Sunshine Angel / 陽光天使

Sunshine Angel / 陽光天使
Wu Chun, Rainie Yang, Zhang Jun Ning, Liu Zi Yan, Lee Shiau Shiang, Gu Bao Ming, Zhao Shu Hai, Wu Qian Qian, Nakano Ryoko
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-08-04
English Subtitle:Yes
Wu Chun plays a second generation entrepreneur who ended up living in the streets after going bankrupt and Rainie plays a maid.

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  1. Nycz says:

    I have been waiting for this!!!!!! cant wait until it comes out!!!!

  2. taiwanesedrama#1 says: feels like forever until it comes out…cnt wait!!! =)

  3. pinkamigo says:


  4. Cookiie says:

    for ppl who’s been crazy for this drama: youtube already has the episodes so if ur going crazy bout it go and click to watch it 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    OMG! it’s finally out!…although i’ve finished watching this entire series already, I will rewatch it for the loads of missing parts hunantv felt they needed to leave out. and hey! it’s Rainie! no harm in rewatching it hahahahaha

  6. Janet says:

    Funshion have everything. I finish the whole show alrdy.^^

  7. Guest says:

    Can´t watch this in Germany =(((( we have no rights for this, bacause of
    the music…thats not really nice… i wanna watch this!!!!!!

  8. Bellowing says:

    The plot is very reminiscent of 开朗少女成功记

  9. Wcwycjt23 says:

    EPIC. Shortest Drama Description ever seen

  10. J9jweir says:


  11. J9jweir says:


  12. J9jweir says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    is genie zhuo in this drama?

  14. Tatiana Pinto says:

    I hope Wu Chun don’t kiss like a bird in this drama!

  15. 希瓦娜斯 says:

    怎麼感覺好像之前某部韓劇= =

  16. Kylie says:

    where is ep2?? 

  17. Summer says:

    i finished the whole series in 2 days on YOUTUBE !!! he is so hot.. i even dreamed about him on the 1st nite.. OMG !!

  18. Lala says:

    the whole drama seems very “old” , is it actually a few years back de drama or wad?

  19. CY says:

    How many episodes in total does this show have? (:

  20. Starlit~ says:

    Youtube only has the China version, which is completely cut up and weird…the Taiwan version is still airing, that’s why Sugoideas only has like..2 eps

  21. miss.phuong says:

    Ummm you are aware on youtube, someone has kindly done a eng sub for this … and at the moment they complete (with eng sub) to ep 5 🙂
    So for those who cant wait … check youtube for sunshine angel eng sub 🙂

  22. Guest says:

    there are full ep of drama in mainland.

  23. Shazzatweety says:

    Y can’t i get Sunshine Angel -Episode 1 to download ah?

  24. Guest says:

    when do the episodes come out?

  25. SC says:

    Super terrible drama, can’t bear to watch and had to skip straight to last episode. Actors no chemistry, look like dated series from ten years back. How can Raine act so well in Love You, but talk and sound funny in this show?

    • jess says:

      I can definitely see where you are getting at. Wu Chun is definitely working hard to improve his acting but I do find that it would’ve been better if they had a different male lead. Rainie has superb acting skills no doubt about that, but sometimes I find it lacking when the other casts aren’t as great. Sorry to those who think opposite.

    • michie says:

      shes talking like that on purpose == its how herrole is set to talk…

  26. CY says:

    So all the episodes here in sugoideas for this show is china or taiwan version? 

    • jess says:

      Taiwan version 😉 

      • CY says:

        Ah ok! Thank you so much! Cos i’ve watched one of the episodes in 100% entertainment, they said that they have different version. As in china & taiwan. The one difference is taiwan version has the behind the scenes of which i wanna watch de. (: They do have it here as well right? I mean the back of the scenes. 

        • jess says:

          Personally I tend to watch the Taiwanese versions because I think that sometimes the China version is cut to their liking. There are some dramas that I’ve watched and noticed that some scenes are added/cut out which (to me) make a difference. The taiwanese versions tend to have the behind the scenes at the end..soo..

  27. anna says:

    how many episodes are there?

  28. Nishimura Kai says:

    wah up until episode 3, i only like the obaa-chan. the other characters are all irritating and obnoxious. oTL

  29. Guest says:

    I just have an observation to make. anyone watched the korean drama “successful story of a bright girl” before? i realise the plot in the beginning is really really similar. girl lives with grandma, parents are tricksters, girl then has to work as a maid to pay off the parents’ debts, and she works as a maid in an obnoxious rich guy’s house [the main lead]…. if the plot is really similar, the grandma will die soon. lol. 

  30. Brendon says:

    Nice and fast release for Sunshine Angel episodes. Keep up the good work!

  31. 炎亚纶粉丝 says:


  32. Applebei says:

    Sunshine Angel Episode 05: wat time

  33. Ashlynn says:

    For those who can’t wait anymore, you can go to, all 18 episodes are out. 
    But bad thing is, it require you to download and no english sub.

  34. Yana says:

    i need softsubs!! where can i get them?

  35. Anonymous says:

    episode 6 in english subs?!?! WHEN?!

  36. Toh Lingfong says:

    U all can go youtube see lor…Youtube upload until last episode already

  37. Denysebeh says:

    TS video shop is selling the full set already!

  38. Lala says:

    I seriosly hate yang guang !

  39. Channa says:

    i heart this drama bt material queen as also good as wells. both movies: they know what they feel in their hearts, bt yet their words and actions are different from what the heart says

  40. Issac Felicia says:

    Please fix episode 5 part 5. Thanks

  41. Issac Felicia says:

    Sorry.. It should be episode 6 part 5

  42. Blue says:

    The English title should be Sunny Girl isn’t it?

  43. Cecilia Lee says:

    this show is boring to me. same old story and acting not good enough.

  44. bzzzzzz says:

    love the show…watch the whole show several times on youtube already…

  45. Star_girl327 says:

    the evil guy has the ugliest eyes ever.. LOL the left and right eyes have such big differences

  46. Eewawalalalulu says:

    boring show

  47. Llteng says:

    “Sunshine Angel” is the Taiwanese version of “Successful Story of a Bright Girl” (Korean Drama in 2002) by Jang Nara & Jang Hyuk.

  48. Linday588 says:

    Please episode 9 !

  49. BlackSwan says:

    I already watched the whole drama on utube…
    In my opinion this drama is a lil bit boring to me.. Cuz i thing the directors don’t hAve imagination n they took the same story from romantic princess… I’m not hating I’m just saying ok? .. Didn’t like the last ep.

  50. Abc says:

    awesome show lol .

  51. Mwvv11 says:

    i can’t find this drama in ppstv.  Help!

    • Littleliar says:

      I watched this drama on funshion…
      But the problem is that u have to dowload all the episodes… ;S
      Or u wanna keep waiting in this page just to watch the boring ending ;S
      She made him wait her for 2 years just to say yes to his propose…
      N that’s it…

  52. JenLo says:

    i love rainie alot. but this is sooo boring. wasted two good actor and actress. sigh 

  53. Ben Dan says:

    I don’t understand why so many people find this so boring. I find the office intrigue quite exciting.

  54. Marianne says:

    I love this drama, thanks.

  55. Marianne says:

    You know that they love the characters of the TWdrama Sunshine Angel because it’s so romantic.

  56. guest says:

    Cant see any first parts cause “embedding is disabled” ….. =((

  57. Kissradio123 says:

    I like the drama, but Rainie “in my opinion” looks a bit ugly with her hairstyle in the drama.

  58. Yui86 says:

    this drama has the same storyline as a korean drama that came out in the 90s… called ‘story of a successful bright girl’.
    kinda fishy to me -____-

  59. Yui86 says:

    OMG. the more i watch the more similar the storyline becomes. all the characters follow the same motives and actions and hate/like the same people for the same reason. even the main company does the same business >____<
    why can't they make something new?

  60. Yui86 says:

    it is official. it is the taiwanese version of the korean drama, just without proper credit. the way the male lead meets the rainie is even the exact same.

  61. Pearl says:

    5 stars

  62. 可爱小男孩 says:

    Please don’t judge any of the dramas that are on air. Everyone knows how hard it is to even be acting in a idol drama. They are just trying their best! 😀

  63. I wonder why people are so surprized at how similar it is to that korean drama… I was told even before it starts airing that it was an adaptation/remake… They’ve never ever hidden that so I don’t get the surprize…

  64. Evaaaaaaaaaaaa;D says:

    wu chun is soooooooooooooo hot yo

  65. Zhaokiatleong says:

     i wonder how ya xin  talk to the house and how he get the house

  66. kk says:

    This drama is done on youtube

  67. Call_me_tiger says:


  68. Whatssup says:

    this show is usually up on Thursday.. and today is thurs.. where is it.. am i missing something? :S

  69. junegirl says:

    i tot ep 12 will be out? but i didnt see it. 🙁 wu chun is sooo hot!!

  70. PCBLASUGOI says:

    Walao. cb la. Whr is ep 12? yesterday i waited so long!

  71. Avytan says:

    What happened to episode 12 ? Bizarre … 🙁

  72. SunShineAngelFan says:

    Come on pls!! I wanted to watch it!!!

  73. T-ara SG says:

    where is Ep12. omg~ waited for so long already.

  74. dong says:

    where is ep. 12?…..

  75. CY says:

    Where is epi 12?!?! Waiting for it to come out. :(((

  76. SUnShiNe AnGel says:

    what happen to sunshine angel? why isit it appearing on the home page too anymore? where is ep 12??

  77. CY says:

    Like finally its out! :/

  78. dong says:

    where is ep 12 with eng. sub..?

  79. VALE says:

    whether its a remake or not, its okay.
    I’m still in love with this drama!

  80. chococat says:

    i love this show! i just started though…………….

  81. Chococat says:

    i want episode 13

  82. Miriam says:

    this is adapted from a korean drama series. what is the title?

  83. Chococat says:

    i love rainie in this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Marianne says:

    I think that they fall in love with this TWdrama and i love it all for you.

  85. Marianne says:

    I love Rainie and Wu Zun because of their acting skills and i love them.

  86. sweetiepieee says:

    how many episodes will there be of this drama?

  87. Cher Minn says:

    is this drama worth watching?

  88. Fribbib says:

    How many episodes is this supposed to be, I thought 13? xD I love it that I can watch more, it’s just…. I’m anxious to see how it ends and wondering just when that will be? x]

  89. Bubble says:

    IMO, the only good thing about this drama is that the leads (Wu Chun and Rainie) are good looking. Otherwise, it is very lame.  The story is the most basic, typical idol drama story (apparently a Korean drama remake – cannot understand why bother repeating such a boring, flawed plot).  The ‘bad guy’ characters are very poorly written and badly acted.

  90. cy says:

    I thought its until episode 18? From what i see from the youtube video…. :/

  91. Paoniel says:

    i think its a good drama…but the story is too rush…like when the company bankrupt and ya xin get the company again its a little bit impossible…

  92. SNSDlover2000 says:

    I think it okay… I like this show very much! I wish korea will make a korea version of this show and Sunny from snsd will be Yang Guang!

  93. Unknown 48 says:

    what a weird climax that is set in the story….but interesing too.

  94. Unknown 48 says:

    what a weird climax that is set in the story….but interesing too.

  95. tracyyy says:

    i think ying shan’s SO CUTEEEE<3 hehehe:)

  96. Hey! says:

    @ snsdlover2000 they already have a korean version. this was a remake of sucessful story of a bright girl.

  97. random says:

    you know.. i think the reason why this drama wasn’t exactly a success is due to the fact that they used already recognized actors/actresses to act in a drama that is supposed to be a REMAKE as in a COPY of another story… These actors/actresses already created a certain image for themselves so it’s kind of hard to really appreciate their characters. It’d be much easier to see fresh faces.

    • 123 says:

      i dont reli agree with u abt the using recognised actors/actresses..coz casting those 2 r supposed to be an advantage because of their fame. I think its more of the scriptwriters’ fault in writing the screenplays. The storyline just didnt work that well.  

  98. bubujinxinaddict says:

    rainie is a good actress, but why don’t i like this drama?  drunken to love you was so good…

  99. Colleen Co says:

    I find this series, extremely cute.

  100. asiangurltht<3dramas says:

    is this drama good?…cuz im planning to watch it.

  101. JELLYYYYY says:

    Is this drama worth watching ?:/

  102. Guest123 says:

    wu chun so handsome! ^^

  103. Guest123 says:

    rainie veryvery poor thing 😀

  104. Pearl says:

    4 stars; not a bad show
    like how all the fahrenheit members were in it XD

  105. guest says:

    this one is soooo boring…waste of time…stop watching at episode 3

  106. guest says:

    I think the director and editor of this drama don’t do their job well…some scenes are so waste of time. Who in the hell has the patient to watch a car driving in the street for 2-3 mins? I get it its a race car…but it’s meaningless to make that shot lasting for 2-3 mins…and it happens for more than one time…not just the scene mentioned previously…

  107. Jani2xu says:

    this was a good one!

  108. Hanwoonpang says:

    don’t expect too much in this drama…

  109. Payingxiong14 says:

    I actually really enjoy this drama, I rate it the highest it can be. You obivously have to watch it to see if you like it or if you don’t. I’m a sucker for these kind of dramas, and I think the storyline was fine.

  110. Anonymous says:

    nice drama:)

  111. fsuah says:

    I like the original story which is made by the Korean drama. This is the exact copy or remake of “Successful story of the Bright Girl” which made in 2005.  I think Wu Chun is still lack in maturity in this roles… mybe is his baby face look.  As for the korean the actor is so much more mature.

  112. [email protected] says:

     this is a pretty good comedy and romance movie I thought

  113. saugat_08 says:

    I watched becos of wu chun !  chun is good actor .
      Ithink they could  have use new story lines! rather that remake neway it’s good drama! 

  114. MJ says:

    Sunshine Angel /  陽光天使 / Yang Guang Tian Shi


    Wu Chun as as Di Ya Xin 狄雅辛
    Rainie Yang as as Yang Guang 陽光
    Zhang Jun Ning as Geng Fei 耿非
    Liu Zi Yan as Angela 殷安琪
    Lee Shiau Shiang as Ai Ying Shan 艾英善
    Gu Bao Ming as Yang Yi Lang 陽一郎
    Zhao Shu Hai as Geng Gu Wen 耿顧問
    Wu Qian Qian as Elizabeth 殷董事長
    Nakano Ryoko (中野良子) as Yang Guang’s grandmother

    Opening theme song: Sunny by Boney M

    Ending theme song: Bu Neng Gao Su Wo (不能告訴我) by Nylon Chen

  115. usag1 says:

    this is the first time I skip a lot of ep because it was boring but good enough. 

  116. DeathGirl says:

    I hate it… Not subtitle… only in part 1 and the rest NOOOOOOOOOOOO……….

  117. Carrie_chenn says:


  118. Ste_lim says:

    Anyone  know the other songs in the drama??

  119. Ads says:

    He’s good looking, but Wu Zun just can’t act. I don’t know where the lacking part is, but he’s just not convincing enough.

  120. Guest says:

    I thought this drama was cute. Wu Chun’s acting has improved. I do like the chemistry between the two characters. Certain episodes did seem a bit rushed and it would have been nice had they went in deeper with the storyline.

  121. bloo blue says:

    Where is the damn eng soft subs for this drama people want them .

  122. Yumico Catteryne says:

    ga ada sub indo nya ya ???? 🙁

  123. RJ Cee says:

    The biggest fail in this series is the overdone pretentious comedy in very awkward moments and adding Japanese dialect for no reasons. It doesn’t contribute well to the plot and sounds really fake. The oblivious set of greedy parents selling their daughter to work as a maid and laughing about it is really ridiculous. The worst part about all this is that the daughter who supposedly has an understanding and reasonable personality is just taking all of this and pretending it’s all okay. Like seriously, WTF?!

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