

    • BBJX says:

      There’s no scene where they did an actual ceremony. But EP 3 is when Kangxi gave the order, and EP 4 is when the wedding takes place, but you only see Ruolan and Ruoxi going to 10th estate for the wedding. That’s it.

  74. Ser_tce says:

    after watching till ep 20, I find 13th prince is indeed a good friend to have.
    While ruoxi should be glad  that she chosen 4th prince. at least, 4th prince is willing to share secret with her. not like 8th prince, even he saw ruoxi and 4th prince looked at each other, he didnt say much and not willing to ask ruoxi. this shows 8th prince is not willing to have heart to heart sharing with ruoxi.

  75. Laughingbabypanda says:

    Just wondering and not complaining, but how many episodes should be out each day?  Yesterday, was only one episode, and now there’s 4!? Don’t I wish everyday was 4 haha.. anyways.. thanks for the upload! 🙂 

    • BBJX says:

      I know! It varies per day. Usually it’s 2 full episodes, then on some days it’s like 1 and a half. Then the next day it’s 3.. and now 4 episodes. yay!! 🙂

    • cos this is dvd ver, tv ver is always like bit faster than this, and 2 eps a night on tv, just like NHZGG~ except now i watched this and think to myself why did i spend last 2 months of my life waiting for NHZGG every night?!

  76. Ruoxi says:


  77. Pr3cious09 says:

    I seriously starting to like 14th prince the more I watch.(what a hunk!<3) Theres also more scenes of 14th and RuoXi now. Not too long until he start falling for her. 14th and RuoXi would make a nice couple. Even though it will be in name only, I'm glad she end up marrying 14th somehow. He make a nice husband.

    • BBJX says:

      She technically didn’t really marry 14th. Yongzheng didn’t let them have a marriage. =/ But, I like how he treats her better than before now 🙂

  78. ruoxi says:

    I would still choose No.4 instead of No.14… hehe only personal opinion.

  79. ruoxi says:

    I would still choose No.4 instead of No.14… hehe only personal opinion.

  80. A, says:

    best feeling ever is when you wake up and realized 4 eps were posted. woot!

  81. A, says:

    best feeling ever is when you wake up and realized 4 eps were posted. woot!

  82. Gigi says:

    I am in love with 14, idkY… but the more i watch this the more i like him. ^^

  83. Gigi says:

    I am in love with 14, idkY… but the more i watch this the more i like him. ^^

  84. Jinxy says:

    I can’t wait for tomorrow! Thanks Sugoi for keeping the episodes up to date! =))))))))))))))

  85. Random93 says:

    hmm….i dont know if anyones notice this but this show oddly reminds me of the other chinese show that came out this year, the palace hearts or something (goong). it talks about a girl who travels back in time to this same period, who becomes a maid & alot of the princes end up falling for her. although the difference was that she was in love with the 5th prince but ends up marrying the 4th, instead of loving the 4th liek this show.

    • Pr3cious09 says:

      Jade Palace Lock Heart. No, you’re wrong. In that drama, the girl first love was 4th prince, but then she fell in love with 8th prince and end up marrying the one she is in love with. In the beginning the crown prince also pursue her.

  86. For some reason, I’m glad she chose the 4th, is it gonna stay that way though.. through the end? And during the theme song, she dies?! Wtf 🙁

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    oh wow! didnt noe there was a comment section here hehe. so, in the preview it says that rouxi died, well i dont’ think so…she may have just went back to the future, just lyk the jade palace or maybe she really did die. The thing is, im not 100% sure that rouxi is in love with 4th prince. it seems lyk she still has feelings for 8th prince, and it’s kinda unfair.It’s amazing how her personality changed soo much these years in the palace!! i wish i could go back in time and experience this!!

    • in the book she really did die and never went back, think someone posted on blog and things like that saying she did die but then she woke up and found the guy who knocked her over was Mr Handsome Amazing 4th Prince 😀 hopefully XD since i cried so hard at the end of the book XD

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    In ep 20 there was a woman begging 4th to go back into the house and not stand in the that his wife?

  96. Lovingit says:

    Yes ! thats his first wife… lol she looks so much older then him… not very pretty…

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    guys the offical airtime in china is everyday 10pm but if u notice starting from episode 18 on the top right corner the logo is from tengxun so most likely ep 21 will not be out till tml or the day after tml

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      It’ll come out tomorrow.

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        I am so suffering from BBJX withdrawal syndromes now, waiting for EP 21 and more.

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          me too … i think Tuesday we will have something to watch. But then another poster below said it might be the day after tomorrow… which means Wednesday? I wonder why they take such odd breaks …. why no episode Mon.? Is this based on the TV channels mood? Or did they accidently let out 4 episodes on Sunday and said ok none for Monday? Lol

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      Hopefully tomorrow …

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    13th prince – i like him coz he can understand my tantrums hehehe

    8th prince – well i like the actor itself but not the prince coz i think you can see them only in dreams.

    4th prince – smokin hot, scary when his bad, aint easy to read…. but you can fall head over heals 🙂

  114.…/id_XMzAzNDY0ODQ4.htmlanyone able to watch that? It shows up as a 45minute video with a title that says “Bu Bu Jing Xin 21” 🙁 ??!!I’m going to die if I don’t see 21 tmrw..Maybe they’re saving the eps for tmrw, all 4 of them :DD

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    • Aquamandarine says:

      i translated the site and everything seems okay but when i click the chapters all are errors……..


    • Aquamandarine says:

      i translated the site and everything seems okay but when i click the chapters all are errors……..


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    • Jinxy says:

      The TV version is going to catch up to the DVD. I’m not sure what that’s all about …

      • Sdfe says:

        what we watched up to 20 is leaked dvd, but only to ep20, so the tv is alot slower, today’s tv eps ended about the same as dvd 20.

        • Jinxy says:

          Oic … I was wondering why they would release a DVD while airing the TV eps at the same time. Lol…. this series gets a lot of leaking. I’m just rewatching the episodes for now … I have a hard time understanding the chinese. Does anyone know where I can find subbed episodes from episode 13 +?

          • Sdfe says:

            yea alot of leaking. because they give like 10eps at a time to those online streaming sites, and those sites released all of them by mistake, the company should learn from nhzgg’s team. only give those sites 2 eps everyday, will prevent any leaking.

          • HarleQuinn says:

            but the promo for the next eps are out? are they not for tonite?

          • Jinxy says:

            I’m not sure …. but technically their tonight 10pm is usually my 10am (U.S EST). So I wouldn’t expect the next episode until tomorrow morning for me. =(

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            i usually watch it on it has up to 15 eps now but only subbed up to ep 13 and part of 14

          • Jinxy says:

            Thanks … I watch it there too … I know it’s a lot of episodes so they are probably a bit overwhelmed with subbing. I guess I will just have to wait.

          • guest says:

            yea it sucks to wait :[ this site is faster. i dont understand anything without subs…but i know whats going on a little. i just like watching them act 😛

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    oh. hahah and… I happen to find it! =)



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    So I think most probably we can continue watching for ep 21 this midnight or next morning..

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    • Scorpiojt93 says:

      cause they posted 4 eps at once? which means that the dvd version is faster than the tv version. they will have to wait for the tv to telecast ep 21 tonight.

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  152. aidyl says:

    this is depressing

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  161. Scorpiojt93 says:

    i’m watching live on if you do not wish to wait you can watch the show there. However, you will have to download a plug in and link is available on the video itself. If not you will not be able to bypass the block they set from 2200hrs to 2400hrs.

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    Cant wait anymore!!! I finished the novel version downloaded from apple app store!
    But the novel ended in the dynasty period…i saw youtube preview that the characters will appear in modern world?!?!

    • SR says:

      there is actually a novel whereby it continue in the modern world…

    • Virchen84 says:

      the ending version between the book and the drama is different. In the novel, Ruoxi is unable to return to her own time and ultimately dies from illness. However in the series, ruoxi ultimately meets a man who resembles Yongzheng, possibly a present-day incarnation of the emperor.  happy ending in the series version. 

    • bigfan says:

      there is actually another drama that already “did” this story but it was altered a little. its called ‘gong’  and there will be a part 2 coming out. never saw the drama but apparently in ‘gong’, the emperor and ruoxi’s characters return to the present and it becomes quite hilarious cuz people thought that the emperor was from some exhibition thing

  165. Val07_yeo says:

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  172. Scorpiojt93 says:

    hunan weishi just finished their telecast.. So  it should be coming out soon. 🙂 

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    time to watch! ~

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    finally out… finished watch.. going to sleep now… Thanks for uploading!

  178. Ruoxi says:


    • Silver says:

      cause that would let kangxi feel that 4th is trying to marry ruoxi for her status(relationship with Mongolia and kangxi ) 

    • Silver says:

      in addition :kangxi(hated ppl that wanted the place of crown prince)  because of the 13th incident, kangxi does not trust 4th so if at the time 4th ask to marry ruoxi would let kangxi feel that 4th wanted the place of crown prince and kanxi would dislike him 

  179. Ruoxi says:

    aww..when will ep 23 24 gonna come out?! it should be out tonight..

  180. Ruoxi says:

    is ep 21 and 22 in sugoi equal to ep 23 24 at mainland china???!!

  181. Pr3cious09 says:

    The next few episodes RuoXi gonna get demoted to washer maid. I think I’ll skip those, its hard to see her suffer. I feel she is already getting more frail by the episode. Her face was so pale. It’s like they are accumulating her with illness and torture before killing her off. 

    Does anyone know how long did she worked as a washer maid? This drama time move so quickly, like each time we watch an episode several years passed by.

    • jinxy says:

      I think only for one episode … you can see it from the previews for episodes 23, 24 and 25. I think she is only in the washer outfit for one preview.

    • ClearSkys says:

      I know she is…. I really dont want this to be a sad drama… Y cant she just be happy and stay with the 4th prince. The preview of the 4th prince crying after ruoxi dies is heart breaking :((( and ruoxi suffering is also heart breaking :((

      • Pr3cious09 says:

        You know, I wonder why can’t she care for her body more? I mean the body isn’t even hers but she keep doing things that is dangerous to her health. Maybe she thinks the body isn’t hers so thats why she don’t care if she die? Or did she think the body already belong to her so she can do anything she want with it? She is being so stressful… she really need scolding. I want to say stop being so reckless!

    • HarleQuinn says:

      years, about 6 i think. 

  182. jinxy says:

    Can someone explain why the 13th prince was imprisoned? And why the crown prince was de-throned? Thanks!

    • Kyonkyon says:

      Woah! u did wait for ep 21 and 22!! i kinda gave up and concussed!!

      • jinxy says:

        hehe … Well I’m in NY and that’s about a 12 hour time difference to China. So usually when the episodes air, it’s noon. Not that I stayed up late to watch them, although I probably would if I had to. =P

    • 武装的蔷薇 says:

      The crown prince is a wastrel, corrupted n all, but Kangxi has been trying to give him second chances. In the end both the 4th prince and the 8th prince combined forces temporarily to expose his crimes because the crown prince wanted to marry Ruoxi (to secure his power, since Ruoxi is well-liked by Kangxi and the Mongolian tribe because of Princess Minmin). Both no 4 and no 8 (and their supporters) wanted to prevent that. And circumstances had it that the disappointed Kangxi had no choice but to dethrone the crown prince.

      Thereafter, the 8th prince set up the 4th prince by maligning the 4th prince that he was trying to accumulate supporters to pressurize the emperor to let him succeed as crown prince. Which got Kangxi angry because it’s his most hated crime. And the 13th prince took the blame in protection of the 4th prince.

  183. Adrian says:

    Can anyone tell me in this drama what is the ending for 8th prince and 14th price going to be? I kinda like both the actor eventhough 8th prince character is not good but he is romantic. As for 14th prince , he is good hearted , he don deserve to die.

    • Sorrysorry says:

      If I didn’t rmb wrongly, 14th was banished to a faraway place where he lived there until he died. He lived longer than the Emperor.

      8th was either imprisoned until death or he was given posioned wine, can’t rmb which.

    • sushi8 says:

      I heard 8th get’s imprisoned and eventually offered poison to kill himself…14th is supposed to live on to an old age I believe.

    • 武装的蔷薇 says:

      The 8th prince will eventually be stripped of his title (he was conferred Prince Lian after the 4th prince ascended the throne as Yongzheng), banished as a commoner and imprisoned for life. 
      In the last few eps of the drama the 14th prince should be banished to the borders, and he married Ruoxi. What the drama doesn’t tell is that thereafter the 14th prince will be imprisoned by Yongzheng, and only released when Qianlong ascended the throne.

      • Kyonkyon says:

        Seems like… this story is pretty much agonising…

      • Aki says:

        why does it sound like the 4th prince is a bad person,,,

        • 武装的蔷薇 says:

          I guess the 4th prince’s turning point from someone who hides his wants and bides for time to someone who launches an offensive and is cruel to his enemies was when he was maligned and the 13th prince took the blame for him. He’s well, forced by circumstances to be offensive to protect his loved ones and himself.

  184. Sorrysorry says:

    Found this trailer which has a lot of scenes from the later episodes

  185. Olivia Tran says:

    im not up to date on this drama because of school but it’s soo good i can’t stop…. lol

  186. Eveie says:

    Hey all…

    This is the rest of ep 22:

    • Aki says:

      YOU ARE SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Aki says:

    *watching ep 22* I starting to feel bad for 8th prince…. he was looked down by a lot of people becuase of her mom and his father doesn;t like him…

  188. sushi8 says:

    What’s the story with the maid/friend of RX? The one that doesn’t want to leave the palace and wants back in..does she have some secret motive? I didn’t read the novel but is she genuinely a friend?

    • 武装的蔷薇 says:

      She is… but she also has an ulterior motive for sticking close to Ruoxi. The nice gentleman whom she described as her savior was the 9th prince, and Yutan (the maid) is the 9th prince’s spy. 
      She’s supposed to be caught in between being loyal to the 9th prince and Ruoxi, but I dunno how much airtime she’s going to get in the drama…

    • says:

      Yu Shan is a poor girl too… she died to repay her debt of gratitude to her childhood benefactor, Jiu Ye…

    • HarleQuinn says:

      Yes and no. She’s a friend but she’s also a spy.

  189. ying01 says:

    Eih, why suddenly so many episodes are out here?
    Argh.. I cant watch now la.. Going out soon… Hope they’re still here when Im back!!!! Wait for me oh!!! PLZ!

  190. jinxy says:

    Wow … ep 23,24 and 25? Does that mean no ep for tomorrow?

  191. Eveie says:

    we r all in luck! here’s ep 26 😛

  192. Yomi says:

    lol even 26 – 27 is out :ooooo! -__-

  193. Happyrain says:

    Thanks very much for posting this drama! 🙂  This is one of the best quality TV drama we see in a long time.  It’s not perfect ~ but it is definitely GOOD!

  194. Ayami20052006 says:

    woa..see ep 26,27,28…thank u very much for post this drama

  195. Jovinlim says:

    ep20 is private 🙁 cnt see….. anyone neo y?

  196. Milameng says:

    > < I can't see ep20,too. It says it's private~ How to solve this problem.

  197. Ysl1900 says:

    Thanks alot for the posting the episodes!!!looking forward for ep29!!!:D

  198. HarleQuinn says:

    ?!??! OMG liek 7 new episodes?! what happened?!?

  199. Hana78 says:

    Actually how many episode are the for this drama ….. it was so nice to watch i have been watching over and over again … would love to get this original dvd sets for this lovely drama ….

  200. Melissatan_91 says:

    hahahaz… y not leak everything.. 🙂 so we dont have to wait anymore.. 🙂

  201. Weilai00 says:

    btw i saw the ending mv that ruo xi wrap sweat for 14th? but how come i watch till ep28 still no show. or I missed it. who can enlighten me, that part is under which episode

  202. Mjass says:

    Thank you,
    great way to start a day.

  203. Mandy says:

    Why suddenly there is so many episode is up…T.T i can’t watch all of it… got assignment due tomorrow, need to finish it up.. NOOOOO

  204. faye says:

    wow!! what a surprise!!!
    even though the leak probably caused trouble for the tv company, but i m just happy that i get to watch a lot of eps in one go!!!

  205. Hana78 says:

    When will we able to watch ep 29 ???? god cant wait and wanting to know the ending as well ……
    wondering did 4 th prince married rouxi ?

  206. Adrian says:

    Although 8th prince is bad but not as bad as 4th prince. I pity the good one , 10th and 14th prince.
    14th prince treat 4th prince as his brother unlike the cold blooded 4th prince.

    • Scorpiojt93 says:

      you don”t know about the 8th prince? you really think he is not as bad? Spoilers: he was the one who caused the 13th prince to be locked up for 10 years. And 4th prince never ill-treated his brother. 14th prince have no respect for him at all just because he is closer to the 8th prince. the 4th prince always thinks for him even when he shield the 8th prince and also when he escape from the capital to help the8th prince, he covered up for him at his disadvantaged. For that, i respect the 4th prince. The only people whom you should avoid hurting is ruo xi and the 13th prince for they are most precious to him. Hurt them and its all too bad. 

      • Aquamandarine says:

        I agree with scorpio if im not mistaken 8th prince was called vicious one and from the start  his group always start the problem behind his bro and father. Although we can see how he love rou xi and protecting his brothers but everything has motive…

        4th prince on the other hand, he think first before he act to the extend other’s misunderstand him. That’s why the only person who could really understand him is 13th prince and rou xi. 

    • Sorrysorry says:

      IMO all the princes who want the throne all have a ruthless side. 8th and 4th are the worst I highly doubt either will sacrifice the throne for RuoXi. The only one who is good is the 10th because he is dumb (adorably so) and has no ambition.

  207. Hana78 says:

    Wow… cant believe that its already ep 28 thank you for uploading 7 ep as  i was very eager to come home and watch the drama it a a great story and wonder whn will it come out in DVD with english sub so that i can buy this drama ? i have been keeping on checking for update of this drama . Thank you once again for uploading this drama….

  208. Hana78 says:

    Usually this drama air for how many days and took how long until upload the very next episode ?

  209. Www says:

    how many eps totall.

  210. Mel says:

    wah in the end the 4th prince is so bad… 🙁

  211. Goodman says:

    wow. update so early today. THANKS ;D

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    all these uploads…this is soo awesome!!!

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    thanks so much !!!!

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    woah! its almost oveR??!

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  216. Ch898989 says:

    Ep32 not complete! Hope it can be fixed

  217. Aki says:

    who would have guess…so the 4th prince is the truely evil….

  218. jinxy says:

    Oh wow … I was getting worried we won’t have episodes for days since we got some bonus ones last night. Looks like I’ll be able to finish the series by this weekend! Awesome … thanks!!!!! <3333

  219. Virchen84 says:

    this is cool. 12 episode uploaded. yeah!! okay, i forgive you now. thank you so much.

  220. Hana78 says:

    wow bonus….. but wht happend to ep 35 ?????

  221. guest says:

    ep 32 how? :O

  222. guest says:

    WHERE IS EP 35 though?

  223. Virchen84 says:

    35 is the last episode. are you trying to save this for tomorrow?? save the best for tomorrow. 

  224. Drama_addict says:

    someone pls upload the full ver. of 32!!!

  225. Happygirl says:

    Thanks for uploading ! HAHA i half wish the show will quickly end cos i wanna know the ending but half wish it wont end cos its too awrsome!

  226. Yomi says:

    if they are willing to leak that much episodes in one go, why not release the last episode, then I can continue to cry for 4th and RX. -__-
    Anyway looking forwards for the last episode! xD

  227. Virchen84 says:

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  232. Ser_tce says:

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  238. In Heaven Girl says:

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    but i like the ending, its sad but it gives hope. i think it would be a bit odd if it is a happy ending after showing how all the princes have died…

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    Fourteenth Prince is just a babe! <3

  245. says:

    For Part 3 to Part 5 of the novel,where Ruo xi returns from the dead in a different body to reunite with her si ye and have a son with him…

    You can check out :

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    Thank you for uploading so much though it made me stay awake until 6am now to watch this till the end. It was great but very sad. I don’t what to say, I definitely like this ending more than the ending in the book, but I can’t say if I am satisfied yet, although a happy ending wouldn’t suit the whole drama….at least there is some space for imagination^^

    • jinxy says:

      I agree…. I don’t think a happy ending would have suit this drama. It’s the sad ending that makes it so good, but it leaves room for imagination. I like it! I enjoyed this drama a lot … now to wait for them all to be subbed so I can get a better understanding of what really went on.

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    What a great series! I didn’t cry during the entire story but the last episode was so heart wrenching, I needed a box of tissues beside me…  This is a really well written and well portrayed story…. the actors and actresses were also superb…

    The romance was sweet and bitter, the political scheming was exciting and dramatic, everything is so well put together to make a memorable series…

    For those who are hoping for a “happily ever after” ending, you will be disappointed (better off watching gong instead). For me, the ending was perfect and more realistic for this sort of sad, tragic story. Too much has happened and to be honest, I don’t believe they deserve a happy ending. The choices one makes in life is what decides their fate and everyone must live with that… 

  248. C.C. says:

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  249. Kyonkyon says:

    i just have one query regarding the ‘time periods’ over the whole course of this show…
    It just briefly state ‘many years have passed….’ over a number of scenes. But exactly HOW MANY years have passed over an inccident?!

    Initially Rouxi should be in her teens when she trasferred her body…

    So it seems like Rouxi is in her 30s when she reunite with Yongzheng when he finally ascended the throne?

    • ClearSkys says:

      yes i have the same question… all i know is the 13th prince was locked up for 10years and yongzheng reined for 13 years… ruoxi entered the palace when she was 16??? or is it 13?? and then we need to add those years in between … they say that a xianui has to stay in the palace till theyre 24 or 26 so i think 20 yrs have passed?? any other calculations??

      • Kyonkyon says:

        By the looks of it, that seems pretty much like it.

        Woah… 20 years… she waited on him from teens till 30s. Impressive, but just felt sorry for her youth.

    • Sorrysorry says:

      Didn’t read the novel but I watched a clip which which introduced the show. She was 13 when she time travelled and 20 years passed before she died. So she was 33.

      • Kyonkyon says:

        so she should be in her late 20s when she got together with Yong zheng?

        It is impossible that a series of even happen within a year and cause her death upon her reunion with Yong zheng eh?

    • Bubble says:

      In the book, Rouxi was 13/14 in the beginning of the story.  Working out the dates mentioned in the book, 22 years had passed when she died. 
      I think the TV show purposely did not clearly define her age in the beginning, because firstly the actress did not look like a 13/14 year-old, and more importantly it would seem creepy for the 8th prince to have romantic feelings for such a young girl.

  250. sushi8 says:

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  251. Let’s just say even though I know the ending & how boring it ended up being..

  252. Aki says:

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  253. Guest says:

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  254. Aki says:

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  255. Adrian says:

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  256. Thuchen says:

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    • HarleQuinn says:

      I know what you mean, Holy crap I was crying so hard I had snot all over my PJs.. and then when I woke up I had to think about it again. And now i’m reading the sequel hoping for some closure…

      • jinxy says:

        Can you share where are you reading the sequel? Is it in English? =)

        • HarleQuinn says:

          Its by another author, so technically its fanfic i guess. Its a little bit ridiculous, she goes back again in another person’s body to continue her love with Yongzhen. Its good for getting rid of the awful sadness from the drama.

          …..However! Its in Chinese.

          • Scorpiojt93 says:

            i agree i sort of regretted reading the sequel although i read it twice. It is too painful. I respect the original novel’s ending. The original ending did not mention that ruo xi went back to the future. She just died with lots of regrets especially the fact that she did not gain 4th prince’s forgiveness. 

      • Thuchen says:

        I am doing the exact thing like you now. Been reading the sequel the whole day now though I got big problems reading it, my chinese is not that good…

    • SOUFFLE says:

      This website has all the best scenes that you could rewatch from each episode.

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  258. Virchen84 says:

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    • jinxy says:

      I’m sad the drama is over too …. It was really good …. all these scenes were really well played. I didn’t think I was going to cry …. I saw all the comments before I got to finish it since I was in school at the time. And I thought … you people were all wussies. But then I watched and I was like crying my eyes out in the last two episodes. Baaaahhhh going to re-watch it too now! I don’t think I can watch another drama for a while … this one just set the standard too high.

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    • xiaozhen says:

      he is a king. he has his own problems and troubles. the only thing that i felt was his mistake at the end was the fact that he failed to give ruoxi a chance to explain herself. Yong Zheng was a good king he dislike corrupted officers and although his reign was short, he path a smoother way for his son qian long. if it was you, you will not give someone who is after your throne and try to make things difficult for you when you are trying out new policies, will you?

  262. Olivia Tran says:

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    • This drama was definitely more catching & better, but the ending of Gong was totally happier. So I’d have to call it even SINCE I’M DISAPPOINTED AT THE ENDING (& can’t get over it still). This is totally a “rewatchable”

    • ilovebubujingxin<3 says:

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    • Sushi8 says:

      If you need eng. translation you can find it on vikii. But it is a lot slower…last time I checked it’s subbed up to like ep 18.

  267. Ouyang19931010 says:

    before, i think i have read the novels for 3 times,know the story and know its sad ending and prepare for it. I won’t be too sad when I watch the TV…but….I still cry…very much………….
    thanks Liu Shishi(Cecilia Liu) , Wu Qilong(Nick Wu),Kevin Cheng…….Love 步步惊心、、、步步惊心。。。。。终于不负我一年的等待。。。 

  268. Virchen84 says:

    does anyone have full versions from the songs. i only get the tv version. the theme songs are beautiful. 

  269. Aki says:

    I just want to make sure onething, the female lead didn’t sleep with 8th prince right?
    in ep 33, 4th prince was very very angry at the female lead beacuse she “date” with the 8th prince in the past…but…why does it matter a lot, I mean, the female leads sister dated with someelse before she got married but the 8th prince accepted and didn’t get mad at her and send her away, but now the 4th prince is so angry to a point that he wants to send her away…

    • Sorrysorry says:

      Nope she didn’t sleep with him.

      I think he was so angry because (1) they were supposed to be truthful to each other and yet she kept it from him all these while (2) he thinks that it is because of her love for 8th (and not that he was her brother in law) that she gave him the namelist and caused 13th to suffer for 10 years and (3) 4th and 8th are different in character – 8th seems to be very gentle and understanding especially towards females but 4th is the kind who gets jealous easily.

      At least that’s how I interpreted it

    • watergod says:

      He’s angry because she doesn’t tell him that she was dated with 8th (4th & RX did promise that they won’t lie to each other) and because RX cares about 8th (when 8th being punish by 4th,RX kneel too),well, that what i thought

    • Toohearts says:

      No, she didn’t…. it was said that way so that 4th prince would let her leave him (and that is why 8th prince described in that way)

  270. Kyonkyon says:

    It is so agonising…but at the same time coming to think of it, it is really the best well to end this drama than a happily ever after.

    My heart really goes out to each individual character in the show. The emotions, the yearn for power etc literally reaches the viewer man.

    Really hats off to this cast of actors and producers.

  271. ehy_roxysp says:


  272. Aki says:

    Let’s Vote!
    Q Who is your favourite prince?
    (please reply to this comment to vote 🙂

    • Aki says:

      Mind is the 14th prince. I like the 4th prince at first, but toward the end, I started to like the 4 th prince less and less….

    • Ezzychan says:

      Hehehehe, I still like the 13th and 4th Prince, from the start, right to the end of the novel/serial. =D

    • Started out with the 8th.. but when the 4th got into more scenes, he’s so irresistibly “HOT”. He made every episode’s wait longer than usual because of his romantic actions aha 🙂
      4th all the way <3

    • Ash says:

      I like both the 4th and 14th prince!!!:D

    • 武装的蔷薇 says:

      My vote goes to the 13th prince!

    • 123 says:

      my fav is the 4th prince!! he is so sweet to rouxi so i love him.

    • Adrian says:

      I like 8th at the beginning and 14th at the end

    • HarleQuinn says:

      4 and 14!

      Nicky is kinda getting old, but OMG 14’s actor is Hot!

      • Kyonkyon says:

        I KNOW RIGHT!!

        Totally get you… You know when he (14th) first enter the scene, he was one of the tallest… My attention was already caught…

    • Kyonkyon says:

      Seriouly Aki, you are so gonna put alot of ppl in a position! 
      How are we going to choose between 4th, 8th, and 14th.

      Let’s say… if there’s a title for each ‘favourite’… i guess i would go with –

      1. Most heartwarming prince – 14th
      2. Most romantic prince – 8th
      3. Most impactful prince (one that capture your heart immediately) – 4th

      Ok, maybe sound gibberish but I just can’t choose ONE favourite!!

    • jinxy says:

      This really is a tough question … at first I really liked the 4th. Just something about his personality is so cool and calm. The type of guy most girls probably swoon over. But I think in reality the 14th will make a better BF. He’s just fun and always full of smiles. Not to mention he’s super tall and good looking. Ladies if you don’t know what he looks like IRL go google it. He looks even better without his half shaved head lol… but I have to say … Nicky Wu’s performance is outstanding. I really felt pain and sadness everytime he cried.

    • jinxy says:

      Oh and sorry to all your 8th lovers out there. But I really don’t like him that much… he is cute IRL. But in this drama with that hair, his head looks really big. And I just HATE HATE the way he smiles, reminds me of a fox. Very shady looking …. not my cup of tea.

    • Summer says:

      i like No 13. coz of his thick eye
      and I like no14. coz his big nose…
      dnt like no8. coz he looks old..
      and no 4. i love him. coz he is Taiwanese 🙂 xoxoxo hahahah

    • Happyrain says:

       All of them are great in their roles…I think they should get different awards:

      Best Deep Love Award — 8th prince

      Best Protection for Girlfriend Award — 4th prince

      Best Talking Buddy —-  13th prince

      Best Boyfriend Material — 14th prince

      Most Photogenic — 14th prince

      Most Talented idol — 13th prince

      Most in need of a facial — 4th prince….

  273. Lynn says:

    I can’t find the complete of ep32. How to solve this problem?

  274. guest says:

    Does anyone know when the modern version will air? Right after this season?

  275. Joezzz says:

    It would be great if they really going to make a modern version 步步驚心 .  Imagine them fight to gain grounds in the modern society.  Who would this time?

  276. Desiree331 says:

    THIS IS AN AWESOME DRAMA..!!….watching it the second time, still touched..!!….;)

  277. Ezzychan says:

    This is indeed a beautiful drama. =D When the official DVDs are out, I will purchase the copy and keep it. =D

  278. sushi8 says:

    Here is clips from a modern version that shows them in the present? Is this filming??

    • tigerize02 says:

      it is a fan made video

      • sushi8 says:

        Awww man..totally disappointed

      • sushi8 says:

        Awww man..totally disappointed

      • Pr3cious09 says:

        omg seriously?! That look sooo real! I thought oh they already on their way filming the modern version that fast? If its true I’m sooo gonna watch it. but well guess its too good to be true huh? 

        You know, I would prefer a modern version with all the same cast (reincarnated), rather than a sequel where RouXi return to the past(in a different body which called for a different lead actress) once again and bear a child with YongZhen…thats just dragging it.  

      • Pr3cious09 says:

        omg seriously?! That look sooo real! I thought oh they already on their way filming the modern version that fast? If its true I’m sooo gonna watch it. but well guess its too good to be true huh? 

        You know, I would prefer a modern version with all the same cast (reincarnated), rather than a sequel where RouXi return to the past(in a different body which called for a different lead actress) once again and bear a child with YongZhen…thats just dragging it.  

    • tigerize02 says:

      it is a fan made video

    • Aquamandarine says:

      that would be impossible…… making a modern version….cant imagine….

      the time…. values… principles are different trying to make a modern version might ruin the special, captivating, tear-jecker story of BBJX into nothing…..

  279. sushi8 says:

    Here is clips from a modern version that shows them in the present? Is this filming??

  280. MagnoliaLuv says:

    I crired so much after watching… Im gonna rewatch it for like.. 10 times 😀

  281. MagnoliaLuv says:

    I crired so much after watching… Im gonna rewatch it for like.. 10 times 😀

  282. sushi8 says:

    anyone know where I can find a translation of RX’s last letter to 4th?

  283. summer says:

    omg. this is better than ” huan zhu ge ge ” !! awesome.. love all the princes….

  284. Hana78 says:

    Can anyone tell me is the original dvd out yet ? When will that be cant wait to get this drama and soundtrack too 2 of the song become my fav and stuck in my head now …. Awesome drama this is i have been watching lots of time now keep on repeating this drama….

  285. Geneviere Lim says:

    My eyes are swollen …. 

  286. Desiree331 says:

    OMG..!!…i cant stop thinking bout this drama..>!!…even after watching it for so many times already…[email protected]@…….i think im insane…..

  287. frenzlove says:

    been waiting for this show since i first watched the trailer approximately half a year ago when it was first released. When it started advertising on the air date i was totally anticipating for it even more. Now that i have finish the show i totally missed it. For me i read the novel right after knowing that this show was adopted from a novel and i have to say i don’t like the ending for its a bad one where ruoxi and 4th prince can’t be together but i guess that was the best ending for ruoxi doesn’t exist in the real history. As for the drama, when i heard that the ending will be different from that of the novel, i was hoping that we will be having some nice happy ending for the two main lead but it wasn’t that case. Although both novel and the drama were sad ending, i still love this show totally for the acting of the actors and actresses as well as the wonderful novel that was written. Kudos to all!!

    • jinxy says:

      But Ruoxi did exist in history … when you think about it. It is because of her that history was the way it was. If she didn’t warn the 8th about the 4th and etc at the time. Then they said most likely the 8th would have gone after the 3rd prince because he would supposedly be next in line. And if he didn’t go after the 4th then the 13th would have never been locked up for all those years. So in retrospect the 4th fought so hard for the throne so he can free the 13th and be with Ruoxi. Atleast that was my understanding of the drama from the little chinese skills I have. The only reason why she can’t find herself in google or history is because one she chose to be cremated. So there is basically no grave for her…. and two because the 4th loved her so much he never allowed for her to officially be wed with the 14th. So her name was never recorded and she was never named one of the girls for the king either.

      • frenzlove says:

        Your interpretation is correct… What i meant about Ruoxi did not exist in in history i’m referring to the real history that we know and not the history mentioned in the show… Although it’s a novel writing, i guess the author still want to keep the history that we know of where the character Ruoxi never did exist in the real history.. Nonetheless, this is really a good drama and the love between Ruoxi and 四爷 was totally filled with love though they didn’t have a true happy ending…

      • Faythele says:

        I thought I read somewhere that he gave her an official title as his concubine?

  288. Anonymous says:

    I’m not watching dramas for a realistic sad ending 🙁

  289. sushi8 says:

    anyone know what airs after this show is done airing on TV?

    • Sorrysorry says:

      倾世皇妃 The Glamorous Imperial Concubinestarring Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Yan Kuan and many more.. Is a big production, another palace drama

  290. magicalazngrl says:

    does anyone know here to find this english subbed? i kno viki is working on it but im so impatient <3

  291. So it ended how it ended..
    No sequel?
    I mean, the way they put the ending seemed as if they were hinting in on a modern version of the drama. 
    Gong had a nice ending, but its sequel is coming out soon..

    • vivi says:

      Recently, there are reports saying that the Director made a few alternative endings to this drama. Following the leaks, he claimed that the ending that will be shown officially on Hunan TV will be different from the leaked one. True or just a publicity gimmick? We shall have to wait and see….

      • sushi8 says:

        vivi..if this ends up being true, how will we know which sites are showing the the official tv version…will the leaked episodes be updated..any ideas?

      • frenzlove says:

        why is it that this sounds so similar to then when 宫 was broadcasting and the director said the same thing about having several different ending which they will consider broadcasting differing from the leak ending and in the end it turn out to be a gimmick. However, i do hope it’s true and they can give us a better ending and seems like they are some scenes being edited. read somewhere that ruoxi going back to her era not only met 4 but also descendants of 8 and the others. not sure how true it is. i guess we just have to wait till the last episode is being broadcast this thursday.

      • Joezzz says:

        Would it be like the youtube – 步步惊心 现代篇 where they all reincarnate into the 21st century?  I know some says it is a fan made video, however, there are some scenes of the 14th prince, Lin Gengxin, in the fan made video.  I understand from the drama interviews, with all the characters, that this Gengxin 1st drama serial.  So how did anyone manage to get video shoots of him in the modern day.  What other drama did Lin Gengxin act in?

        • 武装的蔷薇 says:

          It was MVs that he previously starred in I think… that video is def fan made, because there are scenes depicting Kevin Cheng in different hair styles and looks, which looks like cuts from his previous dramas…

    • jinxy says:

      Imagine the made a sequel and they were all related again with different moms … hahaha

  292. Kyonkyon says:

    I am so missing this chat. the times when everyone grumble and accompany each other with the wait…

    I hope this forum never dies even though the drama is completed.

    love the sharing and exchanges of perspectives in this forum.

  293. Desiree331 says:

    i so hope they have a Modernized continuation …!!!!!!!!!!!……..:(…..

  294. guest says:

    If anyone is interested, the author wrote a series of five short epilogues about Chen Huan growing up with the 4th and 5th prince of Yong Zheng and marrying Mi Mi’s son, 13th’s death, and there’s a brief note from the 14th prince finally being released from house arrest.

    The epilogues were only released quite recently.  I think the author wrote them within the past few weeks or so for the new edition of the novels.

    I personally just bawled my eyes out (especially when you’re reading Epilogue 3).

    Here’s the link to the page.  (It’s in Mandarin.)

    Happy reading.

  295. lovebubu says:

    there’s nothing more to add is there? showing happy scenes of ruo xi and probably the guy who looks like yong zheng??? i think that is not a good idea. makes it too fairytale-like. not all shows are meant to have a good ending. sometimes a tragic ending is the best ending as it makes most sense.

  296. SOUFFLE says:

    Sugoideas, would you be able to upload the season finale of Startling by Each Step if the HUNAN TV ending differs from the leaked ending?

    • frenzlove says:

      FYI, there isn’t a different ending… just finished watching the tv version and the ending unfortunately is the same as what we have watched from the leak dvd version…

      • SOUFFLE says:

        Thank you, that is sad to hear. Maybe a bittersweet ending is the best ending after all. Hopefully Sugoideas would upload this week’s Behind The Story which features the second part of the interview with the Startling by Each Step’s casts as well as 非常靠譜 featuring Nicky Wu.

      • sushi8 says:

        Really? No change at all…I’m so bummed. The director lied then…sigh..I should have known.

        • frenzlove says:

          well… actually they didn’t lie on the part about having different endings. i watched this other video where they were celebrating about the final of this drama, the producer or the boss of the drama said that they do have other endings and Nicky Wu himself said so too that they filmed a couple of ending but even the actors doesn’t know which ending will be broadcast till the end. The boss further added that there is a possibility that they will show the other endings on other broadcast which i presume she is referring to the re-run of the series. So there is still chance that we will have a glimpse of the other endings filmed. Also, they mentioned that there is possibility that they will film a modern version of another series with the same cast but no concrete plans as of now but we still can hope for another series right? This group of casts is just so great. perhaps 4 and ruoxi can’t have a happy ending in this series but another series.

        • Kathy says:

          they filmed 3 different endings. ending 1: Ruo Xi dies in the Qing Dynasty and doesn’t go back to the present- as book originally had it. 2: Modern day 4th Prince was actually the guy driving the car that hit her….dun dun dun! 3: The museum one aired/on dvd.

  297. Sally Dang says:

    this drama is really good.. totally would watch it again.. the ending was beautiful..  really i think the ending should end this way instead those typical ending where there happy fake ending.. because to me its like this whole thing was a dream for her .. get a taste how the past is like . coming back is understanding the truth how much a person is meant. like most like to say see you in the next life time.

  298. an avid fan says:

    Is the second “behind the story” going to be uploaded here?

    • gabriele merkel says:

      mine is not showing english subtitle , can you tell me how or where i can watch it with eng.sub

  299. gabriele merkel says:

    how do i make it play with english subtitle
    [email protected]

  300. Guest says:

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    • Guest says:

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    • Bpishy_bpishy says:

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    • Guest says:

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    • Iovegigii says:

      lol so true but at less he did become king.

      • Juju says:

        that’s what he paid to become king.

        • Aqua_we07 says:

          4th suffer so much to become a king…. ,, 8th lost everything to become a king… but 8th or 4th… no one ends up with ruo xi,,, i thinks this is the most tragic part in this film…

          4th got the throne but he lost ruo xi..
          8 lost the throne but he died in peace…

  335. ilovebubujingxin<3 says:

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    • Guest says:

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    • :D says:

      they were given poison to free themselves in a way…since they were placed in prison by 4th prince. it was a way to end their suffering 

    • Mypigpiggy says:

       ruoxi told 13 to give them the poison in her final letter. She knew that they rather die than be locked up by the 4th prince.

  348. DomWinchester says:

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  383. Css12312003 says:

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  384. Forlin Poon says:

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  385. Guest says:

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    • hahara8 says:

      It’s different from Gong in that this one focused on almost all of the princes, instead of focusing on only #4 and 8. It’s different from Zhen Huan as ZH focused on Yong Zheng’s wives, not really on the princes. 

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