The Invaluable Treasure, 1949 / 瑰寶1949

The Invaluable Treasure, 1949 / 瑰寶1949
Lin Yo Wei, Megan Lai, Kou Shi Xun, Shen Shi Hua, Na Wei Xun, Jin Shi Jye, Wang Dao, Fang Cen, Crystal Lin, Chen Wen Pin, Xiao Hu Dou, He Rong, Di Zhi Jie, Kou Jia Rui, Yuan Xin Yu, Wu Zhong Tian
Broadcast Year:2011-05-07
English Subtitle:No

29 Responses

  1. Helen1shui says:

    we have not see Kou Shi Xun at least 20 years since we moved sydney,he is my Mum idol,still stong and good sent our love to him!!!

  2. limhee96 says:

    not a bad show . I have high hope for the up coming ep 

  3. Sisapig says:


  4. Ck Chiang says:

    I enjoy it.

  5. John Hsu says:

    Where is ep 13-14???????

  6. xls says:

    very good show indeed,love it.

  7. Phili0202 says:

    wating for ep.15 & 16………..

  8. guest says:

    ep.15 & 16, pleaaaaase~~~~~

  9. Bou says:

    I want to watch 17+18…..can’t wait

  10. Guest says:


  11. Guest says:

    oh god…完結篇看得一直讓我流眼淚…..好戲! 等著收購DVD!

  12. Sisioo0621 says:

    哪裡可以搶先看見21 22?? 好想看到結局ㄛ

  13. winnie says:

    when is it going to be uploaded??????? I wanted to see the final 2 ep pls.

  14. Lfl_artusa says:

    please upload the episode 21 and 22 as soon as you could so we in the USA can watch too.
    Thank you so much

  15. 139 says:

    can some one tell me where i can watch 21+22? it seems like no one is uploading the last two episode… i am so sad….

  16. 123 says:

    21+22 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Laura says:

    Where are ep 21 and 22 ………

  18. Tina says:

    請好心的大大幫我們上載瑰寶ep21 22吧  我們人在國外無法看直播阿~謝謝! 

  19. RainingYU says:

    奇怪昨天半夜看到還剩3個小時上傳…以為今天早上就能看到了呢….好失望唷…> <

  20. Lou says:


  21. Lou says:


  22. wyang says:

    Thank you for people uploading such a good drama for us who live overseas.

  23. wyang says:

    Thank you for people uploading such a good drama for us who live overseas.

  24. Isenkk says:

    Omg, in epi 2 the boat man spoke indonesian…….means ……..(speechless) hahahaha

  25. Melodie_chung says:


  26. Mic says:

    The love story, the acting, the songs….really bring on tears. Good show!

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