Yellow Ribbon Love / 男女生了沒

Yellow Ribbon Love / 男女生了沒
Genie Cho, Michael Zhang, Wu Zhong Tian, Jocelyn Wang, Gino, Miao Ke Li, Ai Wei, Huan Huan
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-08-16
English Subtitle:Yes

162 Responses

  1. Guest says:

    reminds me of hana kimi.

  2. Marianne says:

    Can i translated in English subs? I do it for you.

  3. Marianne says:

    I love this TWdrama and i hope that they watch it.

  4. Marianne says:

    Thanks for your patience.

  5. jess says:

    isnt this just like hana kimi? reading the synopsis that is. 

  6. Haha4006 says:

    How often is this aired? Is it aired like everyday?

  7. netu says:

    lol, looks like japan and taiwan don’t have any new drama ideas.. japan making remakes and taiwan using same funny plot’s that got most views.. u can hire me, i have many ideas.

  8. Booooooo says:

    love this drama! 

  9. jess says:

    does this upload everyday? what time?

  10. Love says:

    when does episode 4 come out?

  11. cc says:

    where is the ep 4? it’s almost tuesday


  12. Txn28 says:

    around wad time does a new episode upload?

  13. Blissfultune says:

    Why is there no ep 4??

  14. yellow ribbon Love1 says:

    hope for more episodes coming up (:
    Thank you for uploading episode 4.

  15. Joanne says:

    i like this show.. it funny. ;D

  16. Thuchen says:

    Isn’t this show airing from monday to thursday? I am jsut wondering since I don’t see ep 5.
    Anyway,, thank you very much for uploading, I really appreciate it.

  17. Thuchen says:

    Isn’t this show airing from monday to thursday? I am jsut wondering since I don’t see ep 5.
    Anyway,, thank you very much for uploading, I really appreciate it.

  18. Loveinanime1 says:

    when is episode 5 coming out?

  19. Loveinanime1 says:

    when is episode 5 coming out?

  20. killthenoodle says:

    how many episodes are out each week?

  21. Txn28 says:

    where is ep 5?

  22. guest says:

    where is ep5? i tot it should be up by now~

  23. kikiuuu says:

    i miss the latest ep of 男女生了沒! please upload it asap

  24. BON says:

    ep 5 should be out already but got one one upload it, maybe they got some other show on tv last night, thats why ep didnt come out

  25. guest says:

    I remember seeing some annoucement on episode 4 that yesterday episode 5 was cancelled due to some praying event, so we have to wait for tonight’s.

  26. Uee says:

    i can’t wait to watch ep5!!!

  27. guest says:

    whens ep5 gonna b uploaded =S

  28. guest says:

    omg the second main guy character (Wen Qian) looooks soooo frickn hotter than the main guy (Ting Jun) !!!

  29. guest says:

    are there really subtitles for this or are my settings off?  The english subtitle status is yes.

  30. Loveinanime1 says:

    can’t wait for episode 7!

  31. Loveshebe96 says:

    i wish episode 7 quick come out !!!

  32. julkku says:

    why this drama wont air every day, im dying to watch ep 7 and each after it!!!!! 

  33. 布小美* says:

    I think Mia is so pity…
    3 years ago, she was forced to leave…
    and then she comes back, misunderstanding her man and find a new woman living her loved man`s heart. all the thing are fading away…
    that`s too pity for Mia…

  34. Angel140597 says:

    what time is ep 7 gonna be uploaded to the page today? It’s 2 am nw…

  35. Slntbomb says:

    where can i watch it live

  36. Angel140597 says:

    What is the total number of episodes for this movie?

  37. julkku says:

    Is ep 7 gonna air like very soon, today??

  38. Blissfultune says:

    why is ep 7 not out yet??

  39. Thuchen says:

    was there some pecial tv program again like last week?

    • Angel140597 says:

      There was no special program…
      It was showed in the program list that episode 7 was shown on the channel yesterday

  40. Rainie0988 says:

    Where us episode 7!! Come on !!

  41. i want episode 7 ! hahaha cant wait ! 

  42. vivieennnn says:

    *dying* where’s ep 7 D;

  43. Angel140597 says:

    Y ep 7 hasn’t been uploaded ?
    *DYING* Still waiting to watch ep 7

  44. Angel140597 says:

    Whn is episode 7 gonna be uploaded to the web?

  45. Weilai says:

    episode 7? I been waiting for the past 24 hour

  46. Mifamiredo says:


  47. jane89 says:

    Episode 7? i thought they alresdy aired in taiwan?

  48. Alice says:

    ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7 ep 7!!!!!!

  49. vivieennnn says:

    hate the fact that this show is so underrated when in fact, its really awesome(at the very least it is to me).

  50. guest says:

    is it just me or is the sound for ep 7 not working?

  51. julkku says:

    finally ep 7 is here!!!!

  52. julkku says:

    nooooooo sound………

  53. Uee says:

    why is ep7 muted?

  54. Thuchen says:

    Thank you for uploading ep 8 so fast 😀

  55. killthenoodle says:

    i tried the other sites and they are all the same ep 7 is muted i’m pretty sure they will try to fix the problem so in the mean time just be patient and be happy that ep 8 is out 😀

  56. Jackie says:

    can upload ep 7 again?

  57. Angel140597 says:

    Thanks for the upload ^^

  58. loveavenue says:

    when is this show airring generally?

  59. 布小美* says:

    @Blissfultune:twitter   that`s a misunderstanding!!! The truth is that TJ`s mom wants Mia to left her son…Not Mia really wanted TJ to be a businessman!!!So I think she is so pity…and let me think love can`t be forever…

  60. Angel140597 says:

    What time is ep 9 goin to be uploaaded to the web?

  61. Thuchen says:

    Thanks for uplaoding.
    I can’t wait for tmr…so exciting!!!

  62. Blissfultune says:

    I think tudou has ep 7 with sound version

  63. Coco4kpop says:

    how come i dont see any eng subtitles

  64. loveavenue says:

    how many episodes are there? must be a lot when it’s airing on mon-thurs, right? 😀

  65. fairiescc says:

    i think 13 eps. read it on dramawiki 🙂

  66. fairiescc says:

    i think 13 eps. read it on dramawiki 🙂

  67. Loveinanime1 says:

    when will ep 10 be uploaded? 😮

  68. Loveinanime1 says:

    when will ep 10 be uploaded? 😮

  69. Denise226 says:

    are they going to sub this?

  70. Jani2xu says:

    anybody know what the name of the song is in episode 10 – pt. 4 at 8:40??

  71. Blissfultune says:


  72. julkku says:

    can’t wait for ep 11!!!!! pls upload it fast, thanks!! 🙂

  73. j3$$ says:

    when is 11 gonna come out?

  74. j3$$ says:

    I NEED ep 11 right now!! why is it slow every single time

  75. Loveinanime1 says:

    I want ep 11 too!! XD

  76. Denise226 says:

    did 11 air today?

  77. Weilai says:

    AGAIN… I been waiting for episode 11 for the past 24 hour @[email protected]

  78. Angel140597 says:

    What time is Ep 11 goin to be uploaded to the web?

    Missed ep 11 on tv yesterday…TT

  79. Elite5chris says:

    ep 11??

  80. killthenoodle says:

    i don’t think they upload on mondays b/c last time they didn’t put a new ep up until tueday so be a little patient, its coming

  81. JazzYing says:

    where’s ep 10????!!!!

  82. j3$$ says:

    abra cadabra, plz let ep 12 upload RIGHT NOW!

  83. j3$$ says:

    i will be 50 years old when this fricken uploadss….and that’s pretty sadd

  84. j3$$ says:

    ..And i just keep refreshing the page to see when ep 12 comes outt

  85. Uee says:

    Please upload episode 12 as soon as possible…thank you!

  86. Sam Ker says:

    thanks for the update.

    check with you when ep 12 going to be upload

  87. Uee says:

    finally ep 12 is out!

  88. julkku says:

    omg tudou is so faaast watch ep 13 here: !!! ENJOY

  89. julkku says:

    omg tudou is so faaast watch ep 13 here: !!! ENJOY

  90. julkku says:

    well okay sugo is also fast today 😀

  91. julkku says:

    well okay sugo is also fast today 😀

  92. Denise226 says:

    will 14 be out today?

  93. julkku says:

    come on ep 14!!! 🙂

  94. Yayi says:

    when come ep 14 ??

  95. Huido says:

    can someone tell me how i turn on the subtitles?

  96. julkku says:

    grrrr yesterday uploaded early but today…

  97. Xx says:

    U can watch 14 now 🙂

  98. ?? says:

    when come ep 15 ??

  99. julkku says:

    I watched on tudou already but it’s also now uploaded here.. enjoy 😉 ep 15 so sweet <3

  100. Bobaboba12 says:

    how many episode are there

  101. Xiiaogongkia says:

    anyone knw e title of one of the song in ep 15 last part??

  102. minimohoya :D says:

    when does this drama end?

  103. Debbie Lee says:

    Hm… i dunno why but Tw dramas tend to fizzle out a bit towards the end… :/ ep 17 getting a bit draggy. In the meantime, I’ll go look for other Tw dramas which have potential to be exciting and hilarious:D:D 

  104. Moosejaw54 says:

    where is the english subtitles?

  105. I don’t know what they mean by her living in a boys dormitory, cuz she’s not but anyway, AMAZINGGGG DRAMA! ABSOLUTELY LOVE GENIE IN THIS!!!!!!

  106. Princesskaka104 says:

    When will hv ep19??

  107. Denise Smith says:

    is ep 19 going to be added soon?

  108. Blissfultune says:

    ep 19 to be delayed again??

  109. shuangyu says:

    why episode 1 cannot download ? some one help!!

  110. minimohoya :D says:

    wheres the next ep????

  111. angela says:

     where is the english sub??? ugh…. time to use my listening skills lol

  112. Blissfultune says:

    finally the end

  113. Anonymous says:

    it says English subtitle: Yes..but i cant find any eng sub -.-

  114. Mikicat5 says:

    im too lazy to watch it, someone tell me the ending. tho i wished that genie would be with gino, yeah that was kinda random

  115. xuewu says:

    what is the date of the release of the last ep?

  116. drama4ever says:

    It was good at start but was then soooo dragged. Got boring at half. Soo I stopped watching it after a while!!

  117. Aof_aff says:

    I  really  like  MICHAEL Zang  

    Drama  is  really good .

  118. GUEST says:

    Not Found

  119. rosier says:

     good drama to watch

  120. seriously says:

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  121. May says:


  122. natasha davis says:

    I can’t watch the English subbed ones. they’re not appearing on the screen. I just keep getting sorry with a dog on it. so since I can’t watch them here, can someone tell me where I can watch it, cause practically everywhere I go I can’t seem to find this show. and it’s messed up because it’s one of my favs and I can only find it here and yet it won’t play. can someone please fix this problem? thank u

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