Drama Go Go Go / 姐姐立正向前走

Drama Go Go Go / 姐姐立正向前走
林心如, 汪東城, 林更新, 胡兵, 張倫碩, 吳亞馨
Genre:Romance, Office
Broadcast Year:2012-11-03
English Subtitle:No
Woman in her 30s gets romantically involved with three men who are at different ages. One is in his 40s, another in his 30s, and yet another in his 20s. Drama Go Go Go is a romantic comedy that centers on the messy, but sweetly satisfying romantic life of 30-year-old female scriptwriter Wang Ming Ming. During a writer's block, She crushes on the lead singer of the no longer popular duo HE, an idol by the name of Eason. On a whim, Ming Ming decides that Eason will be the perfect candidate for the lead role of her drama. And he and his manager is eager to take it to increase his waning popularity. Except Eason is quite possibly a terrible actor, and pretty soon is in danger of getting written off the drama when the lead actress threatens to quit. To ensure he doesn’t get written off, he starts trying to seduce Min Min, hoping that by dating the screenwriter he can stay on the drama.

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  1. Please upload download links for this drama. Pretty please?

  2. Storm_Grey3 says:

    Title: 姐姐立正向前走 / Jie Jie Li Zheng Xiang Qian Zou
    English title: Drama Go Go Go
    Also known as: Older Woman Marching Forward / 姐姐一枝花 (Jie Jie Yi Zhi Hua)
    Genre: Romance, comedy


    Opening theme : Our Script (Wo Men De Ju Ben, 我們的劇本) performed by Jiro Wang
    Ending theme: I Should Love You (Wo Ying Gai Qu Ai Ni, 我應該去愛你) performed by Jiro Wang


    Ruby Lin as Wang Ming Ming
    Jiro Wang as Eason
    Lin Geng Xin as Tong Shao Tian
    Maggie Wu as Shen Pei Ni
    Hu Bing as Fu Yun Kai
    Zhang Lun Shuo as Henry
    Hua Yi Han (华艺涵) as Ru En
    Wang Yu as Hao De (Ming Ming’s ex-boyfriend)
    Peter Ho as Ouyang Cheng

    Location: Mainland China (where dubbing of actors and actresses voice is the law) &  Taiwan 

    This a C-Drama & a TW-Drama of 2012

    Credit goes to DramaWiki and Chinese Wikipedia

    • Guest says:

      If dubbing is the law in China, then they need to rethink about attracting viewers who are put off by dubbing. Ridiculous law. You want to survive in the entertainment business, then NO DUBBING.

  3. Miay says:

    Definitely worth to watch !

  4. you99 says:

    林更新 <3

  5. Peacebeepsheep says:

    Ruby lin :)))))

  6. Miriam says:

    this series is way long overdue. at last, it is here!

  7. Peacebeepsheep says:

    no new episode for today :(.

  8. Guest says:

    It only shows on Saturdays..
    Two episodes each week.

  9. JIROlover says:

    yay i love jiro!!!!

  10. Michelle Ren says:

    Thanks Sugoi!

  11. cutiepie2399 says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been waiting for this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Sophia says:

    when is episode 9 and 10 coming
    Waited for a long time!!!

  13. Sophia324 says:

    do anyone know when it is coming

  14. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading this episode is just for me.

  15. Marianne says:

    I hope that you enjoy it.

  16. t2heke says:

    eehh.. what is this, lately only dramas without subs =/

  17. strawberrygirl says:

    can’t wait till geng xin starts to express his love for ruby! 

  18. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading their episode of this Cdrama, you love it, or not?

  19. Marianne says:

    I love this Cdrama for me.

  20. indescript says:

    why is there no option to download the episodes of this drama in the download section? Really hate having to watch in parts =.=

  21. Betty_chin85 says:

    Why stop at Epis 10? 

  22. Febanonymous2012 says:

    Please upload Ep11 and onwards

  23. Febanonymous2012 says:

    It’d be ready but why still not see the link

  24. Werock2501 says:


  25. courtney xoxo says:

    I want Ruby to be with lin geng xin :)))))

  26. Akiyuki89 says:

    where is episode 11 and 12, they said that it would be hon line by now.

  27. courtney xoxo says:

    maybe tomorrow? or Tuesday?

  28. lovetwdrama says:

    worth watching

  29. LeYchz says:

    WTF? half of episode 11 is ending of episode 10,and more than half of episode 12 is exact repeat of episode 11. Technically, there is only one episode uploaded. I am expecting episode 13 and 14 sooner than 5 days then!

    • miriam says:

      agree, episodes 11 and 12 are not going anywhere. this series reached its plateau here.
      although i like eason at first, i am now leaning towards the other guy.

  30. you99 says:

    林更新 is so fucking hot and amazing <3 

  31. courtney xoxo says:

    RU SERIOUS?! episode 11 is like nothing.

  32. suppp says:

    does this drama update every weekday or only on weekends?

  33. courtney xoxo says:

    it comes out on saturday but it is uploaded on this particular website on monday

  34. cutiepie2399 says:

    ?? at first i wasnt interested, but now its quite good 🙂

  35. courtney xoxo says:

    i love this drama

  36. Marianne says:

    I love the opening and ending theme of the Cdrama Drama Go Go Go and i love it.

  37. Marianne says:

    I love this Cdrama for me.

  38. Bilin Chen says:

    only watching for jiro 😀

  39. Anonymous says:

    what happened so far?

  40. Miriam says:

    why is the title “sis, go forward”(literal translation) giving me a different notion that ming ming and eason won’t end up together? that is like, a form of encouragement, although your love life is on the “downs”, you still have a bright future ahead of you,so go forward and don’t let a bad love life affect you in any other way.

  41. Miriam says:

     eason learned that he loved mingming when he felt miserable after he thought she had read the letter. he felt relieved upon knowing she had not read the letter afterall.He should have torn the letter to prevent any misunderstanding but he forgot.Mingming had accidently chanced upon the letter and that ended their relationship..1st mistake.
     eason really loved ming ming. he was not two-timing her. he helped pei ni because he treated her as a friend, nothing more. but he committed the 2nd  error- he kept it a secret and not told ming ming that pei ni was living in his place( he lived somewhere else though when she was at his place)

  42. Miriam says:

    these qualities of eason don’t endear him to me but the mistakes he committed are not that serious for me to consider ending a relationship with him ( if i were mingming).he is just any NORMAL male trying to find love and move his career upward.
    on second thoughts, i am still rooting for eason although the title of the series is BAFFLING me. i am still in the dark who ming ming would be paired with.

  43. guest says:

    This show is getting better…

  44. ChocoLateFrapee says:

    This drama is starting to get interesting . Im definately rooting for 林更新 .

  45. 123 says:

    DO you guys know any drama thats actually good in 2012? Ive tried to start watching most of them but i never finish b.c they’ve really sucked compared to 2011 and before! especially the cast in most of them=,(

  46. Marianne says:

    Thanks for all your uploads.

  47. Marianne says:

    I want in hard/soft subs for this Cdrama, nay i help you?

  48. Sophia Zhu says:

    YAY! its finally getting bettar!! 

  49. Eighhtyfour says:

    woopwoop ! only watching  this drama for jiro wang 🙂 

  50. ChiChuMonsterBunny says:

    Better quality please 🙂

  51. i don’t even know who the main character is omg it’s so confusing

  52. kh88 says:

    can anyone tell me whats the best 2012 taiwan drama so far?

  53. Mensa says:

    may i know when is episode 17 and 18 coming up?

    • Babyangel1317 says:

      i read on the chinese wikipedia that the next episode air jan 7th but in the bright side it seems that the episode following those air consecutively every week the last episode airs january 29th im looking forward to the next episode.

    • mike says:

      i think episoode 17 and 18 suppose to release yesterday but somehow they chose not to release. Why? i dont know.

    • Phuongmvuong says:

      They are changing the time they are airing it starting jan 7 they will have two episodes then the following weeks starting jan 14 they will play two episode monday and tuesday

    • mike says:

      phuongmvuong r u vietnamese? i am

  54. ChiChuMonsterBunny says:

    Aww! I was so excited for ep 17 and 18 this morning…

  55. Alicecan1401 says:

    why stop at 16?  Need to  change any  actor same as the store?

  56. Alicecan1401 says:

    why stop at 16? it is same as the show that need to change the actor

  57. Fioewj says:

    …….dammit =.= no 17 ep

  58. ChiChuMonsterBunny says:

    Where’s Episode 18?

  59. Yiwang says:

    where is ep 18? :oo

  60. Lilli says:

    Where is the ep 18? I can’t wait anymore!!!!!

    • Shan says:

      I think now is every saturday and sunday each have one episode. So ep 18 will have to wait until tomorrow cause they today then show episode 18

      • meh says:

         Actually, the drama now air on Saturdays and Sundays. Two episodes every day. Which means that it’s already on episode 20… This site administrator probably doesn’t know that, though.

  61. Chitmain says:

    Ha ha i aleady saw ep 18 six hour ago, very exciting

  62. mike says:

    where is ep 20?

  63. Michellecheng says:

    There are no eps for today?

  64. mushyily says:

    there are no eps for today?

  65. lie-ying says:

    I’ll just wait till the drama is complete otherwise I’ll go crazy pof waiting like other dramas I’ve watched haha

  66. Missanitachan says:

    I really want this drama with subtitles in english or spanish…Why  don´t show it for another countries?

  67. StenaZhang says:

    Where is episode 21 and 22

  68. Anissachungsumyee says:

    hi wheres 21 and 22

  69. Marianne says:

    Thanks for this episode, i hope that you like it.

  70. Marianne says:

    What a nice Cdrama, but i love to watch it.

  71. Marianne says:

    Please subbed this Cdrama Drama Go Go Go right here, may i subbed on it?

  72. Marianne says:

    Why should I need your help for the English subs on this Cdrama? I want to subbed on it.

  73. ChocoLateFrapee says:

    The older guy is seriously HOT .

  74. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the episodes, i hope that you like it.

  75. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs for the CHdrama Drama Go Go Go and i hope that they subbed it.

  76. Tinkletoes says:

    Cannot believe shao tian has left the race…. That’s my raison d être for watching this show gone…..

  77. Marianne says:

    Thanks for this episode, i’m sure that you like it.

  78. Marianne says:

    I love this Cdrama for me.

  79. Michaelhan91 says:

    when is 25,26 comin out?

  80. Marianne says:

    Thanks for all your uploads.

  81. Marianne says:

    I love this Cdrama and i love it.

  82. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the last episode of this Cdrama, thanks for watching with us.

  83. Marianne says:

    I can’t see the English subs for the Cdrama Drama Go Go Go but they have to edit on it.

  84. VNing says:

    I skipped to the last few minutes of ep 28 cuz I was so curious about the ending… I don’t like Mingming’s final choice at all… sad… I’m not going to continue watching.

  85. slcnyc says:

    I agree with VNing. I don’t like Mingming’s final choice. I’m sorry to say this; Eason should be played by another actor who’s more persuasive. 汪東城’s acting skill makes Eason looks like a no brain teen idol. How come Mingming would love him so much?     

    • stop being biased says:

      Actually, I think it’s the opposite. How can a woman as useless as Ming Ming have 3 guys who are way too good for her relentlessly chasing after her? She can’t do anything on her own. I got mad at Eason and started to dislike him a bit because he should have given up on her long ago, instead of spending 15 or so episodes running after her like a lost puppy only to be rejected every single damn time.

    • VNing says:

      I totally agree with u.  汪東城’s acting has never caught my liking… in fact I cannot think of any drama which he starred as the male lead that was any good. I may be biased, but sorry to say I think he jinxed most dramas that he acted in, esp 瞿友宁’s 桃花小妹. 

      • seriously? says:

        Any valid point you could have was lost the moment you mentioned Momo Love. Seriously, the plot of that drama was SO BAD no actor could have saved it. No matter how good he was. No to mention the fact that even Jiro’s “flawed” acting can be considered stellar when compared to the rest of the cast. I’m pretty sure you are just one of those guilun butt-hurt fangirls who never got over the fact that they got replaced by Jiro and Cyndi…

        • VNing says:

          I am sorry to disappoint your “pretty sure”. 
          I am not a fan girl, cuz I am probably old enough to be the mother of fan girls… I am a fan of the manga and the director. Yes, I was sore at the bad plot, but in my humble opinion Jiro added a lot to the damage. And if you want other examples – Rolling love, ToGetHer, Absolute Darling… flops that he happened to be the male lead of. Now are you going to tell me that there were some other things that went wrong with those dramas, hence the flop? Or are you now going to say that I am butt-hurt because jiro replaced wu chun in Absolute Boyfriend? If it’s always the case of something else went wrong, then shouldn’t his management learn their lesson and be extra careful when picking dramas for him?And take a look at the Skip Beat drama. The plot was lousy, the dubbing sucks, but the ratings pulled through. What does that say?Yeah, no two dramas are alike. It’s really a matter of each to his/her likes and dislikes (and opinions). Never jump into conclusions blindly, because you never know when you’re going to fall into some crack of the earth… 
          Like I said, each to his/her own liking. Comments and opinions should never get personal, right?

          • seriously? says:

            Lol No hard feelings. I was just pointing out how ridiculous it is that you choose to accuse Jiro of “especially jinxing” Momo Love out of all his dramas. I say it again, the drama was so bad that no actor, no matter how good or popular, could have saved it. Fact. The plot was ridiculous to begin with (it might work well in mangas, but it’s a terrible idea to make a drama adaptation), the acting was all around bad (Jiro and JingLun being the exceptions imho), and not even the prettiness that Winnie’s directing added to the drama could do much when everything else failed. Add to that the fact that this “thing” was airing on the same time slot as Autumn Concerto and Hi My Sweetheart and you have the recipe for a shipwreck. But I do agree with you that Jiro would do better to not have been involved in this mess at all (the again, he only accepted the role as a favour to director Winnie, since he was the main reason Jiro became famous).

            And… hmmm… actually, no. Skip Beat was also a ratings failure despite starring two of the hottest superstars in Asia and Ivy being absolutely perfect in her role (Skip Beat is my favorite manga, btw). Sorry. Not a good choice either…

            PS – Since you seem to know everything about Jiro’s acting career, despite your dislike for him and all, you should probably be aware that his latest drama (KO One returns) is actually smashing the ratings in taiwan right now, huh? And that Drama Go Go Go (where he was personally hand-picked for the male lead role by the producer Ruby Lin, btw) was also quite successful in China? Oops. There it goes the “jinx” theory 🙂

          • VNing says:

            Well, point taken. 
            Though, the KO series has never sat well with my tastes, so I can’t comment on that.It all boils down to personal preferences isn’t it? 情人眼里出西施… And to clarify, I don’t like him as an actor, not dislike him… 不喜欢跟讨厌还是有分别的。

  86. passager says:

    I wish MingMing marries “Yun kai” 

  87. lj says:

    thanks for the ending of this drama script writer, actually i do like the ending where ming ended up with eason because since the beginning, I can see that ming really love eason and if she ended up with Yun Kai that would be unfair for him.. BUT i did give up to watch this drama since last few episodes as it’s getting bored and quite complicated towards the end of it. Overall good as it’s quite different from any dramas but only if they cut some of the episodes, it’s just my opinion

  88. pl says:

    I, for one, actually liked the ending to this drama. Sure Yun Kai would be a wonderful match for Ming Ming, but if they actually ended up together, the whole idea of the drama would have been warped. Ming Ming still loved Eason, and Eason still loved her. That’s what matters the most. And man, no one can deny that Eason’s pretty hot…
    Also, hats off to the actual script writer of Drama Go Go Go for writing something with such a solid storyline. Aiya, I loved this drama so much! 😀

  89. happilytorn says:

    Are there any sub teams out there now? I can help with subs but I don’t know how to add them to the video, etc.

  90. Rhonda Hardy says:

    how come it says 30 episodes but there are ony28?

  91. mmmmm says:

    episode 23 to 28 not working !!!

  92. polkadots says:

    Love love love Drama Go Go Go! It’s the perfect light romantic comedy right now. I just wished there were more more more. 🙁 

  93. Jani2xu says:

    very entertaining! wish the ending was a little less abrupt/rushed though. 

  94. marichan says:

    where can i find this drama with eng subs?

  95. Miriam says:

    i don’t know what is “missing ” in this series. although i like jiro, i don’t like this series.

  96. Guest says:

    The Taiwan version is airing on TVBS starting 3/26, with 1 episode every week day, so we can expect a more cleaned up version of the drama (since we all know the China version wasn’t edited as smoothly). Also I read that the drama technically does have 30 episodes, but Hunan TV cut a lot of stuff out to make it 28 episodes, so we’ll see once the drama starts airing in Taiwan. I can’t wait to watch this over again without some of the dubbing.

  97. Angel says:

    Is Go Go Go a nice show?

  98. L says:

    Will you guys upload the Taiwan version?

  99. npn says:

    Hi! Will the site be uploading the Taiwanese version playing on TVBS now? Please do! Apparently, it has some differences from the earlier Mainland Chinese version

  100. L says:

    Will Sugoideas be uploading the Taiwan version of this drama? I really want to rewatch it, but with no dubbing and clearer editing. Thanks

  101. It states “Video doesn’t exist” I CANNOT WATCH ))):

  102. Please do something to ep 11 and 12 please. )’:

  103. d says:

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  104. Veri says:

    Jiro Wang and Peter Ho in one drama *_* that’s too much for my heart ♥_♥

  105. YYY says:

    Jiro Wang reminded me of Elvis Presley in this drama, his eyes, lips and smile. He does have the Elvis look.

  106. Sorry says:

    My name is amanda todd now that u have started reading this. I was bullied my whole life. On october i committed suicide. Now every week of my death I return. If u don’t repost this 5 times i will assume u were one if those people that wanted me to die and I will be by your bed with a knife on the day of my death at 2am Hurry u have 20 mins I’m waiting

  107. Leslie says:


    … ………A year ago A girl named Kathy was hated by everyone.
    Everyone made fun of her. She was ignored. Even by messages. One day she
    decided to kill herself. Because even her parents ignored her. She
    jumed out her window. No one noticed utill people started dissapearing.
    Kathy haunted them. She made them …suffer like the way she did. She
    hung them slowly and stabed them over and over very slowly so they could
    suffer like she did.If you don’t send this message to 15 diffrent
    comments you will die tonigh

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